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in 2013 

M@(F31iiMi©tei?in) ©fete (U)iiDflwiii©K^7 



Opening Acts 

)r. & Mrs. Webb 

Freshmen Connection 

First Week of School 

Greek Recruitment 

Mr. &Mrs. NSU 




Alexandria 22 

Leesville 26 

Natchitoches 30 

Shreveport 34 


Greek Week 40 

Homecoming Week 42 

SAB Events 44 

Christmas Gala 46 

Christmas Festival 48 

Lady of the Bracelet 50 

Community Service 

SAI 54 

Up Til Dawn 56 

Push American 58 

Women's Resource Center 60 


College of Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies 

and Research 64 

College of Education and Human 

Development 70 

College of Allied Health 76 

College of Science , Tech, & Business ....82 

Scholars College 88 

Grad School 94 

CAPA 100 

Men's Basketball 

Women's Basketball 





Track & Field 

Cross Country 



Pom Pon Line 


Spirit of Northwestern 







Curtain Call 

Alumni & Graduation 


Student Roster 










Our First Family 

in the business of changing lives 





Dr. Randall Webb has been the president of NSU for 15 years. He is Ask tll6 Pr6SidGnt 

well known as the face of Northwestern State University. He is the first to 

add that his job is not all about him. The faculty, staff and students are what what is the best thine about 

keeps him going. In his personal life, he gives all credit to his wife Brenda n§u? 

for supporting him. On Nov. 23, 201 1, the president and first lady of NSU j me t ^ e ^ es ^ t ^j n • ^ 

celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. peop|e A „ of us who are here * 

Ruth Wisher Northwestern stand on the shoul- 
ders of the giants of the past. We 
are the legacy. All of the students, 
staff, alumni and friends of this uni- 
versity provide the support that ev- 
eryone needs. 

If you could give any advice to 
a freshman entering NSU, what 
would it be? 

What I always say is that ac- 
cepting responsibility for your ac- 
tions will determine how success- 
ful students will be. Success equals 

What advice would you give to 
a senior leaving NSU? 

Remember that you are respon- 
sible for the things you do. Life is 
not about blaming others. If you 
behave throughout your life, peo- 
ple will appreciate you. The most 
important thing in this world is 
people. The way you interact with 
people will determine how far you 

What do you think Mrs. Webb 
brings to the university? 

A: Well, of course, she brings 
beauty and poise, but besides the 
obvious, she has a passion for serv- 
ing people. She served here before 
I was president and has a heart for 

Webb's Visdom 

- \ 

"DG responsible" 

'Believe in yourself 

KnOW who you are" 

"A I W3VS remember where you 
came from." 

LOVe people' 

Be flexible" 

Do not let the world get 
you down" 

Ask the First Lady 

What do you think Dr. Webb brings to the uni- 

First of all, he brings a love for NSU and for the 
students. He is extremely hands on and has so much 
passion for what he does. He always says we are 
in the business of changing lives. He loves knowing 
that he can help in the education of other people. 

Life after NSU 

Dr. Webb: How do you think NSU prepares stu- 
dents for the "Big Stage?" 

Our university mission statement says, "We are a 
responsible student oriented university." The expe- 
riences students have at Northwestern prepare stu- 
dents to be great leaders. Opportunities available 
here can enhance your experience. When I talk to 
people who have encountered our students, I never 
hear anything bad. Our students have fantastic work 
ethic, and that is at the center of any success. They 
leave and represent the university. The people who 
go here love it here. The experience of NSU and the 
culture of the city helps in making NSU very mean- 

Mrs. Webb: What do you think NSU provides to 
students entering the real world? 

Number one, you better know who you are. You 
must always remember to be true to yourself. You are 
entering a world that may not always take your opin- 
ion into consideration. You must be flexible, willing 
to accept and cope with things that may not be your 
choosing. Most importantly, remember, don't let 
them get you down. Remember who you are. 














connecting to college 

This summer, taking a break from pool parties 
and sleeping in, hundreds of incoming freshman 
attended the summer orientation program Freshman 

Two overnight sessions were held for students 
who wanted NSU quality time. For those who weren't 
able to attend the overnight sessions or just could not 
part with their own bed yet, a one-day session was held. 

"I came to Freshman Connection nervous and I 
left relaxed and ready for the new year," Erin Hall, fresh- 
man psychology major, said. 

Freshman Connection, brought to life by NSU's 
orientation leaders the Freshman Connectors, is de- 
signed to help incoming freshman adjust to university 
life. It gave new students their first taste of what it meant 
to be a NSU Demon. 

Freshman Connectors are upperclassmen who 
applied and were chosen to lead orientation and lend 
a helping hand to anxious new students. Connectors 
were paired together and assigned a color and a group 
of students to guide as well as advise about what col- 
lege is really like. 

"I wanted to be a connector because I remember 
when I was a freshman and how much help I needed," 
Austin McCann, junior liberal arts major, said. "I wanted 
to be that help and encouragement to the new freshman 
coming into Northwestern. I still talk to the freshmen in 

my group everyday and now we're good friends." 

Colors for the connector's teams were red, navy, 
teal, black, yellow and orange. Face paint and bandanas 
were major accessories over the course of the program 
as students showed support for their teams. 

"This was my second year being a Freshman 
Connector, and I was too pumped," Solomon Matthews, 
junior social work major, said. "I challenged myself to 
reach out to more new students than my first year doing 
it and I believe I have achieved that." 

Participants met with their assigned academic 
adviser, registered for fall semester classes and bonded 
with future classmates. Students got to sample the caf- 
eteria food and became familiar with the campus, dis- 
covering just what NSU had to offer in terms of support 
services as well as recreation and activities. 

Various games and competitions between the 
color groups, a pep rally and a pool party took place 
making the $80 price tag so much more worth it. Stu- 
dents showed just how much fun they had and how 
important Freshman Connection was. 

"Orientation was a blast! I met new people and 
really gained a sense of NSU pride," Eboni Roberson, 
freshman elementary education major, said. 

Alexis Reliford 

Photos by Gary Hardamon 

A new semester is scary for 
students, especially if they do not 
know their way around campus. NSU 
provides Demons on Tour, which 
consists of juniors and seniors who 
help new students find their way. 

The Demons on Tour workers, 
Demon VIPs, set up a giant, purple 
tent right in the heart of campus at 
the Kyser Hall brick way. At this loca- 
tion, new students had the opportu- 
nity to ask veteran students for advice 
or directions. Daniel Hubley, junior 
criminal justice major, said he feels 
the VIPs are important for the first 
week of school. 

"The purpose of Demons on 
Tour was to guide students to where 
classes were and also to help them 
locate other facilities," Hubley said. 

Hubley stayed busy assist- 
ing students such as Louis Llorence, 
sophomore general studies major, 
who approached him asking for di- 

Another Demon VIP, Stormie 

Moore, senior social 
work major, said she was 
also there to lend a hand 
to new students. She also 
added that the freshmen 
are not the only ones to 
get something out of the 
deal. "It's a great way for 
the workers to meet new 
people and make great 
connections," Moore 

Demon VIPs did 
not just point and direct 
students on where to go. 
They also voluntarily walked students 
to their classes. 

Freshman Drew Meredith, 
nursing major, felt out of place since 
he came to NSU from Memphis, 
Tenn. He decided to attend NSU be- 
cause of the respected nursing pro- 
gram. Meredith was one of the many 
students who expressed his apprecia- 
tion for the VIPs. After VIPs walked 
Meredith to his class, he said, "Dan- 

Demon VIP Daniel Hubley (left), directs a sjl 

dent. Demon VIPs try to lessen a stressful fi 

week of school by answering students' questioi 

iel took good care of me." Not on 
did he personally walk Meredith 
class, but he also shared importa 
information about the university ar 
ways to get involved. 

This experience was helpf 
to newcomers, but it was also a w. 
for them to make a connection at t\ 
place they now call home. 

Ruth Wisher 






step right up to the RSO carniva 


Rows of tables topped with display boards 
lined the concrete sidewalk of the Student Union 
Circle during the Recognized Student Organiza- 
tion Carnival. This helped students find which 
RSO interested them the most. 

This was a way for all RSOs to inform stu- 
dents about their organization. 

"[I was here] to let people know we exist 
here on campus. To let them know we're avail- 
able," Shannon Tucker, Archer's Association mem- 
ber, said. 

Organizational fairs are nothing new to 
Northwestern. It has always been in the inter- 
est of organizations, from faith-based groups to 
those representing Greek life and everything in 
between, to attract new members; otherwise, they 
would die out. 

The "carnival" theme — completed with 
sno-cones and games — was a way to immediately 
draw in students. 

Groups lured prospective members to their 
boards with a chance to win a prize and then 
gave them information about their organization. 

"We want to gain more members," Kendall 
Franklin, senior biology major and member of 

Up 'til Dawn, said. "We want to 
get people to become a part of St. 

The RSO Carnival is a great 
tool for existing organizations, and 
can show potenital members what 
each organziation can do for stu- 
dents throughout their college life. 

"Being a part of an organi- 
zation presents the opportunity to 
network/'Diane Jones, associate 
director of cultural diversity, said. 
"It promotes a positive environ- 
ment outside the classroom." 

Organizational fairs are not 
just for freshmen, either. These 
groups love to have upperclassmen 
join as well. It is never too late. 
"There are three kinds of students 
that come to college, those who 
know, those who may and those 
who are never going to join. We're 
here to motivate and attract them 
all," said Jones. 

Dustie Cuillotte 

students make NSU 
their new home 

Even with all the heavy lift- 
ing and hot, dry, beaming sun, stu- 
dents appeared to be eager and ex- 
cited to start their journey at NSU 
move-in day. 

Marking the beginning of 
the fall semester, NSU faculty, 
staff and community volunteers all 
pitched in to help students for the 
annual move-in day. As early as 
8 a.m. students began arriving on 
campus toting boxes and bags to 
University Place I & II, University 
Columns and Varnado Hall, leav- 
ing no empty parking spots visible. 

"Nothing beats the feeling 
of move-in day. The new students' 
excitement for the year is so con- 
tagious," Victoria Hippler, sopho- 
more hospitality management and 
tourism major, said. 

Students moved in at three 
different time intervals based on 
last names to eliminate as much 
chaos and traffic jams as possible. 
Other than suitcases, another com- 
mon sight that day were dollies 
and dads, stuck together like pea- 
nut butter and jelly, to help their 
children get settled in and take the 
first step from the nest. 

"Moving in was su- 
per easy with all the help 
there was," Jocelyn Beau- 
dion, freshman secondary 
English education major, 
said. "I got moved in fairly 

Many volunteers 

ready to tote extra luggage 
were located around cam- 
pus near the dorms ^nd 
apartments graciously do- 
nating their time. In ad- 
dition, various on and off 
campus organizations, such as the 
Baptist Collegiate Ministry,provided 
bottled water and friendly conversa- 
tion to help everyone stay cool, re- 
freshed and smiling. 

After a day of tears and good- 
byes, students also experienced the 
start of new friendships and some re- 
sponsibilities as they got prepared to 
get into gear and begin a new journey 
down a long road to a place called 

This was only the start of a 
long, fun-filled, jammed packed 
week. Even with the long hours and 
lines, plus all the hard work, stu- 
dents enjoyed moving into their new 

Phdin In fyler Young 

homes. The once empty dorm rooms 
were decorated and students' pic- 
tures cVid mementos hung from their 

"I had so much fun getting to meet 
so many people and hanging out 
with the other ambassadors," Taylor 
Whitehead, freshman psychology Q 
major and Presidential Ambassador, ^-j 
said. ft 

Alexis Re I i ford 


On move-in day, BCM was present to hand out water bottles to keep the 
new residents hydrated. Organizations such as these helped make the 
move-in process more enjoyable. 

(Lett to Right* Taylor Whitehead and Victoria Hippler are all smiles on 
move-in day. NSU provides this dav to students as a step in their quest 
tor independence. 

Extending Your Family 




(Left to Right) Lindsey 
Rolling and Haley Wilson 
displayed their creativ- 
ity while promoting their 
sorority. Greek recruit- 
ment encourages students 
to come together and 
promotes unity. 

At the beginning of each 
semester, students of all clas- 
sifications, majors and gen- 
ders try to find a place to fit in 
while attending classes. 

The women of NSU con- 
tinued this search during the 
annual sorority recruitment. 

"Sorority recruitment is a great time for any girl 
who is interested in what sorority life has to offer, to 
be able to visit all four of the NPC sororities on our 
campus and find the one that best fits them," Hannah 
Thomas, Alpha Sigma Alpha president, said. "It gives 
them more of an idea of the benefits each one has to 

During sorority recruitment, potential new 
members met women from all of the panhellenic hous- 
es on campus: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 
Phi Mu and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Each sorority showed 
potential new members what their sorority has to offer. 
Sorority recruitment is not only about women 
finding the right house to join, but to reach out to NSU 
women to join Greek life in general. 

"At the end of the day, we want all girls to be 
Greek," Vice President Maegan Morace, College of Pan- 
hellenic Council, said. "It is not just about one house; it 
is about the overall Greek community here at NSU." 

No matter what sorority the women 
chose to join, all of the sororities pride them- 
selves on similar qualities. 

"Sororities are so much more than what 
meets the eye," Morace said. "They have 
high GPAs, are involved on campus, raise 
money for their philanthropies and develop 
lasting leadership qualities and, in turn, be- 
come better people in society." 

Throughout recruitment, each sorority 
reached out to potential new members in a 
different way. 

"I believe the best way to recruit a person 
is to be your true self," Thomas said. "I en- 
courage all of the members of my sorority to 
just be open and welcoming and everything 
that is them." 

President of Alpha Omicron Phi, Chelsea 
Giles said, "I plan on letting girls see how much a so- 
rority helps to improve you as an individual." 

Every sorority has an impact on their members 
during the growing years of college life and long after. 
"These girls get me through the roller coaster 
that college life can be," Brooke Neilsen, Phi Mu re- 
cruiting chair, said. "Without my sisters, I wouldn't be 
the person I am." 

Lindsay Rolling, Sigma Sigma Sigma recruiting 
chair, felt similarly. "I have learned more about myself 
and gained many leadership skills that I know I will 
employ every day once I enter the real world," she said. 
Sorority life also taught Giles and Thomas im- 
portant lessons. 

"Being a member of a sorority has taught me 
that it is okay to reach outside your comfort zone and 
meet new people and try new things," Giles said. 

Thomas said, "After joining, I've realized it's 
more than just cute shirts and fun times. It teaches you 
responsibility and leadership. I really see myself as 
more of a leader and have gained more confidence in 
myself from it." 

Taylor Craves 

The Interfratemity Rush exceeded past records 
with more than 1 00 men participating to find the right 
Greek fraternity to join. 

The Interfratemity Council (IFC) serves as the 
governing body for the six fraternities on campus and 
strives to unite its chapter members, strengthen their 
values and achieve their goals. 

"This year's turnout has been more than we 
have had in years," Natalie Laurence, director of fra- 
ternity and sorority life, said. 

These men used Rush to look at the six NSU 
fraternities who stand for five main ideals: scholarship, 
service, leadership, brotherhood and social. Finding a 
fraternity to join can help young college students grow 
in these five ideals. 

"A fraternity can be a huge motivational tool 
to stay academically successful throughout college," 
Scott Mayeaux, Pi Kappa Phi president, said. 

Another reason so many incoming students 
take an interest in joining a fraternity is to meet new 

Formal Rush consisted of three days followed 
by Bid Day. Convocation was held before Rush, which 
was where prospective members were strongly encour- 

aged to keep an open mind throughout the process. 

The first two nights the men were split into two 
groups, and they attended three houses each night. 
The third night was "Preference" night, and the par- 
ticipants were advised to go back to the houses the\ 
enjoyed the most. They were allowed to go to .is mam 
houses as they chose. 

Rush Week ended with Bid Day where pro- 
spective members went to the Student Union to pick 
up their bids. 

The six fraternities involved in Rush included 
Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi, Sig- 
ma Nu, Tau Kappa Epsilon andTheta Chi. 

The fraternities had open rush the next two 
weeks, which was a more casual chance for interested 
men to see what each fraternity chapter stands for and 
has to offer, while also getting a chance to hang out 
with active members. 

Brooke Neil sen, The Current Sauce 

Left to Right) Jeff Brunner and Solo- 
non Matthews display their frater- 
lity's accomplishment through the 
ears. "The biggest benefit of being 
n a fraternity on NSU's campus is 
laving a true family away from your 
>wn. Having a group of men that 
ou know you can rely on and that 
>ush you to be better in not only 
cademics, but also in character," 
4atthews, Theta Chi Fraternity presi- 
lent, said. 











Taking Center Stage 

Mr. NSU Jackson McNeal 

t / 

Photo by Gary Hardamon 

would end up. Al 
with the Pre-Phys 

Q: What's your major? 

A: Health and Exercise Science with a con- 
centration in Pre-Physical Therapy. 

Q: Hometown? 

A: Jennings, La. 

Q: Why did you decide to come to NSU? 
A: I came to NSU because of the group of great 
friends I had coming here. After I toured the 
campus, I knew instantly this was the place I 
so, I was always told of the high success turn out 
ical Therapy program from the university. 


Q: What do you like most about NSU? 

A: NSU is probably the friendliest campus in Louisiana, that I have 
experienced. There is always someone willing to help you get in- 
volved. The number one thing that stands out the most and that I 
am grateful for is the faculty. They are reasonable and are always 
willing to help out the students whenever possible. 

Q: What would you like to say to NSU students? 

A: The message I would want to send NSU students would be to 
live your college days to the fullest. Cherish every moment of it. It 
is most certainly the best time of your lives so far. And last but not 
least, "Never be content with average, because average is just as 
close to the bottom as it is to the top!" 

•■■ Q: What will you miss most about NSU? 

5 A: I know already there will be so many things I will miss about 

^ this university. The most important thing will probably be all of the 

Q relationships I have made in the past few years and also all of the 

sporting events that have helped develop my Demon pride for the 


Q: What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment at NSU so 
^£ far? 

A: I feel like my biggest accomplishment is the dramatic change I 
have made from high school, that includes my grades, the social 
aspect of my life, service work, etc. That initial change in me has 
helped me branch out and make a change in different organizations 
I have had my hand in, and even some I haven't. 

Q: What are your plans after graduation? 

A: Graduation still feels a ways away, but I have opened many doors 
to my future and have many friends and family that have helped 
me along this journey. What I do all depends on the timing. I have 
full faith that when the time presents itself, I will head right where 
I need to go. 

Beginning in 1956 and continuing the tradition tod',! 
Mr. and Miss NSU remains the highest honor a stud I 
can receive from their peers. SGA hosts the elect 
each fall allowing NSU students to elect two of trr 

'information submitted 
\yy Yevette Wagoner, 
The Current Sauce 


and Miss NSU are presented annually at an 
J home football game. These two outstanding 
-tilents can be seen at other university events 
activities throughout the year. 

NSU Student Handbook 

Miss NSU Maegan Morace 

Q: What's your major? 

A: Hospitality Management and Tourism 

Q: What is your hometown? 

A: Jena, La. 

Q: Why did you want to be Miss NSU? 
A: I wanted to be Miss NSU because I wanted to 
represent Northwestern State. This school molded 
me into what I am today. 

Q: Why did you choose NSU? 

A: I decided to come to NSU at an early age. My godparents would bring 
me to Natchitoches to see the Christmas lights, and then when I got older I 
always wanted to come to the town that was already special to me. 

Q: What do you like most about NSU? 

A: The thing I like most about NSU is that I am not just a number here. I 
know my teachers and other faculty, and there is always someone to say 
hello to in the hall. 

Q: What do you want to say to NSU students? 

A: To the NSU students I would say you have picked a great school. I am 
so sad that I am a senior, so enjoy every single moment because it flies by. 
I would also say to get involved! Jump into everything that interests you! 
Even if it's not what you are used to. This is a time to try on all different 
hats to see what you want to do with the rest of your life. Getting involved 
makes your college experience so much better and creates opportunity to W 
give back to the university while growing as a young adult. J? 

Q: What will you miss most about NSU? 2* 

A: The thing I will miss most about NSU is my sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, q^q 

and Greek life in general. My sorority has completely changed my life. I ^ 

had no idea what I was missing until I became part of Sigma's sisterhood. I ^ 

have been truly blessed to have 85 sisters backing me up and encouraging J^ 

me throughout my college experience. 

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment at NSU? — 

A: My biggest accomplishment so far has been getting voted onto the 
homecoming court! I was so honored to even be nominated and then s^ 
completely excited when I got on with my Sigma little Sis and grand-little 
sis. So thanks to Sigma, IFC, Freshman Connection, CPC and ASA for mak- 
ing that possible 

Q: What are your plans after graduation? 

A: After college I have so many dreams and plans to accomplish. I would 
love to be in a quick paced job in marketing or advertising in a bigger city. 
I want to get my master's, probably back here at NSU. I want to travel, 
possibly become a Sigma advisor and, of course, later get married and be 
a momma! I have thoroughly enjoyed NSU and I plan on coming back to 
check on my Sigma girls and enjoy reunions. My Demon pride runs deep. 
Go Demons! 

Shining the Light on 


living together for four years 





(Left to Right) Courtney Ray and Kayla Pacheco are more than roommates. Sharing their college experi- 
ence has made their bond stronger than they could have imagined. 

When living with someone don't stress over 
the little things like who took out the trash or 
did the dishes. Don't keep score. " - Courtney 

"Kayla is more outgo- 
ing and she forces me to 
do the same." - Courtney 

"We have had a lot of great 
memories; too many to even 
pick just a favorite. I'm going to 
miss living with her " - Courtney 

'Courtney is teaching me how to 
kill bugs. I'm terrified of them!" - 

Having a roommate is never 
easy, especially it a student doesn't 
know who their roommate is before 
moving in. 

If student gets lucky and rooms 
with someone they know, people can 
act differently in their own surround- 
ings. Roommates can become best 
friends, or worst enemies. Roommates 
share a special bond, and sometimes 
that tie can become strained. It is not 
unheard of for roommates to not get 
along. Some move out within days, 
others, however, stick around much 
longer. This was the case for best 
friends and roommates Kayla Pache- 
co and Courtney Ray. 

Pacheco, senior nursing ma- 
jor, and Ray, senior business major, 
lived together since freshman year. 
Pacheco, from Bossier, and Ray, from 
Haughton, knew each other before 
they started school at NSU. Both 
worked at Chuck E. Cheese and were 
introduced to one another through 
their boyfriends, who were best 
friends. Although at the time they 
were not the best of friends they de- 
cided to live together upon arrival at 

"There wasn't a real reason 
why we decided to live together," Ray 
said. "It really was because at least 
we knew of each other. I never re- 
ally thought it was a great idea to live 
with your best friend, and if we had 
aeen best friends when we moved in, 
it wouldn't have worked as well." 

Very soon after moving in to- 
ether, the two could be called in- 


separable. Both girls were in differ- 
ent sororities and when asked if that 
ever got in the way at home or in their 
friendship, they looked at each other, 
laughed and replied, "Not between 

These two, however, have had 
some problems to overcome in order 
to get where they are today. 

"Kayla has to constantly be 
moving, so we can't sit next to each 
other on the couch," Ray said. 

Pacheco replied, while fidget- 
ing, "I just have to constantly move." 
They remedied this problem by sitting 
on separate couches. 

As for problems such as fight- 
ing or not getting along, they had 
only one major argument, but they 
resolved it pretty quickly. 

"If we would have talked to 
each other we would have been fine," 
Ray said. 

"Yeah, we wasted a whole 
week on being mad when there were 
things I wanted to talk to her about 
but couldn't," Pacheco said. "Just 
sit down and talk out the problem, 
avoiding the situation isn't going to 
help or make it go away." 

Roommates can also teach 
each other things, such as patience 
and problem solving skills. They can 
even teach bravery. 

"Kayla is more outgoing, and 
she forces me to do the same," Ray 

"Courtney is teaching me how 
to kill bugs. I'm terrified of them!" 
Pacheco said laughing. "Seriously 

though, Courtney gives me boy ad- 
vice. She doesn't care, and I care too 
much. She reminds me that it's never 
that big of a deal." 

"I think we work because I'm 
overly logical, and Kayla is overly 
emotional, so we balance each oth- 
er out," Ray said. 

She also offers up this advice 
to other roommates: "When living 
with someone, don't stress over the 
little things like who took out the 
trash or did the dishes. Don't keep 

Roommates share a bond a 
lot of people never get to see. They 
can become closer than friends; they 
become like family. 

"I'm going to miss seeing 
Courtney every day and venting," 
Pacheco said. "I'm going to miss 
crawling into bed with her and 
sleeping when I'm upset." 

Ray said, "I'm going to miss 
having Kayla being right there, the 
convenience of seeing her every day. 
We have had a lot of great memo- 
ries; too many to even pick just a fa- 
vorite. I'm going to miss living with 

On move-in day freshman 
year, one of the scariest things that 
can happen is meeting a new room- 
mate. It could be one of the worst 
experiences of a student's college 
experience, but sometimes, if lucky, 
roommates may just become best 

Randa Lopez 












CENLA Campus 

at the heart of things 

Northwestern State Univer- 
sity has been dedicated to education 
for over 100 years. However, NSU 
isn't just located in Natchitoches 
anymore. In fact, it hasn't just been 
in Natchitoches for decades. North- 
western has been beating in the heart 
of Louisiana, in the dead center of 
the Bayou State, since the NSU Col- 
lege of Nursing brought major clini- 
cal nursing campus sites to the Alex- 
andria-Pineville area in the 1950's. 
Eventually, the RN to BSN degree 
program was offered in 

In the 1970% 
the newly established 
Louisiana Board of Re- 
gents assigned NSU the ^^ 
responsibility of offer- 
ing upper-level under- 
graduate and gradu- 
ate courses in Rapides 
Parish. Northwestern 
was able to offer these 
courses at locations 
such as Louisiana Col- 
lege, the VA Hospital, 
LSUA, and England Air 
Force Base. 

England Air 

Force Base soon be- 
came home to the NSU 
family. The Air Force ac- 
cepted NSU as a university provider 
and entered a contract that allowed 
NSU to offer courses at any level. For 
25 years, Northwestern offered both 
graduate and undergraduate courses 
of all levels at this location. The Air 
Force permitted civilian students to 
enroll in classes at the base, which 
turned out to be of great benefit to 
students from inner-city Alexandria 
as the base was more conveniently 
located and served by public trans- 

portation. However, the base closed 
in 1991, and with it, NSU stopped 
offering lower-level classes. 

In 1993, LSU Alexandria was 
designated as the University Center 
for Rapides Parish. As a two-year col- 
lege, LSUA offered all first and sec- 
ond year courses. LSU Baton Rouge 
and Northwestern were given special 
preference for the continuation of 
upper-level and graduate programs 
after the second year. 

Also in 1993, NSU had three 

CENLA Programs approved: an RN 
to BSN nursing degree and graduate 
program; a secondary education un- 
dergraduate and graduate program; 
and an MBA. Social work and edu- 
cation programs were approved in 
1994. The next year an early child- 
hood education program was added. 
And a criminal justice program was 
implemented in 1997. 

In 2003, the Learning Cen- 
ter for Rapides Parish went through 

its first semester. Nine colleges and 
universities, including Louisiana 
Tech University, Northwestern State 
University, Louisiana State Univer- 
sity, LSU Eunice, LSU Shreveport, 
Southern University at Shreveport, 
Bossier Parish Community College, 
South Louisiana Community College 
and Texas Wesleyan University of- 
fered courses. "The Learning Center 
offers students partnerships among 
institutions, course delivery through 
state-of-the-art technology, as well as 
traditional means 
of instruction," 
said Marsha Zu- 
lick, executive 
director of CEN- 
LA programs. 

Housed at Eng- 
land Airpark, 
the once former 
base, the Learn- 
ing Center still 
provides North- 
western State 
University with 
a way to reach 
students in cen- 
tral Louisiana. 
Programs offered 
today include 
legal assistant 
bachelor's degrees in business ad- 
ministration/accounting, nursing, 
radiological science, criminal jus- 
tice, social work and general studies. 
Support courses are offered any way 
you like them, be it through com- 
pressed video, Internet or traditional 
instruction — day or night. Graduate 
degrees are offered in education and 

Dustie Guillotte 


; — ■ ..V 

choosing the right campus 


If you're a student on the 
main campus of NSU, you may 
wonder why anyone would choose 
to go to another campus. Students 
at the CenLa campus probably won- 
der the same thing about you. Why 
would a student want to go to the 
Alexandria campus? "Because it's 
convenient," said Jarie Sanpson. "I 
wouldn't have been able to go back 
to college if it wouldn't have been 
here." Sanpson is a nursing major 
in her first level of clinicals, and her 
story is a common one. The biggest 
program at the Alexandria campus 
of Northwestern State University is 
the RN to BSN program. 

"We all have families and 
it's easier for us to come here," said 
Marsha Voyette, also a nursing ma- 
jor. The Alexandria campus is filled 
with non-traditional students who 
have jobs, spouses and/or children. 
They go to the Alexandria campus 
because it is convenient and close. 
They chose NSU because it offers 
the degree they want to achieve. 
But why do they stay? They already 
have families, jobs and mortgages, 
so what motivates them to stay the 
course? Knowing their students al- 
ready have tons of stress, the NSU 

faculty at 
the CenLa 
campus un- 










to accom- 
m o d a t e 
them. "We 
have to be 
jacks of 
all trades," 
said Peggy 
the aca- 
demic co- 

on the Alexandria campus. The at- 
mosphere given off by the staff at the 
Alexandria campus is one of friend- 
ly service. They are there to help 
their students in any way they can. 
Serving in every capacity from One 
Card Office to financial aid, the staff 
tries to keep the little stresses of ev- 
eryday university life to a minimum. 
Marsha Zulick is a resident of 
Natchitoches and commutes to her 
job in Alexandria, 
even carries forms 
and letters for stu- 
dents to the main 
campus to ensure 
they get there safe- 
ly and in a timely 
manner — like a one 
woman pony ex- 
press. Though there 
are computer labs in 
the LCRP building, 
NSU students can't 
use their account 
balances to print out 

Marsha Zulick 

papers; they have to pay extra. In 
order to nip this problem in the bud, 
the university bought two laptops 
for NSU students and set them up in 
the conference room with a printer, 
so the students can cash in on what 
they are already paying for. 

Even the Learning Center 
for Rapides Parish building seems 
to welcome its students. No hard 
wooden benches for these students, 
there are cushioned armchairs in 
the hall for students to lounge in 
during breaks. NSU's suite of offic- 
es is located on the second floor- 
right down the way from a student 
lounge, stocked with a communal 
refrigerator, Coke machines and 
vending machines (one of which 
sells frozen dinners and Milky Way 
ice cream bars). Outside, under- 
neath the canopy of shady trees, 
students enjoy white picnic tables 
where they can hang out and enjoy 
a nice day or a cigarette. 

Dustie Cuillotte 







The City of Alexandria 

The buzzing metropolis of Alexandria, LA 
can't be called the city that never sleeps, but neither 
is it a ghost town. There is plenty to do for people of 
all ages. 

Feeling hungry? Alexandria has everything 
from fast food chains to mom-and-pop shops. 
Whether you are craving traditional Louisiana cuisine 
or something a little more daring, Alexandria has you 

jA Need to pick up a dress for formal or new work 
out shoes? The Alexandria Mall houses a number of 
nationally recognized retailers. If you are someone 
who likes to shop for something more original, there 
is the Alexandria Antique Mall. 

Looking for something more active? You can 
get wild at the Alexandria Zoo or channel your inner 
Richard Petty racing go-karts at Buhlow Fun Park. 

For the sports enthusiast, the Alexandria Aces 
W never seem to disappoint. For the history buffs, 
tour the Kent House Plantation or the Delta Music 
Museum. If you are in the mood for more leisure 
activity, catch a movie at The Grand Theater. In the 
middle of Sportsman's Paradise, Alexandria also offers 
many opportunities for fishing, camping, and hiking. 

Looking to relax before an exciting night on 
the town? Alexandria has several local spas, including 
the Nest Spa Retreat and Wellness Center and Laura's 
Day Spa and Gifts. Go to G.G/s or Finnegan's Wake 
or one of the many other haunts in Alexandria's "night 

"There is something to do for everyone in Alexandria," 
said Denee Guillotte, a nursing major at the CenLa 
campus. "If only I had the time." 

Story and photos by Dustie Guillotte 









NSU Campus in Leesville 

how far we have come- ! 

To offer more people the 
opportunity to get a degree, NSU 
opened a campus in the Leesville 
and Fort Polk area in the early 

"The majority of students 
were non-traditional students and 
active duty military and their fam- 
ily members. Now, however, this 
campus is seeing more local stu- 
dents wishing to get their degree 
close to home and family," said Ex- 
ecutive Director Joseph Pope. 

The campus offers most of 
the core curriculum as well as sev- 
eral associates degrees, bachelors 
degrees and some masters pro- 

The Leesvi lie/Fort Polk cam- 
pus also gives high school students 
the chance to receive college credit 
hours by offering dual-enrollment 
classes to juniors and seniors. In 
the future, the development of a 
Master's of Social Work degree will 
be obtainable through this campus. 

This campus is located on 
160 acres right off Highway 467 
(University Parkway) between Lees- 
ville and Fort Polk. 

Pope said, "Highlighting 
further development is a grant from 

the State of Louisiana for infrastruc- 
ture improvements of this area to 
make Highway 467 the principal 
route to the military base thus ex- 
panding the commercial and resi- 
dential potential for growth of the 
military base, the City of Leesville 
and the NSU campus." 

This means that the drive to 
the campus will be convenient for 
military and civilians. 

In 1972, classes were offered 
for the first time on this campus. In 
1974, Fort Polk donated 160 acres 
to the University for the Leesville/ 
Fort Polk campus. In 1976, con- 
struction of a new classroom and 
an administration building began. 
Finally in 1986, with the growth 
of students attending the campus, 
two additional classroom buildings 
were constructed and this is the 
campus still seen today. 

Under way now is the de- 
velopment of making the road that 
runs beside the campus the main 
entrance into Fort Polk. With this, 
there will also be new subdivisions 
and neighborhoods developed. The 
city is looking at putting businesses 
on the entrance road which would 
greatly benefit the college students 

and make commuting that much 

"They are talking about 
moving the corporate businesses 
off base and putting them right out- 
side our campus, which would be 
perfect," Anna MacDonald, library 
associate 2, said. 

The nice thing about a cam- 
pus this size is that in a time of cri- 
sis, everyone comes together for 
the common good of others. Many 
of the students who attended the 
university in 2005 had relatives and 
friends who had evacuated from 
New Orleans and had no clothes, 
food or the basic necessities. 

"After Hurricane Katrina, 
everyone here at the university and 
town was so good about bringing 
in supplies, food, clothes, etc. to 
the library," said Librarian Linda 
West. "We had the student bring 
in a list of items needed, sizes, etc. 
and we would fix up a care pack- 
age for them. After it was all over, 
the remainders of the items were 
brought to a local place that do- 
nated items to the needy." 

Shana Lee 

°R1 POU 

hometown feel, world class education 

The Fort Polk branch is 
steadily growing in enrollment 
compared to past years. 

"The campus was originally 
started to offer opportunity for the 
active duty military to take courses 
on campus," Joseph Pope, execu- 
tive director, said. "It developed 
from there and they added for the 
family members and local civilian 
population and we've grown from 

When this campus originat- 
ed, the main flow of students would 
not be considered your "typical" 
college student. "We are just now 
seeing a lot of younger students 
coming," Juanita Self, mathematics 
instructor, said. "I've been here 18 
years and when I first started teach- 
ing here you saw a lot more sol- 
diers and men and women coming 
back after they had had their fami- 
lies. Now you see young married 
families and some coming straight 
out of high school." 

The general consensus 
among students is that the Fort Polk 
campus offers convenience, but 
what is convenient about it is dif- 
ferent for each individual student. 
Some students are interested in tak- 
ing their basic classes on a smaller 

"I chose this campus be- 
cause right now I just need to get 
my basics done," Ryan Keton Jr., 
freshman English major, said. "So 
I'm doing those right now and then 
may go to main campus in a cou- 
ple semesters." 

Other students prefer small- 
er classes to gain optimum infor- 

"I chose this campus be- 
cause it was convenient for me. I 
also like the smaller classrooms," 
Kristin Matthai, freshman psychol- 
ogy major, said. 

Of course, the location of 
the Fort Polk campus is often a de- 
ciding factor for local students. 

"The campus is closer for 
me. I just retired from the Military 
and I live on Fort Polk," James Se- 
dille, freshman business adminis- 
tration major, said. 

"A lot of students that attend 
the Fort Polk campus are able to re- 
main at home while earning a de- 
gree. The classes are more one-on- 
one, and the majority of professors 
here have education backgrounds," 
Self said. 

Library associate 2 Anna 
MacDonald said, "The students 
I've talked to seem to really like a 
smaller campus because most of 

them are from small communities." 
The staff is truly there to 
help their students. Often, students 
go to their professor's office for tu- 
toring and the professors are more 
than happy to help. 

"We are not like the main 
campus. We do not have a bunch 
of teenagers coming straight from 
school and going to campus and 
getting their rooms and stuff like 
that," Linda West, Library Special- 
ist, said. "Most of ours are not gen- 
erally the high school students. We 
are getting more young students 
though. We are getting a lot of the 

With the way the economy 
is today, students do not want to get 
out in the real world just yet. The 
traditional college student moves 
to the main campus and fends for 
him or herself. This is a great learn- 
ing experience; however when 
times are hard it is great to know 
that there is a place to fall back on: 
home. Students today are realizing 
the cost of living is high, so being 
able to stay with the parents a few 
more years may not be so bad. 

Shana Lee 













Rie City ofXgesville 

^u make it 

While the Leesville and Fort 
Polk area may not be considered a 
big town, there are still many ways 
to have fun. 

On post at Fort Polk, mili- 
tary families can enjoy the movie 
theater, the Show Boat Theater, the 
bowling alley and a relaxing golf 
course. There are also swimming 

Den, Ranch House Cafe and the friends and I like to go four-wheeler 

local fast food industries. riding, camping and bow fishing. 

Freshman psychology ma- We go to Sabine River of Toledo 

jor, Kristina Matthai said, "I like to Bend Lake to look for fish to shoot, 

bowl and eat Mexican food. There and that's my all-time favorite thing 

are several Mexican restaurants to do." 

here, but my favorite is Los Mayas." One never knows what to 

Mostly, this is the pattern for expect. The Northwestern State 

students around here. Rather it's a University campus in Leesville is 

pools and running trails available date night or just a night out with diverse. Having students that travel 

to the community. There are rec- friends; movies, bowling and eat- around the country with the mili- 

reational parks, such as Alligator ing are at the top of the list. tary and also have strong home 

Lake, where annual concerts and Senior nursing major Ashlee roots makes for a unique atmo- 

fireworks are held. Tracy said, "I just moved here in sphere. 

In Leesville, many of the July from Georgia. My husband While larger campus' have a 

similar pastimes are offered. Fresh- and I like to go to Lake Vernon, variety of students who come from 

man English major, Ryan Keton Jr. the movies, bowling, the races and all over the state, students at this 

said, "There is the cinema six, but church." campus are close, having classes 

I'm usually caught up between Also, there is a municipal that are typically no larger than 30 

school and work so it's hard to find complex that offers a park with students in each. Students enjoy 

time to go." slides, swings, golfing, and tennis doing different things for fun, but 

One good thing about the for the community. There are also when it comes down to it, every- 

Leesville campus is that students picnic areas, which make for the one wants the same thing: unwind- 

can be living at home, working and ideal days out with the family. ing with friends after long weeks, 

going to college. This allows stu- Along with the practicali- no matter how they go about doing 

dents to save money to get a head ties of city life, many students are it. From catching a new movie to 

start financially or pay for college from rural areas and enjoy riding taking muddy back roads at night, 

as they go. horses or roping calves in rodeo everyone finds a common ground. 

Anywhere one goes in Lees- arenas. Some prefer to ride their 

ville, they are likely to find a col- 
lege student-worker. Some of the 
popular work scenes are: Wagon 
Master Steak House, Fox's Pizza 

four-wheelers down the trails at 

Freshman nursing major 
Kaitlyn Fields said, "For fun, my 

Shana Lee 


campus built on foundation 
of learning and traditions 






Northwestern State University of Lou- 
isiana is built on land dedicated to learn- 
ing for over 1 00 years. 

A portion of the campus, prior to the civil 
war, was the property of the Bullard family of Natchi- 
toches. In 1 884, the town and parish of Natchitoches 
purchased the property. Often serving as the unoffi- 
cial symbol of NSU, three of the four white columns 
that once supported the east gable on the Bullard 
Mansion still stand on the campus after surviving a 

The State Legislature by Act 51 created a 
Louisiana State Normal School to train and educate 
teachers. From 1 884 to 1 91 8, the Normal school of- 
fered two years of training for teachers, and bachelor 
programs were then added. The State Constitution 
renamed the University in 1944 to Northwestern 
State College of Louisiana. 

Northwestern State College of Louisiana be- 
came the first college under the jurisdiction of the 
Louisiana State Board of Education to offer the mas- 
ters degree. On June 18, 1970, Governor John J. 
McKeithen signed the legislative act, which brought 
the school its greatest distinction by officially chang- 
ing its name to Northwestern State University of 

One amazing legend here at NSU is that 
a ghost named Isabella roams around campus. A 
young French maiden, widely known for her beauty, 
once lived in the original Bullard Mansion after the 

Bullards were gone. According to the story, she met 
a man from the East sent to Louisiana on business, 
with whom she fell in love with and became en- 
gaged. Shortly before the wedding date, the young 
man was killed in a duel. Legend has it that the duel 
was over a dispute involving another woman. 

Overcome with grief, Isabella became a 
nun, losing her beauty through constant mourning, 
and one night she took her own life by plunging a 
dagger into her heart. She was found dead in her 
room with a bloody handprint on the wall. Her spirit 
roamed the Bullard mansion until it was torn down. 
Ever since then she has wandered aimlessly around 
campus from building to building. 

By proclamation of University President V. L. 
Roy and Coach H. Lee Prather in 1922, all school 
athletic teams became known as the Demons. The 
name was decided on through a contest open to all 
students. The two most popular choices were the 
Braves and Demons. In 1 984, the Demon was given 
an official name voted on by students during anoth- 
er contest. Its name became "Vic," which is short for 

Each student adds to the long, fascinating his- 
tory started at the Natchitoches campus over 125 
years ago to make this campus what it is known for 

Alexis Reliford 

Natchitoches Campus 

a popular choice among students 

Over 41 colleges, universities and 
professional schools are in Louisiana ready to 
educate eager students in addition to the thousands 
of schools located across the country and abroad. 
"I chose the Natchitoches campus because I 
wanted the experience of living on campus, plus 
it's not too close or far from home," Jessica Blow, 
sophomore mass communication major, said. "\ 
also like that the campus is not too small or too 

Even with additional campuses located 
in Shreveport, Alexandria and Leesville, the 
top choice for students is the main campus in 
Natchitoches. According to the Registrar's Office, 
3,477 were enrolled at the main campus for fall 
2011. The main campus appeals to students for 
multiple reasons, ranging from its location on the 
map to its size. 

Northwestern was also the first university in 
Louisiana to gain 100 percent accreditation for all 
eligible academic programs. Too keep everyone 
busy and make the stay more fun, there are over 
100 organizations students can get involved in 
including, clubs, honor societies and sports. 
Dozens of opportunities exist here, some of which 
include scholarships. 

"I chose to come here because I know 
one of the professors and also because of 
a great scholarship," Berwyn Chong, 
sophomore music major, said. 

Hosted here are several degree programs. 
Students can choose from seven associate degree 
programs, 47 bachelordegree programs, 2 1 master's 
degree programs and numerous certification 
programs. Highly trained and educated teachers 
ensure every bit of money spent is worth it. 

"I did look at other campuses, but what I like 
most about this campus is how involved [teachers) 
are in making their students active and successful," 
Krystle Smith, junior social work major, said. 

The main campus is also home to the state's 
designated honors college, the Louisiana Scholars 
College. The Scholars College offers outstanding 
honors programs designed for students who want a 
little more of a challenge in college. Smaller class 
sizes and student-centered seminar style classes 
are amongst the reasons students find the college 

With these many elements and opportunities 
offered for students, the Natchitoches campus is 
the largest and most active campus out of the NSU 

Alexis Reliford 




The City of Natchitoches 

what's a student to do? 




Although students come to college to learn 
and earn a degree, they also come to have a little 
fun and make memories. With such hectic class 
schedules, studying for tests and living on a lim- 
ited budget, how do students have fun at Natchi- 

"Me and my friends go out to the fraternity 
and sorority parties," Angelica Kotun, junior mass 
communication major, said. "We also hang out at 
the local Wal-Mart, that's where most of our time 
is spent." 

Wal-Mart, known to students and residents 
of the community as "the mall of Natchitoches," 
is a popular weekend hangout spot. Other things 
to do include catching the latest box office hit at 
the local movie theatre or challenging a group of 
friends to a game of glow bowling at the bowling 

"I usually go home on the weekends or just 
sit around and play video games and watch mov- 
ies," Daveon Jones, freshman math education ma- 
jor, said. 

While it is a small town, Natchitoches is 
home to big flavor. Various eateries are located 
off campus providing something for everybody. 
Popular spots include Mama's Oyster House and 

Papa's Bar & Grill located on the historic front 
street, Chili's, Trail Boss Steakhouse, and various 
well-known fast food chains like McDonald's and 
Taco Bell. 

Since the campus is located in a historic 
town, many opportunities to kill time can be found 
in the historic district. Walking along the riverbank 
or browsing around in the stores on Front Street 
are both great ways to get out and explore town. 

"There are a lot of little stores over in the 
historic district with cute clothes and works of 
art," Arin Williams, freshman liberal arts major, 
said. "During the holidays, you can also go see 
the Christmas lights on Cane River." 

Natchitoches, nicknamed the "City of 
Lights" hosts the yearly Christmas Festival and 
light show that many students attend. The Christ- 
mas season has many activities for students to do 
while taking time away from stressful finals and 
before leaving to go home for the holidays. 

With all of these activities, students are 
able to keep themselves busy with school and fun 
things to do around town. 

Alexis Re I i ford 




Shreveport Campus 

giving students the opportunity 
to achieve their dreams 

NSU is known for its diversity. This diversity is 
not only found in the students who attend, but also in 
the different areas to study as well as different cam- 
puses. The Shreveport campus was opened to serve 
NSU students from around the state. With Shreveport 
being the home to several hospitals, it benefitted those 
students who planned to work in the medical field. 
Having a campus in Shreveport also presented stu- 
dents with many job opportunities for after they grad- 
uate from NSU. 

Approximately 1000 students are currently en- 
rolled in the College of Nursing and Allied Health on 
the Shreveport Campus in both general education and 
clinical courses. Many feel that Shreveport is a good 
place to attend college. 

"I wanted to attend this campus, because I felt 
it offered more than some of the others," said Casey 
Broadway, third level nursing student. 

NSU is known as being a good school to at- 
tend if a student had an interest in Nursing and Al- 
lied Health. NSU admitted their first baccalaureate 
nursing students in 1949. Since that time, more than 
7,000 students have graduated from the NSU College 
of Nursing. 

When the program began, students could ei- 
ther leave the program after three years and receive 
a diploma or they could complete four years and re- 
ceive their baccalaureate degree in nursing. 

In the late 1950's, Northwestern offered regis- 
tered nurses the chance to earn a baccalaureate de- 
gree through a special program (RN to BSN). 

In 1 994, the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic 
Technology program placed into the College of Nurs- 
ing. The program is one of only twenty-seven pro- 
grams in the country. 

The Nursing and Allied Health program at 
NSU's Shreveport campus is not a program that goes 
unnoticed. With the success of its graduates and 
hopes for its students, the Shreveport campus provides 
many ways for their students to succeed. 

"There are many opportunities waiting for stu- 
dents to snatch them up," Paula Craig, NSU's Shreve- 
port campus Head Librarian said. 

Ruth Wisher 




Northwestern State University 


1800 Line Avenue 















Fun Right Around 
Every Corner 

so much to see and do in 


Shreveport has a lot to offer all students no 
matter what their interest or where they are from. For 
those students who grew up in small towns Shreve- 
port's convenience is something one could definitely 
get used to. 

"I like Shreveport because I grew up in Many, 
which is very small, and in Shreveport everything is 
convenient and so close," Abby Durrett, third level 
nursing major, said. With countless dining and shop- 
ping options, one may never want to leave. 

However, it is not only those who are new to 
the area who find themselves enthralled in the city's 
wonderment. Shreveport is still fun, even for the na- 
tives. "Shreveport is an excellent place to live as a 
young adult. Once you are of age, the city is yours," 
said Shreveport native and junior communications 
major, Randa Lopez. "There are tons of nightlife ac- 
tivities, museums, beautiful parks and theaters. You 
can't possibly live in Shreveport and say 'I'm bored' 

because Shreveport/Bossier is the place to play," said 

Of course the fun is not limited to those stu- 
dents who live in Shreveport or attend that particular 

Many NSU students find themselves mak- 
ing the one-hour plus trip from Natchitoches to the 
Shreveport area to simply let off some steam and get- 
away. "When I go to Shreveport I like to go to the 
Boardwalk and to the movies... I am not old enough 
but some of my friends like to go to the casinos," said 
junior communications major Dayra Diaz-Gonzales. 
So weather it is a 21 st birthday bash at a local casino, 
a quiet day at a museum or just a casual shopping day 
with friends there is something for everyone and it is 
all right around the corner in Shreveport. 

Lisa Nelms 

a i 









Greek Week 



For four days, members of Northwestern 
State University's Greek community came together 
for one purpose... to create unity by having fun. 
The event made it a priority to cater their events 
to appeal to all Greek organizations and their 
members. It is important that Fraternity and Sorority 
members are not only of their own organization, 
but of Greek life in general. 

The week started with a barbeque located 
on the lot between the Kappa Sigma Fraternity 
and Phi Mu Fraternity houses. It was at that event 
that participants were given the run down on the 
week's events. All of the events were to be hosted 
by an elected Greek god and goddess. Greek 
members voted Jackson McNeal from Theta Chi 
Fraternity and Jillian Corder from Sigma Sigma 
Sigma Sorority. "It is an honor to be chosen by 
the Greek community to represent them during 
Greek Week. It's one thing to be judged by a panel, 
but it means more to know that my peers chose 
me," Corder said. Along with the barbeque, Greek 
members were divided up in teams to participant 

in a Step Show. Blake Dodson, junior health and 
human performance education major and Theta 
Chi member, enjoyed working closely with others. 
"It was a blast working with other organizations, 
especially the NPHC organization." Dodson said, 
"We were paired up with [them] because we don't 
do much with them throughout the semester." 

Monday, Dodson, along with other Greek 
members, were teamed up again in a rely of 
games. The games ranged from an obstacle relay to 
a tug-a-war over a mud pit. "It's pretty fun. It was a 
good way to still have competition," Chase Hardy, 
junior criminal justice major and member of Phi 
Kappa Pi, said. In addition to the games, Greek 
organizations had a chance to build and race their 
own chariots. Overall, the Monday's event was the 
highlight to many Greek organizations. "I had a 
great time at the games," Hannah Thomas, junior 
psychology major and member of Alpha Sigma 
Alpha sorority,said. "It was fun to watch some of 
the groups do some crazy things." 

Tuesday, fraternity and sorority members 
competed in a statue contest. Their statues were 
displayed on the Student Union bridge and then 
again at the night event, Songfest. Songfest was a 
chance for Greek members to show off their hidden 
talents in a new twist to a lip sync. Greek members 
had the chance to truly sing to their choice of songs 
in a musical competition. Five Greek organizations 
competed in this contest. Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 
who placed second in the fraternity division, had 
fun performing their choice in song. 

"Being Andre 3000 was an honor of 
mine cause I've always love the song 'Roses'," 
Josh Foshee, junior hospitality management 
tourism major and Kappa Alpha member, 
said. Members of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, 
Phi Mu and Sigma Sigma Sigma participated 
in the sorority division. Maddy Tolson, junior 
elementary education major and member, said 
she had a blast performing with her fellow sisters. 

"Performing 'Mountain High' is a part 
of my life so I was really honored." Tolson said, 

"[We] were keeping in classy and having fun with 
sisterhood/'Sigma Sigma Sigma placed second in 
the competition but still enjoyed the chance to 
have a fun time with other Greek organizations. 

Greek members were be able to finish the 
week with an old fashioned Toga Party located in 
the Student Union ballroom. Throughout the week 
Greek members also came together to support 
two philanthropies, the Boys and Girls Club and 
St. Jude Children's Hospital. The goal was to raise 
money for awareness for an amazing cause. Greek 
organizations came together as one big Greek 
life organization. This was the goal that Corder 
believes this week has met. "All the events are fun 
and exciting, but my favorite aspect of the week is 
the friendships that will be made between Greeks." 
Corder said, "This week isn't about different groups 
competing against each other, but more about 
joining together to celebrate Greek Life at NSU." 

Jeft'rey Sholar, The Current Sauce 





*32~ V • 











-> A 




1 . Northwestern 
State Pom Line 
during the 
homecoming parade 

2. Hope McFarland, 
Brittany Jeanice, and 
Arielle Craige 

3. J.D. Hadden 
and Maegen 
Morace during the 
homecoming parade 

4. The ladies of the 
homecoming court 

5. The homecoming 

6. C.J. Johnson 
and Tiffany 
Hudson during the 
homecoming parade 

7. The Demon 
Dazzlers during the 
homecoming parade 

8. Kappa Sigma 
float during the 
homecoming parade 

9. The men of the 
homecoming court 

10. Homecoming 
King and Queen, 
Chase Stepp and 
Ruth Fruge 









r f,n9 T ^NA»* 




7 1 















Kevin Blake II 

Patrick Brooks 

J.D. Hadden 

Shannon Byrd 

Arielle Craige 

Megan Cullen 

Ruth Fruge 


Tiffany Hudson 

Brittany Jeanice 

C.J. Johnson 

Austin McCann 
Ryan Owens 
Cameron Tillman 
Hope McFarland 
Jackson McNeal 
Solomon Matthews 
Maegan Morace 
Afton Owens 
Chase Stepp (King) 
Lauren Waguespack 

■■urniBui BBR1 | lllna 

w/w. ''• ■■■"•/■ ... ■.' .; 





&& *•! 










A r 

I nolo b) C,.)r\ Harclarnon 

w L I I 

f * 

- n . i 





demons go green 

On Friday, December 2, the Stu- 
dent Activity Board held a Demon recy- 
cle day. In order to make it an intriguing 
event, the SAB made it a contest. Junior 
Afton Owens, an English Education ma- 
jor, said, "This is just one of the service 
learning events that SAB puts on each se- 
mester to increase awareness of the ser- 
vice opportunities that NSU has." Sta- 
tistics show that 40-50% of Americans 
recycle regularly. While that is an im- 
pressive number, it would be great to get 
everyone on board with the recycling ef- 
forts. Junior Solomon Matthews, a social 
work major, said "We do this to get the 
campus involved and bring awareness of 
recycling and the importance of it." It is 
the small steps taken by individuals that 
will lead to a great change. 

According to a study done at Penn 
State University, it takes 450 years for al 
soda bottle to decompose. For a glassj 
bottle it takes close to 500 years to break* 
down. A tin can will take 1 00 years and 
the cigarette butts that are so often thrown! 
onto the ground take a total of 10 years! 
to decompose. Worse than this is Styro- 
foam; it never decomposes. These wastes 
are in our oceans, killing marine animals 
as well as the birds that feed on fish. This 
will soon cause a problem for humans 
as we rely on fish for part of our diets. 

Jackson McNeal, senior health 
and human performance major said,! 
"Donate to change the world." 

Shana Lee\ 

student screams heard 
throughout the union 

Too old to go trie k or treating and too restless to just sit 
in the dorms, Jocelyn Beaudion, a freshman English Edu< ation 
major, and her t'riends de< ided to visit the haunted house on 
campus Halloween night. The Student Activities Board, trans- 
formed the Student Union into a dark, creepy cave and hosted 
the haunted house. Greeting them with his ghoulish smile was 
SAB President Shaquille Broussard. In < harge of overseeing the 
house this year was junior English Education major Alton ( )w- 
ens. ( )wens serves as SAB's spec ial events ( oordinator/'lt was a 
pretty fun event to plan, setup was the hardest part!" said Ow- 
ens. Drawing inspiration from popular horror films and other 
haunted house Owens and her committee composed of SAB 
members as well as various NSU volunteers scared students as 
they walked throughout the building. "I didn't expect it to be 
scary; I was just looking for something to do," said Beaudion. 
"In the end, it scared the crap out of me." From seeing people 
jump out of bushes to being chased by a masked creature with 
a chain saw, students definitely had their share of screams. 

Alexis Reliford 

i guess that's why they 
call it sin city 

Where can you get drinks for free, get married and win 
big playing slot machines like you're in Vegas without leaving 
Natchitoches? Students did all three at the Student Activites 
Board hosted Vegas Night. 

The annual Vegas night was held on September 27, 
201 1 from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Student Union Alley and gave stu- 
dents a taste of Las Vegas without even having to leave NSU. 
Students were able to order imitation drinks at the bar plav 
various card games, such as Blackjack, and try their luck on 
the slot machines for free. All that was needed to enter was a 
valid student i.d. 

"I think the best thing about this year's Vegas night was 
the turn out from the student body," junior secondary English 
education major Afton Owens. "We had a lot of people come 
out and support and win some awesome prizes!" Owens serves 
as the SAB special events coordinator, in charge of planning 
special events. 

According to Owens two additions were made to Vegas 
night. Real, working slot machines and a cool money machine 
were added to increase the Vegas feel. 

"I enjoyed playing the slots even though I didn't win 
anything," freshman History education major Lamario Fortson 

Alexis Reliford 




NSU students help kick off 
the Christmas season 




A booming voice comes from the balcony 
above as the curtains open center stage, revealing a 
two-story tall choir that starts off an NSU tradition: 
Christmas Gala. 

Gala was originally inspired by the Radio City 
Music Hall shows in New York City. Director Dr. 
Christopher Gilliam, unable to use the copyrighted 
material, used the shows as an inspiration to make 
his own piece for this year's performance, titled "We 
Celebrate Christmas," which Gala goers will remem- 
ber as both the finale and the overall theme of the 

Gilliam began working on the 21 st annual 
Gala in March, when he began writing his original 
work and deciding which number would make it into 
the show. 

"I wanted to pen a text that communicated as 
many facets of the 'global holiday spirit' as I could," 
Gilliam said. "The phrase 'We Celebrate Christmas,' 
popped into my head and it stuck." 

The opening act, "We Celebrate Christmas," 
thus became the finale. The Gala had nine returning 
acts and four new performances. 

About 5,000 children and 4,000 adults viewed 
the six shows that week. Gilliam complimented the 
hard work of the cast and crew, which consisted of 
more than 300 cast members, not including techni- 
cal crew and faculty. 

The Gala cast practiced since October in ad- 
dition to four rehearsals. In the days before the first 
performance, students worked a minimum of 20 
hours in addition to preparing for finals. 

"I wish everyone could understand what a 
sacrifice Gala is for our students and faculty," Gilliam 

Ariana Michel, assistant stage manager, said 
she had worked more than 50 hours on Gala. 
"As far as stress goes, this year in particular has been 
pretty stressful... as expected when merging two de- 
partments and wrangling about 300 people into one 
space," she said. 

Gilliam said, "The arts change people, moves 
the soul. If you can make someone laugh or cry, well 
the arts are very powerful. It's a responsibility." 

Taylor Graves 









Christmas Spirit 

There are many things that make the city of 
Natchitoches a wonderful place to live in and visit. 
There's the amazing college, a great collection of res- 
taurants, history around every corner, and there is the 
Christmas Festival. 

"Christmas Fest is an important part of Natchi- 
toches' history, not only because it brings in thousands 
of people each year, but because it embodies the 
Christmas spirit" said Wesley Morgan, junior history 
major from Natchitoches. "Much like Historic Front 
Street, Fort St. Jean Baptiste, or even the Natchitoches 
Indians, the Christmas Festival is forever ingrained into 
the history of this city," Morgan said. 

In 1926, Max Burgdof of the power and light 
company decided to decorate Front Street with Christ- 
mas lights as a gift to the people in his adopted town. 
The lights were a success and over the years, where 
the lights were once hung, continued to grow. Burgdof 
was also responsible for the first "decoration" or "set 
piece". It was an 8-foot-tall Christmas Star. A friend and 
co-worker of Burgdof, Charles Maggio, (Not to be con- 
fused with our own Dr. Maggio) was also a big contrib- 
utor to the set pieces. The turning on the lights was a big 
event in the community and eventually the Chamber of 
Commerce organized the Festival of Lights. The festival 
is always on the first Saturday of December. Due to the 
instant success of the festival in the late 1 930's, the city 
introduced the fireworks. Despite there being two dif- 
ferent stories on how the fireworks came to be, includ- 
ing one about a budget surplus, and the other about 

raising money to spruce up the parade; the fireworks 
have been a time honored tradition. 

Another tradition of the Christmas Festival is the 
parade, which began in the 1920s. Highlights of the 
parade include the many marching bands from around 
the area, many different dance groups, the Christmas 
Belles and Miss Merry Christmas and to finish the pa- 
rade, an appearance by Santa Claus. In 194,1 the pa- 
rade took a break due to the war but by the late 1 940's 
and 50's, the festival was back in action. Another tradi- 
tion that continues today are the local beauty pageants, 
The Miss Merry Christmas and the Christmas Belle. The 
winners get to go caroling on Front Street and on top 
of the many different public appearances, the girls get 
the chance to ride on a float in the parade. There is also 
a contest every year for a chance to design a poster for 
the festival. Anyone can enter and every year Natchi- 
toches gets to display the art of a local artist. 

Celebrating its 85th year, The Natchitoches 
Christmas Festival is a magical event that brings people 
of all walks of life together. Many people from around 
the state, nation, and even world come for a chance td 
see the lovely town of Natchitoches and it's unique and 
colorful locals. The Christmas Festival offers plenty of 
entertainment. Without it, Natchitoches would not be 
the same. 

Rand a Lopez 
(Information gathered from the Christmas Fest website) 


1 £ 

> ac .. • I 

.. • 



V-jfe-i: '::•: 

'. ■; i- : : 

'■ '.':%] 



-.- : a 



V .■-•"■l 

- ': : : $»•• : 

'■'. C I 



■ -^t i ^ 

• *?Ti: 


.'. - . I 

•>" '£*'•? : «!» : 

■ : ~ ft 



H ' V 

- J '-» tf 



*• :•:: 

: •.■tU : 

'"• i-^K 




~ "5;* 

' > 


: : : 

'' '5*'* 





$ - 

: r>i^ 







* .; 




i [ W 1 

\m «ii 

il, LI* 


■: \'M 1 






Overwhelmed with emotion and smiling, the 
new Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet winner was 
crowned Feb. 4. Tori Thompson a freshman, second- 
ary education major from Humble, Texas became the 
new face of NSU. 

Thompson was awarded over $8,000 in schol- 
arships and prizes. In addition to being crowned the 
53rd Lady of the Bracelet, Thompson also won first 
place for the talent, swimsuit and evening gown por- 
tions of the competition. She will compete in the Miss 
Louisiana Pageant this summer in Monroe. 

"When the bracelet was placed on my arm I 
thought about all of the great women who came be- 
fore me and was humbled by being given the oppor- 
tunity to wear it and represent NSU," Thompson said. 
Thompson is a 19-year-old member of Phi Mu Fra- 
ternity, is a Freshman Connector and a Presidential 

Her platform is "Volunteering: Everybody's do- 
ing it!" Thompson is encouraging teens to become 
volunteers and get involved in their community in- 
stead of activities that could be harmful to them just 
because "Everybody's doing it." 

A fourth generation NSU student, Thompson 
raised over $1,800 for Children's Miracle Network 
through the Miss America Organization. To prepare 
for the pageant, Thompson worked on her piano piece 
for the talent portion, her interview skills, hit the gym 
hard and avoided eating like a typical college student. 
This was her first time competing in the Miss America 
pageant system, but was not her first pageant. 

"I enjoyed the entire process from the first in- 
formational meetings, to raising money for Children's 
Miracle Network, to rehearsals," Thompson said. "I 
even enjoyed learning the great opening number that 
Ruth Fruge choreographed, even though it took me 
longer to learn because I'm not really a dancer." Fruge 
is the outgoing 201 1 Lady of the Bracelet. 

The Lady of the Bracelet pageant is sponsored 
by the Student Activities Board. In 1 958, the first Lady 
of the Bracelet Kahne Dipola, received a gold bracelet 
to wear when she represented the university in public. 
Over the years, the bracelet has been passed down to 
each holder of the title. 

The 53 rd annual pageant was hosted by Miss 
Louisiana 201 1 Hope Anderson. "I thought I might 
be nervous during on-stage question, but Hope was 
so friendly that it was like having a conversation with 
a friend," Thompson said. "Waiting for crowning was 
extremely stressful and I really thought I might faint." 

First runner up in the pageant was Amber Jack- 
son, second runner up Christine Davis, third runner 
up Logan Wallace and fourth runner up Falon Jack- 
son. Other contestants included Rikia Ancar, Emily 
Daniels, Harlie Dominique, Breyona Jones and Kelli 

Alexis Reliford 
Photos by Gary Hardamon 



4 o*^M 


Ik " H'lflL 

* 211 111 

. illiillllllllll'iB 

fiMf" ' I -M^A 





Spreading Music Chee 

Sigma Alpha Iota, also known as SAI, is a 
women's music fraternity that was founded in 1903 
at the University School of Music in Anarbor, Mich. 
SAI focuses on music based philanthropic events and 
loves to spread the joy of music not only in the com- 
ty, but on a global level. Marthaville Elementary 
and Jur lor High School became SAI's focus over the 
wintei oreak. Marthavi lie's school house is a renovat- 
i meatpacking factory and SAI took on the challenge 
enovating the music room for Marthaville. Junior 
nmunications major Randa Lopez said "Going to 
.arthville and painting the music room for those kids 
epitomizes everything that SAI stands for. Getting the 
chance to brighten a child's day, and spreading my 
love for music, made all of the hard work worth it." 
Elyse German, the music teacher for Mar- 
■lle also teaches at three other schools. Mar- 
Be, is the only school she teaches at that has 
psroom specifically for music; at other schools 
Reaches music anywhere they have space, for in- 
ice, the cafeteria or library. SAI wanted to help 
make her classroom a place that made everyone feel 
welcome. SAI spent two days working on cleaning up 
and painting the school's music room. The room was 
in rough condition. Ragged wood paneling was dis- 
played on the walls and the windows were in rough 
shape and needed sprucing up. 

The students who attend Marthaville are typi- 
cally^^xlower income families and for many of 

the students this is the first and only opportunity they 
will receive for learning music. The music room gives 
the children a chance to escape from the hassle and 
worries of everyday life and allows them to go to a 
cheerful place. SAI painted the walls a creamy white 
color and the doors and tables a peacock blue. What 
really made this a great project for SAI was the fact 
that the students had no idea that they would return 
from winter break to an uplifting atmosphere. This 
room gave everyone the opportunity to claim it as 
their own and having such a feeling is vital in school 
systems for both the teacher and students. "It felt re- 
ally great to paint the room for the kids. Just thinking 
about how excited they would be when they saw the 
new bright room made the hard work put into paint- 
ing it that much more fun and rewarding," said junior 
vocal music performance major Kallie Stephenson. 

SAI realizes the importance of music in the 
schools. They also know how important the right at- 
mosphere for learning is to students of all ages. This is 
just one among many of the service projects SAI does 
for the community of Natchitoches and surroi 
areas, and they will continue to do what is nee 
to spread the joy of music to all. 


Shana Lee 

m WHk 


4 A 1 


Photo By: Randal 

Photo By: Randa Lopez 





supporting st. judi 
children's hospital 

Up 'til Dawn is a student run organization that 
raises money and awareness for St Jude Children's 
Research Hospital. They do this by having an annual 
event where students write letters to friends and family 
asking them to donate to this cause. 

There are over 180 Up 'til Dawn organizations 
at campuses all over the country. NSU started this or- 
ganization on campus in 2009. In just two years NSU 
has raised over $60,000 for St Jude. 

All Up 'til Dawn organizations adopt the motto 
"cancer doesn't sleep, so neither should we." 

Up 'til Dawn at NSU has their letter writing 
event in the spring semester and holds Awareness 
Week in the fall semester. 

Awareness Week happens over a five-day pe- 
riod where the executive board and board members 
work to raise money around campus. 

One clay of Awareness Week members of the 
executive board and others stood at the traffic light on 
campus with rubber boots and collected change in an 
event called "Give Cancer the Boot" 

They also held a bowling night called "Strike 
Out Childhood Cancer." This gave students the oppor- 
tunity to form teams and have fun while raising money 
for this cause. 

A 5K was held on the morning of the NSU Mc- 
Neese game to finish out Awareness Week. The 5K was 
open to anyone and each person to sign up received 
a "I heart St Jude" shirt. Later that afternoon, Up 'til 
Dawn had a table at the tailgate for the football game. 
They sold carnival type foods to go along with their 
theme for the year. 

The executive board of Up 'til Dawn counts 
heavily on the students' support to succeed in their 

mission: to raise money and awareness for St Jude. 

"The campus community is the most effective 
tool we can have in our efforts to unite and fight for 
the children who need it the most. A cure will not oc- 
cur overnight, but our patience and continued commit- 
ment to help bring awareness and the necessary funds 
will continue to raise the survival rate of children diag- 
nosed with cancer," assistant director of Up 'til Dawn, 
Michael Stevenson, junior business administration ma- 
jor, said. 

To gain recognition of this campus organization, 
a informational was held for students to learn how to 
join Up 'til Dawn. Over 50 students came to the event 
to learn how to get involved in this cause. 

A special guest attending this event was Hillary 
Husband, a freshman at Louisiana College in Pineville, 
who shared her story of how St. Jude helped her in her 
battle with cancer as a teenager. 

Sophomore business administration major Kari 
Heath noted that she believed having a patient speaker 
brought a lot to the informational. 

"I very much enjoyed having the speaker there. 
It is one thing to hear you need to help, do this for the 
children, etc. It brings so much more meaning when 
I hear someone say that they needed St. Jude and be- 
cause people donate through events like Up 'til Dawn, 
St. Jude was able to help them. I was so inspired by 
Hillary's story that it made my passion for UTD jump 
through the roof!" 

Up 'til Dawn welcomes all students to partici- 
pate in this great cause. 

Story and photos by Yevette Wagoner 

Michael Stephei 
rankiin ask students to "(hunk their 
hange"forSt. Jude Children's Hospital. 






Top Row Lett to Right: Chase Powe 

Michael Stephens, Cabby Hughes, 

Nicole Koster, Cary Bruno. 

Bottom Row Left to Right: Matthew 

Haskins, Ellie Spain, Arin Williams, 

Kendall Franklin, Angel Glover, Zech 




"Buildins Leaders of Tomorrow 
by Serving P^lfee with Disabilities Today" 





pi kappa phi gives back 






The gentlemen of the Beta Omicron chapter of Pi Kap- 
pa Phi fraternity host an annual scaffold sit to raise money 
and awareness for Push America. 

Founded in 1977, this philanthropy instills lifelong 
service in the fraternity members and serves people with dis- 

The scaffold sit started Monday, Sept. 1 9, at 5 p.m. and ended 
Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 5 p.m. (48 hours total). 

The men take shifts sitting on top of the scaffold to col- 
lect money from students, members of the community and 
even passersby. 

The men also host a 'Penny Wars' with the women 
of the College Pan-Hellenic Council, with the winner's prize 
being to pie a Pi Kappa Phi member in the face 

This is the third year that the fraternity has p 
in this event and plans to continue the tradition a 

Story and photos by Yevette Wagoner, 
The Current Sauce 




A A 

"BuildinjhJBgaritrs of Tomorrow 
j)\ Serving lYoinPvnh Disability Tnd?*j' 

* ^orority ,w 

! *» 




Students Lending a Hand ti 

Those in Nee 

It is an honorable moment when students take 
time from their never-ending list of things to do, to 
help others. The Women's Resource Center, located in 
Natchitoches, is grateful for these students and the com- 
munity for their support of the center. "The Women's 
Resource Center is a support group and we help young 
ladies that find themselves in a crisis pregnancy," said 
Client Service Manager Terri Ruck. 

Among the groups that support the clinic are: 
Phi Mu, Alpha Omega Pi, Lady Demon Basketball, 
NSU FACS Class and NSU Social Work Club. "These 
clubs are a huge support. We are a nonprofit organi- 
zation. We can support young ladies through the giv- 
ing of the community. This kind of support frees up our 
resources so we can apply them to clients' needs. We 
also can get these ladies signed up for Medicaid," said 
Becky Stewart, executive director. Along with the do- 
nations from campus organizations, the Women's Re- 
source Center hosts an annual Gala at the event center 
and a 5K, "Run Baby Run," where everything collected 
comes from the community and goes directly to sup- 
port women and their pregnancy. 

"We help girls through their pregnancy, particu- 
larly unexpected ones. We are here to educate in pre- 
natal care. We are life affirming and do not affirm for 
abortion. We work all through the pregnancy offering 

free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds; we even support 
the mother and child a year after birth. We also work 
closely with three partnering physicians in our com- 
munity," said Stewart. 

This center is a haven for women that have no- 
where else to turn. The clinic's doors are always open. 

The ladies of Phi Mu joined with the ladies of 
Alpha Omega Pi to hold a fundraiser for the Women's 
Resource Center of Natchitoches. To make things in- 
teresting, they did not want the same boring fundrais- 
er, but instead held a mock baby shower with a mock 
mother to open everything that was brought for the cen- 
ter. "Each guest brought baby gifts and everything was 
donated to the center to be distributed to new mothers 
and mothers to be," said sophomore early childhood 
education major Hailey Warner, who is also a member 
of Phi Mu. "It was a really cool event and we were 
able to donate so much stuff. It was a great community 
service project and allowed us to team up with another 
sorority, so it was a great experience," said Warner. 

Shana Lee 
Photos submitted 

Members of the Phi Mu sorority attend the "baby show- 
er" thrown for the Women's Resource Center. 









The NSL' Social Work Club made a heft\ contribution that 
\\ ill no doubt help man\ women and babies in the area. 

w ^ 



NSU Alum Covers Many Bases 

In 24 years Dr. Steve Horton has moved up 
the higher education ranks, from instructor to dean 
of the largest college within the university, The Col- 
lege of Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies and Research. 
A native of New Iberia, Horton is a fourth genera- 
tion Northwestern State University graduate and 
calls Natchitoches home. Horton believes in equip- 
ing students with more than a degree, by giving 
them the priceless tools they will need to succeed 
beyond higher education. 

"I think we offer an environment that is a 
little less threatening because it is small... I do not 
think you would have that voice on a large campus, 
so by having that voice on a small campus that al- 
lows you to grow, so when you leave here you have 
some ability to stand up for yourself," Horton said. 

It is obvious that this clean puts a great deal 
of value on his students and their success. Horton 
expressed great excitement for what is and what is 
to come within the college and the university. 

"I really like the recruiting efforts and these 
are unique, a lot more than we have done before," 
Horton said. "We are actually tracking students 
through mentoring, through four week grades, and 

when they don't return to the campus, we are call- 
ing and finding out why, what is wrong, what can 
we do to help. That part is exciting," he said. 

In the near future, Horton hopes to improve 
the college by taking small steps that will have a 
huge impact. 

"I would like to get a couple more gradu- 
ate programs approved as soon as this moratorium 
is lifted... [I want to] enhance the teaching faculty 
by numbers because we are running on a skeleton 
crew and that takes away from the faculty's ability 
keep their research, to keep up their service," Hor- 
ton said. 

"That would be my goal, to get it to where we 
are actually functioning more semester by semester 
as opposed to day by day. My whole goal is to keep 
everything calm but still not stagnate," Horton said. 

Horton's ambition and desire for constant 
improvement shows that students within the College 
of Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies and will always be 
given the opportunity for success and the encour- 
agement to do something great. 

Lisa Nelms 


College Undergoes 

In 201 0, the College of Liberal Arts underwent re- 
organization which added graduate studies to liberal arts 
and the College of Arts, Letters, Research and Graduate 
Studies was born. 

"I was the dean of the graduate school before this. 
We went from seven to five colleges, and I absorbed the 
original College of Liberal Arts and we renamed the col- 
lege, Arts, Letters, Research and Graduate Studies," said 
Dean of the college, Dr. Steve Horton, about the change. 

Due to the number of programs, the College of 
Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies and Research is the larg- 
est college within the university. The aspect that stands 
out most about the college is the diversity among the 
degrees offered through one college. One student can 
receive a degree in social work, while the next student 
receives their degree in performing arts. 

Lisa Nelms 

College of Arts, Letters, 
Graduate Studies and Research 




Dr. Steve Horton 

"...when you leave here you have 
some ability to stand up for yourself. " 

Dr. John Price 

Passion for 

dr. John price 

7 have never had a job, 
I have had a hobby," 






"You have to have a passion for what you do," 
said Dr. John Price, associate professor of history. 

Passion is one thing this professor does not lack. 

Price is one of NSU's longest serving professors. 
After teaching five years at LSU, Price made the deci- 
sion to make the move north to NSU. 

Students at NSU have had the privilege of being 
educated by Price for more than 40 years. 

Price's main motivation for choosing NSU to 
pursue his teaching career was his family. 

"Faye, my wife, is from Alexandria, and I am 
from Winnfield and Northwestern was in a great place 
so our kids could grow up and know both sets of grand- 
parents," said Price. 

In his years at NSU, Price had the opportunity to 
accomplish many great things, such as helping to build 
the Southern Studies Institute as well as the NSU Press. 
Even with all of his accomplishments and hard work, 
Price is still humble, 

"I have never had a job, I have had a hobby," 
said Price. 

It is this sort of dedication that keeps his students 
engaged in the classroom. Price's passion for both his 
students and his area of expertise is apparent to every 
student who walks through his classroom door. 

"I like his teaching style. It flows. It's like he's 

telling a complete story. He's very laid back about it. 
It's obvious that he loves history. He has such a passion 
when he talks about it...," said Wesley Morgan, junior 
history major. 

Price puts all he has into teaching. 

"I love teaching, I love being in the classroom. 
The students inspire me and students know you like 
your job," said Price. "They know it the minute you 
start, is he passionate about his job or is he just going 
through the motions,"said Price. 

It is this kind of attitude that has allowed Price 
to reach and educate all types of students. 

"Even if you're not into history, the way he talks 
about it, people have said that it makes it interesting. 
I just like the way he teaches. It's real. He never has 
notes as far as I can tell. It's all from memory. I don't 
know, he's just a real historian," said Morgan. 

Students have the opportunity to learn more 
from Price than dates and facts. They also learn from 
his dedication, passion and attitude. 

If everyone had a passion for his or her work 
like Price, there would be no one with a job; everyone 
would have a hobby. 

Lisa Nelms 

Communication is Key 

A relatively new degree program offered at 
NSU is a Bachelor's in Communication. 

The program focuses on preparing students 
for the professional world by teaching them com- 
munication skills. 

For example, if a student sees themselves as 
the next Barbara Walters, a mass communication 
degree will assist in making that dream a reality. 
Maybe other students see themselves helping stu- 
dents who have a difficult time communicating, a 
degree in speech communication puts them on the 
track to speech pathology. 

This new program not only offers a number 
of useful degree options, with the start of the pro- 
gram a number of resources have opened up, even 
for non-communication majors. 

The core curriculum for any degree requires 
a public speaking class, which is taken under the 
communication department. While a sometimes 
nerve-wracking process, the public speaking class 
offers students the opportunity to hone their com- 
munication skills no matter what field they choose. 

"I feel everyone should take a public speak- 
ing class for their future career. I am a social work 
major and I know for sure that I will be speaking in 
front of people, so why not take the class," Meshelle 
Mangum, junior social work major, said. 

By preparing students for everyday and not 
so everyday encounters in the work force, these stu- 
dents are given a better opportunity for success. 

Another way the communication department 
is preparing students for real life opportunities in the 
utilization of the communications lab. At the com- 
munications lab students, have the resources to re- 
cord and review speeches and presentations. By re- 
cording and reviewing, students can see what their 
personal strengths and weaknesses are in the com- 
munication process. 

Not only does the communications lab pro- 
vide these students with helpful resources, it also 
provides employment opportunities for students. 

An addition to the program this year 
is the concentration in mass communication. 
Students in this area study public relations, 
news writing, radio and broach asting, in ad- 
dition to their core communication courses. 

All communication students have the op- 
portunity to apply to work on student media, whic h 
includes the Potpourri, The Current Sauce, KNWD 
radio and the TV station. 

So whether a student wants to know how to 
handle international clients, or be the next Barbara 
Walters, the communication department can help. 

Lisa Nelms 




Meshelle Mangum, junior social work major, reviews 
her speech in the communk ation lab. 

iving the 

7 believe that my 
role as a professor is 
to provide students 
with the tools they 
need to engage 
with a variety of 
textual forms. " 

Dr. Sarah McFarland 







Most people can think back to their childhood 
and remember what they wanted to be when they grew- 
up, a doctor, an astronaut or maybe even a rock star. 

The Head of the Department of Language and 
Communication, and Associate Professor of English Dr. 
Sarah McFarland, always knew she would be an educa- 

"When I was a child, when we played games, 
creative and imaginative games, I loved playing that 
I was a teacher and giving assignments and reading 
aloud," said McFarland. 

For McFarland, higher education is more than a 
career choice, it is in her blood. The daughter of a re- 
tired UCLA sociology professor credits her father as the 
inspiration for her career choice. 

McFarland's life-long passion for education not 
only ensures joy for her job, but it also benefits the stu- 
dents whose lives she touches daily. 

"Having a healthy relationship with a member 
of faculty or staff is so important while trying to pursue 
higher education. McFarland has made my experience 
here at NSU so much easier. I am truly thankful to have 
her around. She rocks," Shaniqua Cooks, junior mass 
communication major, said. 

"My advice is actually applicable to all students 
working toward any degree: get to know your advisor, 
be an advocate for your own education and be an active 
participant both in and out of the classroom," she said. 

As for her future, McFarland has every intention 
of continuing to educate. 

"In addition to providing my unwavering support 
for the Department of Language and Communication 
and NSU, I will continue to create lively and empower- 
ing learning environments for the students in my class- 
es," McFarland said. 

"I believe that my role as a professor is to pro- 
vide students with the tools they need to engage with a 
variety of textual forms, whether those tools are contem- 
porary contexts, modern criticism, the mechanics of for- 
mal literary analysis or a sense of self-confidence about 
their own opinions," she said. 

Most people can think back to their childhood 
and remember what they wanted to be when they grew- 
up, but not many can say they not only have the career 
they dreamt of as a child, they also truly enjoy what they 

Lisa Nelms 

rtistic Options Unli 

Obtaining a degree in tine arts ensures one will 
never allow their creativity to stagnate. 

With the help of NSU's Fine Arts Department 
and their many resources, every tine arts student will 
have the opportunity to develop and hone their abili- 

Whether it is building furniture in the wood 
shop, sculpting a master piece in the sculpture lab or 
taking a beautiful picture in the photo studio, there is 
a creative outlet for everyone. The students within the 
Fine Arts Department understand the necessityof such 
resources and appreciate the opportunity they have 
been given. 

"The resources the department has allowed us 
to use are essentially a gift. Without them I would not 
have excelled as far as I have," Aaron Nelms, senior 
graphic communications major, said. 

The department understands the necessity for 
an artist to be able to reach the tools to nurture their 
medium. Not every student has access to the tools of 
a jewelry lab at home. Without those proper tools the 
world could be missing out on the next Neil Lane of 
the jewelry world. 

This kind of attention to student needs ensures 
the success of not only the students, but the depart- 
ment as well. 

"These resources are inescapably inescapable, 
you cannot get around it," Jeremy Jones, art graduate 
assistant, said. "To me these things are a fixture here, 
and I need them." 

Jones's utilization of the various labs and equip- 
ment has allowed him to excel in his educational ca- 
reer, has rewarded him with countless artistic honors, 
and even earned him a graduate assistantship. 

Being familiar with the newest technology and 
innovations in their field gives the students a competi- 
tive edge in the workforce. Recently the students who 
are more technologically inclined, were treated to an 
improved Mac lab containing all new Mac comput- 

"The new computers allow us to run the lat- 
est software. This allows us to keep up with industry 
standards," Jared Roy, senior graphic communication 
major, said. 

For those students who have a passion for all 
things creative, the tools are all there just waiting for a 
student to come along and create something amazing. 

Lisa Nelms 

Professor Matt Deford models a s< ulptecl \\ ire headpiece. 










Graduate assistant Jeremy Jones focuses intentk on the task at hand. 




"My hope is that I always main- 
tain an enthusiasm for my work," said 
Dr. Vickie Gentry. 

As of January 2012, Gentry 
will have served as the dean of the 
College of Education and Human 
Development for eight years. Prior to 
being department head, she was the 
department head for Health and Hu- 
man Performance for three years and 
a faculty member for four years. In to- 
tal, Gentry has been a part of the NSU 
family for 1 5 years. 

Although not an NSU graduate 
herself, her husband, as well their two 
sons, all earned degrees here. Gentry 
pursued her education and earned de- 
grees at the University of Alabama in 
Birmingham, the University of Monte- 
vallo and Texas A&M University. 

"I loved being a student, and I 
have wonderful memories of my un- 
dergraduate and graduate studies," 
Gentry said. 

Highly involved around cam- 
pus and not just with the College of 
Education, Gentry is a member of var- 
ious university and state committees. 
Which ones? Just how many exactly? 

"Too many to name," she said. 

Gentry's passion for this posi- 
tion is clear. 

"I am passionate about teach- 
ing and learning. It is a good feeling 
to look back on your career and know 
that you have touched the lives of oth- 
ers and they have touched yours." 

Dr. Vickie Gentry 

7 am passionate about teaching and learning. 

Alexis Reliford 


College of Edifsati 
o Developmeui 

models for lesf 

Ryan McCully and Corv Knippers take notes while observing. 

Initially accredited in 1954, the Col- 
lege of Education has been in existence and 
educating students through its programs for 58 

As part of university reorganization, 
in the fall of 2010, the College of Education 
became the College of Education and Human 
Development. The college was then divided 
into three departments: Educational Leader- 
ship and Technology, Health and Human Per- 
formance, and Teaching and Learning. 

"The College of Education has not dis- 
appointed me. I know that when I graduate 
I will be a highly qualified teacher," Allison 
Reed, a senior early childhood education ma- 
jor, said. 

The college offers a number of degrees 
to students enrolled in the college in various 
areas of study ranging from an undergraduate 
degree in elementary education to an educa- 

tion leadership graduate degree. 

"I feel absolutely prepared with the 
knowledge I have gained through the college 
of education to be an effective teacher," Ryan 
McCully, a senior music education major, said. 

To provide field and clinical experience 
to its students, the College of Education is part- 
nered with various public schools across the 
state. Students visit the schools and gain ex- 
perience by observing classrooms, providing 
tutoring to individuals or small groups, and by 
eventually student teaching. These programs 
prepare candidates for a career in teaching 
by showing them how to handle professional 
roles and act in professional settings. 

The College of Education and Human 
Development Dean is Dr. Vickie Gentry. De- 
partment heads are Dr. John Dollar, Dr. Paula 
Furr and Dr. Kimberly McAllister. 

Alexis Relit or d 





Dr. Paula Furr 

great loyalty to NSU 

me/?/; w/Mz wonderful learn- 
ing opportunities and degrees.' 

Dr. Paula Furr is the current head for the De- 
partment of Educational Leadership and Technology 
and has held that position for two years. This depart- 
ment is located within the College of Education and 
Human Development. 

"I have a great loyalty to NSU and this depart- 
ment," said Furr 

Degrees within the department include mas- 
ter of arts in adult education, school counseling and 
student personnel services, master of education in 
educational leadership and technology leadership 
and specialist degree in educational leadership, edu- 
cational technology and special education. 

"We have a great department with wonderful 
learning opportunities and degrees," Furr said. 

With an office full of articles, awards, and 
plaques, Furr's accomplishments can be easily seen. 

She has been a faculty member at NSU since 
2000. Furr earned her doctorate in education tech- 
nology at NSU, after obtaining a bachelor's degree 
from Ohio Wesleyan University in journalism and 
Spanish and a masters degree in journalism from the 
University of Kansas. 

A retired U.S. Army public affairs officer, Furr 
ings more than 30 years of academic and profes- 
ional experience to the department. She taught at 
the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, 
or six years and at Louisiana College in Pineville. 
Upon joining the faculty at NSU, Furr taught journal- 
ism, educational leadership and educational tech- 
nology courses. She is also the former journalism 
department head\ \ \ \ \ 

Very involved on campus, Furr is the advisor 

or the Current Sauce student newspaper and serves 

on several committees. 

is Reliford 

Department of Teaching 

and Learning 

Education Students Get First Hand Experieni 

Passed all the required classes? Check. Ac- 
cepted into teacher candidacy at NSU? Check. 
Got teaching experience? No check. 

An important part of the teacher ediu ation 
program at NSU is field experience. Field expe- 
rience includes observation hours, tutoring, .md 
student teaching. 

"I'm looking forward to doing observations 
and getting hands on time in class," said Denise 
Dalton, freshman secondary social studies educa- 
tion major. 

For students to get this experience, the De- 
partment of Teaching and Learning is partnered 
with approved public schools in Natchitoches Par- 
ish, including two schools housed on NSU's cam- 
pus, the NSU Elementary Laboratory School and 
the NSU Middle Laboratory School. 

"The NSU Middle Lab School has excellent 
teachers to observe," Chris Bloom, a senior musi 

education major, said. 

Remembering that they represent tne/ue- 

partmenl of Teaching and I earning and arc guests 
to the schools they visit, education majors who 

observe have a 
follow. Some 
keeping a log 

"At first 
boring because 
ing," Allison R 
tion major, sat\ 
the observing 

idelines they must 
e/a/dress code, 
nding orientation 

hours are a little 

itting there observ- 

lildhood edu< a- 

to spend time in 

gh. It's important for 

education majors to see what it's like in the (lass- 
room to ensure that teaching is for them. \ lowever, 
once you get into methods and student teaching, it 

Alexis Relit or d 

Christopher Bloom listens for advice in teaching 




Dr. John Dollar 

ifsgCfl \KW tHtfsTi 

shows strong interest in students 





'Tow /w^cfe # life chang- 
ing decision by coming 
to college and your life 
will never be the same.' 

"Life's tough, pilgrim and even tougher if you're stupid."- 
John Wayne 

This quote stuck to the side of the desk located in the of- 
fice of Department Head Dr. John Dollar shows off his fun and 
friendly personality. 

An educator for 33 years, Dollar is interested in the well 
being of NSU students. He is currently the department head for 
Health and Human Performance located within the College of 
Education and Human Development. 

Although he attended and earned degrees from a num- 
ber of universities, from the fall of 1980 until the summer of 
1981 he attended NSU, where he graduated with a master's 
degree in education. He was also an assistant tennis coach un- 
der Coach Johnnie Emmons. 

Dr. Dollar's 33 years of teaching experience come from 
1 6 years of teaching in public schools and 1 7 years of teaching 
at the college level. In 2007, he was awarded the Outstanding 
Faculty Advisor award from NSU for his work in advising stu- 
dents over the years. 

Proud of his achievements and earning the award he 
said, "The best awards in college come from students." 

Dollar takes his job seriously and realizes how impor- 
tant education is in today's world. 

"I'm passionate about education," Dollar said. 

Besides being department head, Dr. Dollar is highly in- 
volved on campus. He is a member of multiple committees 
including the advising and scholarship committees. 

Dr. Dollar offered an important piece of advice to stu- 
dents, especially new students. 

"Take education seriously from the get go. You made a 
life changing decision by coming to college and your life will 
never be the same." 

Alexis Reliford 

Student Teaching 

come true 

Long days? Kids everywhere? Lots of talking? 
What makes students choose education as their ma- 

Despite some well-known drawbacks, many 
NSU students decide to make education in some way, 
shape or form, their major. According to the website, one of the top seven majors tor 
bachelor's degrees at NSU is education. 

"I chose education because I love kids and 
helping people," Denise Dalton, freshman secondary 
social studies education major, said. 

On the flipside, students majoring in educa- 
tion have a lot to look forward to, especially in terms 
of work schedules after they graduate and get jobs. 

Not your typical 9 to 5 job, teachers get eve- 
nings off, in addition to summer vacation and holiday 

Degrees in education fields also provide many 
opportunities with all the diverse areas of teaching. 

Some students plan to move back home and 

be a teacher at the same s< hool where they were once 

<i student. 

"Alter earning my degree I want to ten h ,it m\ 
old school," said Lamario lortson, freshman social 
studies education major. 

No matter the salary, the breaks or the abun- 
dance of job options, the main desire to be a teacher 
for NSU students is helping others and changing their 

"Being a teacher means being a great role 
model," Amber Wiggins, senior music education ma- 
jor said. "The most important role models in mv life 
have been teachers. I owe it to my previous and < ur- 
rent teachers to give back to society the great things I 
have been taught." 

Alexis Reliford 





Music education major Ryan McCully works on lesson plans. 

College of Nursing anil 

providing healthcare 
providers for the 


Dr. Norann Planchock is the dean for 
the College of Nursing and Allied Health. 
She also is a professor in the graduate pro- 
gram and volunteers several times a week 
at a free clinic where she is on the board 
of directors. 

She also spends her time with the 
nursing accreditation body. In order for 
a school to accept students, they must 
be accredited; Planchock helps evaluate 
other schools' programs to make sure they 
are up to standards. 

She does this twice a year, traveling 
around the nation looking at other pro- 
grams. This gives her the ability to stay on 
top of all of the newest advancements in 
teaching and in the medical field. 

These advancements can get expen- 
sive with all of the budget cuts going on 
in the state and colleges, but the college 
isn't worried. 

"Fortunately because we are a health 
profession and many health care agencies 
need to have graduates, we have a lot of 
grants received from different hospitals," 
Planchock said. 

Right now there are three hospitals 
which help pay for six of the allied health 

"We are a supplier of their manpower, 
and if we aren't supplying it, then they 
can't run their hospital," Planchock said. 

"There are two things that motivate the 
students who want to be nurses,. ..either 
to be of service to somebody or to make 
money," said Planchock. 

"A lot of people come in because they 
like working with people and they want to 
make a difference in someone's life," she 
said. "Nursing is one of the best profes- 
sions to be seeking a degree in, because 
you are always going to have a job." 

Since she was in the eighth grade, 

Dr. Norann Planchock 

" never get Planchock hs 
bored in nursing." ££ to * 


"It's one of the most fullfilling pre 
fessions that you can be involved in. It's si 
varied, you never get bored in nursing," sai< 

She has been the dean since 1 996 ani 
doesn't plan on slowing down. This year th< 
graduate program was recognized as one c 
the top 1 00 college graduate programs in th< 
United States by U.S. News and World Repoi 
and the only graduate program recognizee 
out of Louisiana. 

"I would like to see the same hono 
given to the undergraduate program," said 
Planchock. "We have been noted national^ 
as the fourth or fifth in the terms of enrollmen 
in nursing, but I would also like to have th( 
same stature in terms of excellence." 

Planchock has high hopes for the nurs 
ing program and the future nurses who corru 
from it. 

Randa Lopez 

Hied Health 

a profession of caring 

Nursing is a profession where you must have pas- 
;ion in order to spend your time helping others. Nurses 
>ndure long hours, tons of stress and carry the lives ot 
nany people in their hands, all within a small time pe- 
iocf. It takes a caring, understanding and selfless person 
o spend time away from his or her family in order to 
lelp someone else. Cammie Recer, junior nursing major, 
s iine of these people. 

"I wanted to be in nursing because I love that my 
ob is caring for people and that I can make a difference 
n this profession," Recer said. "Also, job security is a big 
hing with the way the economy is, and in nursing there 
ire always jobs to be had." 

When she graduates, Recer wants to specialize 
n labor and delivery, and she would like to go back to 
;raduate school to get her master's and doctorate in nurs- 

The more than qualified teachers, excellent staff 
md the classes that teach real life scenarios are some 
nain factors of this department. 

Recer, who studies at the Alexandria branch of the 
^SU nursing department, enjoyes the classes. 

"My favorite thing about this department is that we 
lave small classes, which means we get more one-on-one 
ime with the teachers and more hands-on experience." 

The college is also always adapting and adding 
lew technology for the students to use. Many times the 
echnology is used to practice real world applications. 

The students get the chance to practice on life-like 
■lectronic mannequins. These devices can blink, breath, 
lave heart attacks and even give birth. The mannequins 
an have vitals and even respond to medications. They 
;ive real life reactions, sometimes even resulting in death. 

"I have only had a little experience with the man- 
lequins, but I think they are great because it allows our 
?achers to simulate real life situations that we may come 
cross in real life one day, without having to put a per- 
on's life at risk," Recer said. "There are some things that 
iave to be practiced on mannequins before being applied 
D real patients because the outcomes may be fatal if we 
ave not learned the correct procedures." 

As one can imagine, it is important to have students 
vho get to practice how to react in real life situations, 
'ither than those who only know what to do in theory. 

The NSU Nursing and Allied Health Graduate 
chool was recently given the honor of being named one 
f the top 1 00 graduate schools tor nursing, (the only one 
om Louisiana) by U.S. News and World Report. 

Recer hopes that the undergraduate department 

<l photo 

NSU nursing students eager to learn. 

will follow in their footsteps. 

"I believe that the 1 undergraduate department 
should be up to the same standards," Recer said. "The 
better our undergraduate program is, the more prepared 
we will be to become skilled nurses and to further our 
nursing education." 

The students of NSU's Nursing and Allied Health 
Department could have gone anywhere in the world for 
their nursing degree, but chose NSU because of the qual- 
ity of the nursing program. 

Submitted photo 

"I wanted to be in 
nursing because 
I love that my 
job is caring 
for people and 
that I can make 
a difference in 
this profession. " 


Ran da Lopez ft 




Nursing s 
suited up 

nt Cammie Recer 

"I have great faculty who are 
well prepared and love students, 
and they'll do anything they 
can to help them to make the 
right decisions and move into 
the best career choices../' 

Dr. Laura Aaron 

teaching technology 




Almost everyone at some 
point in his or her life will have to 
have an X-ray. 

The procedure is extremely 
simple and at the end of the day, you 
get to see what is going on inside 
your body. However, most people 
never get to spend much time with 
the person behind the scenes or real- 
ize how hard they work. 

The X-ray technician spent 
years in school and was taught by 
many different people who all share 
a love for this subject. Dr. Laura Aar- 
on, Department Head and Gradu- 
ate Coordinator of the Radiologic 
Sciences Department, is one 
those people. 

Between her administrati 
duties and teaching responsibif 
ties, Aaron finds a balance betwe 
the two jobs. 

"I love my students," Aaro 
said. "It's really my first reason fo 
getting into teaching, because I en- 
joy being in the classroom but, I do 
like the combination of both, and 
just being able to do both." 

Outside of the department 
she attends meetings around the 
area. Helping students at all levels, 
Aaron is never one without some- 
thing to do. Aaron's love for this de- 
partment stems from starting out as a 
technologist herself. 

"I worked in the hospital and 
one of my favorite things I was able 
to do was work with the students," 
said Aaron. "It's important to help 
students to learn what they need so 
that they can be good strong mem- 
bers of the profession." 

As a teacher in the medical 
field, Aaron has to keep up with new 
technology and advancements. One 

of the ways that the Radiologic De- 
partment is doing this is by switching 
from film to digital. They also now 
have a new digital lab. 

"It's exactly like the equip- 
ment in the hospital so that the stu- 
dents have the opportunity to prac- 
tice on what they are going to be 
using there," Aaron said. "The stu- 
dents can learn the best procedures 
for creating the best images for pa- 
tients with the lowest doses of radia- 

Dr. Laura Aaron 

With new leads in the medi- 
cal field and with numerous changes 
every day, keeping up with the latest 
advancements is always a challenge. 
The technology is one of the reasons 
that students choose this profession, 
but because of their interest in health 
care, and the fast pace of the job, 
many decide to stay. 

One of the great things ab 
this program is NSU radiological sci- 

ences offers one of the few B.A.'s ir 
the nation. 

"It gives the students differer 
opportunities to be able to prepan 
them for advancement further dow, 
the line," Aaron said. "When the\ 
first get out, they usually have op 
portunities for advanc ement quicke; 
because they have additional skill; 
they are able to use." 

If considering a job in trm 
field, Aaron suggests doing youi 
homework. "Learn what the pro 
fession is about and what kinds 01 
things you will have to do on a day 
to day basis. Do some observatio 
in a radiology department. That re 
ally is something that helps out a 
lot, because it gives you an idea of 
what you will be doing every day," 
said Aaron. 

"It's hard to say where we 
will be in the future, but right now 
we are really growing as a depart- 
ment," Aaron said. 

"We're really excited because 
we just started a new program that's 
a Bachelor of Applied Science and 
Allied Health, and that's going to 
give other allied health profession- 
als in different disciplines the op- 
portunity to get bachelor's degrees 
and advance their professional skills 
so they can move into more exciting 
positions in their current jobs." 

Aaron loves her department, 
her job and her students. 

"I have great faculty who are 
well prepared and love students, and 
they'll do anything they can to help 
them to make the right decisions and 
move into the best career choices for 

Ran da Lopez 

Radiological Sciences 

shining the light on the digital lab 

Getting an X-ray Ka very sim- This college is alwa\s on 

! and painless procedure that re- the leading edge of technology 
ires the person being \ uyed to sit Print is slowly starting to bt< ome 


"With the use of the digital 
radiography at our school, 
we are able to learn what 
is becoming the future/' 

<id not move. I he end result is usu- extinct and the college is on top 

dy a clear picture ot what is going of this. 

(i in the body. Dr. Aaron, Head of Radio- 

Broken hones, tumors, fluids logical Science said, "One of the 

, id even diseases such as cancer and new things that is happening in 

tings like kidney stones can all be radiology, is everything is moving 

elected on an X-ray picture. from a film to a digital environ- 

Being able to take a look in- ment." 

s^e the body is extremely cool and "The use of film screen and 

tose that do the X-ray have had years computed radiography are starting 

c schooling so that the patient can to become something of the past/' 

ct the best possible help with the Nehana Kneebush, radiological 

llvest dose of radiation. science major from Ohio, said. And 

If they come from Northwest- to keep the students up to date, the 

ei State University College of Nurs- equipment they use to practice on A student mtentk reviews x-ray results 

i^ and Allied Heath's Radiologi- has to also be the best. 

cl Sciences Department, then you "One of the cool things we ar( , (10 | e t() compare the differences 

a* going to be in excellent hands, just got is a new digital lab so that of these two labs and demonstrate the 

it's just like the equipment they advantages of the DR lab," said Knee- 
use in the hospital," said Aaron. 
Kneebush has already gotten to 
use the digital lab. "The equip- 
ment in this lab is more updated 
compared to the equipment in 
our computed radiography (CR) 
lab. In the digital radiography 



In the medical field practic e f^ 

makes perfect, especially when you ftj 
are dealing with someone who might ^ 
already be injured. The digital lab j3 
helps cut down on mistakes that are ■■• 
made out of sheer accident. ^ 


jdents gain invalueable skills by utin 
leital lab. 

(DR) lab we no longer have to << Tne student's have ,vi op- 

use an image processor because portunity to practice on exactly what 
our images are wirelessly sent tney are going t0 be using there," — 
to the computer. This allows us Aaron saic j. "And they can learn the 
to view our images in a timely best procedures for creating the best ^ 

The students get to work with 
this equipment almost every 
week, depending on the class, 
and they get to compare the DR 
lab to the CR lab. "This semester 
we used this lab about twice a 
week for our Physics II class and 
Positioning II class. In our phys- 
ics lab we are able to have more 
time to experiment with the CR 
and DR labs. During this lab we 

images for patients with the lowest 
doses for the patients in terms of ra- 

"Having experience in the DR 
lab will allow us to be more knowl- 
edgeable of this equipment after 
graduation, once we are out in the 
working field," Kneebush said. "With 
the use of the digital radiography at 
our school we are able to learn what 
is becoming the future." 

Ran da Lopez 





'Nursing is a caring profession and we 
\eed people who care about others and 
we willing to demonstrate that care' 

NSU Nursin 



Everyone has encountered 
a nurse at some point in their life. 
From the nurse who helped to clean 
us up after we are born, to the nurse 
who brings us our medicine, or 
takes care of us when we are old, 
nurses play an important part in our 
health care. 

"Nursing is a caring profes- 
sion and we need people who care 
about others and are willing to dem- 
onstrate that care," said Dr. Pamela 
B. Simmons. 

Dr. Simmons, Head of the 
Department of Nursing, is exactly 
that: a caring person. When she 
isn't at school teaching the gradu- 
ate students, she spends her time 
at a local homeless shelter teaching 
health education classes for men 
and women who are residing at the 

This caring attitude is one of 
the reasons that people decide to 
become nurses. 

"Students come to nursing 
as a career for many reasons. Some 
genuinely care about caring for oth- 
ers and they find nursing provides 
them that opportunity to care," said 
Simmons. "Others like the flexibility 
of a nursing career, particularly in 
terms of hours, specialties and trav- 
el. Still for others, money and job 
opportunities are the overarching 
reasons for choosing nursing. You 
can get a job nursing in just about 
any country in the world, on land, 
air and sea," she said. 

The nursing department is 
well prepared to help students ac- 
complish the goal of becoming a 

"I love the potential [of this 
department]. We have in the Col- 
lege of Nursing and Allied Health 
some of the finest faculty, staff and 
students one could hope for they 
represent our best assets," said Sim- 

Along with the amazing staff, 
the college also has a changing cur- 
riculum that best represents the na- 
tional standards. 

"One recent change was the 
addition of a genetics course to our 
curriculum," said Simmons. "An- 
other modification included add- 
ing several energized simulators or 
mannequins that mimic real people. 
These simulators can deliver a baby, 
have a cardiac arrest, and tell you 
they hurt or even cry. Students work 
with the energized mannequins to 
learn some of the skills they will 
need as a nurse. Another major 
change we are anticipating within 
the next few months is the addi- 
tion of an electronic medical record 
or EMR. The EMR is one of those 
changes that all healthcare agencies 
are having to invest in and imple- 
ment within the next few years, so 
we want our students to be ready to 
use the EMR as well," she said. 

In the future, Simmons 
would like to see the school have a 
well-established DNP (doctorate of 
nursing practice) program. 

"I would love to see Louisi- 
ana move to implement the Institute 
of Medicine (IOM) report, which 
would allow our advanced practice 
RN faculty and graduates to actual- 
ly practice to the full extent of their 
education. I would hope we would 

also have a fully equipped simula- 
tion 'hospital' before the next 1C 
years have passed," Simmons said. 

Nursing is not a walk in thr 
park. It isn't easy and it is constantly 

"Understand, nursing is not 
an easy profession, not in school 
and not after school is finished," 
Simmons said. "The work is hard, 
but very rewarding. Know that you 
will be learning for a lifetime, it does 
not stop upon graduation. I had no 
idea what I was getting into when I 
decided to be a nurse so many years 
ago, but being a nurse has offered 
me a tremendous amount of op- 
portunity, a great network of profes- 
sionals to learn from and a means of 
making a very good living. Most im- 
portantly, it has given me the oppor- 
tunity to make a difference in some 
kind of way, maybe only in a small 
way, but in some kind of way almost 
every day. Not every profession can 
provide such a gift." 

Ran da Lopez 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Humans make mis- 
takes, accidents hap- 
pen and the results 
could end up being 
disastrous. The only 
thing a person can 
Idoto keep things like 
this from happen- 
ing are to practice or 
pa) more attention 
to the situation and 
,environment around 
them. What happens 
though when the ac- 
cident is with some- 
one else's life? This is 
where Northwestern 
; State University's 
College of Science 
and Allied Heath 
has stepped in. The 
ischool has invested 
in mannequins for 
i the students to prac- 
tice their nursing skills. However, these are not your de- 
partment store mannequins. 

"Another modification (of the nursing department) 
included adding several energized simulators or manne- 
quins that mimic real people," Dr. Pamela B. Simmons, 
head of the Nursing Department said. "These simulators 
can deliver a baby, have a cardiac arrest and tell you they 
hurt or even cry." 

The simulators are great because they allow stu- 

! dents to practice. They can make all the mistakes they need 

(to on the simulators so that once they get into real hospitals 

I they are able to know the outcomes of certain decisions. 

It is much easier to make a mistake that might lead to the 

simulator's "death" than one in the real world. 

Cammie Recer, junior nursing major, has only got- 
[ten to use the simulators a few times, but she already has a 
high opinion of them. 

Practicing on a simulation prepares 
students for the real thing. 
Submitted photo 

"I have only had a little experience with the man- 
nequins, but I think they are great because it allows our 
teachers to simulate real life situations that we may come 
across in real life one day, without having to put a person's 
life at risk," said Recer. "There 1 are some things that have to 
be practiced on mannequins before being applied to real 
patients because the outcomes may be fatal if we have nol 
learned the correct procedures." 

Charlie Potts, recent graduate from the nursing He 
partment, finds the lessons, he learned tiom the mannequins 
helpful when he practic^nTursing today. 

"Now that I arrra 'rc^ nurse,' there are many oc- 
casions when I can figure ouHhe next step in their plan of 
( are bee ause I remember what we did in a similar simula- 
tion," Potts said. 

"Ihev were ver\ helpful, not onl\ in preppmg toi 
MTbut also for exams. We would use them to review 
^critical care exams and that seem'ed to make evervth' 

little clearer. Usually if we didn't sec somethn 

er\ tiling 
U> in th 

hospital, we were able to experience it \ i.i simulation ^ 
Potts said. f^ 

Ran da Lope/ 5^ 

Students rush to save their mock patient. 
Submitted photo 

Dr. Austin Temple 

>art of a family 

huge -jamlly here. 

Dr. Austin Temple, dean of the College of Sci- 
ence, Technology and business, has been at NSU for 
47 years and has been dean for 1 5 years. 

He enjoys many aspects about .the college. He 
loves working with the people in his department, be- 
cause they are both professional and scholarly, having 
excellent academic credentials. 

He also enjoys the fact that the department has 
some great teachers who take care of business. He, as 
dean of the college, is responsible for getting the word 
out about his college. 

" I promote the college through my actions and 
I sell our majors," said Temple. 

He speaks to civic groups, does newspaper, 
radio and TV interviews, and meets with prospective 
students to inform them of the majors and programs 
available to them through the college. 

He not only loves his college, he loves North- 
western as a whole. 

What he enjoys most about NSU is the envi- 
ronment and the interaction between the students and 

"The faculty always has time to support and 
help the students, said Temple. "We are like a big, 
huge family here and we try to take care of everybody 
as best we can." 

Ruth Wisher, 
Information Collected by 
Meghan Lemoine 

College of Science, 
Technology & Business 

caring for the next generation 

Children are our future and NSU is making 
sure that the children, taught by educators from 
NSU are being given the best opportunities out 
there. Childhood Education is one of the majors of- 
fered in the Department of Family and Consumer 
Sciences in the College of Science and Technology 
at NSU but their love for children doesn't stop at 
training educators. There is also a program on cam- 
pus that helps the parents who are trying to balance 
parenting and their own education. 

There is a program that helps students who 
have children to find daycares called the Family and 
Child Network. The main office of this company is 
in Shreveport and the satellite office is in Alexandria 
at the England Airpark campus of NSU. These two 
offices enable the program at NSU to serve all of the 
central and northwest areas of the state. 

They provide referrals for people who need 
help finding daycares for their children, information 
on childcare issues and jobs and services for em- 

The program also tra^s childcare employ- 
ees throughout Central and 
done so t%y will be prepaH 
care of the children who are b 

The v\rkers are requir 
tion and a ce'Aain runner of, 
hours. The prog^im helj^pro' 
these hours. 


are some of the ways the workers ( t )n get then ne< 
essary hours. The workers also work very closely 
with the department. They can start ofi without a 
degree and receive a daycare certification. 

The program offers wonderful experience in 
all areas of childcare. The experiences in< lude plan- 
ning, food service, curriculum, regulations, polic ies 
and guidelines, national trends, enrollment and 
financial information. Annually, there are around 
120 workshops and 13 on-going classes leading to 
a national credential, the Child Development As- 
sociate. This is a nationally recognized certi tic ation 
for the childcare field. It requires 120 clock hours of 
training in certain categories. 

Getting a CDA is one way to meet the Child 
Care Center Director qualifications. The Family and 
( hi Id Network Program ottered at NSU is a program 
that i 1 - available 1 to prmiclc am information about 
childcare and refer raMtt) othqf daycares. 

ean of the 


Science, Technology 
e noted the impor- 
at because someone 
J 1 a young child and 






■■ • 



teacher provides an entertaining experience for student* 






Dr. Lynn Woods has been at Northwestern for 1 5 
years. Many know her as the happy and outgoing hospi- 
tality, management and tourism instructor. 

She teaches many classes such as Intro to Hos- 
pitality, Law, Entertainment Management and Food and 
Beverage Management. She also teaches a class for pro- 
spective students that helps them with resumes, inter- 
views and networking. 

What she loves about the department is that stu- 
dents enjoy it because they have practical hands-on ex- 
perience in and out of class. 

Every other year, the students go to Europe for 
two weeks to explore and learn. Not only is it fun, but 
the students earn four hours of college credit doing it. 
On the years they do not go to Europe, they focus on 
learning about the preservation of natural resources of 
certain locations. 

Aside from class, hospitality, management and 
tourism or HMT students do activities within the com- 
munity. They have an international festival every year 
that includes food, dancing and dressing up in cos- 
tumes. They also go to the Lieutenant Governor's Sum- 
mit every year. 

The thing she loves most about the major itself 
is that it offers so many different concentrations, such 
as travel tourism, hospitality management and culinary 
arts. It includes anything that brings tourists to an oc- 
casion, such as wedding planning, hotel management, 
festivals and anything of that nature. Student may also 
minor in travel through this department. 

As far as Woods' passion for NSU, she appreci- 
ates that everyone is so close and that the teachers still 
have time for one on one time with the students to help 
them achieve whatever goal they want. 

"If a student came in and said I want to manage a 
rock and roll band in Europe, we could help that student 
achieve that goal," said Woods. 

The students are also required to complete an in- 

"Our students have a lot of experience when 
they graduate because they work and intern full time, 

before graduation, for a company that they want to work 
for after graduation," Woods said. 

Such experience enables students to get a taste of 
how they will use their degree outside the classroom. 

Woods feels that NSU's HMT program provides 
endless opportunities for students. 

Ruth Wisher, 

Information Collected by 

Meghan Lemoine 

"The biggest advantage of our pro- 
gram is that most of our students 
are not walking across the stage 
after four years with a degree in 
management and saying, 'now 
what do I do?' The sky is the limit. " 

Dr. Lynn Woods 



preparing students 
for battle 

The U.S. Army ROTC program at Northwestern guiding and keeping an eve on them, rhis helps them gel 

s a tour-year degree program. Students are allowed to prepared tor the Leadership Development ( ourse, vvhi< h 

;ome into the program in various stages. is held at Fort Brag and fori lotus, both in Washington. 

Most students go through the process as a "tra- every year. They go for one month and arc evaluated l>\ 

litional student" coming in as a freshman and working their peers from all over the nation, then return to NSU as 

heir way up to a senior. seniors. 

When they graduate, with any degree, they re- Senior year is when their grades are tallied so they 

eive a commission as a lieutenant in the United States can be put into a ranking list to join a spe< iti< bran< h. 

\rmy. The other way students come into the program is They are put into the National Order Merit Ranking I ist, 

.vith prior military service. They are known as the "green which ranges from I -">,>()() people. Ihe top iOO to 400 

ind gold applicants" 
vho usually served two 
/ears in the Army with 
previous college expe- 
ience. When accepted 
nto the program, they 
rtart as juniors and are 
<nown as cadets. 

There are nu- 
merous careers in- 
volved with military 
science. They include 
nir defense, artillery, 
irmor, aviation, chemi- 
cal corps, engineering, 
finance, technology, 
medicine and more. 

The goal of the 
urogram is for the stu- 
dents to go through the 
four years of military 
science, graduate, then 
be picked, based upon 
how well they com- 
plete the program, to 
serve in a department 
of a branch of the mili- 

people with higher scores get 

the rank ot their < hoi< e. 

The military science program 
offers a scholarship every year 
to three students. Once cho- 
sen, they get a full ride to < ol- 
lege, which includes room, 
board, tuition and books. 

Every year the program 
also holds the Ranger Chal- 
lenge Program. It is a military 
skills competition that is two 
days long. It requires a six- 
mile march with a nine-man 
squad, and a physical fitness 

Also, once a semester, the 
juniors go to a field training 
exercise at Kisatchie Nation- 
al Forest for two days. They 
work on tasks, military patrol- 
ling and techniques, and run 
a 400 meter lane, which gives 
them practice on skills as well 
as giving and taking orders. 

The department supports all 
of the NSU football games, 

and their color guard participates in many of the activi- 

Freshmen, usually have class once a week, and ties on campus, 

sophomores have class twice a week, with an included Junior nursing major and student of NSU ROTC, 

two-hour lab, where they learn about military skills. Joyce Cummings, feels confident about her decision to 

The ROTC cadets have to learn Nine Man Infan- be a part of the ROTC. 

try Tactics, which includes running a nine-man squad "I believe it is a great program. I know I made the 

in a wooded environment and learning how to lead the right choice because of all the experience and training I 

group, navigate and give commands. have received. If you join the program, you are definitely 

Junior year is the most important year of military making the right decision." 

science because the students have to sign a contract Ruth Wisher, 

saying they will go on to a specific duty in the military. Information Collected by 

They also learn how to run the program with the seniors Meghan Lemoine 







afer Hata 

ier sees biolo< 
as a passion 

'What I like most about teach- 
ing is when you see someone 
progress in their education and 
see them graduate as a much 
more knowledgeable person." 

Dr. Zafer Hatahet, has been head of the 
Biology Department for four of his six years at 
NSU, and is still passionate about his job. His 
two favorite aspects about the department are 
science and the students. 

He not only teaches and advises stu- 
dents, but also promotes the biology depart- 
ment. He and other members of the biology fac- 
ulty take trips to meet high school counselors, 
where they promote the biology program. The 
counselors can hen encourage their students to 
attend NSU. He says it usually works out pretty 
well, in that the counselors have always sent 
great students to attend Northwestern and be a 
part of the biology program. 

Aside from promoting the biology pro- 
gram, he finds biology truly interesting. "Biolo- 
gy never causes someone to get bored because 
it is such a diverse field, where anyone can find 
an area of interest," Hatahet said. 

In his classes, he requires students to be 
responsible for the level of their understand- 
ing. For instance, upper-level students should 
be able to retain information beyond a week 
or so compared to lower-level students. As stu- 
dents progress, he expects them to build on 
prior knowledge. He prefers for students not 
to memorize, but to have an understanding of 
what is being taught. 

Aside from loving biology, he loves NSU 
because it is a small school and it is easy for 
everyone to meet and get to know each other. 

"I love it because a lot of students help 
out in the department and the faculty are there 
to help the students when they need it," he said. 

Hatahet enjoys teaching and takes pride 
in seeing his students grow and expand their 
knowledge. "What I like most about teaching 
is when you see someone progress in their edu- 
cation and see them graduate as a much more 
knowledgeable person, it gives you tremendous 
satisfaction and makes you feel like you've ac- 
complished something." 

Ruth Wisher, 

Information Collected by 

Meghan Lemoine 

Buimess is 

Business at Northwestern State University is no 
laughing matter. Students at the school strive to be the 
best and when they graduate, they walk across the stage 
confident in the abilities they learned. 

The Northwestern School of Business has 
two main degrees to choose from, Accounting and Busi- 
ness Administration. Business administration is also of- 
fered as a two-year associate degree. A concentration 
can be chosen with it, such as marketing, management 
and finance. 

To be a business major, the student needs to be 
passionate and dedicated. The students are trained for 
any kind of business imagined. Northwestern is one of 
the primary universities where students are recruited ev- 
ery year by the State Farm Insurance Company. Many 
graduates go to work for them and many go to work at 
the main office in Bloomington, Ind. 

Other well known companies that recruit North- 
western students after graduation include AT&T, Enter- 
prise and Wal-Mart. The companies choose Northwest- 
ern students because of the wide range of students in 
the program. 

The standard curriculum for the accounting and 
business management classes include the university 
pre-requisites but may also require classes such as Busi- 
ness Law, Operations Management or Business Finance. 

Accounting majors are required to take 24 hours 
of accounting classes. These include standard account- 
ing, corporate accounting, tax accounting and oil and 
gas classes. 

Business administration majors are required to 
do projects and presentations pertaining to business. 
One of the projects includes a business project held 
downtown. A local business sets up a project and the 
students are required to participate for a grade. 

business school 

offers many 


Marketing classes also expect students to do .1 
marketing project where they work ,ill semester to < ome 
up with a product, create the product objective, business 
plan and other details to make their produ< t a success. 
Students get in groups and work on this projec t as .1 team. 
At the end of the semester, they present, along with their 
group, to their entire < lass in an attempt to sell their prod 
uct idea. 

Senior Business Administration major( atie Reeves 
explained that the project is not just a small assignment. 
It takes works. "This is a tough project, but once you fin- 
ish it you feel amazing and very well informed." 

Ruth Wisher, 

Information Collected by 

Meghan Lemoine 

Students head to class in Russell Hall, NSU's business building. 





Scholars' College 

So what makes a scholar? Is it the hours spent 
studying? Maybe it's the time spent preparing for Texts 
and Traditions? Or possibly it is the thesis that all Schol- 
ars students have to complete to graduate? "I think the 
most common shared characteristic of a Scholars' Col- 
lege student is having an open mind. Students who thrive 
in Scholars' are constantly open to new ideas and new 
challenges," said Dr. Davina McClain, director of the 
Louisiana Scholars' College and associate professor of 
classics. "They are curious and searching for the whys 
behind what people say and what they believe, not to 
judge what they say, but to understand various sides of 
an issue," said McClain. 

NSU is a place for all students, but what makes 
Scholars' different is its acceptance of individuality. 
"Scholars' offers students a unique community within 
NSU. The students have all chosen to do something dif- 
ferent and to be a part of a unique academic commu- 
nity," said McClain. "That feeling of close community, 
the way that Scholars' College students take care of each 
other and care for and support each other is maybe not 
different from NSU, but it is very strong in Scholars," said 

Scholars' is also different in classes. "Our courses 
are intertwined disciplines so that the connections be- 
tween politics, history, art, literature and culture can be 
better understood," McClain said. "Students are asked to 
do a substantial amount of writing from the very begin- 
ning, and they are expected to lead discussions about the 
readings. It is a very active learning experience through- 
out the 4 years," said McClain. 

This is all achieved through a supportive com- 

a unique environment 

munity that consists of students, faculty and staff. This 
community is built upon traditions, respect and strong 
bonds that begin freshman year. "We strongly encour- 
age respect for difference and an understanding that we 
are all in this together," McClain said. "That means that 
the upperclass students understand they have a mentor- 
ing role to play with the freshmen and sophomores. The 
freshmen and sophomores learn the traditions and bring 
their energy, enthusiasm and new ideas to the college. 
The mix of students across disciplines and across classes 
makes for a special dynamic within the college. I have 
taught other places and there is no place like Scholars' 
when it comes to this sense of community," said Mc- 

"The future of Scholars' College will be to con- 
tinue updating our curriculum (we have added three new 
joint majors and a new concentration), to maintain high 
academic standards, to continue to educate students 
to think critically, be able to analyze, and be flexible 
enough to handle a variety of situations and work with 
people from across the state and across the globe. Be- 
cause we offer students both an opportunity for a well- 
rounded education and the chance to specialize in a 
specific area, the sort of academic challenges that Schol- 
ars' offers will be needed for a long time to come," said 
McClain. There will always be students who thrive in the 
kind of atmosphere only available at Scholars' College, 
and the college is doing its best to keep up with students' 

Ran da Lopez 

Lynda Hammett 

one alum finding others 

Recruiting for NSU isn't an easy task. It takes 
time, effort, and a good eye for people who will benefit 
from attending. A recruiter is a salesperson. Their job 
is to make the college look more appealing than all 
the other colleges a potential student is looking at. A 
recruiter has to be charismatic, charming, easy to talk 
to and they have to know more about 
the college than anyone else. It takes 
a certain person to be able to draw 
in, and make a student want to attend 
their college. Lynda Hammet, assis- 
tant director of recruiting for the Loui- 
siana Scholars' College is that person. 

Hammet attends college fairs 
and visits high schools acoss the state 
and tri-state areas, looking for people 
who would thrive in the Scholars' at- 
mosphere. "I let students know about 
the opportunities that the Scholars' 
College and Northwestern have to 
offer them. When I am recruiting for 
the Scholars' College, I look for stu- 
dents who have a drive and passion 
for their education. I also look for stu- 
dents who are in AP/Honor classes in 
high school, have great grades and 
high ACT/SAT scores. Although those 
things are important, I really feel that the passion and 
the drive of a student is more telling of how they would 
do in the Scholars' College," said Hammett. 

A "scholar" can be defined many ways, however, 
when looking for potential scholars Hammet looks for a 
certain quality that many students often fail to see. "I be- 
lieve a 'scholar' is someone who wants to know a little 
about a lot of different subjects," Hammet said. "Person- 
ally, in high school it would frustrate me to learn about 
the facts of a time period but we didn't learn about the 
people of the time period, so for me a 'scholar' wants to 
know about the entire picture instead of pieces." 

The Scholars' College and NSU are not that 
different. Both sets of students go to classes and have 

homework, both sets of students may be in a sorority or 
fraternity and both sets of students work hard to accom- 
plish their goals. "I don't think there is much difference 
between the Scholars' College and NSU in the sense of 
the college experience," Hammet said. "Students at the 
Scholars' College still have all of the same opportuni- 
ties to get invoked and participate 
in the 'college' life. The difference 
between the two is only in the 
core academics. I think that the 
Scholars' College core courses are 
more in-depth in the fact that we 
put most of the general courses of 
NSU into one course, Texts c\nd 
Traditions. During this course we 
look at a time period from many 
different academic view points, 
such as economics, scientific, 
psychological, theological, etc., 
to be able to learn about the time 
and the people as a whole," said 

Hammet knows best what 

F~^=-- i it takes to be a scholar, for she is 
^^^ an alumna of the college. "I think 
Lynda Hammett being an alum of the Scholars' 
College helps me so much when 
talking to potential students and parents because I loved 
my experience at the college, and I hope that portrays in 
my conversations," Hammet said. "I also have the first 
hand experience so I can tell the students when they 
will get stressed out the first semester <)\m\ reassure them 
that we all survived and so w ill the\," said Hammett. 

Hammet enjovs what she does, and it isn't every 
day that one comes across someone who is happy to 
be at work. "Working for the Scholars' College is awe- 
some," said Hammet. "I am so excited to be able to 
give back to the college C[\k\ the professors that have 
changed my life so much," said Hammett. 

Rjnda Lopez 









As a separate part of the university, Scholars' 
College students, through classes and study, grow into 
a family. 

"I feel like I could rely on many of my class- 
mates for anything I needed, and it's amazing to have 
so many people there to support me as both classmates 
and close friends," Brandi Vincent, sophomore liberal 
arts major, said. 

With the small, discussion-based classes, stu- 
dents gain a unique academic experience with each 
other. These unique experiences help students to con- 
nect through similar goals, ambitions, and more in the 
academic world. 

"I'm bonded to my fellow Scholars' because we 
all go through a hailstorm of trials and tribulations of 
our college journey together," Rivers Berryhill, sopho- 
more liberal arts major, said. 

Since Scholars' College is an honors college 
and has a heavy workload, the smaller classes also al- 
low students to become companions and lean on each 

"The support system within the college is amaz- 
ing," Vincent said. "Because many of our classes are 
primarily discussion based, students frequently work 
together and interact with each other and are, there- 
fore, able to form close friendships." 

Students are not the only part of the family and 

a true family bond 

support system. Including lesson plans, grading and 
lecturing, teachers give students encouragement on 
any area of academic work they may need. 

"The professors at LSC are so passionate about 
their work, and they are constantly supporting and en- 
couraging us to excel," Vincent said. "Their enthusi- 
asm is contagious, and it helps students to work to the 
greatest of our abilities." 

No matter what this unique family goes through, 
the special bond they have with each other as Schol- 
ars' College students is always apparent. 

"While we may not all know each other that 
well, agree on all our issues and sometimes even get 
on each other's nerves, we all are linked by our love of 
our community as a whole," Berryhill said. 

The special family bond developed throughout 
the years at Scholars' College does not leave a student 
when they graduate. Alumni stay in touch, are still in- 
cluded and continue the family bond because they 
went through the same experience as current students. 

"Even those who fall away and move on to dif- 
ferent parts of their life are still linked to all of us be- 
cause they managed to survive and succeed with mini- 
mal scarring and a collection of awesome memories," 
Berryhill said. 

Taylor Craves 

Decisions, Decisions 

Jackson Harneyer, liberal arts junior, and Victoria Kwentua, 
pre-med junior, in the scholars' lounge. 

For many students the decision of what col- 
lege to go to is nerve-wracking, to say the least. 
There is the issue of whether or not they should stay 
close to home, where all of their friends are going, 
and, of course, cost. However, for those students 
who choose NSU Scholars' College, the feeling of 
unity and acceptance they receive from the faculty 
and fellow students made their decision for them. 

"The welcome was so warm, and I immedi- 
ately felt wanted and welcomed there," said Sasha 
Hollomon, freshman. "The upperclassmen made 
such an effort to reach out and meet us, even over 
the internet. I also found the atmosphere very ap- 
pealing. I like small classes and it just felt right at 
the time." 

The Scholars' College family has a way of 
welcoming their students with open arms. Schol- 
ars' College accepts students with great passion. 

)ebha Babu, sophomore pre-med, Aaron McConnell, 
liberal arts sophomore, and Brandi Vincent, liberal arts/ 
English lit sophomore. 

That passion, in turn, is applied to pride in being in 

"Once I was accepted, I went to the orienta- 
tion," said junior psychology major Juliette Gray. 
"From there, the sense of pride and welcome from 
Davina [McClain], the professors and, most of all, 
from the fellow students won me. I knew I'd be in- 
tellectually challenged, but I would have the sup- 
port of those who have done the same work." 

Sometimes the distanc e of the campus, who 
goes there and even how much money must be in- 
vested are all factors that take a back burner when it 
comes to the desire to be accepted And challenged 
in a unified, structured learning environment. 

Lisa Nelms 
All photos by Randa Lopez 






Every Scholars' Duty 

the thesis 

As an honors college, the Scholars' College 
instructs students on how to write and defend a 
thesis to prepare students for professional and aca- 
demic goals after graduation. 

"Not only does it look really good for gradu- 
ate school applications, but it allows you to really 
gain an interest in something you enjoy research- 
ing," Ryan Jester, senior liberal arts major, said. "I 
have found that it really helps you decide if a career 
path is right for you." 

Students pick a subject of any kind to re- 
search and write about in a 40 to 50 page thesis 
where they present, explain and include their own 
thoughts about the subject. 

"I think it is excellent for students to write a 
thesis, because it will encourage them to focus on 
a subject that they are passionate about and delve 
into it with a depth that they would not do other- 
wise," Ellie Spain, senior liberal arts major, said. "It 
is also an excellent way to train students to research 
and defend their ideas, which is an excellent skill 
for the real world." 

Throughout the writing process, teachers 
make themselves available to students for questions 
and guidance on the writing or research parts of the 


"Teachers are really like a secondary 'god' 
figure in the thesis world," Becca Hunt, senior lib- 
eral arts major, said. "They can do as little as be- 
ing great motivators to going as far as to lending 
you their own books or talking to you on the phone 
when you're having a work-fueled meltdown." 

After the writing is complete, students have 
to present and defend their thesis to their profes- 
sors, which they are graded on. Other students and 
teachers are also allowed to attend the thesis de- 
fense, so the thesis defense is the first time students 
discuss their topic to an audience. 

After all the hard work, long hours and piles 
of research, students always find the process of 
writing and defending their thesis a rewarding ex- 
perience they will be able to take with them. 

"Whether it's a thesis, a senior project, final 
recital or performance, any sort of final project, I 
feel it is extremely rewarding for students," Hunt 
said. "The completion of any project, especially 
one that you've put blood, sweat and a lot of tears 
into, leaves you with a sense of accomplishment." 

Taylor Craves 

Mien e: Travis Landreneau, freshman CIS/accounting major, Car 
lis McCarthy, sophomore intl. relations major, Jarred Roberts, 
; junior. 

Right: Travis Kananack, freshman, and George Broussard, fresh- 
man economics major. 
Below: Students pose in the Scholars' lounge. 






Of the Highest Quality 

graa school 

Northwestern State University has offered grad- 
uate programs since 1940. NSU, then called Louisi- 
ana State Normal College, introduced its first graduate 
program, a master's degree in educational administra- 
tion. The introduction of a graduate program was ac- 
tually what caused the name of the school to change 
again in 1944 to Northwestern State College of Louisi- 
ana. In 1970, NSU was even host to a couple of doc- 
toral programs. Northwestern's Graduate School, as its 
mission states, serves to "develop, provide, and sup- 
port innovative, responsive, and accessible graduate 
programs of the highest quality/' 

Today, Northwestern is home to 1 9 graduate pro- 
grams, including a master's of art in art and a master's 
of science in clinical psychology. In the future, NSU 
hopes to add more programs, such as social work and 
homeland security. NSU's education program is par- 
ticularly strong, which is only appropriate for a former 
teacher's college. There are currently around 1,100 
students enrolled in the graduate program at NSU, a 
great number of which completed their undergraduate 
studies at Northwestern. This was the highest enroll- 
ment the graduate programs-have had since the 1 970s, 
Northwestern's graduate programs are attrac- 
tive to prospective students for many reasons. Several 
classes are offered online or through distance learn- 
ing. This^nakes going to school easier on students who 
are already actively involved in the "real world." You 
can make- your schpol schedule around your work 

schedule instea 
students who have full-time jobs and perhaps even 
children to continue their education without sacrific- 
ing their every day lives. Also, NSU is in a part of 
the state that does not have an abundance of higher 
learning institutions, especially ones that carry such a 
variety of graduate programs. Most of the degrees that 
can be pursued through Northwestern's grad school 
allow a student to go straight to work. These degrees' 
do not require that a student continue to further their 
education if they do not so wish. "With the exception 
of a few programs, it seems that the college degree is 
the new high school diploma," said Christina Lake, a 
student pursuing an MA in English with a concentra- 
tion in folklife and southern culture. "In the field that 
I am pursuing, it is almost essential to attend graduate 
school of some form." 

Students, like Lake, who completed their un- 
dergraduate studies at NSU, stay for graduate school 
as well. This suggests that students felt a connection 
with the institution, other students, the faculty or even 
the community. It suggests that they found an intel- 
lectually challenging environment in which they felt 
comfortable. It suggests that these students found a 
home at Northwestern State University. It suggests that 
these students know that NSU does not just produce 

students; it produces scholars of the highest quality. 

■ t ■' " 

Dustie Cuillotte 

Pulling Double Duty 

dr. sieve horton 

Dr. Steve Horton has been the dean ot the graduate scnooi since 
2005 and as of July 1, 2010, Horton's plate got a little fuller due to the 
reorganization of the Graduate School. In an effort to deal with budget 
issues the university made the decision to revamp the college, and born 
was the College of Arts, Letters, Research and Graduate Studies. 

NSU offers a number of varied graduate degree programs that 
include: fine arts, teacher education, student personnel services, school 
counseling, adult education, educational technology, health and hu- 
man performance, nursing, English, psychology and the social sciences. 
However, Horton sees room for even more graduate opportunities for 
NSU students; 

"I would like to get a couple more graduate programs approved 
as soon as this moratorium is lifted...," said Horton. With university 
leaders such as Horton, who are dedicated to giving students as many 
options as possible, the sky is truly the limit for this institute of high 
education and its students. 

Lisa Nelms 

Flizabeth Singletary and Hannah Goodfellow in 
the jewelry-making lab. (picture by Matt DeFord) 







One of the 19 graduate programs Northwestern 
has to offer is a master's in art. Young artists who want 
to improve their skill and education flock to NSU's pro- 
gram for many reasons. 

A unique feature of Northwestern's art program is 
that it consists of two components: online and on cam- 
pus. Online students do not have to make the trip to 
Natchitoches every day, lout if you are an on-campus 
student, you have access to all the wonderful facilities 
NSU has to offer you. There are labs and studios for 
printmaking, etching, photography, a wood shop and 
even looms. Almost any media through which a student 
wishes to express themselves is available .The graduate 
program in art allows students to study whatever me- 
dium they are interested in. Whether it is graphic design, 
sculpture or drawing, NSU offers all. 

The art program works differently than other pro- 
grams, as one can imagine. Each student submits a writ- 
ten proposal at the beginning of the semester. After be- 
ing granted approval by a faculty member, the student 
can begin working on the project, keeping in contact 
with the faculty through weekly updates. 

Before graduating from the program, each stu- 
dent is required to submit a written creative research 
paper, but the main task is an exhibit. An art student 
would give a proposal the semester before graduation 
and immediately begin work on a cohesive exhibit that 
would be set up on Northwestern's campus. 

This academic year, the program has four on- 
campus grad students and seven online students who 
are given five faculty members to guide them through 

their processes. "I think that because it is a relatively 
small department it has the ability to be like a close-knit 
family," said Caitlin Pearce, a grad student in the pro- 
gram. "You don't get lost in the shuffle of so many stu- 
dents, and therefore the students and faculty know and 
support things you are working on. It's a great feeling to 
have the backing of a department like that. I knew they 
would take care of me and carry me through the process 
to the end." 

In addition to offering the program online, there 
are other benefits to choosing NSU's graduate art pro- 
gram. The program has an accomplished faculty and 
great facilities, as previously mentioned. It offers work 
opportunities and assistantships in which students can 
teach courses and gain experience. The program also 
offers a full-ride scholarship. 

In the future, coordinator of the department of 
art, Matt DeFord, would like to see the program grow. 
He would also like to see the website updated for their 
internet students. He wants greater opportunities for 
NSU's art students, such as internships, and would like 
the program to become more selective and have a more 
strict admittance policy. 

Northwestern State University is fortunate to have 
such an impressive art program as part of their graduate 
school. The program is so impressive that you don't even 
have to be an artist to see the beauty in it. 

Dustie Guillotte 

Associate Professor of Art and Coordinator for imaginative, creative artists," said DeFord. Another plus 

he Art Department Matt DeFord moved to NSU to get to the job is being around art itself and still being able to 

iway from the big cities he previously lived in. make it. Becoming a professor doesn't mean trading in 

DeFord started his post-secondary education at your camera, paintbrush or kiln for lesson plans. "One 

^icks College in Rexburg, Idaho, where 
le received his associate degree. "Idaho 
s such a wonderful state... it's so beauti- 
ul," DeFord remembers fondly. DeFord 
ompleted his bachelor's of fine arts at 
3righam Young University in Utah and 
lis master's degree at Kansas State Uni- 
/ersity. Initially, DeFord's concentration 
vas in painting, but by the end of his 
jachelor's degree, he realized that all he 
eally wanted to do was sculpt. "I felt 
imited with two dimensions and paint," 
he said. 

Two weeks after his graduation 
rom KSU, he started at Northwestern. 
'I applied for a lot of jobs and this is 
he one that I got," he laughed, "and I 

.vanted to live in a little town." The only Matt Detord takes time out to pose with 
omplaint he has about living in Natchi- his work - Picture bv Brooks DeFee 

of the main things I love about m\ 
job is that that's part of it," DeFord 
explained. "We wouldn't have a job 
if we didn't make art. We have to do 
it for the students' sake. I have to do 
it for my sake, too." 

It comes as no surprise that students 
of DeFord give him glowing reviews. 
"Matt DeFord is one of those teach- 
ers that is super supportive and gives 
you feedback according to your skill 
set. If you aren't a sculptor, as long 
as you try vour best, then he won't 
penalize you if you work isn't amaz- 
ing] But he definitely pushes you to 
succeed and won't take less than 
par. He is a great educator and men- 
tor for any student. Not to mention 
he is incrediblv talented," said Cait- 





:oches is dealing with the oppressive heat of Louisiana lin Pearce, a graduate student in the art department, 
summers. DeFord is a professor who clearly enjoys being a 

DeFord's inspiration to become a professor was professor. "I love my job, I love the people I work with, 

lis own experience with professors. He saw them in I love Northwestern and I love these students," DeFord 

:heir positions and recognized what wonderful jobs they stated, 
nad. "It's a great position to have to be able to teach, 
and opportunities for research, and being around young, Dustie Cuillotte 

Saving the World 

one diagnosis at a time 




One of Northwestern State University's 19 
graduate programs is a Master of Science in Clinical 
Psychology, accredited by the Masters in Psychology 
Accreditation Council. What is clinical psychology? 
According to Associate Professor and Graduate Coordi- 
nator of Clinical Psychology Dr. Kathryn Kelly, clinical 
psychology is a branch of psychology that integrates sci- 
ence, theory and practice to assess, diagnose, treat and/ 
or prevent psychopathological disorders. The graduate 
program in clinical psychology differs from the under- 
graduate program by applying the knowledge learned in 
both curricula. 

There are 43 students currently enrolled in North- 
western's clinical psychology program. At present, there 
are four professors teaching the graduate courses. Kelly 
noted that the professors are responsible for educating 
students on ways to use their degree. "The graduate fac- 
ulty is 'hands-on' with the students involved in the pro- 
gram while also offering an education from professors 
whom possess various expertise in the various areas of 
the field of psychology," Kelly said. 

NSU has the distinction of being the only uni- 
versity in Louisiana to offer a master's degree in clinical 
psychology. This program is helpful for students who 
wish to pursue such a degree and remain in Louisiana. 
Within the program, a concentration in substance abuse 
is offered. This concentration prepares students to work 
as certified professional addiction counselors in Louisi- 
ana. Having this program is not only great for students, 
but is also great for NSU, as it brings in a diverse group 
of students with different ideas and aspirations who are 
able to become a part of the NSU family. The program 
offers students the opportunity of gaining practical expe- 
rience within the field of psychology through providing 
therapy to clients, presenting "real" issues, conducting 
meaningful research and assessing clients with a broad 
assortment of psychological measures. 

But what is the program preparing these stu- 
dents for? "The Master of Science degree offered by 
the clinical psychology department at Northwestern 
prepares students to provide psychotherapy, adminis- 
ter and score psychological assessments and engage in 
psychological research," Kelly said. "Furthermore, the 
program attempts to successfully prepare students to 
enter into a psychology doctoral program and/or func- 
tion within a wide array of career roles at the master's 
degree level. For instance, a student may wish to pur- 
sue a Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology), 
Psy.D. (Doctorate of Psychology), or opt to work within 
a state prison, institution or hospital." 

Some students are lucky enough to be the recipi- 
ents of assistantships. With a graduate assistantship, a 
student may have to conduct research, do clerical work 
and/or assist professors in their teaching responsibili- 

Assistantships are given to high quality students 
who have been accepted into the NSU program. In or- 
dered to be considered, a student must be enrolled in 
at least nine hours, maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and 
meet all other requirements put forth by the grad school 
and the clinical psychology program. An assistantship 
provides a $10,000 stipend for the student and, if ap- 
plicable, an out-of-state fee waiver. 

In the future, Kelly would like to see more on- 
line classes added to allow students more flexibility 
with their schedules. Northwestern's graduate program 
in clinical psychology is an excellent opportunity for 
students wishing to follow that particular track. With 
a small faculty who enjoy working with their students, 
opportunities for financial aid and the chance for practi- 
cal experience in the field, the clinical psychology pro- 
gram at NSU is an outstanding choice for any prospec- 
tive student. 

Dustie Guillotte 


The Many Hats of 
Dr. Kathryn Kelly 

Dr. Kathryn Kelly is an example of a busy 
woman. She is an associate professor of psychology 
in Northwestern State University's graduate school. 
Kelly is also the clinical director and the graduate 

From the time she was small, Kelly had a de- 
sire to go far in life. When all other little girls were 
pretending to be princesses, she dreamed of grading 
papers and tweed elbow pads. When the time came 
to venture out into the collegiate world, Kelly didn't 
stray from her hometown of Ruston. Sticking with 
her roots, she attended Louisiana Tech University in 

Kelly received her bachelor's degree in psy- 
chology from Louisiana Tech. Upon this accomplish- 
ment, Kelly went on to receive an M.A. in human re- 
lations and supervision. Being a true Louisiana Tech 
bulldog, Kelly stayed to receive a Ph.D. in counsel- 
ing psychology. Kelly is also a Louisiana Licensed 

This well educated woman finally had the 
chance to fulfill her lifelong dream of teaching and 
educating others at the college level. She has been 
teaching full-time for 12 years. 

When Kelly was granted the opportunity to 
join the staff of Northwestern, she jumped at the 
chance. "I wanted the opportunity to teach graduate 
students," Kelly said. 

She has been with NSU for five years now. 
The graduate courses she teaches are practicum, ex- 
ternship, psychopathology and theories of psycho- 

In 2009, Kelly — working alongside Dr. Lee 
Kneipp, another NSU instructor — had an article pub- 
lished in the journal of Instructional Psychology that 
examines the relationship between career interests 
and creative interests. Kelly has been an instrumental 
addition to Northwestern State University in general, 
and specifically to the graduate program in clinical 
psychology. She indeed wears many hats at NSU and 
the students enjov her classes. 





Dustle Cuillotte 



Creative and Performing Arts 

In 1989, the Department of Creative and Per- 
forming Arts was born from the merging of several 
programs. Today, it is known as the Mrs. H. D. Dear, 
Sr., and Alice E. Dear School of Creative and Perform- 
ing Arts — CAPA. CAPA is made up of the art, theatre/ 
dance and music programs. 

There are opportunities to major in fine and 
graphic arts, music and theatre. Areas of emphasis for 
fine and graphic arts include graphic design, painting, 
drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and ce- 
ramics. NSU also has an art graduate program. Kap- 
pa Pi is an honor society for students in the fine and 
graphic arts. 

Majors in music can choose to focus on music 
education, music performance or music performance 
with a concentration in sacred music. A master's degree 
is also available in music. The music division of CAPA 
offers opportunities for majors as well as non-majors 
to get involved in musical activities. Students have the 
chance to perform in NSU choirs, Natchitoches-North- 
western Symphony, wind and jazz ensembles, and the 
300-member "Spirit of Northwestern" marching band. 
"If you're in band, you have the most friends because 
you're one giant big family," said Michael Sheets, a 
freshman music performance major. 

There are only 1 50 programs in the U.S, 
ited by the National Association of Schools of 
and Northwestern's own program has this dis 
The theatre program at NSU specializes in trainin 
dergraduates in acting and directing, dance, music; 
theatre and design and technology. The University ol 
Louisiana System has called it a "Center of Excellence."! 

There is a different dynamic at CAPA than any| 
where else on campus. The students all know eac 
other, the teachers know all the students and there is 
general atmosphere of fun. However, don't let the fun> 
fool you. Between art shows, concerts and theatre pro 
ductions, there is always something going on at CAPA, 
and the students and faculty are always working hard 
to make sure their audience is treated to the best of all 
possible shows. 

Ran da Lopez 

Carly Maurin (pictured right) hosted her senior art show entitled 
"Infestallation" in the fall of 2012, which featured sculpted fleas. 

Larrie King 

It is sometimes hard for a 
her to be able to relate to his 
or her students. Larrie King is an 
instructor for the art department 
at NSU. He is a student, turned 
graduate assistant, turned teacher. 
"I worked as a lab assistant in the 
Art Department for about four years 
during my undergraduate studies, 
then as a graduate assistant for two. 
This is currently my third year as as- 
sistant professor of design, so nearly 
10 years total," King said. 

It can be a little scary going 
from hanging out with your friends 
after class and discussing a test one 
just had, to being the one handing 
out the tests. "I was fearful that the 
student/teacher relationship would 
be more difficult to cultivate than it 
was-I'm not very much older than 
most of my students. I believe that 
because we are a small department, 
there is a sense of family, and with 
that comes a level of respect for 
your peers and faculty," said King. 
There can be quite a disconnec- 
tion between students and teachers. 
Having a teacher just out of college 
can be beneficial to the student. It 
can also be easier to understand 
the student's perspective in cer- 
tain situations. "It doesn't hurt that 
I have a perspective on education 
that is slightly closer to theirs. I can 
understand their student-related 
concerns readily, and can relate to 
their needs in a way that some fac- 

art department 

ulty may not be able to," said King. 
Connecting to your students is also 
very important, and King has man- 
aged to do this. "My students treat 
me very well, and they know that I 
have their best interest in mind. I am 
not afraid to be open with them, be- 
cause I am learning just as much as 
they are throughout this experience. 
If you respect the students, they will 
respect you back. They have to trust 
you, no matter what. Trust is so im- 
portant in that relationship. Also I 
bring cupcakes to school," King said. 
In his spare time King enjoys 
a vast variety of hobbies. "My spare 
time is sparse, but when I find it I 
enjoy cooking, blogging, singing, 
World of Ware raft, sewing, building 
furniture, playing guitar and hunt- 
ing taxidermic animals," said King. 
He also has big plans for the future. 
"I imagine (in the future) I will be 
simultaneously running a design 
firm, teaching design and starring 
in a Broadway musical. Oh, and 
decorating homes," King said. With 
all of these hopes and dreams, don't 
expect King to stay in Natchitoches 
for the rest of his life. "It's hard to 
believe that I am where I am now. 
People ask me "Don't you want 
to ever leave Natchitoches?" Well 
of course I do! Not because I dis- 
like Natchitoches, but because 
there is so much more world to 
see. NSU has given me so much, 
and I just feel that I have much to 

give back before I go," King said. 
King teaches graphic design and 
graphic communications. "It en- 
compasses an array of disciplines 
thai fo< us on branding, market- 
ing <md visual solutions to design 
problems. It's much more than just 
learning Photoshop or making lo- 
gos," King said. 

At NSU, the arts will always 
have a home and King hopes to see 
the Art Department flourish. "There 
is so much to do and so much talent 
in those halls. We've nowhere to go 
but up. We are teaching our design 
students how to use their fine art 
skills more often, and our fine art 
students are learning computer pro- 
grams that open up brand new artis- 
tic opportunities. We have textiles, 
jewelry, crafts... It's all crazy," said 
King. If the program is there, and it's 
an excellent one, such as the one 
here, then students will flock to it. 
"Art majors at NSU find themselves 
in our area because they can't think 
of anything else when they wake 
up in the morning. Then are not just 
creative because they can be, but 
because 1 thev HAVE to be. I think 
that in CAPA, we cultivate an im- 
mense amount of creativity and 
passion. We are magnetic," said 

Randa Lopez 






Taking Center Stage 

Bill Brent 





In order to successfully teach 
something, and get it to stick inside 
the heads of the students, one must 
love what they do. Northwestern 
State University's Director of Cre- 
ative and Performing Arts Bill Brent 
honestly loves what he does. "The 
best thing about being the director 
is getting to work with such won- 
derful people, colleagues, faculty 
as well as our students. We have 
great students in our program and 
they continue to challenge us 
to do our best," said Brent. 

Brent has conducted 
the marching band more this 
year then he has in a while but 
he still wishes he could interact 
with the students more often. "I 
truly enjoy the interaction with 
the students. I miss that. In the 
spring I'll conduct the Wind 
Symphony and that gives me 
a lot of interaction with those / 
50 or 55 students," said Brent. 

The Creative and Per- 
forming Arts program has only 
gotten better in the past 25 
years. "It wasn't CAPA back 
then, it was the Department 
of Music. There was never 
the theater and there was the 
separate art department and 
in the past years I don't think 
those three departments com- 
bined had as many students 
as we have now. Just the sheer 
growth of numbers and reorga- 
nization into one school, opposed to 
three separate departments, the qual- 
ity of the students, we had really nice 
students then, and there were some 
wonderful musicians and actors, not 
nearly the quality and quantity we 
have now," said Brent. 

With so much talent and so 
many people, many times it is hard to 
keep the students involved and chal- 
lenged. "We have wonderful faculty. 
We really are blessed to have faculty 

who come from all over the country 
and beyond. So there is such a wealth 
of knowledge with our faculty that 
I think they truly challenge the stu- 
dents and the students respect them. 
We set a pretty high standard of all 
of our students. We expect the same 
type of performance from our mu- 
sic education students as our music 
performance students. We expect the 
same performance from students of 
technical theater as we would those 

on stage, whether it be dance or act- 
ing. Our art students, whether they're 
an artist in the traditional manner of 
painting, we expect students who are 
working on the computer graphics 
area to set a high standard of perfor- 
mance in all those areas," said Brent. 
Without support from the 
community, Northwestern State Uni- 
versity's Creative and Performing Arts 
would not be what it is today. "We 
have such a great following from the 

community. Whether it be the 
Guild or the Theater Patron CI 
or the Natchitoches Northwestei 
Symphony Society they donati 
awful lot of money to us for sd 
ships, they attend our programs an 
in exchange for that Northweste 
provides a truly unique experiei 
and opportunity for a rural 
munity like this. To have it's \ 
symphony that survived back in 
80's when the oil went bust, and 
San Antonio Symphony we! 
under and the New Orle 
Symphony went under a 
many of the leading symp 
nies around the countries we 
teetering and even the Shrev 
port Symphony has been pare 
back from what it once was 
and our little symphony just 
bowed right along. You have 
to give credit to the Natchi- 
toches Northwestern Sympho- 
ny Society for the scholarships 
and their support," said Brent. 
"I think that Northwestern is 
a really special place. With be- 
ing in a rural community like 
this and to have such a wealth 
of talent both from our students 
to the faculty, and a wonderful 
symphony orchestra, great the- 
ater productions and an art gal- 
lery that operates and is up an 
running all the time, to hav 
all of that. I'm not really sure i 
our general population know 
what they have here. We do have 
good group of students who come t 
events, but this is such a unique op 
portunity compared to schools mu 
larger in cities that are much larger, t 
have this here. I just feel very blessed 
to have been a part of it and I hope 
the students take advantage of it for 
years to come," Brent said. 

Ran da Lopez 


And All That Jazz 

Beginning in the late 19U)s, a style ol musi( 
referred to as "big band" became enormously popular. 
It was the first time in U.S. history that a type of ja// 
was more prominent than any other genre. I istening 
to the Northwestern State University Jazz Orchestra, 
you can see why. 

It is always a pleasure when shows start with a 
bang. NSU's Jazz Orchestra wasted no time weaving 
its audience under its spell with their smart rendition 
of classics such as, "That Old Black Magic." As people 
filtered in to find their seats, guests were treated to a 
"pre-show" that was already getting them in the mood. 

The musical stylings of Tajh Derosier, a 
saxophone player who was the recipient of the 201 1 - 
20 12 David Hardin Jazz Scholarship, held most 
audience members in thrall. 

The surprise addition of Miles Davis' "So 
What" was a delightful bonus to the program. Also 
spotlighted was vocalist Claire Givens, whose golden 
pipes would have you believing you were listening to 
an old Peggy Lee record. 

The smooth sound of Kyle Clay's trombone 

swept the audience ,i\\,i\ to a differenl time in "The 
Shadow of Your Smile." Things picked up when the 
orchestra delighted guests with their performance ol 
the spunky "Jumpin' East of Java." 

Students in attendance were far from bored. 
"It was a music concert that I didn't fall asleep in," 
said freshman Haley Genovese, a math education 
major. "I thought that the Jazz Band did an amazing 
job," said Meredith Owensby, a freshman and music 
performance major. "It was a wonderful evening 
listening to all the different kinds of music that they 
played. I had a wonderful time," said Owensbv. 

"Making music with these young guys is a 
marvelous experience, especially when I hear/see 
the light go off in their brains thinking, Ah! We get 
it!'. ..I enjoy hearing the players in the jazz ensemble 
experience that 'Aha!' moment, "Galindo Rodriguez, 
director of the University Jazz Ore hestra, said. 

Whether you are ^n ardent afic ionado or you 
just enjoy a pleasant rhythm, a performance by NSU's 
Jazz Orchestra will thrill your eardrums. 

Dustie Cuillotte 





Dr. Vicki Parrish is known as the happy 
teacher around CAPA. She can always be seen 
with a smile on her face and nice things to say. 
Parrish attended the University of West Georgia 
where she received her degree in health and ex- 
ercise science and dance. 

In Georgia she met her husband, Dan, 
whom she has been married to for 41 years. 
Parrish taught for four years in Georgia before 
moving to Louisiana where she received her 
master's in dance and her PhD in theatre/history 
literature from LSU. 

She then moved to NSU where she has 
been on faculty since 1976. Parrish describes 
herself in a clear way: professor of theatre arts 
and dance. 

She first taught P.E. at NSU for several 
years. At the time, dance was part of the Health 
and Exercise Department. As the dance program 
moved to CAPA, Parrish moved also. The theatre 
program progressed and Parrish stayed heavily 
involved. She not only teaches, but also writes 
and directs plays performed by NSU students. 

"This is a great program and I have met 
a lot of wonderful people during my time here," 
said Parrish. She explained how close knit the 
NSU family is and how diverse. From Scholars 
to fine arts, to athletics, everyone knows every- 
one and it is easy to contact everyone. "If I need 
to help a student get into a class I can just call 
someone and they will help. We all help each 
other here and that's what makes this such an in- 
credible place," said Parrish. 

As far as her personal life, Parrish lives 
with her husband and has three grown children, 
Matt, Andy, and Lindsey, who she spoke of with 
pride and smile on her face. 

Parrish enjoys her job at NSU and it is in- 
structors like her who make NSU a happy place. 

Dr. Vicki Parris 

and her happy plai 

Ruth Wisher 

The cast of "The Wiz" put a modern spin on ,\ < lassi< 


The Wiz 

If you have ever seen the "Wizard of Oz " 
then you will know the world of yellow brick roads, 
flying monkeys and glitter shoes. Add in a funky 
bass line and you will have "The Wiz." Northwest- 
ern State University's Theater Department presented 
"The Wiz," directed by Barry Stoneking. Stoneking 
has been teaching at NSU for six years ^nc\ this is 
his first time directing "The Wiz." The show is a re- 
telling of 'The Wizard of Oz' from an African Ameri- 
can viewpoint" Stoneking said. "It features wonderful 

Most people know the show from the movie 
that was made in 1978, starring Dianna Ross, Mi- 
chael Jackson and Nipsey Russell. The Department 
of Theater did a great job capturing the essence of 
the show. Set in Robeline and not Kansas, Breanna 
Collier, musical theater major from Gonzales, did c\n 
amazing job as Dorothy. "The show is about a young 
girl named Dorothy who gets transported by a Twister 
into a land called Oz. As she attempts to journey back 
to her hometown, she runs into many obstacles as well 
as making a few friends along the way," said Collier. 
The best part of the show was the blend of singing, 

acting and dancing. "We all know the story already," 
Stoneking said. And the talent at NSU was overwhelm- 
ing in this show. From the beautiful opening song sung 
by Taylor James or the fun "Ease on Down the Road" 
sung by Alisha Munds, Kruz Landry, Taylor Anderson 
and Dustin Gaspard, everyone did an amazing job. 
The story of "The Wiz" teaches us many things and 
Stoneking and Collier also gained something from it. 
"I have learned that hard work definitely pays off and 
shouldn't let other peoples' opinions stop you from 
what you want to do," Collier said. "I learn some- 
thing from every show I direct or choreograph. We 
discover things together. This is a large cast and we 
have learned to work together ver\ well. The Wiz has 
given us an opportunity to learn about Alt it an Ameri- 
can culture and history. I've been able to help several 
students tackle large roles that the\ ma\ not have be- 
lieved they could accomplish. There are several in- 
experienced members of the company, so this show 
was used to teach many basics of performance," 
Stoneking said. 

Rjndj Lopez 










CEH5B a— b a — ir 

bg^j ' — Nt_-jg 

Kg-Jb^n *, 

■HBP"* — AlL'B 

— ^ \ 9[\ 








etermination Pays Off 

The 2011 NSU Demon football season didn't 
end on a big clown note, despite a 5-6 record. It ended 
with a wink noticed around the nation. 

Yaser Elqutub's joyful wink at ESPN reporter Erin 
Andrews caught everyone's eye on Dec. 8 during The 
Home Depot College Football Awards Show, as the 
Demons' remarkable scholar-athlete was interviewed 
for being voted the captain of the Allstate AFCA Good 
Works Team. 

Elqutub was quick to Facebook everybody that 
he was just having fun, and his girlfriend added that giv- 
en a similar situation, she'd wink away at Brad Pitt. The 
gesture was like a ribbon on a gift, with Elqutub's wit 
and eloquence earning an admiring Tweet from Associ- 
ated Press college football writer Ralph Russo for the 
Demon linebacker's performance in a 90-second inter- 
view commemorating a nationwide vote which earned 
him the Good Works Team captain's honor. 

Earlier that day, Elqutub and fellow Demon se- 
nior Justin Aldredge won national acclaim as members 
of the 48-man Capitol One Academic All-America Divi- 
sion I Football Team. Aldredge, with his 3.90 GPA in 
business administration and 39 catches for 514 yards 
and a pair of touchdowns, won first-team honors at tight 
end on a roster led by Stanford quarterback Andrew 
Luck. Elqutub, owning a 3.85 GPA in scientific inquiry 

at the Scholars' College, earned second-team recogni- 
tion after making 50 tackles in his second year as a start- 
ing linebacker for the Demons. 

They were co-grand marshals at the 85 th Annu 
al Natchitoches Christmas Festival Junior Parade. Tha 
kicked off a whirlwind week for Elqutub, who flew to 
New York City two days later to be among 1 6 recipi 
ents from all levels of college football of $1 8,000 post 
graduate scholarships for being named National Schol 
ar-Athletes by the National Football Foundation. Ther 
following that Dec. 6 black-tie dinner with the elite 
the college game, it was home to take a couple of final 
then off to Orlando and Disney World for the ESP 

He earned that invitation by topping 21 other 
Good Works Team members in the voting for team cap- '' 
tain. A campus-wide push was the pivotal factor, with | 
Elqutub playing a leading role in his hopes to provide 
national exposure for NSU. 

He was chosen by a national committee back in 
September for a spot on the Good Works Team, which 
celebrates senior players at all levels of college football 
for exceptional community service activities and cam- 
pus leadership. 

Northwestern State Sports Information 

,* . 





llH M 




i ooihai i 

I til MIMItlN 





I,.. Mtiim 



Born in Houston, Texas, Yaser Elqutub grew up 
in Katy, Texas, where he went to Cinco Ranch High 
School. Being inspired by his older brother, Elqutub 
picked up on football when he was in the seventh 
grade. "As small as I was, I played lineman tor the 
B-team because I remembered the coach telling us 
that linemen are the most important position on the 
team. ..I took it serious when I played in high school. It 
was a Texas 5-A football team and was a very competi- 
tive league," said Elqutub. Elqutub chose Northwest- 
ern both for the Louisiana Scholars' College program 
I and a chance to try-out for the football team. Elqutub 
did not have the typical college player recruiting expe- 
rience. He never received a scholarship or an official 
recruiting visit to play. "The journey was tough and the 
challenges never seemed to go away. I remember my 
former position coach telling me that I would never 
play college football because he did not think I was 
talented enough," said Elqutub. Taking these words as 
a challenge, Elqutub has accomplished what he set 
out to do. Elqutub has gone above and beyond the line 
of duty by succeeding in academics as well as earning 
a starting position on the Demon football team. As if 
being a student-athlete is not hard enough, Elqutub 
clocked in many community service hours. 

The students showed their appreciation in 201 
by selecting Elqutub as Homecoming King. Elqutub 
said, "Being selected as NSU's Homecoming King 

AUftve ariti 

along with the other awards are not just a benefit to 
me, but also to NSU. I feel like any good thing that I 
do, the Demons win! You can never underestimate the 
power hard work and patience because it can liter- 
al Iv take you anywhere." As for after college, Elqutub's^ 
Plan A is going to medical school to become a general 
physician and Plan B is trying out for the NFL. "So 
just in case Plan B doesn't work out, I still have Plan 
A" Elqutub said. Elqutub has been motivation for all. 
Teammate senior Justin Aldredge said, "Yaser is a great 
guy on and off the field. He excels in everything he 
does. His work ethic is second to none. We've really 
grown up together both in the game and in general." 

To finish out his senior year, Elqutub was se- 
lected as one of the 22 members of the 201 1 Allstate 
AFCA Good Works Team. This honor is nation-wide 
and the members of the team are selected by their 
community service and leadership skills. Being se- 
lected for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team is an 
honor in itself, but Elqutub was also selected as team 
captain. Team captain is a title that is rewarded to the 
member of the team that has the most votes from the 
fans. This was such a great way for the communit) of 
Natchitoches, the student body and fans to show their 
support for Elqutub on a national level. 

Shana Lee 





Louis Ellis has grown tremendously as a man, 
both on and off the court, while fulfilling a college ca- 
reer at Northwestern State University. Ellis attended 
Southwood High School and is from Shreveport. Ellis is 
majoring in general studies, but after college he hopes 
to keep basketball dreams alive and play at the profes- 
sional level. 

Basketball became a part of Ellis' life through his 
father. They spent too many hours to count in the gym, 
and since he was 3, Ellis knew he had found a passion 
for basketball. In middle school, Ellis began taking the 
game seriously and this took him further than he could 
have ever imagined. Ellis said he "chose NSU because 
they made me feel like they really wanted me to be a 
part of their program." By coming here, Ellis said, "my 
teammates and coaches have pushed me to become a 
better basketball player as well as a better man." 

Ellis has made a name for himself among De- 
mon Basketball. He is among the leading scorers on 
the team, and has earned the respect of everyone 
around him. One of Ellis' favorite moments was last 
year's game against Louisiana Tech. "It was a very im- 
portant game for Coach Mike and we won it for him," 
said Louis. He will also be remembered for his perfor- 
mance in overtime against UCA. He made key plays as 
well as two vital free throws with 5.5 seconds left on 
the clock for a victory. 

Coach McConathy spoke highly of Ellis, "He is 
a young man who has a great deal of respect from his 
teammates because he is a team player, more interest- 
ed in the success of the team than the individual rec- 
ognition. Louis is a solid young man that I have been 
honored to coach and have him as a part of our De- 
mon Basketball family. When you are part of a team it 
is a life thing, not just about this year, but about the rest 
of our lives. He will be the same good person 20 years 
from now because he cares so much about everyone 
around him." 

It is such an accomplishment to do well at the 
colligate level, but even more important is remaining 
true to yourself, respecting others as well as yourself, 
but also staying humble. McConathy said, "Louis is a 
very talented player that has shown great leadership 
ability. He has tried to reach out to his teammates and 
include them or comfort them during difficult times." 
Ellis has chosen to live his life as reflected in Psalms 
23. His hard work and positive attitude have brought 
him far, and will take him further. 

NSU Sports Information 

Demon Dunkers 

staying hungry and humble 

Photo by Gary Hardamon 

Louis Ellis 

Devon B.ikcr 

Chuto In C 


Striving for/ 

demon basketball 

Photo b 


An 18-vvin season, a second-place finish in the including making a tournament record 14 ^-pointers 

Southland Conference - those achievements label the (14-27), and the Demons made 20 of 30 free throws. 

2010-1 1 men's basketball team as very successful. But the only numbers that mattered, the final score, were 

Winning NCAA statistical championships in team ever-so-slightly in favor of UTSA. 
and individual (William Mosley) blocked shots made the After dispatching the Demons, the Roadrunners 

season remarkable in the nearly century-long history of upset the other two top seeds and advanced to the NCAA 

NSU basketball. With nearly 350 schools playing at the Tournament. March Madness, certainly. 

Division I level, being the best of the group in any man- While that outcome will always be tough to swallow, the 

ner is an amazing achievement. highlights of 201 0-1 1 are many. 

But the way the season ended will always sting for Mosley's NCAA blocked shots championship was 

the players, coaches and fans of the 2010-11 Demons. It the first-ever for an NSU men's player. The Lady Demons 

left several in tears. Senior forward Will Pratt was incon- have had four in their 30-plus years. Mosley averaged 4.9 

solable and did not speak for nearly an hour afterward as blocks per game, the bulk of NSU's team 7.0 average. A 

the realization that his college basketball career, at least, junior, Mosley was recognized among 21 players on the 

was done. 201 1 Mid-Major Defensive All-America Team presented 

As well as Northwestern State was playing March by the college basketball website. 
9 in the quarterfinals of the State Farm Southland Confer- He joined two seniors, Pratt and Devon Baker, 

ence Tournament, it was going to take a near-miracle for in winning All-Southland Conference and All-Louisiana 

the Demons to lose. honors. Pratt had a 1 7.8 scoring average, best by a De- 

That's just what Devin Gibson and Texas-San An- 



tonio delivered. 

The Roadrunners sank 1 1 of their last 12 shots 
over the final 7:05, overcoming a 14-point lead and pre- 
vailing 97-96 when 28-point scorer Gibson evaded two 
Demons and delivered his 10th assist, a feed to Jeromie 
Hill for a game-winning dunk with 2 seconds left. 

mon since 1 995, with his 568 points being the fifth-most 
in a season in school history. Baker and Pratt went on to 
play professionally overseas. 

Longtime Assistant Coach Mark Slessinger was 
hired in July as the head basketball coach at the Univer- 
sity of New Orleans following 1 1 years under McCona- 
thv at NSU. One of the hallmarks of the NSU basketbal 

We got beat by a team that stayed the course, program has been outstanding academic performance, 
made big shots, and all the way down the stretch from and in May 201 1, the Demons were recognized for a 
about the 7-minute mark, made nearly every one. They perfect score on the NCAA's Academic Progress Rates re- 
did a phenomenal job," said Demons' Coach Mike Mc- port. 

Conathy after UTSA scored on 14 of its last 1 5 posses- It was a very good year in many respects, with ac- 

sions to evaporate NSU's lead, which was 81-67 with complishments that will stand forever. But on the court, 

7:40 left and still at 10, 88-78, with 4:55 showing. despite c\n 18-14 record filled with highlight-reel plays, 

UTSA shot 64 percent in the second half and 59 it was a few seconds away from potential greatness, 
percent overall, hitting 1 of 1 5 3-pointers and 1 9 of 24 
free throws. Northwestern sank 49 percent of its shots, NSU Sports Information 

rnoio dv (j.iry naraamon 

fr7W eT, "**l^ ^ZST&ttl 






HfmmSTSu 1 ■ xoRthwest, l 







T 8 ^ 

*%' ^ 

j/^> • 

• f 


L ^ 


The 2010-11 version of the Northwestern State 
Lady Demon basketball team was one of grit, persever- 
ance, and at some times, struggle. 

Led by just two seniors - guard Brittiany Hous- 
ton and Jessica McPhail - the Lady Demons scrapped 
and battled their way to a fifth straight appearance in 
the postseason Southland Conference basketball tourna- 
ment, and sixth in the seven years under Head Coach 
Jennifer Graf. 

A year before, the Lady Demons, playing as a 
seventh seed in the eight-team field, shocked the tour- 
nament participants when they whipped No. 2 Stephen 
F. Austin by a 96-82 score to advance to their second 
consecutive semifinal appearance. 

In 201 0-1 1 , NSU was once again the No. 7 seed 
but facing a strong opponent in No. 2 Lamar. However, 
the Lady Demons would once again not be intimidat- 
ed by the talented opponent and battled all the way to 
the end in an 81-77 loss to the Lady Cardinals - nearly 
shocking the tourney field for the second straight season. 

The Lady Demons finished the season with a 14- 
16 record, but had a winning league mark with a 9-7 

Newcomer Jordi James, a transfer from John Lo- 
gan College and a native of McPherson, Kan., led the 
squad in scoring with a 12.2 points per game average. 
And at one point, scored double-digits in 20 consecutive 
ball games. 

She led the Southland Conference in free throw 
shooting and finished second on the squad with 47 
steals. And for her efforts, she was named the Louisiana 
Sports Writers Association Newcomer of the Year. 

Following James in the stats was forward Trudy 

Armstead with a 10.8 ppg average and Houston at 1 


Another newcomer who burst onto the scene was 

freshman guard Jasmine Bradley who led the Lady De- 
mons in rebounds per game (6.9) and field goal shooting 
percentage (48.5). She led all league freshmen in both 

As the season progressed, Bradley forced oppo- 
nents to turn their attention to her as her aggressive and 
relentless style of play helped NSU win seven of the final 
10 regular season games. 

During that span, Bradley, who finished second 
in the voting as the Southland Conference's Freshman 
of the Year, collected six consecutive double-double 

She became a permanent starter on Jan. 29 against 
Southeastern Louisiana and responded by recording her 
first career double-double with 14 points and 10 re- 

She netted a career-high with 27 points and 14 
rebounds in a 3-point win over then-West Division lead- 
er Sam Houston State on Feb. 23. She followed that with 
a 20 point, 1 1 rebound performance three days later in a 
win at Texas- Arlington. 

Up until last season, the Lady Demons struggled 
against members of the West Division, having compiled 
just a 3-20 record the previous four seasons against those 
teams. NSU beat that in one season in 201 0-1 1 when it 
went 4-2 against West Division members with wins over 
Texas State, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Sam Houston 
State and Texas-Arlington. 

NSU Sports Information 

All photos by Gary Hardamon 

* * ■- * S 

go ye demons, take the field 


A signature win over LSU, two players dratted in 
the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft, a pair of All- 
Southland Conference and All-Louisiana selections and 
two SLC All-Academic honorees highlighted the 2011 
Northwestern State baseball season, which on paper, 
didn't meet the expectations that the preseason hype in- 

The Demons finished the season 22-32 but a 
dominant 13-3, mercy-ruled win 
over Southeastern Louisiana in 
the season finale, could be a good 

The hype for the 2012 sea- 
son could've been born as early 
as that April 12 evening in Baton 
Rouge when the Demons astound- 
ed, then wowed, the Tiger fans in a 
5-2 win. 

The crowd was stunned 
because an in-state foe was tak- 
ing down the Tigers. ..and in their 
home ballpark no less. But the 
wowness came after the performance of Demon reliever 
Mason Melotakis. 

The then-sophomore entered the game in the 
sixth inning and dominated the Tigers for four innings. 
He did not allow a hit or runs. Melotakis walked one, 
and struck out 1 batters. A remarkable feat that had 
beat writers in the press box focusing on the flame- 
throwing lefty. 

That attention led to a stint in the prestigious 
Cape Cod Summer League. Then in October, Melota- 
kis was greeted at Brown-Stroud Field by 20 plus pro- 
fessional scouts, where he performed so well, his stock 
rose tremendously. 

"Melo" will be one of many bright spots for the 
Demons in the 2012 season. He'll be joined by other 

players who are sure to be taken in the MLB Draft - RHP 
Joe Scanio and LHP/DH Colin Bear. 

Bear earned All-Conference and All-Louisiana 
honors after he collected the NSU batting triple crown 
with team highs in hitting (.340), home runs (5), and 
runs batted in (41 ). But not to focus all his attention on 
one area of the field, he also paced the Demons on the 
mound with a 3.54 earned run average while compiling 

a 3-4 record in 14 starts. 

He threw 76.1 innings and 
struck out 66 batters. 

Scanio burst onto the scene 
midway through the 201 1 season 
and became a dominant force on 
the pitching staff. 

He led the team with a per- 
fect 6-0 record to go along with a 
1.65 ERA in 20 appearances with 
two starts. Scanio threw 49 in- 
nings and struck out 54 batters. 

Two Demons were also 
drafted in June in the MLB Draft - 
RHP Luke Irvine in the 27th round to the Tampa Bay 
Rays and catcher Aaron Munoz in the 34th round to the 
Toronto Blue Jays. 

Munoz was a member of the 201 1 Johnny Bench 
Watch List and in 201 0, led the nation by picking off 1 3 
runners. Offensively, he struggled at the plate until late 
in the season but continued to shine on defense, posting 
a .987 fielding percentage and throwing out 24 of 69 
attempted base stealers. 

Irvine was the ace of the Demons pitching staff in 
201 1 and compiled a 6-7 record with a 3.88 ERA. In his 
two-year career at NSU, Irvine won 1 3 games and struck 
out 1 85 batters - sixth most in school history in a career. 

NSU Sports Information 

Colin Bear 

pursue your dreams 

Colin Bear, a native of Houston, Texas, has had an 
exceptional baseball career at Northwestern State Uni- 
versity. Bear has been an asset to the Demon baseball 
team, being a left-handed pitcher and designated hitter. 
He is also an excellent role model for all. When Bear 
was in his junior year at Saint Thompson High School, 
several colleges began showing interest in his baseball 
abilities. That is when Bear knew he had a desire to play 
baseball at the collegiate level. 

As a child, Bear loved watching baseball on tele- 
vision. When his parents encouraged him to try and play, 
he was all for it and began by playingT-ball at the young 
age of 4 and continued through high school. Despite 
his love for baseball, Bear never imagined his baseball 
career would go so far. 

"I would have never thought a few years later I 
would be playing the game I love at college," Bear said. 

He decided to come to Northwestern State Uni- 
versity when he got a call from Coach Davis his junior 
year of high school. "When I came on my visit I really 
liked the coaching staff and the team," Bear said. "I talk- 
ed to my parents and we decided this was the best place 
for me." 

Coming to Northwestern has given Bear many 
memories and opportunities he needed to have a suc- 
cessful baseball career. 

"My favorite memory from my career at NSU 
would be playing left field and beating LSU in Baton 
Rouge," Bear said. 

Any student athlete will tell you how much advice 
everyone has for you, but every now and then you get 
something that really sticks with you. For Bear, the best 
advice he has received was to pursue his own dreams 
and never give up. 

Now that Bear's collegiate career is almost over, 
he said, "I hope to keep playing baseball after college. It 
has been a lifelong dream to play professional baseball." 

Most student-athletes would agree that the four 
years spent with a team would impact their life forever. 
They have created friends that become like family and 
memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bear said, "Coach Davis has pushed me to be the 

best player I can be. Throughout the years all the instruc- 
tions and advice has helped me grow into the player I 
am today. Playing with these groups of guys has been 
a great experience and taught me a lot of things about 
baseball and life in general." 

Bear's teammate Will Watson said, "Colin has led 
the team in scoring and we expect him to have a great 
senior year." 

Bear, who is majoring in industrial engineering 
technology, tries to live by the motto "live everyday like 
it is your last. " 

Along with All-Louisiana baseball honors, Bear 
led the team with a .340 batting average, five home 
runs, and 41 runs batted in. Bear was ranked third in 
the Southland Conference in doubles and led the league 
with 13 two-baggers in league games only and ended 
the season on a 14-game hitting streak. 

Shana Lee 




■£- \1 ,- . Stei£_. 

Sat mm 






After being selected to finish next to last in tne 
01 1 Southland Conference Preseason Poll, the North- 
western State softball team emerged from the bottom of 
the barrel to capture a berth the SLC postseason tourna- 
ment and its best overall record in five seasons. 

The Lady Demons completed the 201 1 season 
with the No. 1 -ranked pitching rotation in the confer- 
ence and a 34-25 overall record, the program's best 
since its 35-28 finish in 2005. The 30-plus win season 
was also a career-first for NSU's third-year coaching 
staff featuring Head Coach Donald Pickett and assistant 
coaches Stacie Pestrak and Caitlian Nies. 

Winning 12 of 17 games coming down the 
stretch put the Lady Demons in position to break into 
the top half of the conference. 

NSU entered the postseason double elimination 
play as the No. 6 seed with two strong showings against 
the No. 1-seed Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Islanders 
and, eventual tournament champion, the Texas State 
Bobcats. The success didn't extend into the conference 
tourney, but didn't detract from the overall improve- 
ment demonstrated all spring long. 

Even with five true freshmen in the regular 
lineup, the Lady Demons were able to beat the polls 
and become one of the most improved teams in the 
Southland. All three starting pitchers ranked among the 
top 10 league pitchers. Northwestern received four All- 
SLC player selections, including senior outfielder Kayla 
Cole, junior pitcher Kelee Grimes, sophomore utility 
player Kylie Roos and freshman second baseman Cali 

Cole led the Lady Demons with a .31; 
average. Burke made immediate impact by hit 
and fielding .963. 

Roos smacked a team-best 8 home runs and also 
led NSU with 37 RBI while hitting .289. She was also a 
stalwart in the pitching circle, leading the team with 1 2 
wins (12-7) and posting a 2.23 earned run average with 
1 1 6 strikeouts in 1 25.2 innings. 

The Northwestern pitching staff closed 2011 
with a 2.09 team ERA and 421 strikeouts. The trio of 
Grimes, Roos and Brooke Boening proved formidable 
throughout the season, including Grimes who led the 
Southland with a 1.40 earned run average, a number 
that ranked her 18th nationally. 

With an 11-8 record, Grimes emerged as the 
Lady Demons' ace, fanning 154 batters in 125.1 in- 
nings. She recorded a career-high 16 after facing 20 
batters as she fired the 1 1th no-hitter in school history 
and her first career solo in a 2-0 win over Alcorn State 
on April 6. Overall in 2011, opponents batted .196 
against the right-hander. 

Along with the all-conference second team 
selection, Grimes piled up many other accolades in- 
cluding winning back-to-back SLC Pitcher of the Week 
honors, Louisiana Sports Writers' Association Pitcher of 
the Week, All-Louisiana, Academic All-Southland and 
a selection on the Capital One/CoSIDA All-Academic 
District 6 second-team. 

Kavolshia Howze, graduate assistant 

Senior pitcher Kelee Grimes h< 
inn sot'th.ill ( .ireer .is a Lady Demon. I 

Noiihwt'stcin si.iti- Universih from Pint 
started |)l.i\ in- si .iih, ill at the age of tour 
in softball niaink be< auso of my farnitV. We wef |^!vs 
at the ballpark with my brotnp^^o I naturalK wanted to 
pick up a ball. As I got older and really started to learn 
the game and experience success did I tall in love with 
the game," said Crimes. Grimes did not have the typical 
signing day with NSU because she was unsure whether 
or not she wanted to continue playing at the next level 
However, she decided it was not time to give it up after 
visiting NSU. "NSU felt right. I really liked the athletic 
department's focus on academics and overall student- 
athlete experience becausoultimately, we are going to 
have to leave NSU with a degree ,ind be prepared tor d 
life after athletics. I felt like NSU could really help me 
with that," said Grimes. 

After making the decision, it has paid off for the 
best for Grimes as well as Northwestern. Just a few of 
her honors include: 2011 Southland Conference Soft- 
ball All-Academic Team, 2011 All-Louisiana Collegiate 
Softball Team, 201 1 Capital One All-Academic Softball 
District VI Team, and 201 1 Two-time Southland Confer- 
ence Pitcher of the Week. To all the recognitions she 
has received, "It makes me feel humble, honored and 
blessed. I am so grateful to those that have helped me 
get where I am today: my parents, former and present 
coaches, because if they had not pushed me, taught me 
or given me a chance, I would not have accomplished 
the things I have. I owe it all to them," said Grimes. 

After graduating from Northwestern, Grimes 
plans to stay at NSU and enroll in the sports administra- 
tion graduate program. "The ladies that work with us in 
our academic center have inspired me on to pursue a ca- 
reer in collegiate athletics. I want to help future student- 
athletes have the best possible experience just as the staff 
of NSU has given me," said Grimes. Not only does she 
bring athleticism and academics to the team, she also 
brings a notable attitude. "Kelee is the type of teammate 
everyone aspires to be. She is a great person on and off 
the field. She loves the game and I have enjoyed play- 
ing a long side of her the past four years. Through our 
experiences at NSU we have both overcome adversity 
and turned this team around," said teammate Samantha 


an Athlete 



Shan j Lee 



It wasn't quite as wonderful as the 201 South- No. 3 singles. Rubesova posted a 1 9-3 record in singles 

id Conference championship season, but the spring at No. 3, including 9-2 in Southland matches, and had 

201 1 Lady Demon tennis campaign was a fitting send- the 20-3 mark in doubles, 11-0 in Southland regular- 

off for some of the most accomplished players and stu- season matches. 

dent-athletes in school history. 

It was also the first year under new head coach 
Luc Godin, a former assistant who was picked to suc- 
ceed his former boss, Patric DuBois, who chose to leave 

Schulz was also a magna cum laude graduate. 
Second-team All-Southland Conference at No. 3 dou- 
bles, she had an overall 17-5 record, including 10-0 
in Southland play, 8-0 with Lange, her regular partner. 

the head coaching role and focus on running the NSU Schulz was 14-7 overall in singles, 8-3 (all at No. 4) 

WRAC and enjoying family life in the wake of the best in conference play. She became NSU's career doubles 

season ever for Lady Demon tennis. victory leader with 67, breaking a 20-year-old record 

The 2011 campaign was quite impressive in its and wound up second all-time in NSU history in sin- 
own right. gles wins (65, two shy of the record). 

The Lady Demons finished 1 8-6 overall, and 8-3 Lange was another magna cum laude gradu- 

in the SLC regular season. NSU reached the Southland ate. Second-team All-Southland at No. 6 singles and 

tournament champion- 
ship final, falling 4-2 
to Texas-Arlington, a 
year after sweeping 
the Southland regular 
season and tourney 
crowns. The Lady De- 
mons were 39-8 in the 
last two seasons. 

An accom- 

plished senior class 
was the cornerstone of 
the 201 1 team. Seniors 
Kathrin Lange, Martina 
Rubesova and Bianca 
Schulz were on the 
All-Southland Confer- 
ence team. Adna Cu- 
rukovic's talent and grit 

No. 3 doubles, earning 
her third and fourth All- 
Southland recognitions, 
the team captain finished 
her career second all-time 
in school history with 65 
doubles wins including a 
16-7 overall record in her 
final year. She is sixth in 
school history in career 
singles wins (52, includ- 
ing a 12-8 record, mostly 
at No. 6). Lange was 7-2 
in Southland singles play 
while fighting injuries all 

Curukovic was set 
to graduate with high aca- 
demic honors after the fall 

were a key to the success of the team in her final two semester in 201 1 . She finished third in school history in 

seasons, while Dragana "Dru" Colic overcame injuries doubles wins with 57. 

to finish with arguably her best season. Nedorostova and Rubesova were first-team Aca- 

Sophomore Andrea Nedorostova earned first- demic All-Southland picks, with Schulz and Lange get- 
team All-Southland honors at No. 2 doubles for the ting second-team All-Academic. Schulz/Lange earned 
second straight year. She was 19-4 in singles, includ- All-Southland accolades for their play in doubles in 
ing 8-3 at No. 5 in Southland play. Her 20-3 mark in each of their four seasons. 

doubles included a perfect 11-0 in Southland regular- Junior Olga Bazhanova held down the No. 1 

season matches. Nedorostova and Rubesova, her dou- singles role and was 12-7 there, and 13-8 in doubles, 
bles partner, were a perfect 28-0 overall in two seasons Lady Demon tennis legends Karen Patel and 

against Southland foes, including conference tourna- Vicky Sims Newsom were enshrined in the Graduate N 

ment play. Club Hall of Fame each of the last two homecomings, 

Rubesova was a magna cum laude graduate in and considering their credentials, it seems likely that 

May, graduating ahead of her class, with a season of some of the 201 1 seniors will follow in their footsteps, 
eligibility remaining. First-team All-Southland at No. 
2 doubles, she was also second-team All-Southland at NSU Sports Information 

Positivity and Focus 
go a Long Way 

Olga Bazhanova has been around the game of 
tennis for a long time. Bazhanova began playing tennis 
when her father got her interested in it at 7 years of age. 
"It was always fun for me to compete and play. Since 
childhood I knew that tennis game is what I need and 
want I wanted in my life," said Bazhanova. 
Bazhanova joined Northwestern State University from 
the Ukraine. Her 
college education 
started there at a 
university in her 
hometown Mikoly- 
ev. After a year and 
a half of studies 
there, Bazhanova 
transferred to NSU 
and will graduate 
with her bachelor's 
degree in May. She 
hopes to continue 
her studies and be- 
gin a master's de- 
gree in sports ad- 
ministration and 
become a success- 
ful tennis coach one 

Coming to Northwestern State University has 
opened many doors for Bazhanova, and her fondest 
memory is when the Lady Demon tennis team won 
the Southland Conference Championship in 201 0. Not 
only has Bazhanova made lifelong friends, she said her 
coaches have "supported me and gave me motivation, 
knowledge that helps me in many aspects in my life in 
general and on the tennis court." 

Coach Patric DuBois said "Olga is a very posi- 
tive influence on the team in not only what she says, 
but what she does. She leads the team by example on 


Olga Bazhanova 

and off the court. Olga is our team captain and does a 
wonderful job of promoting a positive atmosphere and 
work ethic in the other girls." 

Bazhanova has never once doubted herself, and 
she is very satisfied with what she has done while at 
Northwestern. Bazhanova 's motto that she applies to 
her daily life is "be healthy, successful, and love life." 

She also said, "No 
matter what be- 
lieve in and trust 
yourself; make a 
goal and enjoy life 
by working hard. 
Becoming an or- 
ganized person 
will help to save a 
lot of your time." 
DuBois said, "She 
is very coachable, 
and the hardest 
worker I have ever 
coached. She has 
a burning desire 
to compete and 
win from within. 
She does not need 
any external motivation. She will be very successful in 
whatever she chooses to do." 

Bazhanova 's bright outlook on life and great 
work ethics will carry her far in life. Bazhanova said, 
"Challenge yourself! Thafs how you will know your 
best and what you have to work on. Thanks to Natchi- 
toches community. Their friendship and atmosphere 
helps a lot of international students feel good outside 
of their home countries. Go Demons!" 

Shana Lee 

Photo by Cary Hirdamon 




I i J. 


: rs 








Fielding a roster of nine freshman, two sopho- 
mores and a junior, the 201 1 Northwestern State vol- 
leyball team reached the Southland Conference Tour- 
nament for the first time in three years, and improved 
its conference win total by two matches from 2010. 

The Lady Demons (10-20 overall, 6-10 in the 
Southland) showed the SLC Tournament stage wasn't 
too big, as they competed well against top seed Texas 
State, taking a set off the eventual tournament cham- 
pions. As defense was the backbone of the team, 
NSU held the Bobcats 57 points below their sea- 
son average in hitting percentage and below that of 
any other team Texas State faced in the tournament. 

"This year was a great step in the rebuilding pro- 
cess for our program. Having to mesh together nine new 
faces with three returners was a challenge in itself - not 
to mention getting nine freshmen acclimated to the col- 
lege game, our training and systems of play, and the rig- 
ors of being a student-athlete at this level," said Co-Head 
Coach Hugh Hernesman. "It wasn't an easy process, 
but it was a great learning experience for our athletes." 

NSU was on the brink of tournament elimination 
heading into the final weekend of the season, need- 
ing to win its final two matches in order to qualify. The 
Lady Demons stepped up to the challenge and took 
down SLU and Nicholls State, winning six of their final 
seven sets and earning a trip to the SLC Tournament. 

Conway, Ark., hosted not only the SLC Tour- 
nament, but also the Lady Demons' historic visit on 
Sept. 15, when they pulled off their biggest win of 
the season. Led by Stacey DiFrancesco's 21 kills and 
.241 attack percentage, the victory over Central Arkan- 
sas made national news, as it ended the Sugar Bears' 


31 -match home winning streak, the second-longest ac-* 
tive one in the country. Jessica Guttierrez came in to 
finish off the upset by serving an ace on match point. 

The Lady Demons also hoisted a streak of 
their own, taking three in a row against SLC oppo- 
nents starting Sept. 29. The spurt was the longest 
the program had recorded since the 2008 season. 

NSU posted an impressive 7-1 record 
against Louisiana foes this season, including vic- 
tories over UL-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, McNeese 
State, Southeastern Louisiana (twice) and Nicholls 
State (twice). Quick starts often favored Lady De- 
mons in those matches, as they tallied a 19-11 re- 
cord in the opening frame of matches on the year. 

DiFrancesco earned SLC Freshman of the Year 
and second-team all-conference honors after lead- 
ing the SLC with 14 double-doubles in 16 match- 
es. She broke the school record for attacks in a sea- 
son (1,390), and placed second in the record books 
in total kills (424). DiFrancesco finished the season 
second in the SLC in kills, averaging 3.79 per set 
on the season and 4.16 per set in conference play. 

Libera Keelie Arneson set the NSU single-season 
record for digs, scooping up 539, surpassing Rachel 
Ford's mark of 528 set in 2006. Arneson also earned 
Southern Mississippi Invitational All-Tournament honors 
at the beginning of the year, and finished sixth in the SLC 
in digs after reaching double-digits in 29 of 30 matches. 

The Lady Demons finished eighth in the SLC, two 
spots ahead of where the preseason pol Is predicted them. 

Robbie Kleinmuntz, Graduate student 
NSU Sports Information 


Don't Settle for 

Stacey DiFrancesco is a freshman and is ma- 
joring in family and consumer sciences. She mav be 
only a freshman, but she has already had a note- 
worthy career as a Lady Demon volleyball player. 
DiFrancesco has her parents to thank tor getting her 
interested in the sport. Her parents lived in Florida 
and played sand volleyball regularly, but not only 
that, DiFrancesco's mother played college volleyball 
so as a child she encouraged Stacey to try it. DiFran- 
cesco has been playing volleyball since she was 6, 
but since the age of 1 2 she has been competing with 
the sport. 

DiFrancesco joined the Lady Demons from 
the Woodlands, Texas where she went to the Wood- 
lands High School. She said, "I chose NSU because 
I just really loved the town of Natchitoches and the 
whole atmosphere. But I really fell in love here be- 
cause of my coaches and my team. They've become 
my second family and they are truly such amazing 
people. I've grown so close with these girls and my 
coaches are really pushing me to become a better 
player. I am with these girls every day and so I knew 
that I really had to love my coaches and team in or- 
der to come here." 

HFrancesco's coaches realized her lovP^ 
the game, so they pushed her daily to develop into 
the player they know she would become. She said, 
"My coaches have truly helped me improve my 
game so much. Just being here for one season I have 
already learned so much from them and I know I 
will continue to learn." 

DiFrancesco did not know what to expect, 
but she did not expect to do as well as she has in 
her first year of play. She said, "It's a great accom- 
plishment and achievement that I was able to earn 
my awards, but if it were not for my team, I know I 
would not be where I am today. They are all so hard 
working and great athletes." 

A motto DiFrancesco said she is fond of is "I 
do not want to be good, I want to be great." After 
completing college, she hopes to start her own in- 
terior design business. With the right attitude, hard 
work can take a person anywhere. As a freshman, 
DiFrancesco has learned this and will use these ex- 
periences for the rest of her life. 

Shana Lee 



Trecey Rew I 

a national nhamninn B 

the story of a national champion 

Trecey Rew. National cham- 
pion. Academic Ail-American. Na- 
tional Field Events Scholar-Athlete 
of the Year. 

There is no other way to be- 
gin a discussion of the 201 1 track 
and field season at Northwestern 
State than to celebrate the excep- 
tional achievements of a young 
woman who competed in her se- 
nior season while she aced gradu- 
ate classes and tended to her effer- 
vescent 5-year-old daughter. 

Rew gave Northwestern its 
third NCAA Division I champion- 
ship with a school record throw of 
192 feet, 4 inches on her final at- 
tempt June 8 at the NCAA Outdoor 
Championships in Des Moines, 
Iowa. She joined 1990 NCAA In- 
door men's high jump champion 
Brian Brown and the fabled four- 
some of Victor Oatis, Joe Delaney, 
Mario Johnson and Mark Duper, 
who blazed to the 1 981 NCAA Out- 
door title in the 4x100 meter relay. 

She is a three-time All-Amer- 
ica recipient in the sport by virtue of 
her finishes in the shot put and dis- 
cus at the last two NCAA Outdoor 
Championships. She was ninth in 
the 2010 NCAA meet in the shot 
put, 1 5 th in 201 1 . 

The school and Southland 
Conference record holder in both 
events, she has personal bests of 
192-4 in the discus and 57-0 'A in 
the shot. Competing against some 
of the world's top competitors in 
late June at the USA Track and Field 
Championships, Rew finished sev- 
enth in the discus and 15 th in the 
shot put. 

Rew remains in graduate 
school at NSU and will train for 
international competition heading 
into the 201 2 Olympic year. 

She was not the only All- 
America athlete for the Lady De- 
mons in 2011. Freshman Jessica 
Talley walked on to the team in 
November, improved her personal 
best in the javelin by more than 30 
feet, won the Southland Confer- 
ence championship and finished 
1 1 th at the NCAA Outdoors to earn 
All-America honors. 

Rew, javelin thrower Car- 
rie Lantrip and sprinter Constance 
Seibles, who helped the Lady De- 
mons to an all-time best team fin- 
ish of second at the Southland Con- 
ference Outdoor Championships, 
joined men's high jumper Greg 
Hall on the conference all-academ- 
ic team. 

Lady Demons Coach Mike 
Heimerman won All-Louisiana 
coach of the year honors, while 13 

NSU men and women made the 
team by virtue of posting one of 
the top three marks in their events 
among all the state's competitors. 

Rew and Talley were among 
seven Lady Demons on the squad. 
Also on All-Louisiana: the 4x400 
relay squad of Quiana Griffin, An- 
drea Warren, Lavvana Perkins and 
Consuela l indsey, and hammer 
thrower Dejon Griffin. 

Six Demons made it: the 
4x100 relay unit of Michael Green, 
Raymond Hatton, Adam Smith and 
Justin Walker, and the 4x400 four- 
some of Michael Batts, Walker, Jar- 
rod Charles and Green. Walker also 
made the team in the 100 meter 
dash while Green qualified in the 

The NSU men finished sixth 
in an 1 1-team field in the SLC Out- 
door meet hosted at the Walter P. 
Ledet Track Complex as Walker 
provided a sensational anchor leg 
in a winning 4x100 relay effort. 

Ten Northwestern competi- 
tors qualified for NCAA regional 
competition: Rew, Talley, Lantrip, 
Griffin for the women, and tri- 
ple jumper Wayne Douglas, and 
Walker in the 1 00 and 200, and the 
Demons 4\l()() squad with Hatton, 
Smith, Karliss Perr\, Kendal Tay- 
lor and Walker. The 4\l()0 team, 
without a senior, ackanced to the 
national meet but fell short of All- 
America honors. 

NSU Sports Information 

All photos In Garv Hardamon 





With junior Mark Dotson leading a very young 
Northwestern State squad, the Demons showed im- 
provement in the 201 1 Southland Conference Cross 
Country Championships, while the Lady Demons had 
some personal best marks as senior Lawana Perkins 
once again topped the NSU scorecard. 

Going into the conference championships, Per- 
kins was the final Southland Conference female Cross 
Country Athlete of the Week after winning her third in- 
dividual title of the season at the Demon Invitational, to 
go with first place finishes earlier in the fall at the Mook 
4 Invitational in Ruston and the NSU Invitational. Dot- 
son was the first finisher for the NSU men all fall long. 

With Dotson setting the pace by finishing with a 
27:29.2 time over 8,000 meters for 46 ,h overall, the NSU 
men also got scoring by freshmen Alex Hebert (57 th , 
28:20.5) and Albert Gladney (58 lh , 28:31 .2), and sopho- 
mores Travis Plumb (66 th , 29:1 9.4) and Zach Burns (68 lh , 
29:23.3). NSU's other entries were junior Chris Lanier 
(73 rfl , 30:16.2), freshman John Broughton (78 th , 31:15.1) 
and junior Nathanial McReynolds (79 th , 32:01.6). 

In the 6k women's race, the Lady Demons got per- 
sonal record performances from junior Ali Fontenot(55 th , 
23:58.7) and freshman Aly Coughlin (62 nd , 24:1 8.2), the 
next two finishers behind Perkins (34 th , 23:12.7). Com- 
pleting the scoring for the NSU women were junior 
Kirstie Jones (78 ,h , 25:37.4) and junior Becca Meehan 

(79 th , 26:1 5.5) with track sprinters Consuela Lindsy (80 lh , 
27:37.6) and Constance Seibles (81 st , 27:46.0) also run- 
ning for the Lady Demons, who lost last year's top run- 
ner, Karensa Ellis, to a foot injury early in the season. 
"We got good efforts from everybody, 

ran a much improved average time (24:40.5) 
a course we ran a month ago," said first- 
women's coach Adam Malloy. "All the run- 
and that's all I could ask." 
the veteran men's coach, 
his ankle during the race, 
down and curtailed NSU's 
Central Arkansas for ninth. 





met their goals 
Leon Johnson, 

Dotson twisted 
slowed him 
of passing 

"We're a very young team with three freshmen, 
three sophomores and just two juniors," he said. "I am 
sure Mark would have done much better without the 
bad luck, and maybe we could have moved up another 
place. It was progress and we'll look for more improve- 
ment next year." 

The NSU men improved one spot over 2010 to 
10 th in the 12-team SLC standings, scoring 295 points, 
topping state rivals Southeastern Louisiana (303) and 
Nicholls (337). The Northwestern women shared 11 th 
place with Southeastern at 308. 

Northwestern State Sports Information 


Running is an enduring sport, and Mark Dot- 
son would know first hand. Dotson is from Alexan- 
dria and went to Holy Savior Menard Central High 
School. Running is a sport that takes self-discipline 
and dedication, but that seems like nothing when 
running has always been a part of your life. 

"Cross-country is one of those sports that just 
felt natural since I was a kid. The love of running was 
truly with me from an infant," said Dotson. "NSU just 
seemed like the place to be. It was close to home 
and some of my friends from high school were here, 
which made me feel even more at home at college." 
Dotson started running cross-country when he was 
in the eighth grade, but started began taking running 
seriously as a freshman in high school. Dotson said, 
"There was this girl that I liked in high school. At the 
time she was best friends with the fastest guy on the 
cross-country team and I wanted to get her attention 
so I figured I should go beat this guy since she and the 
rest of the school thought very highly of him." Such an 
average situation has taken Dotson to levels he could 
not imagine. He is among the top distance runners at 
NSU. As a junior, his favorite memory was when he 
received the honor of Southland Conference runner 
of the week, the same week Lawana Perkins received 
the honor for the female athletes. "That was a great 

moment for me" he said. 

Dotson is majoring in psychology, and after 
college he plans to keep running and follow all the 
other work related dreams he hopes to accomplish.' 
"I believe that in life you only go as far as you allow 
yourself to, so I always pictured myself being super 
successful with running and going to the Olympics 
and all that good stuff." Dotson is a dedicated ath- 
lete and thinks highly of his teammates and coaches. 
"Coach Johnson has opened many doors for me, from 
offering me a free education, to providing his experi- 
ence with coaching; he has truly been an empowering 
force in my life." Mark's distance coach, Adam Mal- 
loy, said, "Mark is an outstanding long distance ath- 
lete who has a wide range of racing abilities. When he 
puts his mind to it, his combination of talent and work 
ethics make him an athlete who can run shoulder to 
shoulder with the best runners in the conference. His 
future most certainly lies in the 10,000 meters where 
he could be an all-conference runner. A running ca- 
reer beyond NSU looks promising." Dotson still has 
another year as a member of the NSU cross count r\ 
and track and field team. It will be interesting to see 
what this team accomplishes in the future. 

Shana Lee 



Photo by Gary Hardamon 




vmm m 






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The 201 1 Northwestern State women's soccer season was one show- 
ing promise with 1 7 returners, including eight starters, but with ample injuries 
and a still very young squad, the Lady Demons finished one game out of the 
Southland Conference tournament with an 8-10-1 overall record. 

The return of Meghan Hunter, who missed all of the 201 season with 
a knee injury, proved to have a significant impact on the 201 1 team leading 
NSU in all triple-crown categories with five goals, six assists, and 1 6 points. 

Three of Hunter's five goals came against Texas Southern in an 8-2 vic- 
tory for her first career hat trick. She also ranked seventh in the SLC in goals, 
won All-Louisiana honorable mention, and was ranked as one of the 20 best 
soccer players in the Southland Conference by TopDrawer Soccer. 

Jessica Danku was a force between the pipes as well this season lead- 
ing all SLC goal keepers in saves with 99 on the season. She had four shutouts 
and gave up two goals or less in 1 5 games. Her goals against average (1 .38) 
tied for sixth in conference. 

Rachel O'Steen also brought accolades for Northwestern State being 
named to the SLC All-Academic team. She was one of three players to be put 
on the list three years in a row. 


The Lady Demons finished their out of con- 
ference schedule with a 6-4 record with wins over 
Louisiana-Monroe, Arkansas-Little Rock, Prairie View 
A&M, Jackson State, Southern Mississippi and Texas 
Southern. In those six wins NSLJ outscored their op- 
ponents 19-5. 

The hat trick game was the most dominate the 
Lady Demons looked all season with the biggest of- 
fensive output since 2008. Hunter, Cassidy Brown- 
ing, Nikki Saunders, Haley Chesier, Taylor Mulnix 
and Yancy Johnson all scored goals. O'Steen, Mulnix, 
Johnson, Chesier, Julia Ranalli and Jeanette Coronel 
also contributed with assists in the 8-2 blowout to the 
Lady Tigers. 

NSU's losses were tough ones with none of 
them being by more than two goals. The Lady Demons 
were outscored only 6-0 in the four losses. 

Louisiana-Lafayette defeated the Lady Demons 
1 -0 on an own-goal in overtime. It was the third time 
in as many games that the two teams have gone to 
overtime to decide a match. 

The Lady Demons also lost a tough one against 
Texas in the 70th minute on a goal from their career 
scoring leader Jordan Calhoun in a 1-0 showdown. 

Conference play was a completely different 
situation with a record of 2-6-1 , including a five-game 
winless streak. 

Northwestern State was outscored in confer- 
ence at 18-6 with four shutouts against the Lady De- 

The Lady Demons did shut out Louisiana rivals 
McNeese and Nicholls for their two conference wins. 
At the time the 1-0 victory over McNeese was huge 
in trying to get NSU into the tournament, but eventu- 
ally the help the Lady Demons needed did not come 

For the second time in three years, the South- 
land Conference Tournament was held at the Lady De- 
mon Soccer Complex. 

The 2012 team will lose six seniors from this 
year's team with Hunter, O'Steen, Cheshier, Kayla 
King, Sam Furlow, and Christian Marks graduating. 
There will also be a new coach. After 1 3 seasons, only 
three losing records countered by three NCAA Tour- 

nament appearances, |imm\ Mitchell announced his 

Under Mitchell, the Lack Demons also ex- 
celled in the classroom. Seventeen players earned 
SLC All-Academic honors and the team's NCAA A< a- 
demic Progress Rate has been exceptional since the 
report launched in 2004, inc luding a pertec t rating of 
1,000 in the 2005-06 academic year. 

This past season, Mite hell joined ^\i elite group 
of soccer coaches as he became one of just 40 a< tive 
coaches to top the 1 200 career-win milestone alter the 
Lady Demons defeated Jackson State this past Septem- 
ber. His 204 career wins also ranks him in the top 55 
in Division I in career all-time victories. 

Matthew Fowler student assistant SID 

201 2 WOMEN'S 


Jessica Danku 



Rebecca Furlow 




Hailey Altenburg 




Destiny La Rue 



Theresa Halle 



Ash lee Savon a 




Danielle Harding 



Yanci Johnson 



Alex Rios 


^^^ m 


Ruth Ouzts 




Marissa Lees 




Julia Rani Hi 




Alex Petermann 



Nikki Saunders 



Shannon Danku 



Jeanette Coronel 



Cassidy Browning 



Taylor Mulnix 



Alexandria Jackson 



Chelsea Schaefer 





We've Got Spirit 




Cheering is not just a hobby for the 16 
members of the coed squad. The spirit of these 
students can be heard throughout the stands at 
Demon sporting events. Leading the squad this 
year was senior Captain Amy Dodson. Accord- 
ing to Dodson, her dream as a child was to be 
a college cheerleader. Her journey began as a 
senior in high school, when she Googled col- 
lege cheerleading tryout dates and Northwest- 
ern popped up. 

"The tryouts were within the next cou- 
ple of weeks," Dodson said. I found my way to 
Natchitoches and have been here ever since." 

Besides just cheering and showing spirit, 
a big part of cheerleading is the stunting. The 
girls on the team might be nervous at first about 
being so high up in the air, but eventually it be- 
comes second nature. According to freshman 
Kierra Cunningham, when she's about to do a 
stunt she makes sure she has a positive attitude 
and repeats the mantra "I'm going to hit this 
stunt no matter how difficult." 

With at least three intense practices a 
week on top of weekday games in the spring and 
tumbling classes, the cheerleaders work hard to 
support their school. Although it is a big time 
commitment, being an NSU cheerleader has its 
perks. Members receive scholarships with in- 
creasing amounts as the number of years they've 
been on the squad increases. Even though the 
team members enjoy the extra money, a shared 
passion for cheering and a desire to bring energy 
to others is what motivates the team to continue. 

"My favorite part of cheerleading is how 
great of shape it keeps you in," senior Cameron 
Tillman said. "I also enjoy the relationships you 
build with your teammates. You become really 
close with all of these people you see just about 

More than just students, more than just 
cheerleaders or teammates, this is a family. 

Alexis Reliford 



Prosperity and Pizzazz 

purple pizzazz pom pon line 

On the sidelines at home football games, 
there are a group of girls who are part cheerleader, 
part dancer and entirely filled with pep. They are the 
members of Northwestern State University's Purple 
Pizzazz Pom Pon Line. 

"And that's kind of what I think is one of the 
special things about pom line," said Natalie Lau- 
rence, the Pom Line's director. "It's really kind of the 
best of both worlds. For pom line, you kind of get to 
do both of those. And so we have girls on the squad 
who grew up dancers and then girls who grew up 
cheerleaders. And then they have to learn the op- 
posite of what they may have done in junior high 
and high school. So they kind of get to experience 
both. Pom Line is strictly a precision pom and hip- 
hop dance team," said Laurence. 

When Pom Line was first introduced some 20 
years ago, it was with the intention of recruiting. The 
university was trying to entice women into coming to 
Northwestern. Pom Line, in its versatility, would be 
attractive to both those who cheered and those who 
danced. In its heyday, the squad had 50 girls. 

"Our intention is to continue to grow... The 
university has poured their resources into making 

this a success. The one thing that we all say is that 
we want every person on campus to find their niche, 
to find something they can connect with, so this is 
just another avenue for people to connect with," said 
Laurence. With a current roster of 24, the Pom Line 
is well on its way to its goal. 

The squad's budget comes from CAPA and 
their recruiting goes through the recruiting office. 
This year the squad has decided to try something 
new. They will visit local high schools that possess 
strong dance teams that are similar in style to theirs 
and expend some recruiting resources that way. 

Pom Line is officially billed as the spirited 
hostesses of the university. They appear not only at 
football games, but other venues in which they can 
bring NSU school spirit to others and the commu- 

Pom Line not only wishes to grow itself, but to 
see its members grow. Between learning an art with 
which they may not be familiar, to growing together 
as a team, the members of the squad are given val- 
ued life experiences. 

Dustie Cuillotte 



A Dazzling Delight 




From hours upon hours of rehearsals, making 
costumes and dancing at events each week, the De- 
mon Dazzlers are making an impact at Northwestern 
State University. This group is proof of where dedica- 
tion and hard work can take you. The Dazzlers dance 
with the band during half-time shows, perform at pep 
rallies before every home game and dance during half 
time for the occasional basketball game. They are also 
featured in the Christmas Gala and perform for the 
Lady of the Bracelet pageant each year. 

"Being part of the Dazzlers allows me to be 
a part of Northwestern beyond my studies. I get the 
chance to do what I have loved doing since I was very 
young and get to work with a variety of people that I 
would not know otherwise. Being a Dazzler has cre- 
ated many friendships that I hope will last a lifetime," 
said junior biology and liberal arts major Bethany 

"These three years of being on the team have 
changed my life in so many ways. I have become a 
better leader, friend, and woman," said senior Lauren 
Waguespack, theatre major with a double concentra- 
tion in musical theatre and dance. On average, the 
dazzlers spend 10 hours a week together, practicing 
daily. Most of the memories of college are coming from 
this time the dazzlers spend together. "A great memory 

was our first annual Dazzler Banquet. We invited all of 
our families and friends to come eat and we gave out 
fun awards and shared our memories of the year with 
them. It really was a special event to share with each 
other. I know since this is my last year, I will be shed- 
ding plenty of tears at this one," said Waguespack. 

"Although the team changes every year (some 
members are lost and some are gained), once you are 
a Dazzler, you're a part of the family forever," said 
LaVergne. The Dazzlers' biggest fans are their alumni; 
some even practice the fight song and still dance along 
side the Dazzlers. "Being a Dazzler is one of those 
things in life that never leave you," said LaVergne. 

"Being a part of the Dazzlers is like being a part 
of a second family. We only have 1 girls on the team 
so it's really easy for us to bond and make plenty of 
fun memories with one another," said Rachael McGee, 
junior biology, with a concentration in pre-optometry. 
The Dazzlers surprised themselves when they went to 
their first competition in Denton, Texas. The Dazzlers 
took 1 sl runner up at a national competition, exceeding 
their goals. Since the competition, the Dazzlers know 
they are capable of more than they ever imagined and 
are working harder than ever. 

Shana Lee 



Practice, sweltering heat, 
dedication, endurance, sacrifice, 
these words are usually used in ref- 
erence to athletes, however, there is 
a group of students these words per- 
fectly fit, the band. Northwestern 
State University is extremely lucky 
to have a band that not only works 
just as hard as the athletes, putting 
in hours of practice, time and en- 
ergy, but also for having a group 
of students who are there cheering 
the football team win or lose, rain 
or shine, at home or in the case of 
this season, far away. The band also 
contains some of the most spirited 
students this school as ever seen. 
This marching season The Spirit of 
Northwestern or "SON" celebrated 
it's 100th birthday at NSU, and it 
didn't celebrate it by resting, for this 
was one of the busiest years ever. 

Not only was there a huge 
100th celebration banquet in the 
spring, but there was also "The 
100th Anniversary" big concert 
where many of the smaller bands 
at NSU and the alumni band all 
showed off their talents. Then the 
City of Natchitoches, who has al- 
ways supported the band, held 
a fireworks show in honor of the 
SON and that was just in the spring. 
Towards the end of the summer the 

the spintof northwestern 

band gathered before school started 
to meet a new band director and to 
learn the show for the Fall, the Bill 
Chase show and a patriotic show. 
The band also got to march in the 
half-time show at the NSU Vs. LSU 
game. The students who went to 
the game felt like the band not only 
won the half-time show, but put the 
LSU band in their place. Maybe 
that "never give up" attitude and 
the showmanship and quality are 
just some of the reasons that this 
year the SON was nominated as 
one of the finalists for the John Phil- 
ip Sousa Foundation Sudler Trophy. 
According to the foundation, the 
trophy is only awarded to a school 
once and it is given to a school that 
shows excellence, and is only given 
to a marching band that " demon- 
strated the highest of musical stan- 
dards and innovative marching rou- 
tines and ideas." It is an extremely 
high honor to be chosen as a finalist 
and even though the SON didn't re- 
ceive it, just to be nominated shows 
that NSU's Spirit of Northwestern is 

That quality has come from 
years of experience and hard work. 
When the band first started, only 
boys were allowed and it was rela- 
tively small, only about 30 mem- 

bers. Now the band is reaching 
epic proportions and there is no 
stopping it. "The band, since Mr. 
Brent has gotten here, is a well 
oiled machine. And thanks to his 
leadership, there's not a whole lot 
of things we have changed in the 
past 30 years. Prior to that, the band 
was never as big as we are now, but 
it has always been good, and had 
good musicians in it. That's some- 
thing that you can trace all the way 
back," said Dr. Jeffrey Matthews, 
one of SON'S directors. Tradition is 
important and with things like the 
pregame block in and music and 
the Demon spell-out, many of the 
students who came here in the past 
can still recognize these things to- 

SON helps to pep the play- 
ers up, and to keep the crowds go- 
ing. The students in band have spirit 
and one can tell by just listening. 
On a cool fall day, when the breeze 
is just right, and the train isn't go- 
ing through town, you can hear the 
band from almost anywhere in the 
city. It's like a heartbeat to the town 
in the fall. The band fills the area 
with music and NSU is lucky to 
have it. 

Randa Lopez 



Feel the Heat 




Football games are filled with football fans- 
people who come with their school spirit painted on 

heir bare chests, people who could rattle off the team's 
roster without blinking or people who simply enjoy 

pending their Saturdays watching a good game. Also 
in attendance are those people who get swept away by 
the Spirit of Northwestern and are hypnotized by the 
rippling flags of the color guard. 

Historically, military flags — those of a nation or 
even a unit — were guarded by specially trained sol- 
diers: the Color Guard. Over time, the Color Guard 
evolved and eventually bred a new branch that was 
more theatrical and inclined toward spectacle: the col- 
or guard. "As a way to show respect to our country, we 
allow the word Color Guard — two words, both capi- 
talized — to represent a militaristic Color Guard," said 
Estelle Murr, NSU's color guard instructor. "The word 
colorguard — one word, not capitalized — would repre- 
sent the art and pageantry activity," said Murr. 

Anyone who has seen Northwestern's color 
guard, the Demon Heat, perform is aware that they 
are a hardworking group. Their dedication to the team 
shines through on the field. They are clearly devoted to 
making their audience sit up and take notice. Murr, a 
Northwestern alum and the instructor for the past four 
years, lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and drives up every 
other weekend to lead "camp weekends" in which 
the color guard practices all day Saturday and half 
of Sunday. With a commuting instructor, the Demon 
Heat perhaps has to exhibit even more responsibility 
and self-discipline than most, and they manage to with 
great style, as evidenced by their performances. 


When the last football game ends, the Demo 
Heat doesn't stop. Instead, they close the football sea- 
son only to open up the winter guard season. Winter 
guard is an indoor color guard activity, similar in some 
ways to cheerleading and dance competitions. "Win- 
terguard is so up close and intimate, you have to rock 
it out of the park. You have to be the best of the best," 
Murr said. Up until this year, the color guard has com- 
peted in the class A division, but they have changed 
to the World class so their members over 22 can com- 

The Demon Heat is good, and — make no mis- 
take — they know it. "We do the type of things that kids 
want to do in high school, but their instructors won't 
let them," said Murr. 

With routines that have the team running all 
over the field, spinning, jumping and diving, it is no 
surprise that Louisiana kids who are familiar with 
Northwestern and are interested in this kind of thing 
flock to auditions," Murr said. " The way we recruit is 
we are always on our P's and Q's and we always look 
great, and we have great fun, sassy uniforms and we 
do routines that are exciting instead of boring," said 

The color guard also expend resources recruit- 
ing from Texas to give students elsewhere the oppor- 
tunity to be a part of such an exciting team. "Success 
breeds success... The way we recruit is just by being 
awesome," said Murr. 

Dustie Guillotte 






































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Jerran MacKenzie Chasity Kaitlin Brittany Alexis Kesha Lauren 

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Organization Members: 
Tylar Bedford, BreAuan 
Case, Ashley Ceaser, 
Alecia Chevalier, Jessica 
Choyce, Veronica Choyce, 
April Coutee, Crystal 
Craig, Ariel le Craige, 
Victoria Edwards, Kelsey 
Frank, Briona Hamilton, 
Anjelica Holmes, Ga- 
briel le LaCabe, Schbrett 
Lewis, Kerrah Paige, 
Angelica Peterson, Ginia 
Robinson, Kiara Sampson, 
Ashley Tol liver 



Organization Members: 
Lauren Bergeron, Em- 
ily Bolen, Taylor Campo, 
Regan Cross, Lauren 
Daniels, Alma Diaz, Can- 
dace Fairley, Corey Ford, 
Kendall Franklin, Benika 
Friis, Jordan Gee, Chelsea 
Giles, Stephanie Goforth, 
Angela Gourdon, Brit- 
tany Hailey, Kelly Hester, 
Sasha Holloman, Laura 
Elise Johnson, Jessica 
Jones, Desiree Luquette, 
Paige Martin, Meghan 
Mikesh, Lauren Norwood, 
Corinne O'Neill, Taylor 
Orgeron, Courtney Ray, 
Heather RayKathryn 
Rogers, Chyna Sheppard, 
Hilary Spikes, Samantha 
Voinche, Jessica Wells, 
Ciarra Williams 

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Organization Members: Antonio Beaudoin, Patrick 
Bennett, Kevin Blake, Tramon Bradley, Kenneth 
Brown, Darrell Favis, Jabari Gipson, Robert Guidry, 
Demarcus Horton, Derrick Houston, Brandon Jack- 
son, Jeffery McNear, Joshua Mitchell 



Organization Members: 
Jeremiah Alford, John 
Bruce, Michael Chan- 
dler, Karen Chatelain 
Mart Dean, Kaler 
Dopp, Kevin Foy, Dr. 
William Housel, Chase 
Miller, Ashley Nixon, 
Stephanie Pena, Dennis 
Thompson, Shannon 
Tucker, Steven Wet- 
more, Megan Wetta 








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Organization Mem- 
bers: Alyssa Bodine, 
Megan Cognevich, 
Krystyn Greene, 
Dustie Guillotte, 
Heather jacobson, 
Amber Martinez, 
Storm ie Moore, 
April Rond, Alyssa 
Rouchon, Jessica 
Tate, Hannah Thom- 
as, Molly Watson, 
Amber Wilson 


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Organization Mem- 
bers: Vicki Brown, 
Austin Burns, Steven 
Cambron, Michael 
Chandler, Daniel 
Curio, Damarius Da- 
vis, Brandon Eckles, 
Lori Engolia , Matt 
Foshee, Candace 
Greenhouse, Jamey 
Nelson, Whitney 
Parker, Carr Simp- 
son, Joanna Snipes, 
Stephen Thompson, 
Jimmy Van, Dawson 
Wainright, Whitney 
Faculty Advisors: 
Mrs. Barbara Russell 
and Dr. Jack Russell 

Association of Information 

oy Professionals 


c:^ r 

Adams, Rakia Ancir, Courtney Bell, Marie Blanco, Audi Cal- 
r, Casie Champagne, Victoria Cheramie, Alex Cook, Brooke Curtis, 
Faulkner, Fredrick Freeman, Jacob Glazner, Juliette Gray, Jayd Groce, Chris 
oslosky, Trevor Landry, Amanda Laprarie, Anitria Lawrence, Melissa Lemos, 
1, Jordan McManus, Devin Metoyer, Randle Milliken, Holly Moreno, Adam 

kristina Palomo, Katherine Parsley, Garrett Raul, Mark Poirrier, Kati Stroth- 
Mniel Thiels, Kaylee Wagner, Ashley Webster 

Organization Members: 
Tyler Colson, LaSheila 
Dunn, Hope McFar- 
land, Markita Hamilton, 
Charnita Thomas 



Organization Members: Kali 
Broussard, Shaquille Brous- 
sard, Crystal Craig, Phillip 
Dill, Brandi Felton , Kim Gal- 
low, Chelsea Giles, Matthew 
Haskins, Ashley Haynes, 
Samuel Henery, Victoria 
Hippler , Demarcus Horton 
, Tiffany Hudson, Cardarius 
Johnson, Auston McCann 
, Megan McDaniel , Trey 
Rush , MaddyTolson, Jason 
Weams, Aly Webster, Jessica 
Weeks, Shambricka Williams, 
Kimberly Woods, Chelsea 






- r\ m^M 

Organization Members: Christina Ashley, Travis Baptist, Dawn Barbin, Danisha Bessard, Richard Brice, Devin Bridges, 
Jajuan Broussard, Kenny Brown, Samantha Cain, Shanika Carey, Darrell Claiborne, Anesha Coleman, Crystal Craig, Ar- 
ielle B Craige, Breiah Daniels, Ysna Duclos, Ri'chard Duncan, Latresha Easter, Chelsey Edwards, Xenophobe Fedison, 
Jamar Ferguson, Britani Fields, LaMario Fortson, Jabari Gibson, Breleisha Gilbert, Simone Giles, Tatisha Griffin, Robert 
Guidry, Briona Hamilton, Kyla Harrell, Ashley Haynes, Sharice Henderson, Jalanda Hinton, Demarcus Horton, Derrick 
Houston, Brandi Jamison, Keyonna Jefferson, Brittany Jewitt, Angel Johnson, Diorre Johnson, Chasity Jones, Cherrick 
Ladmirault, Shalyn Livings, Tinisha Manning, Robin Maxile, Raven Maxile, Chasity McDermott, Charence McShan, 
Jeremy Mitchell, Josh Mitchell, Clarissa Morgan, Khamyzma Nelson, Kylee Overby-Allen, Megan Parker, Dezmun 
Payne, Latrabia Peters, LaBrittani Pool, Jodi Richard, Shadrielle Robins, Janna Sampson, DeAndrea Sanders, Tereneshia 
Session, Chyna Sheppard, Anastacia Thomas, Patrick Thomas, Chelsea Walker, Sabrina Washington, Talisha Washing- 
ton, Heather West, Breshon Williams, Jamie Williams, Misha Williams, Myah Williams, Melanie Winslow, Ciara Wright 


Organization Members: Charlie 
Bass, Michael Breaux, Nicole 
Bullard, Demarcus Carlin, Kyle 
Carlock, Lyndsay Chapman, Mark 
Daniels, Mark Dorsey, Giguian 
Garret, Candace Jaynes, Dan- 
iel jerkins, Cory Joachim, Sean 
Mcguill, William Moore, Tommy 
Myrick, Preston Spencer, Victoria 
Steadman, Daniel Tanielu, Lynn 
Ward, Sydney Wilson, Heather 



Organization Members: Linda 
Ahlskog, Alicia Anders, Paula 
Barker, Raymond Bradley, Kather- 
ine Brown, Katy Chance, Moriah 
Focht, Trey Gehring, Brett Hart, 
Courtney Hawkins, Geoffrey 
Hollis, Jessica Johnson, Ashley 
Lynchard, Erin Mayfield, Ethan 
McManus, Kaylee Medine, Ken- 
dra Northover, Derrick Nottice, 
Caitlin Pearce, Alison Roberts, 
Margaret Rodriguez, Lena Russell, 
Michael Stephenson, Eva Wilson 

Organization Members: 
Desiree' Angel, Air- 
rol Angel le, Cory Artis, 
Dylan Boothe, Ian Bras- 
seaux, Lindsey Chap- 
man, Megan Cognevich, 
Khirsten Doolan, Chrissy 
James, Ryan Jester, Jacob 
Labutka, Miranda Liv- 
ingston, Erin Mayfield, 
Bethany Miller , Chase 
Miller, Mathew Morrison, 
Iceyuniek Parker, Jenny 

Organization Members: 
Austin Burns, La Shae 
Charleville, Aaron Dean, 
Matt Dean, Kevin Foy, 
Jessica Gauthier, Aman- 
da Ginn, Chris Ginn, 
Justin Lyon, Cameron Me- 
trejean, Stephen Phillips, 
Toney Walker, Steven 






Organization Members: Christina Akin, Sarah Baggett, Amanda 
Bain, Anne Bergeron, Morgan Bolin, Kaitlyn Bourg, Gillian 
Brown, Stephanie Burke, Ashley Buxton, Brooke Carlini, Bailee 
Cartwright, Raney Chambers, Sarah Chan, Robin Chelette, 
Hannah Cunningham, Morgan Dailey, Amy Dodson, Harlie 
Dominique, Brittney Dupuis, Sarah Durham, Mary Escott, Drew 
Ferguson, Mackenzie Foreman, Meaghan Foucheux, Emily 
Frame, Ruth Fruge', De'Anne Garlington, Lacey Gorum, Kathryn 
Greene, Miranda Guillory, Sheree Guillory, Brittany Hammond, 
Jeanette Hanna, Kierra Hayes, Kari Heath, Elizabeth Hilgerson, 
Victoria Hippler, Samantha Jackson, Brittany Jeanice, Robin 
Jones, Victoria Keeler, Lacy Kelly, Becca Kimsey, Taylor Layman, 
Roxi Lee, Ashley Lewis, Olivia Martzell, Mallory McCain, Becca 
Meehan, Kristen Merchant, Andrea Miller, Holli Moreau, Erica 
Morris, Mackenzie Neely, Taylor Nelson, Brooke Nielsen, Sha- 
ron Olmsted, Afton Owens, Emily Racheco, Kayla Racheco, Julie 
Peeples, Brittany Pippin, Amy Pogue, Sonya Randall, Meredith 
Richard, Victoria Sanford, Natalie Schleismann, Megan Smith, 
Natasha So'oto, Suzi Squires, Taylor Stanley, Julie Steig, Victoria 
Stringfellow, Kathleen Sylvester, Tori Thompson, Brandi Vincent, 
Yevette Wagoner, Logan Wallace, Hailey Warner, Jessica Weeks, 
Patience West, Lauren West, Cady White, Carrie Woodham 



mization Mem- 
bers: Donovan Baker, 
Charlie Bass, Jonathan 
Bordelon, Buck Bou- 
dreaux, James Brad- 
ford, Stephen Bryan, 
Stephen Bundrick, 
KyleCarlock, Allen 
Carpenter, Emmet 
Chamberlin, Dalton 
Cozier, Jordan DeR- 
ouen, Joseph DiMarco, 
Douglas Flynn, Jamie 
Green, Micheal John- 
son, Travis Johnson, 
Cameron Kyle, Rich- 
ard Kyle, Kyle Lacore, 
Steven Lacore, Chris 

Maciel, Kyle May, Aaron McConnell, Troy Moses, 
Louis Papia, Josh Peterson, James Ponder, Jacob Potts, 
Michael Rivera, David Turner, John-Henry Voss, Daw- 
son Wainright, Charles Warner III, Benjamin Wood 


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Organization Members: Russel Bell, Renee Bennett, Danisha Bessard, Katie Bethan 
da Boulis, Kevin Brunner, Stephenie Burke, Brooke Carlini, Taylor Cavender, N 
Combs, Regan Cross, Morgan Dailey, Denise Dalton, LaMario Fortson, Emily F,„ 
Frates, Kim Gallow, Christopher Gist, Alayni Guidry, Misty Hall, Lauren Halley, Ethan Hay, 
Anslee Heckel, Mary-Paige Johnson, Jessica Johnson, John Johnson, Robert Kerr, Rhonda Kir 
Hannah Lanier, Matt Lingle, Desiree Luquette, Ahmad Martin, Kristen Merchant, Brittany Mo 
Miller, Holli Moreau, Sarah Morris, Larry Nelson, Courtney News, Ashley Nixon, Corinne i 
Pang, Micah Pickering, Chelsi Ragan, Alexis Reliford, Jacob Rino, Beau Russell, Krista Sesvol 
Sarah Solis, Devin Stowers, Shannen Theriot, Cold Waagner, Jessica Wells, Keandra Will 

Organization Members: 
Alicia Bradley, BreAuan 
Case, Ashley Ceasar, Crystal 
Craig, Arielle Craige, Chris- 
tine Davis, Sarah Durham, 
Karensa Ellis, Candace Ford, 
Breleisha Gilbert, Brittany 
Glennon, Arkeia Hampton, 
Tiffany Hudson, Christine 
James, Brittany Jeanice, Rob- 
in Jones, Tara Luck, Jamie 
Mayberry, Clarissa Morgan, 
Iceyuniek Parker, Alyssa 
Poirrier, Meredith Richard, 
Tiffany Thomas, Yevette Wag- 
oner, Jessica Weeks, Malva- 
nese Williams, Shambricka 
Williams, Chelsea Zeno 

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Organization Members: 
Elisabeth Allison, Kaysee 
Carrere, Tajh Derosier, 
Todd France, Lanrlon 
Garrett, Nicole Hamer- 
sky, Sam Henry, Ryan 
Hinman, Travis Johnson, 
Sarah Legnion, Sandra 
McPherson, Tyler Mitch- 
ell, Kelsie Neighbors, 
Amber Pena, Jennifer 
Pulsifer, Stephanie 
Raborn, Kimberly Rollins, 
Dillon Roy, Reyn Sewell, 
Glen Weideman, Megan 

Organization Mem- 
bers: Jebba Babu, Emily 
Breaux, Shaquille Brous- 
sard, Kevin Brunner, Jeff 
Brunner, Reagan Burke, 
Shannon Byrd, Sarah 
Chan, Jillian Corder, 
Harlie Domonigue, Dar- 
rell Favis, Ruth Fruge', 
Zech Hennigan, Victoria 
Hippler, Brittany Jeanice, 
CJ Johnson, Jerica Lege, 
Solomon Matthews, Riley 
McCalister, Austin Mc- 
Cann, Stormie Moore, Af- 
ton Owens, Ryan Owens, 
Tereneshia Session, Mat- 
thew Spence, Cameron 
Tillman, Madeline Tolson 

Organization Members: 
Patrick J. Bennett, Deanna 
L Bourgeoi, Kenneth Brow, 
Emily Cogburn, Jacob W 
Funderburk, Ashley Hayne, 
Derrick Housto, Jason S 
Johnson, Zech Jones, Victor 
Kanard, Justin Kern-Dollar, 
Justina Lejeune, Amanda J 
Laprarie, Tara Luck, Raven 
Maxile, Brittany D McCo- 
nathy, Megan McDaniel , 
Joshua Mitchell, Matt Mor- 
rison, Kharhyzma Nelson, 
Hector Peha, Jr., Lauren 
Peters, Garrett J Pierce, Cy 
L Quebedeaux, Richard L 
Sharp II, Ellie Spain, Colt m 
Waagner, Chelsea L Walker, 
Kimberly L Woods, Chelsea 

Organization Members: 
Jasmine Bonier , Kaysee 
Carrere, Emily Cog- 
burn, Kinetta Crisp, Ola 
Demus-Jackson, Eilyn 
Garcia, Lindsey Guidry, 
Susie Hunt, Heather 
Jacobson, Lizzy LeVas- 
seur, Randa Lopez, Tara 
Luck, Brittany Raley, 
Kelsey Rankin, Kal- 
lie Stephenson, Kita 
Vaughn, Erica Vincent, 
Daisy Wallace, Amber 


Members: Shenice 
Boles, Darrvn 
Brice, Megan 
George, Kayla Ja- 
cob, Kishe Nelson, 
Ashanti Walls 

Organization Mem- 
bers: Afton Owens, 
Anna Gasperez, 
Brandi Vincent, 
Brittany Rogers, CJ 
Johnson, Jebha Babu, 
Jeffrey Brunner, Jessica 
Ratelle, Jessica Weeks, 
Jillian Corcler, Justin 
Dollar, Lori Engolia, 
Maegan Morace, Mat- 
thew Haskins, Michael 
Stephenson, Nicole 
Koster, Riley McCali- 
ster, Robin Jones, Ruth 
Fruge', Ryan Owens, 
Sarah Broadway, Sarah 
Chan, Shannon Byrd, 
Shaquille Broussard, 
Shari Olmstead, Solo- 
mon Matthews, Tiffany 
Hudson, Victoria Hip- 
pier, Victoria Kwentua, 
Whitney Saucier, Zech 

Organization Members: Mary Ackel, Ashley Aldredge, Emily Arledge, Stephanie Averitt, Abigail Bass, Dayna Beasli 
doin, Samantha Bergeron, Katie Bethard, Olivia Blanchet, Indya Boothe, Megan Bouchie, Jordan Buisson, Shanno 
roll, Amber Carter, Kathryn Chaddrick, Chloee Christiansen, Jillian Corder, Mariah Courville, Bi in Criswell, Peyton 

Alaina Davis, Lizzy Deblieux, Hannah Deloney, Hali Droddy, Meagan Dykes, Andrea Fontenot, Anna Gaspei 
reaux, Jayd Grace, Lauren Halley, Candace Harrinton, Anslee Heckel, Hannah Hemphill, Lundyn Hunt, E 

Mary-Paige Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Gwyndlyn Juneau, Kelsey Kinnison, Danielle Koster, Nicole Kosler, ( 
Claire Laurent, Marissa Lees, Taylor Leonard, Mari Little, Megan Louque, Michelle Martinez, Marianna Matlock, J 
tany McConathy, Mallory McDowell, Rachael McGee, Sydney McLain, Lakyn Moldenhauer, Ashlen Moore. 
Parker, Allie Pennington, Kaitlyn Plummer, Jessica Ratelle, Danielle Rhine, Lindsey Rolling, Brittany Root, 

Camille Simmons, Emily Smith, Hannah Sprawls, Sydney Sterling, Shannen Theriot, Paula Thompson, Jerrica T 
Brittany Tyra, Sarah Veuleman, Lauren Waguespack, Kaitlin Willey, Ashley Williams, Hale 

Organization Members: Cristina Alexander, Danyelle Allelo, Hakey Blount, Braydon Bolton, 

Ellisa Boothe, Reagan Burke, Richard Chenvert (President), Christina Davis (V.R of Events), Ka- 

rensa Ellis, Jacob Funderburk, LaMario Fortson, Chelsea Giles, Ashley Haynes, Hal li Hickman, 

Tiffany Hudson, Zech Jones, Nona Jordan, Randa Lopez (Secretary), Paige Martin, Megan 

McDaniel, Alussa Poirrier, Courtney Ray, Brittany Rogers, Lacie Smith(VP of Membership), Ellie 

Spain, Hilary Spikes, David Triboski, Amber Williams, Haley Wilson 

Student Personnel Association 

n Members: Stephanie Armelin , Sarah Bird, Cary Bruno (Presi- 
rcl Cherivert, Shayne Creppel, Caitlin Dartez (Vice President), 
es, Zech Jones, James Ponder(Secretary/Treasurer), Jennifer Williams 




H^^jW_J__ ^ *TB1 


E 'Jfit* ^ 

VHf ^ 

1 1 


' ml iiHta 


J^»*AuT 'r^iJHEl 4 

- ..-/I Ki *^^^E^Ht 

i fin i \ fc^MW 


>u:*i«i,itfMn &^ ^^ 

II iKil hibKm 

illloMliPai «^j— iffciJET i TI^K7i 



Organization Mem- 
bers: Ivory Breland, 
Bonnie Brewer (Par- 
liamentarian)., Rhea 
Bumpass, Kinetta 
Crisp, Breiah Daniels 
(Recording Secretary), 
Ola Demus-Jackson 
(Vice President), Jena 
Elfer (Treasurer), Sarah 
Giroir (VP Member- 
ship), Tina Howes., 
Cecilia Jarboe, Jus- 
tina Lejeune, Lizzy 
LeVasseur (President), 
Regine Lyons, Nikole 
Patterson, Blair Pickett, 
Jennifer Pulsifer, Laney 
Turner (Historian/ 
Alumni Secretary), 
Stephanie Wright 

Organization Members: 

John Henry Beckwith IV, 

David Bridges, Dakota 

Butts, Danny Coleman, 

William Davis 

Brandon Dooley, Gary 

Dupree, Frank Jones, 

Jacob Kelly, Matthew 

Peace, Tyler Robertson, 

Lord Alex St. Romain, 

Ryan Sickel, Samuel 




Organization Members: Blake Allen, Christian Broussard, Shaquille Broussard, Jeff 
Brunner, Kevin Brunner, Robert Bush, Jacob Contreras, Adrian Daruisseau, Casey 
Deen, Blake Dodson, Stefan Foster, Todd France, , Caleb Guin, Dustin Hadley, Alex 
Harris, Zachariah Hennigan, Samuel Henry, Jordan Higginbotham, Chase James, 
Carderius Johnson, Stephen Lawson, Nicholas Levine, Jose Llanito, Jose Llanito, Vic- 
tor Llanito, Solomon Matthews, Riley McCalister, Austin McCann, Jackson McNeal, 
Ryan Owens, Justin Price, Kelbry Price, Michael Roy, Matthew Spence, Michael 
Stephenson, Cade Stepp, Chase Stepp, Alex taras, Cameron Tillman, Chas Wilson 

Organization Members: 
Russel Bell, Austin Burns, 
Michael Chandler, Karen 
Chatelain, Lashae Char- 
leville, Kevi Foy, Natha- 
nial Hagan, John Higgin- 
hotham, Marissa Morris, 
Lillian Pt'eifer 

Organization Members: 
Juliette Gray, Jacquella 
Madison, Icey Parker, 
Erica Thomas 


<r ■« 

* J* 





" '-. ***** ■ - 





After many long nights in the library and what 
seemed like millions of tests, the day anxious students 
waited for had finally arrived. Hundreds of people 
watched and cheered as the Alma Mater played and 
NSU graduates walked across stage to receive their di- 

"I was honestly thinking mostly about my family 
up in the stands and how glad I am that I didn't let them 
down," Hal I i Hickman said, a Fall 201 1 graduate. Hick- 
man graduated with a degree in family and consumer 
sciences with a concentration in housing and interiors. 

Right after the commencement ceremonies the 
graduates are met with warm faces and open arms from 
friends and family. They posed for pictures smiling as 
they held the first step to making their dreams come 
true between their fingers. 

The soft spot housing NSU love tingled as they 
reflected on just what they'll miss most about their col- 
lege experience. "I'll miss my sisters in AOTI, teachers 
who taught me so much, my job at the Student Tech- 




nology Department and my amazing friends who were 
always there for me," said Hickman. 

With all the joy graduation brings, it also brings 
overwhelming emotion. After four or more years of 
hard work, students have a hard time accepting that 
their time at NSU is over. 

"It feels great to be done with school. Oddly 
enough, though, I never thought I'd want to go back, 
but I do," said Hickman. 

Thrown into the real world, long gone are the 
days of classes, parties and sleeping in. The fun times 
are replaced with job hunting and resume building. 
Graduates remember on this day that more has occurred 
than just passing classes and climbing the classification 
ladder. Lessons learned and life-long friendships have 
been formed. Graduates will forever bleed purple and 

Alexis Re I i ford 
Photos by Gary Hard am on 

m ^k 


* *\4| ^ i u if 5 JY 

pi 11 ll r il 


t IF* / 

Where are they now? 

Denise Lewis Patrick is one of NSU's many suc- 
cess stories. Born in Natchitoches, Patrick graduated 
from Natchitoches Central High School in 1975. "The 
school was very different in those years, because all 
black Central High had very recently been merged with 
all white Natchitoches High. ..We had two campuses 
on opposite sides of town; two of everything — home- 
coming queens, class officers, everything. I think we 
in that class survived the challenge of change," said 

Patrick had always had a love of reading, writ- 
ing and even drawing. Coming from a family of edu- 
cators, teaching would have been a natural career path 
for Patrick, but she chose to bite the bullet by major- 
ing in journalism with dreams of some day working at 
a newspaper or magazine. Her dreams were fulfilled 
in 1977 when she applied for an internship and was 
granted the opportunity to intern at Essence Magazine 
in New York City. They offered her a job, which they 
were generous enough to hold until she graduated in 
December of 1977. "So I ended up moving to New 
York, totally unexpectedly, and working at my first job 
as an assistant editor at Esse," said Patrick. "It took a 
few years for me to find my way to educational pub- 
lishing, then children's books, and that's where I am 
today," said Patrick. 

Patrick, among teaching at a college and vol- 
unteering with a local middle school writing group, is 
a published author. She has had poetry published in 
several different publications and has had books pub- 
lished as well, including a few American Girl stories 

featuring a girl named Cecile from New Orleans. 

Patrick looks fondly on her Northwestern edu- 
cation. "I was consistently amazed when I arrived in 
New York that my Northwestern journalism education 
prepared me to work in the city at the same level as 
graduates from huge schools, including those from the 
'Ivies'. ..My education was thorough, the professors took 
a personal interest in us, and I was always encouraged 
to be better — to be my best. Northwestern instilled in 
me a great respect for state universities, and their abil- 
ity to provide excellent educations for students," said 

Other NSU graduates have success stories as 
well. Kip Patrick, a small town boy from Converse, 
graduated in 1995 with a degree in journalism, and 
now works as a senior communications and public af- 
fairs officer in Washington, DC. Jude Southerland Kes- 
sler is another published author, who has published 
two books in her nine-volume John Lennon biography. 
Debi Cost was a fashion merchandising major who 
now works in Texas at a company specializing in heal- 
ing through music and faith. 

These are just a few of the people who have 
had the fortune to graduate from Northwestern. Each 
of them started out as all other students have — with a 
wing and a prayer. They have taken their NSU degrees 
and used them as magic carpets that have flown them 
to places — and careers — far and wide. 

Dustie Cuillotte 
Submitted photos 




201 2 Potpourri Staff 


"To say that finding a balance between being a mother, 
wife, student, employee and yearbook co-editor was 
a challenge, is an understatement. My time with the 
Potpourri has been invaluable and I will take the lessons I 
have learned from the Potpourri and apply them to all of 
my future endeavors." Co-Editor Lisa Nelms 

"It was an honor to beA,\ed to join me Potpourri staff as 
the design editor and Shouldn't trade the experience for 
anything. This is someMig I'll be'proKl of for the rest of my 
life and was a much^Ker undertaking than I could have 
ever dreamed." Designetditor Alison Roberts 

"It was wonderful to have another semester to pursue 
my passion with yearbook and student media. I enjoyed 
meeting new people, and my senior semester was very 
exciting." Fall Associate Editor Taylor Graves 

"Being a part of student media provided me with an 
experience I will never forget. The last minute submissions 
to beat the deadline, staring at a computer screen until my 
eyes hurt and desperately trying to get in touch with people 
I needed for my stories could sound like torture, but it truly 
was so much fun." Fall Co-Editor Ruth Wisher 



"Being on the staff has been such a grea 
. \|x m< K e. I have met so many people 
mi I nude great friends on the staff." Sports 
\\ riter and Spring Associate Editor Shana 

"Anyone vyh< 

is a liar. Yearbook was one of the 

- JJk^ I nave 
d P^^iti ■ rnan.i ent, 
PH^^Tonr u ni 1 1 you gel \\ I i.i i you 
need arc! :!i,i i isier to write than 

>u think. I enjoyed everyone on staff this year 
and cannot wait to see where the Potpourri will 
go next year." staff writer Randa Lopez 

shman Scholarship Recipient Alexis 
Reliford, jumped for joy at the thought of 
her hard work on the Potpourri paying off. 

Staff Writer Dustie Guillotte 







Aaneb, Yahra 
Aaron, Belinda lean 
Aaron, Reatha 
Aasness, Sara Jean 
Abbate, Rachel 
Abby, Shenequia Nicole 
Abdullah, Shane Hakeem 
Abdullah, Shay H 
Abel, Jenny M. 
Abernathy, Robert Cullen 
Abner. Sh I >errica I .1 1 aye 
Abrusley, Erin Claire 
Abshire, Cody Michael 
Achord, Justin Lee 
Ackel, Hillary Elisabeth 
Ackel, Mary Catherine 
Ackerman, Maria Teresa 
Acklin, Mary Kathryn 
Acosta, Katie Lauren 
Acosta, Mary Ann Tillman 
AcuriOi Adam D 
Adams, Amanda 
Adams, Andrew Gregory 
Adams, Anthony C 
Adams, Antoinette Kiara 
Adams, Ashley Pawn 
Adams. Dalvin 
Adams, David Edward 
Adams, Donna D. 
Adams, Georgeta 
Adams, Isaac 
Adams, Jacob A 
Adams, James Judson 
Adams, Jason Ray 
Adams, Jessica D. 
Adams, |osh Oneal 
Adams, Joshua Allen 
Adams, Kourtney Marie 
Adams, Lindell John 
Adams, Mark Henry 
Adams, Melanie Ann 
Adams, Michael G., Jr. 
Adams, Sondra B 
Adams, Taylor Denae 
Adams, Tiffany Triplet 
Adams, Todd Michael 
Adams, Tronita t) 
Adams, Vondel S. 
Adams, Zachary Christopher 
Aday, Merisha Cain 
Adcock, Haley Brooke 
Adcock, Jennifer Marie 
Adcock, Jodi Kathryn 
Aden, Jamie Lynn 
Adkins, Christopher Michael 
Adkins, Kirbye Elwin 
Adkins, Megan Elise 
Adkins, Nancy Bourn 
Adkinson, Amanda 
Adley, Sharneika S 
Aftene, Florin George 
Agan, Kristma Laura 
Agillard. Eriel Danielle 
Aguillard, Ami Nicole 
Ahlskog, Linda Catarina 
Ainsworth. Adrienne Nicole 
Ainsworth, Mary Katherine 
Ainsworth, Tammy 
Akerele, Scondria Dionne 
Akin, Cristina Cathy 
Akms, Rebekah M 
Al-Darsani, Sarah Jaynne 
AINasser, Zahra I 
Alber, Christene 
Albert. Rico Tex 
Albright, lane Ellen 
Albritton, Ellen Ann 
Aldredge, Justin C. 
Aldredge, Melissa Ashley 
Alello, Danyelle Main 
Aleman, Jasmine 
Alex, Elissa Renee 
Alexander, Amber Deanne 
Alexander, Austin Stewart 
Alexander, Brittany Renay 
Alexander, Cassundria Rae 
Alexander, Chelsea Danielle 
Alexander, Christin Ann 
Alexander, Devin Matthew 
Alexander, J-arren Michelle 
Alexander, Lisa Claire 
Alexander, Patricia 1 -cm 
Alexander, Pnscilla Ruth 
Alexander, Shelton Ralph 
Alexander, Tehseae I isam 
Alexander, Thomas Dre' 
Alexander, Veronica Christine 
Alexandre, Irene 
Alexis, Felicia A 
Alfonso, Anthony C. 
Alford, Anna Marie 

Alford, Anna 
Alford, Jeremiah T 
Alford, Matthew John 
Alford, Michelle Nicole 
Alford, Ihelma S. 
Alfred, Ashley Nichele 
Alfred, Jasmine Alexia 
Alfred, Shanice Renee 
Aljida, Layth 
Alladin, Laura Luanna 
Allain, Meghan K. 
Allard, Staci Erin 
Allardyce, Jason Douglas 
Allbritton, Amanda M. 
Allbntton, Corie Danielle 
Allbritton, Megan Denise 
Alleman, Lindsay Anne 
Allen, Amy Marie 
Allen, Aubrey Kirk 
Allen, Blake Cordaris 
Allen, Brittany Marie 
Allen, Christopher 
Allen, Crystal Gail 
Allen, DAndria D. 
Allen, Daytreiona Danell 
Allen, DeAndre Rashard 
Allen, Desmine Okeefe 
Allen, Edward B., Jr. 
Allen, Janae Acacia 
Allen, Jermaine J 
Allen, Joshua S. 
Allen, Joy Lynn 
Allen, Kevin 
Allen, Kimberly Rae 
Allen, Kristopher T yon 
Allen, LaKedra 
Allen, Lilah M 
Allen, Morgan Lucille 
Allen, Niger Z. 
Allen, Ranicsha Denise 
Allen, Sean P. 
Allen, Tanyell 
Allen, Tarfarire 
Allen, Terry L 
Allen, Trenice V 
Allen, Veronica [ill 
Allen, Yasmine Ya'Ketha 
Allen, Yvonne Johnson 
Allen-Roston, Yvon DeElois 
Alley, John C 
Allgood, Tara Lea 
Allison, Elisabeth R. 
Allmon, Nikki 
Allred, Ashley Lynn 
Allred, Chelsey Kay 
Allums, Lajamie T 
Almaguer, Andrew Sidney 
Almond, Steven R 
Alsobrook, Lisa 
Alston, Lennea Evelyn Shanise 
Altenburg, Hailey 
Alton, Cristi L. 
Alwell, Jamey Clint 
Alwell, Steven Cloy 
Alwell, Tara Mehir 
Amar, Eva Mae 
Ambeau, Camelia L 
Amberg, Cali Mane 
Ames, Amanda Joy 
Amnions, Dorie Jewel 
Amos, Ladarien T 
Amusu, Josephine Beatrice 
Amy, Chasity Diane Bordelon 
Amy, FJunter Scott 
Anbessie, Semira N 
Ancar, Rikia Irie 
Ancheta, Naataani Kawai 
Anders, Kelsie L 
Andersen, Andrew Linder 
Anderson, Alicia Faye 
Anderson, Allie Lynn 
Anderson, Amber Lee 
Anderson, Anastasia Nikeatra 
Anderson, Aurora-Angelic M. 
Anderson, Autumn C. 
Anderson, Bailey Elizabeth 
Anderson, Bianca Shermaine 
Anderson, Britney Monchelle 
Anderson, Britni Michelle 
Anderson, Cathy 
Anderson, ( lanssa West 
Anderson, Dana Young 
Anderson, Dexter I 
Anderson, Ebone N 
Anderson, Edward I. 
Anderson, Ericka Porshay 
Anderson, Erin Laine 
Anderson, Granville 
Anderson, Harry 
Anderson, Heather Christian 
Anderson, I lelen Rebecca 

Anderson, Jacob Taylor 
Anderson, Jasmine M 
Anderson, Jordan Elizabeth 
Anderson, Julian Quintrell 
Anderson, Julian 
Anderson, Lacy Sarah 
Anderson, Larry L. 
Anderson, Lauren Elizabeth 
Anderson, Liberty 
Anderson, Marilyn Katherine 
Anderson, Myeshia W 
Anderson, Paige Elizabeth 
Anderson, Rachel 
Anderson, Rodney J. 
Anderson, Roy Erick 
Anderson, Tatyana T 
Anderson, Taylor Ryan 
Anderson, Telvon Davonta 
Anderson, Tessa Laurice 
Anding, Dorothy Inez 
Anding, Matthew Brett 
Andrepont, Mamie Paige 
Andress, Katie 
Andrews, Amy Elane 
Andrews, Brett Andrew 
Andrews, Courtney Jane 
Andrews, DeAnza Mone' 
Andrus, Christian Isaiah 
Andrus, Jena B 
Ange, Denise Marie Fontenot 
Angel, Alexandra laniva 
Angel, Patricia M. 
Angelette, Tracy Theresa 
Angelle, Ariel Christine 
Angelle, Lisa Lynnette 
Angers, Amanda Marie 
Anslem, Holly Diane Cox 
Antee, Jeffrey L 
Antee, Kayla Denise 
Antee, Lizbeth M 
Antee, Nicholas 
Anthony, Andre', Jr. 
Anthony, Asian Cherelle 
Anthony, James Blake 
Anthony, Michael Dillon 
Anthony, Quinntarrian Denzel 
Apgar, Tracy Renee 
Applewhite, William Carl, III 
Aragon, Nancy Jo 
Arceneaux, Darwin 
Arceneaux, Momque Renee 
Archangel, Cassandra M 
Archer, Amanda Renee 
Ard, Sharon Amber 
Ardison, Teshika Nicole 
Ardoin, Jason Manning 
Argro, India A 
Arkansas, Gabrielle D. 
Arledge, Emily Ruth 
Arledge, Lisa Michelle 
Armand, Andrea Marie 
Armand, Chasity Ketchum 
Armelin, Jason T. 
Armelin, Stephanie Cenise 
Armendariz, Laura Patricia 
Armstead, Geoffrey 
Armstead, Trudy Louise 
Armstreet, Joshua Hampton 
Armstrong, Breiana Ceontae 
Armstrong, Cassandra M 
Armstrong, Crystal M. 
Armstrong, Katherine E. 
Armstrong, Kyra Sambna 
Armstrong, Sherry Dawn Holden 
Armstrong, W Janie 
Arneson, Keelie Beverly 
Arnold, Ashley D 
Arnold, Nathan Kyle 
Arnold, Victoria Glynn 
Arnouville, Kayla Jean 
Arnngton, Stephen Ray 
Arthur, Anthony Tyrone 
Arthur, Janney Lorilee 
Arthur, Kayla Brooke 
Artis, CoryS 
Arvelo, Carmen G. 
Arvelo, Maranda I 
Arvelo, Marissa Jasmine 
Asbell, Robert Austin 
Ascencio, Courtney L 
Asfaw, Woderyelesh E. 
Ashley, Breana Nycole 
Ashley, Christina D. 
Ashworth, Alexa Hall 
Ashworth, Dustm Wilbern 
Ashworth, Jessica 
Ashworth, Kristina Nicole 
Asken, Corey James 
Askew, Jessica 
Askins, Albra Paige 
Aswell, Phyllis Camille 

Atkins, Crystal Faye 
Atkins, Delores Elvira 
Atkins, Erin Diana 
Atkins, Nadine M. 
Atkins, Ophelia 
Atkins, Rachel Anne 
Atkins, Tarleshia 
Atkins, Tia Ti'Quenlia Ta'Shae 
Atkinson , Mark Lee, II 
Aton, Kelly Rae Lambert 
Aton, Tiffany A. 
Attaway, Harold I. 
Atteberry, Eric Ryan 
Atteridge, Jacquelyn Mae 
Atwater, Demetrius D 
Atwater, Shandreka Shantay 
Atwell, Cathleen Alisa 
Atwood, Dana Layne 
Atwood, Macy D 
Atwood, Megan Lee 
Aubry, Leslie Rae 
Aucoin, Caitlin 
Aucoin, Cammie Elizabeth 
Aucoin, Karen Lynn 
Augustine, Alacia Renell 
Augustine, Celeste Marie 
Augustine, Chaz D. 
Augustine, Darrell L. 
Augustine, Kayla Renee 
Augustine, Melissa Ann 
Augustine, Rolonda 
Augustus, D'Andre 
Augustus, John Jason 
Aupied, Nathan 
Ausmer, Arianne Denea 
Austin, Debricca W. 
Austin, Kalie Lynn 
Austin, Kimberly Renee' 
Austin, Misty Rachelle 
Austin, Rita Marie 
Austin, Sean M 
Autin, Samantha Nicole 
Autrey, Amanda Michelle 
Autrey, Hope D 
Avance, Anthony Antonio, Jr. 
Avera, Susan Olivia 
Averift, Ashton Taylor 
Averitt, Devin Kory 
Averitt, Stephanie Marie 
Avery, Amber 
Avin, Mallory Beth 
Awagu, Thomas Ike, II 
Ayala, Kelvin Noriel 
Aycock, Kristin Elise 
Aycock, Ronald 
Aycock, Seaborn Zachary 
Aymond, Sara Elizabeth 
Aymond, Vanessa Gayle 
Ayres, Tonya Lawson 
Babb, ( arrol I ee t Idom 
Babb, Tyler Alan 
Baber, Angelo Thomas 
Baber, Sarah 
Babers, LaKendria Anet 
Babin, Austin R. 
Babin, Blake Anthony 
Babin, Daphne Ann 
Babineaux, Deshina Renee 
Babineaux, Jade Smelley 
Babu, lebha Christina 
Baca, Matt Joseph 
Bacon, Celese D 
Badeaux, Cayce Louise 
Badger, Felicia Towanna 
Baer, Andrew Chase 
Baggett, Sarah L 
Baggette, Brandon Patrick 
Bagley, Dusty K. 
Baham, Anne Marie 
Bahlinger, Michelle J 
Bailes, Roger Jacob 
Bailey, Christina Marie 
Bailey, David C 
Bailey, Heather Suzanne 
Bailey, Joseph Columbus 
Bailey, Monica 
Bailey, Nicholas R. 
Bailey, Rachel Loren 
Bailey, Tenashia Dorsha 
Bailey, Trevor George 
Bailey, Tristan L. 
Bailey-Quaid, Mary Kai 
Baillie, Mariah Storm 
Bain, Amanda Nicole 
Bain, Laura Elizabeth Sklar 
Baines, Jaunte D 
Baird, Jessica Lea 
Baker, Bnttani Rukcllc 
Baker, Crystal Lynn 
Baker, Daniel 
Baker, Darius Andre 

Baker, Donovan Shane 

Baker, Felisha D 

Baker, Jasmin Shanae 

Baker, Jennifer Wayne 

Baker. Kathnne Marie 

Baker, Lakyn Ashleigh 

Baker, Laura A 

Baker, Letha Faye 

Baker, Marilyn Yvonne Hayward 

Baker, Marsheila Chantelle 

Baker, Megan N 

Baker, Morgan Paige 

Baker, Samantha Ann 

Baker, Tineke Pleashette 

Baldi, Tracey D. 

Baldwin, Alfred Rinehart 

Baldwin, lana lohnson 

Baldwin, Karen Bryan 

Baldwin, Olivia M 

Balentine, Ashley Ann 

Baiter, Christopher M 

Balkom, Melissa Nicole 

Ball, Cynthia Elaine 

Ball, Derek Alvin 

Ball, Khadija Bianca 

Ball, Tiffany Lynne 

Ballard, Kellie Elaine 

Balthazar, Ashlyn McKenzie 

Balustre, Evelyne 'Ihe'rese 

Bamburg, Tori Dawn 

Bamburg, Victoria S. 

Banados, Jennifer Ashley 

Bandaries, Zachary Marlow 

Bankert, Sarah Catherine 

Banks, Amberly Cavera Marquette 

Banks, Ann Elizabeth 

Banks, Brandon R 

Banks, Derek Lamarr 

Banks, Johnathan J. 

Banks, Shayla Yanee 

Banks, Toria Nichelle 

Banks- Brochard, Lisa Diane 

Bankson, Brittany L 

Bankston, Courtney Lynn 

Bankston, JoAnna Mariah 

Banta, Julien Mark 

Banta, William Cody 

Baptiste, Herbert leRod 

Baquet, Tara J. 

Barback, Claire M. 

Barber, LaSaundra N 

Barber, Rachel De'Ann 

Barber, Stacey Lynette 

Barbin, Dawn Nicole 

Barbin, Sandra V. 

Barclay, Maureen Shnver 

Barden, Anna Willis 

Barden, Susan Culley 

Bardin, Sherrod H 

Bardin, Sylvia Dawn 

Bardney, Victor Marshall 

Bare, Beaux Anthony 

Barefield, Cassandra Nicole 

Barge, Zachary Logan 

Barham, Carla Hope 

Barham, Yvonne 

Barker, Lisa Renee 

Barker, Paula Lucie 

Barker, Terry Len 

Barker, Vicky 

Barkins, Anitra Shanta 

Barlow, Bryan Christopher 

Barmore, Hanah L 

Barnard, Kyle Thomas 

Barnes, Brandon Dow 

Barnes, Breanna Shinex 

Barnes, Cedric Dewayne 

Barnes, Christie Dawn 

Barnes, Corwin M. 

Barnes, Crystal Michelle 

Barnes, Kim Hazmuka 

Barnes, Melanie F. 

Barnes, Michael A.S. 

Barnes, Patrick Ryan 

Barnes, Robert Gabriel 

Barnes-McGinnis, Micheal Louise 

Barnett, Cooper Samuel 

Barnett, Ton E. 

Barnhart, Tiffany M. 

Barnhill, Joseph Ryan 

Barnhill, Stephanie Nichole 

Barousse, Megan Deshotel 

Barr, Robin R. 

Barr, Rogerick C. 

Barrett, Courtney 

Barrett, Kelly 

Barrett, Terrionne T. 

Barrier, Yvonne Louise Juneau 

Barrington, Tonya Lynn 

Barrios, Amanda Francis 

Barron, Leanna 

Barron, Memrhea 
Barrone, Brandon Skylar 
Barrosse, Rachel Angele 
Barry, Ashton Dante 
Barry, Kapish Anil 
Barthelemy, Juli Ann 
Barthelemy, Sandra Lynn 
Bartholomew, Julian Paul 
Barton, Alison N. 
Barton, Candace Lynne 
Barton, Carolyn F. Wright 
Basco, Dawn Michelle 
Basco, Kaitee J 
Basco, Mickey Jerimy 
Baskin, Daniel Glenn 
Basone, Kelly 
Bass, Abigail Layne 
Bass, Charlie J 
Bass, Cody Shane 
Bass, Lacy J. 
Bass, Rianna 
Bassett, Joseph Michael 
Bates, Jeneea Charlisa 
Bates, Katelyn Shane 
Batice, Leticia Joy 
Batiste, Cestlavia H 
Batiste, James Foster, II 
Batiste, Kayla Marie 
Batiste, Keren A 
Batiste, Lacasha 
Batiste, Raymond, Jr. 
Batiste, Tara 
Batiste, Travis Jerome 
Batson, David Lee 
Battle, Roxanne Rene Bradford 
Battles, Crystal N. 
Barton, Elizabeth M 
Batts, Sadye Renee' Blank 
Baudoin, Kathryn Elizabeth 
Baxter, Caleb C 
Baxter, Jeremy Shane 
Bayman, Christina Jo 
Bayman, Scotti Bayman K 
Bayone, Chassidy Nicole 
Bayonne, Victor T 
Bayoune, Courtney J 
Bazhanova, Olga A. 
Bazley, Jonathan M 
Beadle, Areal Jeane 
Beadle. Shannon Michealle 
Beagan, Carly Mae 
Beaird, James Allen 
Beal, Dejandra Marie 
Beall, Charli Hanna 
Beaman, Rebecca Renee 
Bean, Brandon Ray 
Bean, Derek R 
Bean, Jaleesa Hannah 
Bean, Logan A 
Bean, Rebecca L 
Bean, Shea Marie 
Bear, Colin Andrew 
Bearb, Christopher Eric 
Beard, Kathryn Blair 
Beard, Rashanna Rochelle 
Beard, Shaneika Latrice 
Beard, Willie, Jr. 
Beasley, Brandy Dianne 
Beasley, Cody A. 
Beasley, Dayna K. 
Beasley, lennifer Pearline 
Beasley, Kiana 
Beasley, Mckenzie Ryan 
Beasley, Michael, Jr. 
Beasley, Samuel Terry 
Beaubouef, Matthew Ryan 
Beaudion, Antonio DeAndre' 
Beaudoin, Ashlee Renee 
Beaudoin, Jocelyn Denise 
Beaulieu, Alexis Louise 
Beauvais, Austin Reid 
Beavers, Brandy Shanette 
Beavers, Latonzia Patrice 
Beavers, Sean L 
Bechtel, William D 
Beck, Cody M 
Beck-O'Steen, Benard Chai 
Beckendorf, Meredith 
Beckermeyer, Linda Scoggins 
Beckwith, John Henry. IV 
Bedford, Melissa Anne 
Bedford, Tylar C 
Bedgood, Kaitlynn Paige 
Bedgood, Mallory Alexandria 
Bedgood, Robin Rene 
Bedsole, Analicia Danielle 
Beebe, Jared Henry 
Beeman, Shellie Alicia 
Beers, Victoria Elizabeth 
Beery, Kimberly K. 
Beeson, Shelby Jean 

Behrendt, Samantha Megan 
Belsert, Rand) 1 ouis 
Belanger, Kimberl) Ann 
Belcher, R05 I ynn 

Kclgard. less. 1 I 

Belgard William Heath 

Belk,Chesli I aren 

Bell Vshle) 1 

Bell, Cat] 

Beli i beryl H 

Bell, ( ourtney Nicole 

Bell, Debra Kay 

Bell, Debra Michelle 

Bell, Desiree Yurrell 

Bell, lanel Marilee 

Bell, lerenvj I 

lull. Kilo Marcel 

Hell. Latangela Charmane 

Bell, Natalie Beth 

Bell Russel Wayne 
I Bell, Shainiece 1 'In ia 
I Bell, Shirk) I 

Bell. 1 111.1 Mane 
Hell. Wilh.imi h.irles h 
Bell. Zachar) Ihomas 
Bellamy, Helen 
Bdler, Peyton Malai 
; Bellon. Jill Robin 
Below. Vdrun I'.iMon 
Below, Doris Mesha) 
Bellon. Rachel I ynette 
Beneticld, lustin 1 
Bern-held. Katherine \l 
Benefield, Stephen I awrence 
Benezech, Elise Whitne) 
Bcniicz. Rebekah Monique 
Benjamin, Andrew George 
Benjamin, Bobby I., |r. 
Benjamin, 1 banning Z. 

1 1 herae Brionne 
Benjamin, Nicole 1 aSha 
Benjamin, Paris S 
Benjamin, laylor Danielle 
Bennett. Anthon) loseph 
Bennett, Ishle) Michelle 
Bennett. Brooke Elise 
Bennett, Christopher Anthon) 
Bennett. Crystal I vim 
Bennett, Gary 
Bennett, lessica I 
Bennett, lustin Kenneth 
Bennett, Kaleb Aaron 
Bennett, I isa Nan 
Bennett, Mary Christian 
Bennett, Melissa 
Bennett. Montie Christina 
Bennett. Patrick I 
Bennett. Renee Christine 
Bennett. Valerie I aShara 
Bennett, Victor G. 
Benoit, Chasidy Dawn 
Benoit. Kasey ( 
Benoit. I atonya Sherelle 
Benoit. Michael Todd 
Benson, Jacquelyn 

lennie Marie 

Phillip \ 
Benson, Robert William 
Bentley, Alonna Lynnae 
Benton, 1 e \ndre Hakeem 
Benton. Scott R, 
Benrdi, Sarah Kathryn 
M.IK1 1 vnn 
in, Anaslasia Grace 
Bergeron, Anne C 
in, Dana M 
ron, Lauren Estelle 
I eslie Renee 
Bergeron, Samantha 

Sharmaine Sade' 
Beriin, Chdse) Mane 

in-rnian. fames 

Bernard, Anne Haworth 
.Bernard. Aryri Alexis 
Bemud, Brum |ewel 
|Bcrnard. Brooke Necole 
Bernard, I 
IBe-nard. |ody lohn, |r. 

i acie 
Bernard, Matthew R,n 
Bernard, Rebecca Marie 
JBerndt, Katie Rita 

tie. Danielle Shena 
rdes lomarie 
Berrios, Wanda Ivette 
perry Brvan I 
Berry, lenna A 
Berry I auren Danielle 

lancy I. 
perry Stephen Keith 

Hun. Weston w 

I;, 1 r) Whittne) ra'Shawn 

1 1 ucie Rivers 
Bertholl, Mallorie Paige 
Bertrand, Imelia Margaret 
Bertrand Vmelia Marie 
Bertrand, Danielle 1 eleste 
Bertrand, Nicholas [ude 
Bertrand, Ryan S 

Besant, 1 lerald Waj m 
Besant, MyKeesha RieKawn 
Beschoner, [ustin 1 
Beshea, Vmanda NI 
its, Samuel I 
Bessard, Danisha I anae 
Bessard, Rechelle Shawnette 

Best, Mc.igan I li/.lbeth 

Bethard, Katie I 
Bethard, 1 ance Michael 

Hetlie.i. 1 arol Ann 

Bethea, I mil) Christine 
Bethurum, Haley 

Betlevv. Angle B. 
Beverly c atherine [herese 
Beverly ( ynthia Marie 
Beverly, Yolonda 
Beyer, Renee Denise 
Beyette. Donald loseph 
Beza, Vanessa I stheran) 
Bianchini, lustin Anthon) 
Bias, taiise i 
Bias, ion \ 
Bice. Reagan Blake 
Hienveiui, Mai I 

Bierden, Alicia Marie 
Bigcrow, Pedd) \\ 
Bigelow, Kayla Lee 
Biggs, c'andice Melyn 
Billeaudeau, Brad Wayne 
Billings. David Allen, II 
Billingsley Erica \ 

BiUiOt, lennitei 
Bilhot. Timothy Dion 
Bills, lahe Katherine 
Billy lason l.kquez 
Binder. Ihomas J. 
Birchfield. Krystyn Michelle- 
Bird. Brandon 1 
Bird. David Kyle 
Bird, Kirstic t 
Rird, Sarah 
Hirk. Kathleen R. 
Bishop. Christopher ID 
Bishop, leffrey Mark 
Bishop, Lindsy I laine 
Bison, Kristin Dawn 
Bison, Naomi 
Bittle, lames Robert 
Biornberg. Jamie Leigh 
Black, Alaina Louise 
Black. Christian Dechaun 
Black, Jozmond 
Black, Kevin G. Ir. 
Black, Patrick D 
Blackard, lert Alan 
Blackburn, Michael lames 
Blacklidge, Angela Yvonne 
Blackman, Natalie Shalane 
Blackmon, Christina c la) Ic 
Blackmon, Erica Cherell 
Blackmon. Miranda Rasha) 
Blackston, Reajean Lachandra 
Blackwell, Brittam \ 
Blackwell, Jennifer Leanne 
Blackwell. fessica Margaret 
Blades, lenniter Lee 
Blair, Bonnie C. 
Blake. Brandon Dwight 
Blake, Brittany Sharmaine 
Blake, Callie Danielle 
Blake. Cassandra I ea 
Blake, I lalev D. 
Blake, loan E. 
Blake, Kevin S 
Blake. Kirk E 
Blake. Kirsten Elizabeth 
Blake, Melissa Michelle 
Blake, Pamala lot- 
Blake, Ronetha Ann 
Blakely Alexis Renea 
Blakely. Eatima 
Blanchard, Alexandra Ann 
Blanchard. Elizabeth Brooke 
Blanchard. Lauren R 
Blanchard. Miranda Lynn 
Blanchard, Rebekah 
Blanchet. Olivia B. 
Blanco, Marie L. 
Blaney. Whitney 
Blankenbaker. Matthew E 

Hlankenship. Allllee 

Blankenship, Anthony Ray. Ii 
Hlankenship. Kimmheilv D 
1 .Uo 1.1 Rene. 1 

Bleil, Kerry I ynn 

Bletsch, I. lines Andrew 

Block, \,iion Michael 
Blocker, [ami <■ 
Blood, 1 andon Dale 
Bloodsworth, Christina Ann 
Bloodworth, Gerald D 
Bloodworth, 1 Iffan) Marsha) 
Bloom, ( hrlstophei 1 ynn 

Bloomfield, Vshle) Kathleen 
Blount, Morgan I 

Blount. Shontae M 
Blow, lessica s. ul.i 

Blubaugh, Diana Mane 

Blue. Richard Gaston 
Blultt, l.uriei Burnell 
Blythe, Uyson ( ieorgette 
Boatman, Molly Rhea 
Hob. D Ne/ Monique 

Bobb, Alana Vngcllc 

Bobb, Patrice 

1 isa 1 eleune 
lie, \nthony lames 

Bodet, ( edle Marie 
Bodine, Alyssa I 
Bodine, Kiniberly Renee 
Boe, Michael P 
Hoening, Brooke Marie 
Bogan, Mallory N 
n Mandl A. 
Bohn, Henry I 

Bonn, Richard loseph 

Boiles Rachel M 
Boland, Zachary Paul 
Bolden, lasmine Chantcl 

Bolen, Emily 
Bolen, Kristen lane Pi 
Boles, Sheneice R 
Holm. Morgan Nicole 

Holing. Shelb) layloi 

Bollich, Man K 

Bollingham, Kevin 1 1 
Bolt, Angela Demse 
Bolton. Braydon Hoyt 
Bolton, Dana Mane 
Bolton, I mni.i 1 .1 Ibya 
Bolton, Jesse Pelatiah 
Bolton, Moni 
Bolton, Sarah 
Bolyer, Brianna Nicole 
Bond, Hailey Lynn 
Bond. Kandice 
Bond, Kelly Clark 
Bond, Kimiya Leilani 
Bonial, Tyler Christopher 
Homer, lasmine Marie 
Bonin, Kayla A 
Boniol, Corey Joseph 
Bonner, Ann 1 ynee 
Bonner. Haley Marie 
Homier, Janeen Nicole 
Bonner, Rebekah Ann 
Bonner, Sydney 
Bonnette. Brenda Louise 
Bonnette, Fredrick Eugene 
Bonnette. I indsey \ 
Bonnette. Stephanie I 
Bonnette. Suzanne Michelle 
Bonsall. Alex Robert 
Bonton, Brittany Dawn 
Bonton, Cynthia Bernadette 
Bonvillain, Tara 
Book, Alisha Renee 
Book, Christy Ann 
Hooker. Brashard O.). 
Booker. Mileta Lareshae 
Booker. Shanell D 
Booker. Tiara E. 

Katy Leanne 
Boone. Ashley Nicole 
Boone, Catherine Diane 
Boone, lessica Mae 
Boone, 1'crri Andrea 
Boothe, Dylan Claude 
Boothe. I.lhsa Marie 
Boothe. Indva Grace 
Boothe. Stormy 
Boothe, Trad Lynn 
Booze, Erica R. 
Boquet, Ericka M 
Bordelon, Alyssa Kae 
Bordelon. Andrew Wiltz 
Bordelon, Ashley 
Bordelon, Brenna A 
Bordelon, Brooklyn 
Bordelon, Catherine Lynn 

Bordelon, Deirdre I 
Bordelon, Harle) lames 
Bordelon, lonathan 
Bordelon, Kennon Francis 

Bordelon Sampson, lane I anell 

Brittany ftese 

Borders. Rebekah A 
Bordli Weal 

Boicl. Brittan) M 
Borel, Phillip Ryan 
Borke. William \ 
Home. Holly I h/abeth 

Borne, lason < 

Borrel. V, 

Borton. I eann.i 1 ,0 

Bosley, Stephanie 1 Irace 

Bossenmeyer, lamie Marie 

Bossier. Ryan lames 

Bossier, Ryan Edward 
Boston. Sheila Marie 
Boswell, lenniter Michelle 

ig, Krystal Amber 
BouMitn. Andre Anionic 
Hoik her, Danielle Lee 
Boucher. Heather Suzanne Heattv 
Bouchie, Megan (bene 

Boudreaux, Alisha s 
Boudreaux. Anna 

Boudreaux, Anna Dela I uente 
Boudreaux. Brittany Nicole 
Boudreaux. Buck Lawrence 
Boudreaux, Chasse P 
Boudreaux. Courtney Alexandra 
Boudreaux. Lauren V ( .allien 
Boudreaux. Micah I 

aux, Patrick Lamar 
Bouillion, Stephenie Irene 
Bouldin, Brittany S. 
Boulet. Kath) I ynn 
Bouhs, Amanda M 
Boulton, Leah M 
Bounds, Brooke Charlene 
Bounds, Kim Marline 
Bourg, Kaitlyn Elizabeth 
Bourgeois, Brittany Lynn 
Bourgeois, Claire Anne 
Bourgeois, Coryn 1 ee 
Bourgeois, Deanna I. 
Bourgeois, lames). 
Bourgeois. Janell Mane 
Bourgeois. Laura M01 
Bourgeois. Megan I 
Bourgeois, Meghan Sue Ann 
Bourgeois, Michelle Si 
Bourgeon, Kx an loseph 
Bourgeois, Sasha O 
Bourque, |une Ann 
Boutte. Bethany Ann 
Boutte, Cod) B 
Boutte, Laura A 
Boutwell, Halle) star 
Bovia, Lauren Elizabeth 
Bowden, Brook Ashly 
Bowden, Lamar 
Howen. Heidi Leticia 
Howell. Kristina Kay 

Howen. Lindsey E. 
Bowermeister, Tanya Quinn 
Bowers, Ashley Ann 
Bowers, Leslie Lyles 
Bowers, Tajarrius 
Bowie, Kimberlie |ada 
Bowie, Lertresha M. 
Bowie, Summer Nicole 
Bowles, Kellie Nicole 
Bowling, Micah Adam 
Bowling, Tyler Adam 
Bowman, Amber Alaine 
Bowman, Dinesha Vaque 
Bowman, Emily Morgan 
Bowman. Rebecca Humphries 
Bowman, Trevor Deon 
Dametra L 
iliyah Monee 
Boyd, Cassandra Evette 
Boyd. Nikisha Monique 
Boyd, Rebecca A 
Boyd. Sara Catherine 
Boyer, Amanda Nicole 
Bovet. I eland K. 
Boyette, Marsha Lynn M. 
Bovkin, Penny Bonnette 
Bo\ kins. Kanika 

Boyter. Kylie 

Bozeman. Megan Elizabeth 
Bozeman, Sarah lessica 
Bozenski. C.i- 
Brace, Robin Elizabeth 
Brackman. Jacqueline Glyn 

Bradeen, Stephen Mark 
< i,,pe Deanna 

Bradford, Alexandria 1< 

Bradford, Debra P 
Bradford, lacob Aaron 
Bradford, lam 
Bradford, Kelscy I vnn 
Bradford, Kristina 1 
Bradford, I eslie 
Bradford, Natasha K.o 
Bradford, 1 ill ai 
Bradford, Vi< ti 
Bradley, Alicia \l 
Bradley, Gloria Bailey 
Bradley. Heather Marie 
Bradley lasmine Alexandria 
Bradley lessica Danielle 

Bradley. I aKcit.i R.iquel 
Bradley. Marquise Dw 

Bradley. Rachel Renelce 

Bradley. Raymond 
Bradley, [ramon Joshua 
Bradshaw, Maggie N'Cole 
Bradshaw, Robyn Michelle 
Brady, Ashley 
Braly. loshua Heith 
Branch. Chester 
Branch. John Ramsey 
Branch. Lindsay Nicole- 
Branch. Stephanie Leigh 
Branch. Vanessa Darlene Bowie 
Brand. Felicia Katherine 
Brandal. Peggy 
Brandon. Kemoshia Renee 
Brandon. Whitney I 
Brandon. Wykiesba Cashac 
Brannon. Tessa Dawn 
Branton. Dawn Marie 
Branton, Madison 
Branton. Victoria LeAnne 
Brasher. 1 lizabeth Anne 
Brashier, Megan Catherine 
Brasseaux, Dallas Lionel 
Brasseaux, Ian Christopher 
Braswell, Bryanna M 
Bratton, Chantel Renae 
Bratton, Trenton Duane 
Braud, Lynn Joseph, Jr. 
Braudawav, Kayla Marie 
Braxton. Deandre 
Braxton, Quantave 
Bray, Shannon Renee 
Brazan. Todd Joseph 
Brazier. Quarnette Denise 
Brazil. Charlcv. Ir 
Brazil. lena Lauw 
Brazil, Travis A 
Brazil. Trent Austin 
Breaux. Catherine Kellye 
Breaux, Emily 
Breaux. Kimberly Michelle 
Breaux. Melissa M 
Breaux. Michael lohn 
Breaux. Ryan Keith 
Breaux. Sarah Wanda 
Breda, Enkia Minyelle 
Breedlove, David R. 
Breedlove. Hailey Nichole 
Breedlove. Joan Edwards 
Breeland, Nina 
Breimel. Jacob T 
Breithaupt. Daniel Sutton 
Hreilkreutz, Kathleen Marie 
Breland. Ivory Monte 
Breland, Madelyn E 
Breland, William 
Brennan. Susan E 
Brcvell, Gina Lynn 
Brevelle, Hannah LeAnne 
Brewer. Anna Haves 
Brewer. Beverly 1 . 
Brewer, Billy Rav 
Brewer. Cameron Michael 
Brewer, lames I 
Brewer, lohnnie Lee 
Brewer, loshua Wayne 
Brewer, Mand) M 
Brewer, Wendy Lynn 
Brewster. Lemeni 
Brewton, Kristin P 
Brian. Emily Sue 
Brice. Darrein Maria 
Brice, Richard La Terella 
Bridges, David B. 
Bridges, Devin Micheal 
Bridges, Fay P. 
Bridges. Karen Youvonda 
Bridges, Install Oia 
Brigalia. lerenn loesph 
Hnggs. Ashley Renee 
Briggs, Crystal Lynn 

I . It 

ill M 
Brlley, I lizabeth 


Briscoe, Robyn I 
Bristcr, Hale. 
Blister, lonathai 

Bnster. Victoria Delane 

Bntt. ( arlv Pa> 
Brittain, Mariana Rebiu 
Broadnax, Dims s 
Broadway, Amanda I ea 
Broad wa 

Broadway, < ormst LaValle 
Broadway. Gabriel Denise 
Broadway. Heather Michelle 
Broadway Robin Anita 
Broadway. Sarah I 

Salvatore loseph 
Brock. Belvia Mary 
Brosk, Bonn; 
Broderson. Stephen Rush 
Brodnax, Kaylan Nicole 
Brookuis. Margaret Hollingsworth 
Brooks. Ar Kevlius 
Brooks, Ashley raylor 
Brooks. Bridget ( I 
Brooks, Chelsea Aiulreaus 

Brooks, Crystal lohnelle 
Brooks, Crystal Danielle 
Brooks. Cullen lames 
Brooks, Eric R 
Brooks, Joshua Webb 
Brooks, Katie Mac 
Brooks, Kenneth ), |r. 
Brooks. Kristin 
Brooks, Patrick W 
Brooks. Paul Victor 
Brooks, Rosalind G. 
Brooks, Roxanne Dominick 
Brooks, Taylor Anne- 
Brooks, Yolanda A 

lustin Michael 
Brossett. David 
Brossett, Lauren E 
Broughton, lohn Carlton 
Brouillette, Alex Benton 
Brouillette. Christy Ann 
Broussard. Ashley 1 emaire 
Broussard, Brandy Anne 
Broussard, Brittany Nicole 
Broussard, Christian Joel 
Broussard. Elizabeth Verret 
Broussard, George Patrick 
Broussard. Holly Andre 
Broussard. lajuan Tyrone 
Broussard, lessica Lynn 
Broussard, lessica Zoe 
Broussard, lorrell J. 
Broussard. Kali Ann 
Broussard, Kelci A 
Broussard. Kim Whilten 
Broussard. Patrick lerome 
Broussard. Raquel Farrah 
Broussard, Ryan David 
Broussard, Shaquille James 
Brown. Abbey M 
Brown. Amy T. 
Brown. Ashley Danielle 
Brown, Austin Seth 
Brown, Bettina Adora 
Brown, Brenda Lee 
Brown, Brittney LeighAnn 
Brown. Camellia Latrease 
Brown, Chelsev ReNav 
Brown, Christopher Ernest 
Brown. Clifton 
Brown. Corne A 
Brown, Crystal 
Brown, Cyntrelle Marie- 
Brown. Darnitha S 
Brown. Daryl Anthony 
Brown. David Minor 
Brown. Donald lames, Jr. 
Brown, Evan R 
Brown. Fabian Quinderek 
Brown. Gillian Frances 
Brown. Haley Grace- 
Brown. Hunter Austin 
Brown. Inita 

Brown, lacqueline Denise 
Brown, lasmine Necola 
Brown, lenniter A 
Brown, lordan Allen 















Brown, Joshua Eugene 
Brown, Jovorious DeVontae 
Brown, Judy F. 
Broun, Kandi Shamiela 
Brown, K.itlierine Rebecca 
Brown, Kelvin D 
Brown, Kenneth 
Brown, Khristoffer 
Brown, Kimberly Lynn 
Brown, Latonya Herlana 
Brown, Laurie R. 
Brown, Lawrence M. 
Brown, Lisa Marie 
Brown, Lonnie R, Jr. 
Brown, Lori 
Brown, Marisse Deane 
Brown. Melissa Mathews 
Brown, Mi'que Danielle 
Brown, Michelle K 
Brown, Mnuly 
Brown, Mindy L. 
Brown, Morgan Jones 
Brown, Norma Jean Keel 
Brown, Rasheeda 
Brown, Rebecca Poole 
Brown, Rebecca K 
Brown, Richard Allen 
Brown, Robyn Lashelle 
Brown, Ronald Lee, Jr. 
Brown, Rosalind Denise 
Brown, Samantha C 
Brown, Sean 
Brown, ShaShila Paula 
Brown, Sherry P 
Brown, Stephanie 
Brown, Tammy Twanette 
Brown, Terence A. 
Brown, Tracy Lanette 
Brown, Vicki Yvonne 
Brown, Victoria Nicole 
Brown, Whittney Renee 
Brown-Auzenne, Terna Denise 
Brown-Crump, Jeane' A 
Brown-Denby, Natalie Marie 
Brownheld, Lawrence Earl, Jr. 
Browning, Braley lames 
Browning, Cassidy Lauren 
Browning, Cliff Lloyd 
Brownlee, Delia Ackerson 
Brownlee, Rosa Olean 
Brownlee, Wesley Keith 
Bruce, Brandy Terral 
Bruce, Christopher Paul 
Bruce, Heather Ann 
Bruce, John Caleb 
Bruce. Jonathan Ethan 
Sruce, Kevin W 
?ruce, Laura E. 
3ruce, Marissa Renee 

rueckner, Kevin Benjamin 

ruff, Charles Terrence 

ruff, Ihelma G 

rumneld, David Joshua 

rumfield, Erica Marie 

rumley, Beverly Ann 

rumley, Jessica L 

rumley, Meagan N 

rumley, Melissa Sheree 

runer, Kathy Jones 

runker, Lauren Claire 

runner, leffery 

runner, Kevin Eric 

runo, Cary Christine 

runo, Krystin Michelle 

runsgaard, Carol F. 

russ, Tyler Kole 

rust, Jessica Lynn 

ryan, Blair Kennedy 

ryan, Christopher J 

ryan, Dana M. 

ryan. Dylan J 

ryan, Harriot Chantel Stevenson 
Bryan, Stephen Alvin 
Bryant, Amanda J 
Bryant, Cassandria 
Bryant, Charlotte Lenore 
Bryant, Corey D 
Bryant, James Conrad 
Bryant, Kawana M. 
Bryant, Kristen Paige 
Bryant, Kyle Donte 
Bryant, Larry Daniel, Jr. 
Bryant, Lauren Kaye 
Bryant, Mitchell R 
Bryant, Nichola Dunne 
Bryant, Sarah M 
Bryant, Shabree Revae 
Bryant, Sheri Antoinette 
Bryant, Tabitha A. 
Bryson. Dale l-veiett 

Bryson, l leather M 

Bubania, Petra 
Buccola, Elizabeth Ashley 
Buck, [esse Eugene, Jr. 
Buck, Katherine Michelle 
Buckels, Kristina Cherie 
Buckingham, Jasmine Mikalyn 
BuckJey, Jordan A. 
Buckley, Shelly Jean 
Buehler, Elizabeth C 
Buffin, Tamecca A. 
Bufford. Jennifer Ashley 
Buisson, lordan 1 
Buley, Rickie A. 
ISullard, Dennis 
Bullard, Nicole L. 
Buller, Robin M. 
Bullock, Ryan Lamar 
Bumpass, Rhea Michelle 
Bundrick, Stephen Charles 
Bunting, Nancy Christine 
Buntyn, Whitney Lynn 
Burch, Crystal V 
Burch, Donice R. 
Burch, Michael Brandon 
Burch, Rayburn Lucas 
Burch, Stephanie 
Burch, Travis James 
Burdick, Derrick G. 
Bureau, Roneshica K 
Burge, Jacquelyn A 
Burgess, Lindsley J 
Burgess, Victoria Dawn 
Burke, Cali Bnana 
Burke, Catherine Jean 
Burke, Reagan Ansley 
Burke, Stephenie L. 
Burke, Tiffany L 
Burke, Tonya Kaye 
Burke, Tracy Leigh 
Rurkman, Jennifer A 
Burks, Demon Morgan 
Burley, Tanner Clay 
Burnell, Tiara Ueen 
Burnett, Jana L. 
Burnette, DeAngelis VonKeith 
Burnette, Kendyl Alexandria 
Burney, Anna Casson 
Burns, Adara Janaye 
Burns, Ann Michelle 
Burns, Austin M 
Burns, Brandy Renee 
Burns, Conor Thomas 
Burns, James P 
Burns, Jamie 
Burns, Korey Elise 
Burns, Laura Ann 
Burns, Matthew Ihomas 
Burns, Theresa Denise 
Burns, Tyler Luke 
Burns, Zachary P 
Burnside, Angel Leigh 
Burr, Tamar Theopal 
Burrell, Lakeyva Marie 
Burrell, William Emery 
Burriel, Brandon 
Burrough. Lindsay Mane 
Burrough, Robin Ann 
Burroughs, Sherry Renee 
Burrow, Aleasha Ann 
Burruss, Gina Mire 
Burton, Angela LaShell Price 
Burton, Angela K 
Burton, Ashley Rose 
Burton, Toni 
Burwell, Christianna 
Busby, Courtney Nicole 
Busby, Jacorey K 
Busby, lalesha V 
Busenbarrick, Alice Claire 
Bush, Candies Nicole 
Bush, Christopher Michael 
Bush, Cierra D. 
Bush, Jesslyn E 
Bush, Nicole 
Bush, Robert Lewis, III. 
Bush, Robert Edward, Jr. 
Bush, Roshawn L. 
Bussey, Caitlin S 
Buteaux, Zebulon Gerald 
Butler, Angel Dawn-Marie 
Butler, Brandi Michelle 
Butler, Brandon M 
Butler, Brandy N 
Butler, Dana I.ynnette 
Butler, Heather Dionne 
Butler, Jamie L M Rine 
Butler, Jay 

Butler, John Michael 
Butler, I ee ( iarrell 
Butter, Arthur E. 
Bulls, i onnie Michelle 

Butts. Dakota Blake 
Buxton, Ashley Victoria 
Buzzetta, Katie L 
Byers, Jaime Kaitlyn 
Byers, Talara 
Byles, Cassidy Brooke 
Byles, Ron Gary 
Bynog, Christine M 
Bynog, Joseph Allen 
Bynum, Stephen G. 
Byon, Edgar Anthony 
Byrd, Jerri Kassandra 
Byrd, Jordan C. 
Byrd, Kanedra Cherell 
Byrd, Robert D. 
Byrd, Shannon Noel 
Byrd, Shaquille Kenzil 
Byrd, Teresa P. 
Byrne, Erin N 
Bywater, Michael Wayne 
Cabrera, Gustavo Adolfo 
Cabrera, Mary Elizabeth 
Cadena, Melissa B. 
Cagle, Ronnie Donel 
Cain, Arlene Dean 
Cain, Kasey Byles 
Cain, Laterica S. 
Cain, Nathan Burl, II 
Cain, Samantha A. 
Cairns, Jamie 
Calais, Holly Jane 
Calais, Keri Dawn 
Calandro, Dorothy O'Neal 
Calcote, Larry D 
Calcote, Madeleine G 
Caldwell, Ashlyn Briana 
Caldwell, Chanda Tameka 
i aldwell, I >a\ id Neel 
Caldwell, Ebony P 
Caldwell, Kevin L. 
Caldwell. Paige M. 
Calhoun, Alexis Jana 
Calhoun, Brianna Kaitleigh 
Calhoun, Chelsea Symond 
Calhoun, Cheryl Lynn 
Calhoun, Corinthian D. 
Calhoun, Freddie Lewis 
Calhoun, Gloria J. 
Calhoun, Ingnd I 
Calhoun, Katrina Dianah 
Calk, Lauren Danielle 
Callahan, Beau J 
Callahan, Robin L. 
Callahan, Sean Alexander 
Callais, Timothy Antoine 
Callaway, Dakota Lambert 
Callender, Audra Lynn 
Callender, Kristi Lane 
Callender-Mcintosh, Fiona A. 
Callens, Deborah Kay Downs 
Calvin, Andre Clinton 
Calvin, Jasmine D 
Cambron, Steven T 
Camel, Trenica Trenell 
Campbell, Amanda Kay 
Campbell, Amber Nicole 
Campbell, Andrew Edward Jack 
Campbell, Cedrick 
Campbell, Charla 
Campbell, Christopher Ray- 
Campbell, Ezekial Edward 
Campbell, Jameson Clint 
Campbell, John Caleb 
Campbell, Jonathan Homer 
Campbell, Krystal Dhawn 
Campbell, Lacey D 
Campbell, Laura Elizabeth 
Campbell, Lauren Leanne 
Campbell, Rachael Irene 
Campbell, Sekourtinie Mekosha 
Campbell, Timothy, Ir 
Campbell, Troy Michael 
Campo, Taylor B. 
Canal, Travis Colby 
Candiotto, Meagan L. 
Canell, Gabnela Christa 
Cannon, Maegan Elizabeth 
Cannon, Nydia N 
Canulette, Carolyn Madison 
Canyon, Don Errol, III 
Capers, Ambernette Quimece 
Capon, Alexander Thomas 
Cararas, Victoria Lynne 
Carazo, Rachel Lynn 
Carcamo, Saul Gerardo 
Cardiel, lessica Eliana 
Cardwell, Melissa J. 
Cardy, Hannah Michele 
Carey, Christopher Guy 
Carey. David Michael, Jr. 
Carey, Mary lanette 

Carey, Shanika J'Na 

Carey, Trieva Marie 

Carey, Valerie Ruth 

Carithers, Catlin Hugh 

Carlin, De'Marcus Anthony Jerard 

Carlini, Brooke Ashleigh 

Carlino, Jennifer Irene 

Carlock, Ashton Kyle 

Carlson, Tiffany 

Carlton, Laura R. 

Carlton, Trenton Jarred 

Carmack, James Lynn 

Carmel, Kayla R 

Carney, Trade Laine 

Carpenter, Allen K 

Carpenter, Bethany P 

Carpenter, Cara Marie 

Carpenter, Jake Channing 

Carpenter, Jennifer Carol 

Carpenter, John E 

Carpenter, Lauren Kim 

Carpenter, Megan E 

Carpenter, Robert Charles 

Carpenter, Sara Jayne 

Carpenter, Shelley E. 

Carr, Clayton Lee 

Carr, Courtney Alexandra 

Carr, Kaleb Wayne 

Carr, Micaela Alyse 

Carr, Nicolas J 

Carr, Rebecca Anne 

Carr, Teiana 

Carranza, Roman Orlando 

Carreiro, Heather Michelle 

Carrere, Kaysee Elizabeth 

Carrier, Amanda F. 

Carrier, Jesse Ann 

Carrier, Robert Michael 

Carroll, Antonio Terrell 

Carroll, Dalton Robert 

Carroll, Jamontell Devonte' 

Carroll, Jennifer McGraw 

Carroll, Jeremy 

Carroll, Kayla M 

Carroll, Kelsey C. 

Carroll, Lauren 

Carroll, Mary 

Carroll, Matthew Blade 

Carroll, Rusty Monroe 

Carrone, Kevin David 

Carruth, Helena Ellen 

Carscadden, Loren 

Carson, Alan R 

Carson, John Caudell, Jr. 

Carson, John Matthew 

Carson, Melody A. 

Carson, Stilez Shea 

Cart, Kady Leann 

Carter, Amanda B. 

Carter, Amber A. 

Carter, Ashlee 

Carter, Cartrina L 

Carter, Dawn Cheryl 

Carter, Dawn McTee 

Carter, Frederick 

Carter, Heidi M. Smith 

Carter, Holly Dawn 

Carter, Jacob Terrell 

Carter, Jennifer L 

Carter, Jordan Keytron 

Carter, Julie Ann 

Carter, Kelsee D 

Carter, Kelsey L. 

Carter, Kevin Anthony 

Carter, Lacey Jo 

Carter, Lakaire Shanice 

Carter, Lindsay Erin 

Carter, Melissa Danelle 

Carter, Rachael Skains 

Carter, Roger T 

Carter, Summer Joanna 

Carter, Suzette M. 

Carter, Taschunda J. 

Carter, Wess Alan 

Cartinez, Alyssa Marie 

Cartwright, Bailee J 

Carvan, Gwendolyn Michelle 

Case, BreAuan Marie 

Case, Megan Elise 

Case, Zachary 

Casey, Jasmine R 

Casey. Kadilyn Elizabeth 

Casey, Peter Vidal 

Cashio, Luke D. 

Casino, Victoria Katherine 

Caskey, Deborah Kay 

Caskey, Sarah Diana 

Cason, Raven G. 

Caspari, Michael Lane 

Casselberry, Joseph J., Ill 

Cassels, Jeremy L 

Castello, Sheryll 
Castille, Seth James 
Castro, Candice Enola 
Castro, Emilio Alberto 
Cate, Julie Michelle 
Cates, John Wesley, V 
Cates, Kathlean R. 
Cates, Krystal Melanie 
Cates, Stacy Elizabeth 
Cates, Teresa Maria-Onia 
Catledge, Nicholas James 
Catlett, DeMariel M 
Cato, Sarah A 
Caudill, Charla Jo 
Causey, Amanda 
Causey, Brian Allen 
Causey, Craig Cameron 
Causin, Daina Marie 
Cavalier, Jared David 
Cavanaugh, Kay Darlene Ware 
Cavanaugh, Rachel O. 
Cavender, Taylor William 
Cawley, Alexander Bryce 
Ceasar, Ashley N 
Ceasar, Genevolyn Annette 
Cecil, Jennifer 
Cecil, Zachary Slay 
Cedars, Kerry Mathew 
Cedars, Taylor V 
Cehajic, Elvira 
Celestine, Brandi Rachae' 
Celestine, Sasha Nicole 
Celles, Amanda Marian Keator 
Ceniceros, George Anthony 
Cephas, Sherone 
Cernigliaro, Eunice Vega 
Cessna, Kerry Kathleen 
Chadsey, Charles Andrew 
Chaet, Maria L 
Chaffold, Jacinta Tiane 
Chaisson, Angela Michelle 
Chaisson, Stefanny Jo 
Chamale, Leylla Sabrina 
Chamberlain, Genelle Lyn 
Chamberlain, lessica J. 
Chamberlin, Emmet Reid 
Chambers, Clyesha Rena 
Chambers, Jacob Norman 
Chambers, Raney Michelle 
Chambers, Tykeidr Densha 
Chambhn, Joshua Thomas 
Champagne, Casie Danielle 
Champagne, Robyne F. 
Chan, Ambrose Wing Hang 
Chan, Pui Sze 
Chance, Katy Elizabeth 
Chancy, Je'Val L 
Chandler, Angela Stephanie 
Chandler, Anna 
Chandler, Bridget M 
Chandler, Caren Elizabeth 
Chandler, Charles Jabal 
Chandler, Clinisha Nicole 
Chandler, Damien Lamont 
Chandler, Heather A. 
Chandler, Katelyn N 
Chandler, Lisa M 
Chandler, Michael Remington 
Chandler, Paula C 
Chandler, Shana Marie 
Chandler, Spencer Joseph 
Chaney, Benjamin 
Chaney, Keith 
Chaney, Michael L 
Chapman, Carolyn Conover 
Chapman, Dana 
i hapman, I li/abeth Mai le 
Chapman, Kayla M 
Chapman, Lindsey S 
Chapman, Martha G. 
Chapman, Megan H 
("hapman. Tiffany Lashe' 
Chark, Adaysha Keondria 
Charles, Da'Shan 
Charles, Delana Lashay 
Charles, Jarrod M 
Charles, Stephanie R 
Charleville, Lashea Danielle 
Charrier, Delilah Dawn 
Charrier, Katelyn R. 
Chartier, Desiree L 
Chassion, Lakendra Denise 
Chasteen, Elizabeth Erath 
Chasteen, Michael 
Chataignier, Andrea Genee 
Chatelain, Karen A 
Chatelain, Kristen Marie 
Chatelain, Nicholas Michael 
Chatham, Otis 
Chatman. Brandon R. 
Chatman, Quindara Irene 

Chatman, Sharell Monique 
Chaudoir, Casey LeeAnn 
Chauvin, Raynie E. 
Chavez, Lawrence 
Chavis, Victoria L. 
Cheatham, Rebecca Faith 
Cheatwood, Katelyn Elizabeth 
Cheavious, Alyshia Betty 
Cheavious, Deirdre L. 
Cheek, Lisa Kathleen 
Cheek, Miranda Gayle 
Cheek, Monica D. 
Chelette, Janie Leah 
Chelette, Jonathon Aaron 
Chelette, Mary Ann Gilcrease 
Chelette, Misty Dawn Rollins 
Chelette, Robin Lynn 
Chen, Miange 
Chenevert, Alan David 
Chenevert, Bonnie Jean 
Chenvert, Richard B.. Jr. 
Cheramie, Victoria Anne 
Cherry, Heather 
Cherry, Sharon Michelle 
Chesal, Ashley Marie 
Chesher, Michael Andrew 
Cheshier, Haley Lanell 
Chetta, Donna Chetta 
Cheung, Kai Yin 
Chevalier, Alecia Marie 
Chevalier, Tony Michael 
Chew, Ursula A 
Chiasson, Brooke Ashley 
Chiasson, Grant David 
Chicaa, Zayne Antonio 
Childress, Hannah Elizabeth 
Chilton, Joshua Lee 
Chisolm, Lizzie Mae 
Chitman, Chetina Ynette 
Choe, Jessica Dawn 
Chong, Berwyn Joel 
Chopane, Yusheria Nicole 
Choyce, lessica Danielle 
Choyce, Veronica Michelle 
Christen, Amy Suzanne 
Christen, Candace 
Christensen, Debra Ann 
Christian, Ray L, Ir. 
Christian, Victoria L. 
Christian, Zachary William 
Christiansen, Chloee Joy 
Christmas, Shawnice Rene' 
Christopher, William A 
Christy, Kellie J 
Chu, Nina C 
Chunn, Kaneisha S. 
Church, Joanne Marie 
Churchman, Alison R. 
Chustz, Betsy L. 
Cilano, Katherine Elizabeth 
Cisneros, Jaime Emanuel 
Claiborne. Brittiany Dennette 
Claiborne, Darrell Antoine 
Claiborne. Imoan Bilah'Lowe 
Claiborne, Swaniqua D 
Clarius, Hannah S. 
Clarius, Sarah Elizabeth 
Clark, Austin Taylor 
Clark, Charles E. 
Clark, Chrystal L 
Clark, Courtney Leigh 
Clark, Courtney Corie 
Clark, D'Andreas Lavan 
Clark, Dakota Raymond 
Clark, Denver N, III 
Clark, Jordan Alexander 
Clark, Joshua Harrison 
Clark, Kelly Renea 
Clark, Kristen Janae 
Clark, Lana Sharon Frith 
Clark, Meaghan M 
Clark, Nathan 
Clark, Raphaela Alexis 
Clark, Raven A. 
Clark, Risha Abner 
Clark, Ronisha D 
Clark, Sara D. 
Clark, Stephen Laron 
Clark, Taylor Renee 
Clark, Valarie Latrice 
Clark, Veronica Leigh 
Clark, Vickie L. Knight 
Clark, Wanda Faye 
Clarke, Jesse Steve 
Clary, Tammi Elaine 
Clavier, Derek M. 
Clawson, lessica L 
Clay, Khloe' Nichelle 
Clay, Kyle David 
Clayton, Bradley Donnell 
Clayton, Destiny Annette-Jerleai 

( layton. Hcalhci 

Clayton, Kashaw M.i 
Clayton, Kesslei 1 ynette 
Clayton, Melissa ( 
Clemens. Tori V 
i lement, Alex loseph 
Clements, Kristin I eanne 
l Icmcnls, lata Racquel 
( lemons, I auren Elizabeth 
i lemons, lanjs 
( [eveland, Uicla ( roshond i 
Cleveland, \-.hlcf Ann 
Cleveland, [oelene Christine 
i leveland, Samantha P 
Clifford, U'hn rhomas 
t lifton, i onnoi Bi j anl 
i lifton, HoU) M 
Clifton, lohn Paul 
Cllne,< aleb Neil 
i line, ( helsea Megan 

Chile, M.ltllli'U I.Koh 

(Topper. Susan 
I lose. Molhc A 

Clouatre, Brian lacob 
( loud, Ashle) Nicole 
Cloud, Brittne) Michelle 

(loud, Cody Allen 
( loud, i lourtnev 
Qouse, Brittan) Nicole 
blouse, Olivia Malia 

Clowcr. Cheyenne Kichellc 
chiette, Shandre NiJielle 
tluse, Daynesses Elizabeth 
Coates, Amanda 
I oats,( lyde 1 
Coats, lames B 
coats, lev/el Dannette 
Coats, Melody S 
boats, Olivia I ynette 
Cobb, Uaia Victoi la 
Cobb, Alexandra Ryan 
Cobb, Daniel Owen 
Cobb, lared R 
Cobb. Justin M 
bobbin, Antwone M 
Cobbs, Shaniqua Uexis 
Coburn, Thomas L. 
( ochran, Blake l 
Cochran, Kip 
Cockerham, Reina I ynn 
Coco. Micah I ebrun 
klodarm, Sarah 1 
toe, Katherine Lincoln 
Coney, Benjamin T 
Coffey, Teresa S 
Cotfman, Taylor Brooke 
Cogbum. Emily Beth 
Cognevich, Megan Ashley 
Cohenour, Katelyn Brook 
Coincon, Nicole Renee 
ICojocar, lohnathan P. 
Coker. Anna Beth 
Cola, Dominique A 
Colbert, Rollyn Renoca 
Colbert. Tamekia Holmes 
Cole. Aisha Monique 
Cole Blayne Boyd 
Cole. Cassidi Noel 
Cole, Christina N 
Cole, Gregory D. 
Cole, Hailey Simone 
Cole. Kayla I 
Cole, keaton A 
Cole. Laurie M. 
Cole. Megan Danielle 
Cole. Skylah Alexandra-A'riss 
Cole, Timothy Trent 
Coleman, A'Teisha 
Coleman. Anesha Nicolay 
Coleman, Angela 
i oleman, Bridget Calette 
Coleman. Dannv Bruce. Ir. 
Coleman. Drew R 
Coleman, Falicia 
Coleman, Greggery Lance 
Coleman, |anice Bramlett 
Coleman, lulia Gwenet 
Coleman, Kawama L. 
Coleman, KimberK P 
Coleman, kveshia L 
Coleman, Maghon 
Coleman. Meagan Shenae 
Coleman. Micah Aaron 
Coleman, Shalonda Matrail 
Coleman. Iamekia V 

oleman. Lara Elizabeth 
Coleman, Vanessa Marie 
Coleman. Victoria Share!) 
Coleman. Whitney I 
loley, Lygeria K. 
- "oltlesh, Madison 

i olla, i lizabeth H 
i ollette, < onnoi I 

i oilier, l 

l oilier, Deborah H 

( ollins, tdrienne Nicole 

t ollins. Antlinm I ion 
i ollius, Brittan) I tevon 
l olhns, I .i 1 1 \ l eigh 
i ollins, Daniel ( hue 
i ollins. Daphne I 
i olhns, Donald w |i 
c olhns, Dwighl l lavid 
i ollms [asmlne i 
Collins, loslm.i P 
Collins Kayla Monique 
tolhns, Kimberly Danielle 
(olhns. l afourn M 
i olhns, Nakindra Monies 
(olhns, Rachel Ann 
(olhns, Rebeo i \ 
(olhns, Shajuana 
(olhns. shea I ea 
(olhns. Skylai k 
(olhns, limoiln I 
(olhns, rireka I asha) 
( ollinsworth, kn,i 
l olhs, k.ui.ih Anne 
Collongucs, I mi M 
i olson, \shle\ Nicole 
i olson. Katherine R 

l olson, l\ lei s 

i olston i dward l leWayni 

Coludrovich, Kortne) R 

Colunga, Stephanie 

Colvin, Alexia Sheri' 

Colvin, Benjamin lames 

( olvin, Danette lacquelyn Faoui 

Combs, Carleigh I 

( ombs, kathteen 1 [ana 
Combs. Mary Ann 
Combs, Nicholas James 
( ome.uix. Tyler loseph 
Commiato, loshua Aaron 
Common, lulia Faye 
( Leo |. 
Conatser, Tift'any Marie 
Condoll, Taryn 
( oiulra. lenae Michelle 
Cone, Summer Cheyanne 
Coney, Christina Moniq 
Coney, Christopher Lee 
Conklin, Kimberly Kathleen 
Conlay. Kaylee Allison 
Conley, Anna Faye 
i onley I a h ler 
Conley. I.akeia Ariel 
Conly, Scott Andrew 
Conn. Amanda Alice 
Connally, Diana lanine 
Connally. Kirstin Nicole 
Conner, Daphne Lynn 
dinners, lenniter Ann 
Connor. Michael Kevin 
Connor, Randa Renae' 
Constante. Dustin Ray 
Conston, Cassaundra Mishell 
Contreras, Jacob Nathaniel 
Coody. Sheri Brandi 
Cook, Alicia 
Cook, Billie Jean 
Cook. Camille Tucker 
Cook, (Charles E., Jr. 
Cook, Claire Lillian 
Cook, Francine k. Wester 
Cook. Gabrielle Marie 
Cook, Jeffery Steven 
Cook, lenniter Marie 
Cook, Kelsey L 
Cook, Latoya M 
Cook, Michael 
Cook, Paxton Samuel 
Cook. Shecarra 
Cook, Tara Somone 
Cook, William Alexander 
Cooks, Shaniqua L. 
Cooley, Flaina B. 
Cooley, Katelyn R 
Cooley. Keith A. 
Cooley. Kristopher Phillip 
Cooley, Lara Deann 
Cooley. Miranda Denae 
( looley, Sax'annah D 
Cooley, Tyler Cole 
Coon. Brittam Renee 
Cooper, Anthony LI 
Cooper, Catherine Renee 
Cooper, Courtney Lynn 
l oopei. I Imi.isH K 
Cooper. Jacob W. 
Cooper. |ason 
Cooper, lustin |. 

i ooper, k.ilh l Mm 
i ooper, Kayla ( hrUtlne 
i ooper, Kimberl) Shonta 
Coopei i alci ihl , N 
i ooper, Matthew I < 
i oopei Mil heal I 

ugan Dione 

i Rachel Mckenzie 
i Sholda Vedelle 
iparkli uinttwlnne 

i OOpi i Iron, | I ,ul 
( oopei, I ill.un 

linn R 
Coorpender, [ra< ye M 
Cop and, keisi s 
i opeland, kns DeWayni 
i opeland, Larr) l tarnell, Jr. 
i opeland, Marissa I 
' orbi " Richard Alexander, h 
i on, \nihei Marie 

ler, hlh. in Michelle 

uidrev, Jravis 

i on, \iulie.l 

Coriell, Courtney lustine 

Corley. Charles D, Ir 
i orley, k,Ts,-\ i lizabeth 
i orley, I ydia I 
i orley, lonya Michele 
Cormane, Destiny 
Cormier, Brandi I aine 
l oi mi, I, i \ iillu, i I Millos, 

i ormier, I lizabeth Ann 
( onniei, Enchantra Alexandria 
( oi liner, Nathaniel lames 
Cormier. Neil George 
Cormier, Victoria Paige 
Cornelius, Doteracalnct Salrma 
Cornell. Andrew Douglas 
(onus. Manna Michelle 

i mi mi I lima I 

Coronel. leanette Virginia 
Coronel, Marione S 
Corrente, Ashley Briana 
Cortello, Amanda Chase 
i ortes, l ni.iin 
Cory, Kathryn I 
Cosby, Neil D 
Cosby, Samuel Wiley 
Cosby- Nugent, Cathy D 
Cosme, Stephanie A 
Cothern, Drew Thomas 
Gotten, Crystal Aileen 
Cotten, Jacob Aaron 
Cotten, lenniter Ashley 
Cottingham, Jeremiah D. 
Cottingham. Melba Denise 
( lotion, Pamela K. 
Cotton, Sarah Natalie 
Coughhn, Alyson Nicole 
Coughlin, Kyle loseph 
Coulter, Devon Rashad 
County. Katnna L.ishawn 
Coupel. Tara R 
Courduries, Denis Yves 
Courtney, Mary Ann 
Courtney, Steven L 
Courtney, Tammy Renia 
Courville, Erica Paige 
Courville, Erin Lindsay 
Courville, Mariah Glade 
Cousins, Christopher Bryan 
Cousins, Samantha I . 
Coutee, Adna 
Coutee, April M 
( outec, Demario lake 
Coutee, John Richard 
Coutee, Melissa Ann 
Couvillier, lames Alviv, II 
Couvillion, Caitlin LeAnne 
Covington, Frederick 
( lovington, kathryn Martin 
Cowan, Codee A 
Cowan, Savannah lea 
Cowart, Amanda K. 
Cowart, Misty Shanee 
Cowart-Elsteroth, Carolyn E. 
( owles, lnsia Nicole 
Cowling. Richard 
Cox, Ashley Nicole 
Cox, Christopher Bryon 
(ox, Hannah Danielle 
Cox, James Dewe) 
(ox, lared M 
Cox, Justin K 
Cox, Linda Ann Verrett 
Cox. Ross Tucker 
Cox, Savannah Page 
i ox, lavlor R. 
Cox, Teresa Ferrier 
Cox. Thaddaeus John 
Cozier, Dalton F. 

( i, in Aihson Rebecca 
i i. in \iisiin Daniel 

( I. lit. Icssli.l ( 

Tin K. 

i i. lit. Miranda ' 
i i. lit. Rebecca Ann 

Suzanne S 
t raig, Barbara 
i raig, ( N 
( nig, Damon Ryan 
t Iraig, Dan. ih Danielle 

( raig, loshua Alan 
( raig. knstyn lanelte 

Man us A 
t raige, Arielle B 
( raighead, Kelly Huntsman 

i i hi \siiii i Nicole 

' lull, s s 

( rain. Dillon I 

i rain, Lilian Robert 

I rain, I allien B. 

i i.ini si. nU 'lie Marie 

( ranier. I adi Randall 

i ramer, Kevin A 

i Olivia Katherine 
i rammond, I inette Elise 
Cranford, rrenton v i 
Crank, Laura 
(Talon, l.inne I lizabeth 
Craven, Kalie l 
Crawford. Carla Christine 
i rawford, i arol 
( rawford, Crystal D 
Crawford, Emily Simmons 
ford, Frances Kathleen 
< rawford, [onathan Kyle 
Crawford, loseph A 
Crawford, Sarah Elizabeth 
( re iscv, I lizabeth \im 
Creasey. Jordan Renee 
i rc.iscv, Magen \ 
Credit, Delma 
Creel, Margaret Kathryn 
Creel, Stefanie Marlynn 
Crenshaw, Morgan I eAnn 
Creppel. Shayne Earl 
i lews, I !, inn, ih k.ilhleen 
Crews. Victoria 
Cripps, Katelyn Olivia 
Crisman, Donald Ray 
Crisp, Kinella N 
( nssman Morgan 
Cnswell, Victoria Brin 
Crittendon, Latoyia S. 
Crittle, Michael Edward 
Critton, Krystal Nicole 
Croad, lenniter Lynn 
Croal-Manuel, Darlene M 
Crochet, Brandon lames 
Crockett. Frica R 
Crockett, [etfrey Allen 
Crook, Darcy Leigh 
Crooks, Chaise Tayler 
Crooks, Heather Bardwell 
Crooks, Leighton Elizabeth 
Crooks, Samuel Robert 
Croop. Caitlin Rose 
Cropley, lames 
Crosby. Kimberly Bianca 
Crosby, Ronnie Carl 
Crosley, Gabriel L 
Cross. Claire A. 
Cross. D'Lana Michelle 
Cross. Dustin Anthony 
Cross. Hannah Sherrie 
Cross, Regan Renee 
Crosslin. Angela Renee 
Crosslin. Michael Allen 
Crouch, James M 
Crow, Amy Elizabeth 
Crow, Collin David 
Crow, Kelli Brooke 
Crow, Peyton Victoria 
Crow. Roseira I 
Crowder, Ilcyha Nelonda 
Crowder. Zachary Wayne 
Crowe, Ceaira M. 
Crowe. Shelbi Ann 
Crowley, Melissa Marie 
( mice, Gerard Gregory. Ill 
Cruickshank. knstme A. 
Crump, l.aureanna Breean 
Grumpier. Mary Helen 
Crumrine, Chrisu 1 
Cruthirds, Rhett, Sr. 
Cruz-Rodriguez, Luis Rene 
Cryer, Amber M. 
Cryer, Christopher C 
Cryer. Falan Deann 
Cubley, Kelly D 

i mill. I ia,.y Rhnea 
( uIIhtsom. rheodore R 
( ulbert, kesh.i i 

( ullen. Megan Ashley 
( ulpepper, kalll Michelle 

I till llgs. BI 

Cuminings. David 
Cummings, loyi 

( uinniings, Kate Autumn 

Cunningham, Ann Elizabeth 
i tinningham, < laitlin 
Cunningham. Dehnus lyhr 
i tinningham, Hannah Elizabeth 

Cunningham. l.iinTI Angela 
Cunningham, loshua Adam 
( unningham, * 

nigh. 1111, I am. 
Cunningham, Sioit Anthony 
Cunningl Nicole 

i men 
Curicl. Daniel 

kerra Rane 
Curphy, Hunter Wayne 
I l.o n. i i , 

Krishna Elizabeth 

1 . i Wanda R. 
Curtis, Christina Brooke 
Curtis, James Hunter 
Curukovic, Adna Adnich 

tionberry, Kelsey Charmaine 
( mi, i Angela lanesse 
Cutright, leshia M. 
D'Amalo i ,iilo 1 1 I ottrell 
D'Augereau, Jonathan lames 
D'Autremont, Meleesa Cox 
Dabel, Jordan I eigh 
1 >.i,l,i loyin Andrew 
Dahlem, Hannah Elisabeth 
Dahlem. Rachel G 
Daigle, Crystal Cutrera 
Daigle. Glen Anthony 
Daigle. Huey P. 

Kyle Matthew 
Daigle, Mikaila Nicole 
Daigle. Pamela Faye Elias 
Daigle, rroy F., Jr. 
Daigre, Waller lacob 
D.nlev, Analyse Elaine 
Dailey, Morgan Michelle 
Daily. Andrea Nicole 
Daily. Melissa Duns, 
I i.usy, kristen Michelle 
Dale. Dustin M. 
Dale, Katrina Marvette 
Dales. Alice M 
Dalleo, Katie Walker 
Dalme, Amy Rebecca McRae 
Dalme. Jeffrey Michael 
Dalme, Julie 
Dalme, TTIfani Marie 
Dalon, lessica 
Dalrymple, Katherine lane 
Dalrymple. William Colby 
Dalton. Ahsh.i 
Dalton. Denise Allison 
Dalton, Samuel ( Sent 
Damerell, Whitney Camille 
Danese, Christina Nicole 
Dang, My Hue Thi 
Daniel. Blake Alan 
Daniel, Carl Tyler 
Daniel, lenniter Ann 
Daniels. Breiah LaShawn 
Daniels. Casandra Denise 
Daniels, Emily Erin 
Daniels, Jamie Leanne 
Daniels. lansen Lane 
Daniels, lustin H 
Daniels. Lauren Elise 
Daniels, Rychel M 
Daniels, Tim I 
Daniels, Tbmica Lawonnc 
Danigole, Rebecca Marie 
Danku, Jessica L. 
Danku, Shannon 
Danna, Matthew Michael 
Dannehl. Mark A 
Dannehl. Tammy Renee 
Danos, Dylan M 
Dantin, Joseph Albert. Ir. 
Dantin. Sarah Marie 
P. intone, Lana Darlene 
Dantzler, Amy Elizabeth Kelley 
Danzy, Brandy Christine 
Danzy, Lindsey k. 
Daoud, Moniem A. 
Darby,, III 
Darden. Jermaine Corinthians 
Darden. Jonathon Connor 
Dark, Taylor DcLinc 

Dartez, Matthi 

Dauphin. Amy Beth 

Dauzat, Dustin Paul 
D.iu/al. I nnly ( hnstine 

Dauzat, Nicole Karoline 
Dauzat, Scotty Paul 
Davenport, Avrll Nicole 
Davenport, Sharvorsia Dominique 
Davenport Brooks. 
David, Jordyn Alexandra 
Davidson, loan Allene 
D. unison. K. uihn Mackenzie 
Davidson, Kyteja S 
Davidson, I eah K 
Davidson, lamalha 
Davila, Denise 

Davillier, Marissa 
Davis, Aaron Andre 
Davis, Adryanne Lechandra 
Davis. Alaina Chauntel 
Davis. Anetra D 

Davis. Ashley Nicole 
Davis, Ashley D 
Davis, Ashh Miller 
Davis, Brenda Kay 
Davis, Brittany l.enavc 

n.irlcs Henry, Hi 

i lharlie Lynn 
Davis, ( heyenne N 
Davis, Christine P 
Davis, Chrystal Antoinette 
Davis, Deirdre Danielle 
Davis. Demarius D 
Davis, Demonyca L 
Davis. Drew 
Davis, Elizabeth Dawn 
Davis. Elizabeth loann 
Davis. Emmaleigh Denise 
Davis. Glen S, III 
Davis. GlendaG. 
Davis, Heather H. 
Davis. 1 lolly M 
Davis. India S 
Davis, lames Curtis. Ill 
Davis, lames R 
Davis, lames Curtis, Ir. 
Davis, lamie 
Davis, Jarome Darnell 
Davis, leanne Alvce Dayle 
Davis, letfrei M 
Davis, Jeremy Payne 
Davis, lessica Nicole 
Davis. Keondra Muhaun 
Davis, kierra MarQuis 
Davis, Kimberly 
Davis, Lajasmlne 
Davis, Lakeisha Renee 
Davis. I anitra VeVette 
Davis, Laquanda 
Davis, Latoya Lunette 
Davis, Lauren 
Davis. I inda Marie 
Davis. Meagan C. 
Davis. Megan Amber 
Davis, Megan lea 
Davis, Melinda Jordan 
Davis, Michael Joseph 
Davis. Michael D 
Davis. Michael Lawrence. Jr. 
Davis. Misty Cherie 
Davis, Morgan Leigh 
Davis. Nancy Renelle 
Davis, Orlando Kern. Ir 
Davis, Paige Nicole 
Davis, Patricia Ann 
Davis. Penny Ann 
Davis, Roderick Rushell. Jr 
Davis. Roslyn 
Davis. Samantha lolynn 
Davis, Samantha Ann 
Davis. Savannah Ashlei 
Davis. Shakira Trichclle 
.iniii Dishan 

Stephanie Denise 
Davis, Tanetra 

ihelfordDeward. Ill 
Davis. Venitra Renee' 
I >.ivis. William Edward, 111 
Davison, Margaret F 
Davison. Quincy Allen 
Dawson, Denzel G. 
Dawson, Natalie R 
Day. David Jerone, Jr. 
Day. Vera Kay 
De La Vina. Jessica Lynn 
DeBlieux, Martha F 











DeBlieux, Melanie A. 
DeBray, Aaron Stephens 
DeFelice, Emily Faith 
DeLaGarza, Cheyenne Taylor 
DeLacerda, lames Axon 
l )e] acerda, Monica Colette 
DeLapp, Mason Graham 
Del.atin, lesse Ancul 
Del.oach. Amanda I anette 
DeLong, Misty Dawn, Morgan Rose 
DeMeulenaere, Michelle A. 
DePrang, Christina 
DePrato, Janell Price 
DeSorbo, Nicholas Joseph 
DeSoto, Megan Danielle 
DeSoto, Sarah E. 
DeTommaso, Patricia I. 
DeVos, Michaela Ionian 
Deamer, Lesley Joseph 
Dean, Carlton Matthew 
Dean, David Thomas 
Dean, Joseph Aaron 
Dean, Kelvin 
Dean, Seth Micah 
Dean, Susan Marie 
Deans, Sidney Rochester 
Dear, Jessica Danielle 
Dear, Sharon Denise 
Dearing, Eva J. 
Dearman, Lindsay Kate 
Dearmon, Shari L 
Dearmond, Lauren E. 
Decker, Brayden 
Decker, Nicholas Michael 
Decuir, Lamar David 
Deeds. Tracey L. 
Deen, Casey William 
Deen, Emily N 

Degeyter, Christopher Du.ine, |r. 
Deggs, Ricky D. 
Degrafenread, Erica Marie 
Degueldre, Vinciane Marie 
Dehon, Tnnyka S 
DeithlofF, Andrew Mark 
Delafield, Elizabeth Rachel 
Delahoussaye, Skylar James 
Delaney, Christina M. 
Delaney, Rachel 
Delgado, Frederick A 
Delhomme, Canaan Joseph 
Deloach, April Lynne 
Deloney, Hannah 
Deloney, Holly L 
Delovio, Lokahi Ke'alohi 
Delozier, Troy Edward 
Delrie, Cornelia 
Delrie, Kelcie D 
Delrie, Leonard Chad 
Delrie, Travis D. 
Demars, Katrina Retrice 
Demattie, Michelle Lee 
Demery, Laura Lee 
Demery, Shanetta Lacher 
Demming, Lakeyia Rashea 
Demus-lackson, Ola P. 
Denham, Frederic D., Ill 
Denison, Madeleine 
Dennis, James Doyle, Jr. 
Dennis, Whitney D. 
Denton, Heather L 
Deon, Joshua Adam 
Depradine, Eric Damon 
Derosier, Tajh Rene 
Derouen, Jordan Lee 
Derouin, Adam F. 
Desjardins, Emerald Danielle 
Desadier, Lori Roberta 
Desadier, Shelley 
Deshautelle, Haley 
Deshotel, Haley Claire 
Deshotel, Kelh Marie 
Deshotel, Laurie Ann 
Desormeaux, Patricia Tabor 
Desoto- Buras, Annie Elmaze' 
Despino, Sarah E. 
Desselle, Chrystal Delane 
Desselles, Curtis P. 
Destine, Wood-Mary 
Del/, Andrew Mason 
Deutschman, Andrew lohn 
Devargas, Chris Anthony 
1 levasia, Sibichai) Thundipa 

Develter, Rachael 
Dcver, Christopher, Jr. 
Devereaux, Janet Marie 
Deville, Bridgette I . 
I (e\ ill' < ,isn Achord 
Deville, Christia Nicole 
Deville, Katie I 

Deville Kristin Noelle 
Deville, Timberly Christene 
Devillier, Laura M. 
Devilher, Valerie F 
Devine, Wesley Tramail 
Dewees, Alice R. 
Dewilde, Kayla Dawn 
Dews, Marlon 
Dey, Amber 
DiBartolo, lonathan 
DiFrancesco, Anastasia Marie 
DiMatteo, Brandy Lynn 
Dias-Taylor, Colandra Danita 
Diaz, Alma Yaneth 
Diaz, Danay 
Diaz, Stephanie 
Diaz-Gonzalez, Dayra Vanessa 
Dick, Karen Elizabeth 
Dickens, Katie L 
Dickens, Nathan R., Ill 
Dickinson, Kelly Corcoran 
Dickson, Candi 
Dickson, Cassandra I 
Dickson, Jacquelyn Faye 
Dickson, Kristin 
Dickson, Leola Paige 
Dickson, Lynda Nash 
Dickson, Steven Lynn 
Dickson, Tamm) I 
Dickson, Timothy D 
Diepering, Jeri Jean 
Diercks, Jamie Lee 
Dieter, Anna Marie 
Dietrich, Devin Alesia 
Diez, Laura Mane 
Difulco, Ashley Nicole 
Digby, Stephanie LeAnne 
Diggs, Danielle Ann 
Diggs, Sheena 
Digilormo, Dana J. 
Dill, Meaghan Frances 
Dill, Phillip Michael 
Dillard, Jasmine Nikole 
Dillon, Walker Ty 
Dimarco, Joseph William 
Dimmett, Laura Ann 
Dinnell, Dana Lee 
Dison, Zachary Daniel 
Ditta, Randi E. 
Dixon, Bracinya Rene 
Dixon, Britney Shay 
Dixon, Christy Decoteau 
Dixon, Corey Shea 
Dixon, DaSaundra T 
Dixon, Danielle Dominique 
Dixon, Darrell Keith 
Dixon, Katrina Lee 
Dixon, Kyristyn Nicole 
Dixon, Lauren Elizabeth 
Dixon, McKenzie C 
Dixon, Randall 
Dixon, Rickey Dwayne 
Dixon, Shardae Janee' 
Diz, Jennifer Nicole 
Dobbins, Rebecca A 
Dobin, Shircarra O. 
Dockens, Austen Moore 
Dockens, Caleb R 
Dockens, Rachel Anne 
Docter, Jordan M 
Dodd, Jessica 
i 'odd fustian D. 
Dodson, Amy 
Dodson, Colleen lenell 
Doell, Caroline E. 
Doherty, Angela Jackson 
Dollahite, Joshua Hammond 
Dolly. Donna M. 
Domingue, Drake Thomas 
Domingue, Keith Rene, Jr. 
Domingue, Regina Lynn 
Domingue, Trenton K 
Dominick, Sade' M. 
Dominique, Alyce Deshawn 
Dominique, Harlie Marie 
Domzalski, Angella Anne 
Donagriche, Vincent Phillip 
Donatio, Jeffery S 
Doiiaho, Robert Caleb 
I >onaldson, Linda Susan 
Donaldson, Victoria Elizabeth 
Don.ilson, Antisha M 
I )onaway, Jammie ( 
Done}', Bruce Mitchell 
Doolan, Khirsten I 
Dooley, Brandon Scotl 
Dopp, Kaler R. 
Dona, Emerald Stan 
Don is, Richelle Marrion 
Dorsey, < Jretta M V\ tlliams 
Dorsey, James Ray 

Dorsey, Melissa Ann 
Dotson, April D. 
Dotson, Evony T. 
Dotson, Mark 
Doucet, Alaina Kelly 
Doucet, Jade Berard 
Doucet, Kaylsea 
Doucet, Olivia Madeline 
Douget, Karen Renee 
Doughty, Caroline G 
Doughty, Edward Lee 
Doughty, Khym E 
Doughty, Larry Justin 
Doughty, Nickolas Adrian 
Douglas, Dominique N 
Douglas, Honey Wyles 
Douglas, Natasha Nicole 
Douglas, Reginald Wayne 
Douglass, Jarod M. 
Doumite, Allysa Kate 
Dove, Yvette Nicole 
Dowden, Alvin Charles, 1 1 1 
Dowden, Ariel Nykole 
Dowden, Justin Cole 
Dowden, Kati L 
Dowden, Kristy Nicole 
Dowden, Raymond T 
Dowden, Sean P 
Dowden-McShan, Julie Ann 
Dowdle, Tess Juhanna 
Downing, Michael C. 
Doyle, Donna Lanell 
Doyle, Jessi ReShea 
Doyle, Jessica Anne 
Doyle, Kelsey Renea' 
Doyle, Rickey L. 
Doyle, Sonya Slayton 
Doyle, Tiffany Leann 
Dozier, Bridget Danielle 
Draeger, Melody Marie 
Drake, Dylan Lane 
Drake, Ronikka Ann 
Drakes, Willa M. 
Dranguet, Charles M 
Draper, Dinah Denise 
Draughn, Chelsea E 
Draughn, Constance 
Draughn, Garett R 
Dray, Rhonda Smith 
Drayton, Emaly Jauxniece 
Driggers, Anna Denee 
Driver, Darcy Marie 
Drobina, Eleanor lean 
Droddy, Hati Brooke 
Droddy, Kelli A. 
Drott, Karen Renee 
Drumgo, Demarcus D 
Drummer, Donnette S. Hall 
DuBois, Brandon Scott 
DuBois, Susan Louise 
Dubea, Christopher Michael 
Dubois, Cassiddy Rose 
Dubois, Leslie A 
Dubose, Linsey G. 
Dubreuil, Emma Jean 
Dubroc, Brendon Scott 
Dubuc, Michael S. 
Ducharme, Nicole 
Duck, Myster 
Duclos, Ysna 
Ducote, Bridget Kay 
Ducote, Joshua Dwain 
Ducote, Julie Ann 
Ducote, Kelsey N 
Ducote, Kerri Guillory 
Ducote, Natalie Prewitt 
Ducote, Nicholas Anthony 
Ducz, Katalin 
Dudley, Eric Dewayne 
Dudoussat, Bryanne Alexis 
Duet, Kimberly Susan 
Duff, Amy Nicole 
Dufrene, David Shaun 
Dufriend, Trey Joseph, Jr. 
Dugas, Juanique Dazelle 
Duhon, Christian Joseph 
Duhon, Jennifer Marie 
Duhon, Kyle Marcus 
Duhon, Meagan Leigh 
Duhon, Megan N 
I Hike, Dorothy Washington 
Dukes, Allison Nicole 
Dumars, Barbara |o 
Dunbar, Aisha 
Dunbar. Brooke Susann 
Dunbar, Earlene P 
Dunbar, Sonya Demetrias 
Duncan, RonKisha D 
Duncan, Stephen Wade 
Duncan, I \ l< i U 
Dunkley, Yani I ina 

Dunn, Brandy Nicole 

Dunn, Erin Mahaly 

Dunn, Frances 

Dunn, Kayla Janay 

Dunn, Lashelia A. 

Dunn, Todd Matthew 

Duos, Claire Elise 

Dupas, Joitroslna 

Dupas, Teranesha Nichole' 

Duplantis, Heather Nicole 

Duplantis, Laura 

Duplantis, Paul Allen 

Duplechain, Amy Celeste 

Duplechain, Cora 

Duplechin, Courtney Ann 

Duplichan, Alecia Leeann 

Duplichan, Rocky 

Dupre, Maryssa M. 

Dupre, Tamara Stella 

Dupree, Brady S. 

Dupree, Candi Yvette 

Dupree. Daniel R 

Dupree, Gary Allen, Jr. 

Dupree, Marcus D. 

Dupree, Melaney Shayne 

Duprey, Alisha Nicole 

Dupuis, BrittneyM. 

Dupuis, Erin E 

Dupuis, Melissa 

Dupuy, Amy M 

Dupuy, Ben David 

Duque, Christi Ann 

Duracher, Kristen E. 

Duran, Jessica Alejandra 

Durand, Alair Shantee 

Durand, Ryan Garrett 

Durbin, Sean David 

Durfee, Kimberly Reed 

Durfee. Sherry Marie 

Durham. Angela Renee 

Durham. Barbara Jeanita Marie 

Durham, Edith Marie 

Durham, Renee Danielle 

Durham, Sarah Marie 

Durnell, Devin James 

Durr, Ashley D 

Durr, Dana Kaye 

Durr, David Aaron 

Durr, Tommie S 

Durrett, Abigail Carnhne 

Durrett, Margaret Jeanette 

Duru, Brad Obioma 

Duruisseau, Adrian Terrell 

Duvall, Tyler Patrick 

Dwyer, Hannah Grace 

Dycus, Jacob Allen 

Dye, Emily P 

Dye, Jason David 

Dye, Melanie Ann 

Dye, Tiffany 

Dyer, Katie Diane 

Dyer, Samantha Kathleen 

Dyess, Haylie Ryone 

Dykes, Brandice Renae 

Dykes, Cynthia Elaine 

Dykes, Lesley 

Dykes, Meagan S 

Dykes, Patrick Neil 

Dykes, Travis A. 

Eady, Mackenzie Gehbauer 

Eagles, Halee Stockton 

Ealy, Danita Lashawn 

I -ils. i .1,1.1111 1-, I levonte 

Easley, Latoya Nicole 

Eason, Britisheandrea 

Easter, Latresha Is 

Eastmond, John A. 

Eastwood, Ashley M 

Eaton, Dustin G. 

Eaves, Cassidy Brooke 

Eaves, Emily DeAnn 

Ebarb, Ashton L 

Ebarb, Cecilia Nicole 

Ebarb, lustin 

Ebarb, Matthew Aaron 

Ebarb, R. Craig 

Ebarb, Stephanie Danielle 

Ebarb, Tammy C 

Ebarb, Zachary Lance 

Ebey, Katie Nicole 

Echaluce, J.R. Chavez 

EckJes, Brandon Keith 

Eddington, Ashley Nicole 

Eddington, Candace Dione 

Eddleman, Toni Megason 

Edelen, Robert 

Eden, Andrew Joseph 

Edens, Bryan Thomas 

Edens, Jason Patrick 

Edgar, Melvin T. 

tdmiston, Chasity L. 

Edmond, Celeste C. 
Edmond, Katrina Nicole 
Edmond, Ulee 
Edrington, Blair Barnett 
Edwards, Aaron 
Edwards, Alethea Rachelle 
Edwards, Alford Eugene, Jr. 
Edwards, Asha Kaye 
Edwards, Briana Rosellen 
Edwards, Chelsey Crenae 
Edwards, Cody Wayne 
Edwards, Cory Edwards 
Edwards, Crystal Lynette 
Edwards, Desiree Monee 
Edwards, Edmond, Jr. 
Edwards, Gabrielle O 
Edwards, Joseph G. 
Edwards, Keedra D 
Edwards, Landon Gene 
Edwards, Luke Alexander 
Edwards, Margaret Lindsay 
Edwards, Mary Lucy 
Edwards, Mitzi Latanya 
Edwards, Paige D 
Edwards, Quenita Lashonda 
Edwards, Sharita Lashell 
Edwards, Victoria Leshay 
Egans, Christopher Lynn 
Eickman, Trevor Davis 
Eigenberger, Michelle Arlene 
Eisterhold, Jessica Ruth 
El-Amin, Zaheerah Nadiyah 
Eleazer, Tiffany L. 
Elfer, |ena Marie 
Elie, Gia Kanee' 
Elie, Nadia Bianca 
Eljoki, Russell Murad 
Elkins, DeAnn Renae Carpenter 
Ellefson, Matthew A. 
Ellender, Amy 
Ellender, Richard A 
Ellender, Yauheniya 
Ellington, Amber Michelle 
Elliott, Brandy Elizabeth 
Elliott, Clayton C. 
Elliott, Craig Taylor 
Elliott, Helen Gaye 
Elliott, Isaiah Jamar 
Elliott, Jeremy Horn 
Elliott, Kallie R 
Elliott, Loretta Denise 
Elliott, Micah 
Elliott, Tyiesha Nicole 
Ellis, Carolyn Arlene 
Ellis, Chadrick Jamal 
Ellis, Christian M 
Ellis, Dana Harriet Wilson Mos 
Ellis, Danielle Marijan 
Ellis, Diane Michelle Young 
Ellis. Karensa 
Ellis. Louis Jerel 
Ellis, Robert, |r. 
Ellis, Tonya Renee 
Ellison, Dominique Nicole 
Ellison, James Tyler 
Ellison, Kari Anniett 
Ellison, Trashuanda Raquel 
Ellzey, Ellen Noelle 
Ellzey, Taylor Emily 
Eloi, Grant Fredrick 
Eloi, Sarah Elizabeth 
Elqutub, Yaser H. 
Elston, Laura Anne 
Emahiser, Laura 
Emerson, Michelle Ann 
Emery. Jamie Lee 
Emhnger, Amanda Marie 
Emmons. Amy Creel 
Emory, Sarah Janelle 
Encalade, Alicia M. 
Endsley, Jennifer Leigh 
Endsley, Sterling, Jr. 
Engel, Amber Dawn 
Engelsman, Elizabeth A 
England, Ashlee N 
England, Michael Lee, Ir 
English, Amber Elise 
English, Laurel Marie 
English, Luvenia Robinson 
Engolia, Lori M. 
Ennenbach, Tiffany Ellen 
Ennis, John Joseph 
Epperson. Kelly DeAnn 
Eppich, AshlevMarie McClellan 
Eppinette, Suzette Michelle 
Epps, Ke'Unta Dearrius Devonta 
Erikson, Vanner lames 
Erler, Sascha A. 
Ernst, Mitch C. 
Erskins, Jessica Lauren 
Erwin, Casey Charles 

Erwin, Richard Obie 
Escamilla, Denise N. 
Escott, Mary H 
Esparza, Brittany E 
Espinal-Nunez, Janiri 
Espinosa, Madeline M 
Essex, Sabrina Y'asmine 
Estes, Ashley Nicole 
Estes, Carlton David 
Estes, Mackenzie Frazier 
Estes, Melissa Anne 
Estupinan, Victor Hugo 
Etheredge, Brittany Nicole 
Etheredge, Carey R 
Etheridge, Hannah Marie 
Ethridge, Keri Beth 
Etier, Erikah Yvonne 
Eubanks, Rodney G. 
Eugene, Jasmine Courtney 
Evans, Abby Nicole 
Evans, Allison Marie 
Evans, Amanda J 
Evans, Brandi Katelynn 
Evans, Cristina Michelle 
Evans, David James 
Evans, Detavious Cartrel 
Evans, Frances Brooke 
Evans, Geneva Lorraine 
Evans, Holly Amanda 
Evans, Jessica Suzanne 
Evans, John Troy 
Evans, Julie 
Evans, Justin Dewayne 
Evans, Keante Marsha 
Evans, Kristin Megan 
Evans, Laura Leigh 
Evans, Moneisha L. 
Evans, Oscar R. 
Evans, Shanaysha 
Evans, Stemisha La'Neal 
Evans, Wana Sue 
Everage, Ashley Lauren 
Everest, Katie Dawn 
Everett, Alice Jean 
Evers, Emdy Kay 
Evett, Christina Michelle 
Ewing, LaShuanna Gail 
Ezell, Tami Marie 
Ezernack, Anna Michele 
Ezernack, Ashton Brooke 
Ezernack, Brandy Ann 
Ezernack, Gregory Joe 
Ezernack, Lindsey C. 
Ezernack, Marisa Denay 
Ezernack, Nicholas Ethan 
Eznack, Desiree Gauthier 
Faaborg, Jennifer Lynn 
Fabre, Allen Michael 
Fabrizio, Robert Brian, Jr 
Fadrigalan, Samantha M. 
Fagundes, Jason Luka, II 
Fair, LaTosha Monique 
Fairchild, Kindrea Michelle 
Faircloth, Haley Brianne 
Faircloth, Keifer R 
Faircloth, Zachary Alexander 
Fairley, Candace Tiara 
Fairley, Jacqueline Lanora 
Fajardo, Carlos Omar 
Falcon, Christina Michelle 
Falcon, Jacob Gerard 
Falcon, Joseph Tyre 
Falcon, Rebecca Michelle 
Falgout, Kristin R. 
Falgout, Serita Paige 
Falke, Carrie Virginia 
Fallis, Amy L 
Falls, Jinard Eric 
Fanguy, Emily Marie 
Farley, Brittany Ann 
Farmer, Matthew Ernie 
Farquhar, Celia 
Farrar, Shannon Marie 
Farrar, Tamara Dianne 
Farris, Brittany Nichole 
Farris, Burgandy Nicole 
Farris, Caitlin G 
Farris, Haylee Marie 
Farris, Lydia Danielle 
Fattal, Anthony Jude 
Faul, Rebecca Ann 
Faulk, Carrie Elizabeth 
Faulk, David John 
Faulkner, Kelsey 
Fausphoul, Brittany Nicole 
Favaloro, Kristin Nicole 
Favis, Darrell Anthony 
Favor, Julia Danielle 
1 .n i". lesse Daniel 
Fearrand, Crystal Michelle 
Feaster, Spencer K 

Feazell, Vlyson I 
Feazell, < od) l 

I eazell, K] le I >i « 

I edison Xenophobe I 

pei B kel 

l egenbush, Megan Margarel 
l eii i ibend Erica] 
elii e, Bn nnon Lee 
Felix, ( helsej Page 
relter, Kathryn Renea 
Felton, Brandi \ 

| t 'li/. Daniel i 
I enoli, Vmanda Austin 
I erand Ryan kip 
BerdJg, Melissa R 

Ferguson, Vbb) \ 

1 erguson Bi irtanj P i 
I erguson, limine, Michelle 
rerguson, t laleb 1 aunt 
I erguson, I >rev\ Marcel 
Ferguson, lamar Shaquille 
perguson, [erry Glynn 
Ferguson, I imucl I . Ill 
Ferguson, l. mum l ee 
Ferguson, Cayloi 1 eigh 
1 ei nandez, I bloc' 
Hernandez, Marcela ( arolina 
Perraro, reresa M 
Ferrell, Sabrina Mam' 
ferrey ros, foe'l \ 
ferrier, Bridget I ynne 
Fcmer. Heather 1 eigh 
Ferrier, lennifer Ammons 
Rstavan, KristaJ Kaye 
wr&nger, Michele 1 eigh 
Km laron Max 
halo, Melan) M 
Held, Katelyn Beth 
Fielder. Rachel N 

Fields, Britain I 

Fields, [ennifei i harolette 

Fields, lustin Matthew 
Fields. Kaitlyn Danyelle 
Fields, Katoya lanelle 
Fields. Irashawnda R 
Fields, Tyler 

Ingd losue 
oa, Maria D 
Figueroa, Randall Wayne 
■Inch, Kimberly Ken! 
Finch, Monica I 
ranch, Stella Sue 
1 Ine David I 
Einimore. Aaron lames 
Finimore, Andrea Claire 
I ink, Paige [alley 
i Inkle] l hastirj 
Fischer, ( ortney R 
Piser, Georgette Renee' 
rasher, Amanda Margarel Moe 
Fisher, Ashley lordan 
Fisher, Carolyn Ann 
Pisher, David P 
Fisher, Herbert Albert 
1 isher, lames A.. II 
Fisher, lames Patterson, III 
Fisher, Tamnv) Diane 
I ttzgerald, Courtney Lynn 
Fitzhugh, Christina Marie 
Fitzhugh. Sarah E 
Flaherty, Tyrrell Knowles 
Flanigan, Sikilya Shunta 
I leeks. Deundre Omarcia 
I leenor, I aura M 
Fleming, April Marie 
Fleming, Catherine Blake 
Fleming, Keith Fhomas 
Fleming, Sara Catherine 

Fleming. Fitfani Cherise 
Fleniken, Heather Renee 
Fletcher, Barbara Ann 
Fletcher. ( labriel 1 ee 
Fletcher, lack S 
Fletcher, lames Matthew 
Fletcher, loshua Daniel 
1 letcher, lustin Lee 
Fletcher. Korie Elizabeth 
Flinchum, Catherine Diane 
I lores Nellie luanit.i 
l lowers, Sharlie Beatrice 

Floyd, Amber Moore 
loyd InnaLo 

lovd. Dallas Sweat 
lovd. Hannah 

lovd, Martha I.eAnn 
lovd. Shasta Kae 
loyd. Spencer Ron 
lovd. Walter I art. Ir 
luitt. [essica Renee 

I luitt I \ lit Yule 

i linn l louglas < raig, |r 
i linn Megan I lizabeth 
l K nn Sharette > lenise 
l obbs, l niqua 
Focht, lulls A 

Mon.ill I villi 

Folarin, Synoi la Marii 
Folchetti, Amber Leigh 
Foley, Fallon K 

lolkins, Sarah Reh 

Folks, Austin l 

I olse, Sarah 1 lizabeth 

Rebecca shannon 
l ondel, Darla Renee 
i ondren l •■ nthla Diane 

I oils,', a, 1 null 
I onl.ui, W< ill 

I I ind.i Protti 
i ont< uberta, Martha Marie 
I ontenette, Pamela 
onti not, Vllison Marie 
Fontenot, Andrea Denise 
Fontenot, April Nicole 
I ontenot, Ashle) Nl i 
Fontenot, \shley 
Fontenot, Brian 
Fontenot, Erin 
Fontenot, Evita 
i ontenot, (linger Rae 
Fontenot, lenifei R 
Fontenot, Karren B 
Fontenot. Kinshanna Wafei 
Fontenot, I act) Marie 
Fontenot Meagan smione 
Fontenot. Megan I 
Fontenot, Tyler | 
Foote, Angela Suzanne 
I oppe, Vpril Rochelle 
lurch. Krista K.itinin.i 
Forcinel. Kimberly Copeland 

iron \ ictor, Ir. 
I ord. Alisa Regina 
Ford, Alyssa Bra 
Ford. Brionna Nicole 
Ford, Candace Bostic 
Ford, Casie Rei 
Ford, Cecil Darrin 
Ford, Chantel N. 
Ford, Charlotte Francis 
Ford, Corey Nicole 
Ford, Ebony Monique 
Ford, lessica Morgan 
Ford, loshua Allen 
Ford, Kayla Ann 
Ford, Kelsey Michelle 
Ford, Lakiera Lakese 
l ord, Meka Monae 
Ford. Michael Iarve/ 
Ford, OdellVerna, III 
i ord, Samantha 
Ford, Shannon lean 
Ford, Stephanie 
Ford, Tana A. 
Ford, I 
Ford. Victoria I h/abeth 
Foreman, Mackenzie Ann 
Forest, Megan Lee 
Forester. Kim |o\ 
Ford, (ami B 
Foret, Lynn Paula 
Fortenherry, Gretchen 
Fortson, Lamario 
Foshee, (, olden < ecirj 
Foshee, loshua Hilton 
Foshee, Matthew | 
Foshee, Tiffany 
Foster, Caitlin Elyese 
Foster, Carmelita Sharonique 
I oster, Dominique Simone 

Foster, Harold Gardner 
Foster, Matthew '. 
Foster. Maye 
Foster, Michelle L. 
Foster, Rachael Renae 
Foster, Rhonda Dianna 
Foster, Sandra 
Foster, Stefan 
Foster, Tracy Lynn 
Foster. Valerie Fanisha 
Foucheux. Meaghan Elizabeth 
Founds, Peter R.. Ir 
Fountoulaki. Eleni 
Fourcha, Miracle A'nora 
F'ournier. Christine M 
Fowler. Carmen Mane 
Fowler, lennifer Anne I anei 
Fowler, lohn Mathew 
Fowler, Matthew D. 

i ox, Brittany Nicole 
l ox, Bruce R 
i ov ( hristophi 
l ox, Dorene |une 

mis Preston 


l ox Kyun'a Iraneici 

I kai 
1 ox. sh.iin.i ( 
Fox. Shawn 1 edell, Ir 

Fox. Irevoi David 

i ii ill i hristophei M 

ins K 

1 ov, Kevin Wa 

Frame, Emil) I 

I ranee, Brittany It 

France, Megan Michelle 

France, i 

Francis, Dasina Marii 

Francis, I borne It 

I r.liuis, |eSSil i ! 

I r.nuis, Kyle 
Francis, Markell I 'wight 
Ryland I vette 

I is, Sharon Demetrius 

i rani is, o, I hanti Monique 

Frank, KeKc\ Adieanna 
Frank. Tina R. 
Frankell, Jorden l> 
Franklin. Bernidina Deshae 
Franklin, Cheryl M 
Franklin, Christie Michelle Wise 
Franklin. Cynthia Nicole 
Franklin. |ennii 

Franklin. Kedon J 
Franklin. Kendall 
Franklin, Kvron loseph 
Franklin. Lisa Denise 
Franklin, Michael Todd 
Franklin. Ryan N 
Franklin, Tyesha J'Nae 
1 ranks Amanda Leigh 
Franks, Lori Nicole 
Franks. Patricia 
Franzen, |udy Danielle 
I rates, Kelsey Alexandra 

\nna B. 
Frazier. Brad Davell 
Frazier, Clarissa 
Frazier. Dawnsha Antionette 
Frazier. Kenya Natoria 
Frazier. Lindsay Marie 
Frazier, Lona Mae 
Frazier. Marvin L, Ir. 
Frazier, Robert Earl 
Frazier, Shelton L. 

r, Ibbias P. 
Frazier Hollins. Victoria Elaine 
Frederick, Alan K 
Frederick, Brenda C. 
Frederick. Chelsey Breann 
Frederick. Earl I... Ir. 
Frederick, Ella 
Fredericks. Arlin. Ir 
Frederickson, Kaitlyn Josephine 
Fredieu, i assie I h/abeth 
Fredieu. Cynthia 
Fredieu. James B. 
Freeman, Albert L 
Freeman, Amber W 
Freeman, Ann Marie 
Freeman, Courtney Danielle 
Freeman. Darius Tremayne 
Freeman, Fredrick Donncll 
Freeman. I aikil.i A 
Freeman, Shamela R. 
Freeman, Tina M. Tobin 
Freeman -White, Jennifer 
Freemount, Ebony Desirea 
Fremin, Christopher S. 
French. Amy Rachal 
French, Heather Ann 
French, Jamaecia D 
French, lustin Paul 
Kyle lelTrey 
French, Lance Dakota 
French, Roshasta Lasha' 
Freshley, Christopher Matthew 
Freshley, Stephen Michael 
1 rev. Kaitlynn Marie 
Frey, Ryan Joseph 
Frias, Raymond Argenis 

Courtney Danielle 
Friday. Victoria N 
Friederich, Matthew lames 
Friis, Benika Loren 
Frison, Malonda T Taylor 
Froust. Angela Michelle 

I ruge, Itrandi 

I ruge, |ohn 

I ruge, I indsiv Walkei 

I ruge, Ruth I 
1 ruge. Angela 

Friisha. Karen 

.n. mill, i Marie 
I rye, Suzanne Matlock 

I ulloid. Iieiuse 

Pulks. Britney i 

Fuller. Bill) S 

I idler, Kicie smith 

I ullei. Kaiieish.i N 
I nllii Monlii'll Rodl 

Fuller, Precious I orrell 
Fulton, Hannah N.ionn 
Fulton. Megan Lynn 
Fulton, leiusli.i renae 
Funderburk, Caleb Lynn 
Funderburk. 1 1 

lung, Kayla Christine 

\rlhur William. II 

i , .unit I 

Furlow, Rebecca Marie 

I >ian 

Fusilier, Haley I 
I ussell, lon.iilion Aaron 
Fussell, Raven 
Futch, Geri Kaye 
Futrell. Hanna Renee 
Futrell, Sarah < atherine 
Gabriel, Natasha Caprina 
Gage, Roderick Cornell 
Gagnard. lessica I 
Gagnard. Sarah Elizabeth 
Gagnard, Wesley I 

aux, Gregory Adam 
Gaines, Danielle 
Gaines, Dominique Shnea 
Gaines, Echarial 
t iaither, Amanda Trichel 
Galbert, Connell lubar ( Ijeda 
Galbreath. Laura Elizabeth 
Galland, Sydney Nicole 
Gallant, April M. 
Gallego, Dennis Tan 
Gallien, lohn Thomas 
Gallien, Matthew Warner 
Gallien, Megan Elizabeth 
Gallion, Calvin, III 
Gallion, Connie 
Gallow. Kimberly Kaye 
< .allow. Shaquana Keira 
( , allow, iv. Gilbert Earl 
Galmiche, Ryan loseph 
Galvin, Timothy Lawrence 
Gammage, Margie Nell 
Gamo Gougue, Linda Ingrid 
Ganaway, Julia G. 
Gan, in .iv. Kolby lames 
Gandy, Dillon Keith 
Gandy. Emily Renee 
Gandy, Julie Perilloux 
Gandy, Stephen Michael 
Ganey, Caleb Lyle 
Gannon, Brook S. 
Gant, Enre Alfan 
Gant, Volonda Rochelle 
Gantt. Bobby C 
Gantt. Diondra D 
Garcia, Abby Gail 
Garcia, Alison E. 
Garcia, Eilyn M 
Garcia, Elvira C. 
Garcia, lames Cheston 
Garcia, Omar Lorenzo 
Garcia, Rogelio 
Garcia Pascal, Ana Maria 
Garcie, lerrv I 
Garcie, Joshua Jon 

Garcie, Tiffany Lynn 
Gardiner, loshual Grant 
Gardner, Kelli D. 
Gardner. Yasheca Favcrn 
Garfield, Virginia Diane 
Garita, Olivia TiCara 
Garland, Katherine A. 
Garland. Scott H, 
Garlington, Aubrey Ryan 
Garlington, Lana De'Anne 
Garmany. Rachel Danac 
Garneau, Brittanv Marie 
Garner. Angela D, 
Garner, Autumn Allein 
Garner, Charles Tiler 
Garner, lamie Danielle 
Garner, Jonathan Edward 
Garner, Joskeen D 

Garner, KrUll ^ 

i I aklsh.i S 

Savannah D 
( larrard, Reb< I 

Hannah K 
1 1 rale 

la M 

Garrett, Ashley D Anna 

( larrett, ( \ K- J andon 
t larrett, Glquan ( > 

Garrett, lenniler Madden 

( larrett, I andon P 

Garrett, S.ini.iiilh.i < lirislme 

Garrison. |o Ann 

( iarrison, Kelldra Rochelle 

( Iarrison, Sharonica I yNette 
Garrison, Yvonne s 
Carver. Holly B 

iadie Anne 
< laspard, Dustin Paul 
Gaspard, shade I. 
G.ispanl, Sheena Lattice 
ird, Wendy Marie 
Gasperecz, Anna B 

Babette P. 
ii lanea lanice 
Gates, Krystle 
( ..ites, Naomi F. 
( rates, Paula Weaver 
( ,.ites, Rickita Travonshaha 
Gatlin, Christine Allen 

i ,. in, in I lorida K 
Gauggel, Laura Arlene 
Gauthier. Andrea 
i lauthier, lessica 

ier, Mary Katharine 
Gauthier, Nathan J. 
Gauthier, Sarah Elizabeth 
i lauthier, Ybshika 
Gauthreaux, Rebecca Lynn 
Gautreaux. Elizabeth M 
Gautreaux, Lisa Ann 
Gay. Brandon Michael 
Gay. Dalton Zacharv 
G. iv, Richard Gilbert. Ill 
Gaylor, Selena Nicole 
Gee, lordan Michelle 
Gee, Kenni 1 Ii 
Gehnng, Trey D. 
Gennuso, Nicholas Joseph 
Genovese, Haley Elizabeth 
Gentry, Caitlyn Emily 
Gentry, Calley Micaiah-Rae 
Gentry, Jack R. 
Gentry, Jody L 
Gentry, Kathryn Elizabeth 
Gentry, Ryan Keith 
George, Barbara Lynn 
George, Carmen Marie 
George, Diamond Channel Leslie 
George, Kristen K. 
George, Marlon Isidore 
George, Megan Breann 
George, Ryan P. 
George, Ryan Andrew 
George, Sabrina Marie 
George, Tamara Latrice 
George, Terrance D. 
Germain, Michael lames 
Germany, Cory Michael 
Germany, Richard Jerome 
Germany, Shantrice Tresha 
Gernand, Jenniter 
Gernon, Victoria Brittany 
Gervais, Melissa 
Geserick, Cody M 
Geurts, Knstme 
Gewin, Scott Nolan. II 
Ghannam, Samia M 
Giacoletti. Brandi Lee 
Gibbons. Memrie Tamree 
Gibbons, Rheanne M. 
Gibbs, Latricia Lashon 
Gibson, Amy Lynn 
Gibson, Dennis K.. II 
Gibson, Eddie C, Jr. 
Gibson, Jabari J. 
Gibson, Jasmine D. 
Gibson, Jennifer Lynn 
Gibson, Keenon L. 
Gibson, Ladestiny 
Gibson, Tiffany G 
Giddens, Brent W 
Giddings. Haley LeAnn 
Gieger, Justin W 
Gitford, Michelle Rose 
Gilford. Rachel 

Gilbert, Breli 
Gilbert lamal 
Gilbert, limit I 
Gilbert, i 

Giles l 

Gill, l r. mi is Ignatiuf 
Gill, Ni 

Gill. Si, 
Gillespie. Ion I 

Gilley, Kiinbi rl 
Gilliland, Brill 
Gilliland. Delind 
Gills. Stephanii 
Gillyard, Decarius I 
Glllyard. |a Ireilton M 
Gilmore, Christine Meredith 
Gilvey. Sean P 
Gimber, Amy I 
Gmn. Connie 

1 hnstopher Michael 
lennifer Fee 
Gipson, Denise Michelle 
Gipson, Lillian A 
Girhnghouse. Sarah 
Giroir, Sarah M. 
Gish. Darla Dawn 
Gist, Christopher Battle 
Gistarb. Altreda G 
Gistarh, Norhsha S. 
Gislarb, Tiffany Monique 
Gislorb, Courtney lene 
( livens, Claire Elizabeth 
Givens, Lajuana Lynn 
( ,ivens. Makayla S 
Gladney. Albert C 
Gladney, I akira Shamelle 
Glasper, Candice Alicia Hicks 
Glaspie, Jessica Elaine 
Glass, Allison Kate 
Glassy, Nathaniel D 
Glaviano. Kristin Nicole 
Glaviano, Michael James 
Glaze, Corlni C. 
Glaze, Derek Austin 
Glaze, Sarah Nicole 
Glazner. lacob Charles 
Glenn, Karissa M 
Glenn. Wallace, III 
Glennon, Brittany L 
Glidewell, Jullian 
Glorioso, Maegan 
Glover, Angel M. 
Glover, Brittney 
Glover, Desiree Alyse 
Glover, Dylan Sean 
Glover, Nikita Nieshiea 
Glynn, Ashley Renee 
Gobert. Andre' Jamal 
Gochinas, Whitney D 
Godwin. Allison Leigh 
Goelden, Ariel Paige 
Golf, Hilary Paige 
Goff, Marsha B. 
Goforth, Amber L 
Goforth, Stephanie A 
Gohr, Carla 
Goins, Haley E 
Goins, Kristi Shenita 
Goins-Bias. lessica A 
Golden. Halei R. 
Golden, Ryan Scott 
Goldsby. Malcolm Xavier 
Goldsmith, Carson 
Golleher. Ronald Patrick 
Gomez, Raymond Dale 
Goneta, Melanie Sonia Mane 
Gongre, Tamatha Larae 
Gonzales, Blair Noel 
Gonzales, Brook Noel 
Gonzales, Grant H 
Gonzales, luan D 
Gonzales. Kara 
Gonzales, Sheri L. 
Good, Megan Elizabeth 
Good. Michelle Louise 
Good, Stevie H 
Goode. Keshunna Raquel 
Goodfellow, Hannah M 
Goodie, Trevor W 
Goodly. Desmine lamal 
Goodman. Sidney Danielle 
Goodson, Samantha Annette 
Goodson. Tokera Biasha 
Goodson. Tom E 
Goodwin. Marrissia Renee 
Goodwin. McKenna Rea 

r- h 










Gordon, Ronnie Elizabeth 
Gordon, Bridget I. 
Gordon, Che'Ayra Chc'Lae 
Gordon, Lane 

Gordon-Robertson, Natasha 
Gore, Devin M. 
Gore, Justin Denzel 
' lore Matthew K 
( lore, Peggy I. Stewart 
Ciore, Robbie Craig, |r. 
Gore, William Thomas 
Gore, William Erie 

lorei Kern La'Tera 
Gorham, Alexandra Morgan 
Gorham, Max Daniel 
Gorham, Terrell R. 
Gorum, K'ssk.i Maria 
Gorum, Lacey Nichole 
( losey, Hedaliner S. 
Gosey, Tracey Waynette 
Goss, Joshua Steven 
Goston, |anet Marie 
Goston, Shenita Nicole 
Gotreaux, Lori Alison 
Goudeau, lennifer Dianne 
Gourdon, Angela Danielle 
Gourdon, lessica Kathleen 
Goza, Julianne Patricia 
Grabener, Scott 
Graf, Meredith A 
Grafton, Natasha Elaine 
Graham, Candy Ann 
Graham, Danielle 
Graham, Forrest Shelbourne 
Graham, Janet 
Graham, Lacey Heather 
Graham, Sommer Adams 
Graham, TAndrea Lenon 
Graham, Trevor M 
Gralapp, leanne Margaret 
Grammar, Brittany Raine 
Granger, Adrianne Danielle 
Grant, Bret A. 
Grant, Courtney Diane 
Grant, Marion Ryker 
Grant, Robert Lee 
Grantham, lustin Scott 
Grappe, Brittany Leann 
Gras, Allison Priscilla 
Grasty, Diandra D. 
Graves, Alva Lloyd 
Graves, Anthony B 
Graves, Marlowe T 
Graves, Vanessa 
Gravitt, Bianca Beulah 
Gray, Dazetrica Chanice 
Gray, Juliette Charmaine 
Gray, Kayla N. 
Gray, LaToya Renee 
Gray, Latoya Mona 
Grayson, Jessica Paige Sims 
Grayson, John Randall 
Grayson, Terrance R. 
Greaves, Noelle Mananna 
Greavu, Lana 
Greely, John Robert 
Greely, Trade Bourgeois 
Green, Adreann Renee 
Green, Alexis Renae 
Green, Alexis R 
Green, Ami Denee' 
Green, Amnesty Shavelle 
Green, Antonette Denise 
Green, Charles Michael 
Green, Crystal D 
Green, Daryl W 
Green, Deirdre Denise 
Green, Demetrius Demond 
Green, Evelyn Kay 
Green, Evelyn Marie 
Green, Fran 
Green, Franchisca R. 
Green, Genlyn De'Shea 
Green, Glynda Ann 
Green, Heather Nicole 
Green, Inna 
Green, James Douglas 
Green, Jasmine Nicole 
Green, Jennifer 
Green, Kayla Ann 
Green, Kelly DeOnne 
Green, Krista Lynn 
Green, La'Shundra 
Green, Lauren Nykkol 
Green, Michelle Gantt 
Green, Misty Raynette 
Green, Oreticia M. 
Green, Pamela Ml 
Green, Roger Lee, Jr. 
Green, Scott'Dacia Miquel 
Green, Shannon R 

Green, Tacarra Latanya 
Greene, David B. 
Greene, Eleanor Leslie 
( ireene, ( iarron Thomas 
Greene, Kathryn Marie 
Greene, Keith Lamar 
Greene, Krystyn Katelynn 
Greene, Shantencka R. 
Greenhouse, Candace D 
Greenhouse, Lisa Ann 
Greenlee, Carol Anne 
Greenwell, Kimberly Lynn 

< iioraimij. Bnan I n 
( ireer, Bridgette D 
Greer, Christoper A 
Greer, Heather Michelle 
Greer, Jonathan K 
Greer, Joshua W 
Greer, Michael Christian 
Gregg, Betti Lea 
Greggs, Gloria lean 
Gregory, Tramesha E 
Gremillion, April 
Gremillion, Felicity N. 
Gresham, Christopher 
Grevemberg, Laurin Guillot 
Griffin, Carltonette Olivia 
Griffin, Charrise Nicole 

i ,i illin I l< n.i Mai u 

< 1 1 iltin I i ncsl 

Griffin, Gregory Lynn, Jr. 
Griffin, Heather D 
Griffin, Jason L. 
Griffin, Keyandra Michelle 
Griffin, Kimberly Ann 
Griffin, Latisha C. 
Griffin, Megan Elizabeth 
Griffin, Megan Alysse 
Griffin, Morgan Lee 
Griffin, Quiana Ka'Lita 
Griffin, Feral O. 
Griffin, Vanessa L 
Griffith, Amanda Lee 
Griffith, Sherrie E 
Griffith, Tanya Michelle 
Griffon, Derek C. 
Grimes, Doris Renee 
Grimes, Kelee Danielle 
Gnmmett, Rea 
Grisham, Marilyn 
Groce, Jayd Mackenzie 
Grogan, Annie R 
Groom, Cameron J. 
Gross, Cali Ann 
Gross, Dustin Daniel 
Growe, Shena Ann 
Grubbs, Mitchell Coleman, III 
Grzesiek, Constance Jvana 
Guadiana, Dianna 
Guarascio, Joseph James 
Guerineau, Joseph Paul Henri 

I lllCSS I lu'1,,',1 I i. inn lie 

Guest, Paxson C. 
Guice, Nikesha Keauna 
Guidroz, Kyle J. 
Guidroz, Nicholas Paul 
Guidroz, Patty Allemand 
Guidry, Alaym Marie 
Guidry, Erianne Jean Nicole 
Guidry, Fanchon Charlie 
Guidry, [effery Paul 
Guidry, Jodie Bobanne 
Guidry, Jules W 
Guidry, Kimberley A 
Guidry, Lacey Michelle 
Guidry, Lindsey Erin 
Guidry, Megan Elizabeth 
Guidry, Melvin Joseph Nerida 
Guidry, Monique Renee 
Guidry, Natasha 
Guidry, Robert L 
Guidry, Skyla Michelle 
Guidry, Tanial Lynn 
Guilbeau, Angela 
Guilbeaux, Dayna Renaye 
Guilbeaux, Denise Bissett 
Guilbeaux, Tenecia Renee 
Guilliam, Ebonee Seni 
Guillory, Apryl Kay 
Guillory, Bramli i arol 
Guillory, Brandi Renee 
Guillory, ( :,iitlin Michelle 
Guillory, Cayla Nicole 
Guillory, Chasity J. 
Guillory, Cyle Nathaniel 
Guillory, Derrick Dewayne 
( iuillory, LaToya 
Guillory, Lindsey 
(iuillory. Marc Eric 

< Iuillory, Megan Elizabeth 
(iuillory, Miranda < lhareze 

Guillory, Richard Alan, Ir. 

Guillory, Sheree 

I iuillory, Teresa A. Mason 

Guillory, Turquoise N. 

Guillot, Elizabeth F 

Guillot, Jaime A 

Guillot, Mandy R. 

Guillot, Stephanie Michelle 

Guillotte, Denee Lynn 

Guillotte, DustieG 

I iuillotte, Heather Renee' 

Guilmot, Annick R. 

Guin, Brandon Scott 

Guin, LaDonna X 

Guin, Laci M. 

Guinn, Caleb Sawyer 

Guinn, Shane David 

Guins, Delores Ann 

Gullett, Joshua Paul 

Gunn, Allyson 

Gunnels, Jacob L. 

Gunner, Brittany Breona 

Gunter, Carl Newton 

Gunter, Jonathon Cole 

Gunter, Patricia Connella 

Gunter, Richmond Lynell, III 

Gunter, Sarah Denise 

i ,iim . Brell M 

l iusl,tlss< mi, b ist. ti 1 1 [ M 

Gustafsson, Markus 

Guthrie, Brenden Thomas 

Guthrie, lennifer 

Guttierrez, Jessica Ann 

Guye, Ashley Cherelle 

Guyton, Jonathan Jeremy 

Guzman, Chyna D 

Haack, Erin Suzanne 

Haag, Samantha Rove 

Haase, Brian Kirk 

Habash, Nader Daoud 

Habenicht, Catherine Elizabeth 

Hackney, Katnna Marie 

Hadams, Olivia Nikita 

Hadden, Jon D 

Haddix, Jamie A. 

Haddock, Erin Bethany 

Hadley, Dustin L 

Hadley, Kristen Marie 

Hadnot, Kristen Chanel 

Hadwin, Amanda Clair 

Hagan, Dustin Ion 

Hagan, Nathaniel W 

Hagen, Heather Nicole 

Hagen, Julian Janee 

Hagen, Lisa Sue 

Haggard, Charles F 

Hahler, loshua E 

Hailey, Alanna Michelle 

Hailey, Brittani A. 

Haire, Brittany N. 

Hairston, Renee' 

Hajka, Nicole Renee 

Hale, Ashley Nicole 

Hale, Debra Ann 

Hale, Heather Renee 

Hale, Melissa Mary Ellen 

Hale, Sandra M. 

Hale, Sarah E. 

Hale, Shannon Wayne 

Haley, Christopher R 

Halfen, Holly Sarah 

Hall, Ada Bell 

Hall, Brendan lay 

Hall, Christie lanell 

Hall, Christina L. 

Hall, Corey Wayne 

Hall, Crystall 1 vnn 

Hall, Derrick Donnell 

Hall, Erin Paige 

Hall, Farris 

Hall, Frances D 

Hall, Gregory I. 

Hall, Jackie R. 

Hall, James Reginald, III 

Hall, Karen Michele 

Hall, Kayla Renee 

Hall, Kristen Lynn 

Hall, Maria S 

Hall, Michael D 

Hall, Misty Dawn 

Flail, Raven Leighann 

Hall, Richard Lincoln 

Hall. Shavon Na'sha 

Hall, Stephanie Rebekah 

Hall, Tara ( hci ic 

Hall, IitfanyJ. 

Hall, Foni I.ynctte 

Halle, Theresa Mane 

I [aller, Jaclyn Smith 

Hailey, Lauren Ann 

Halpain, Nichole Rose 

Halscll, Kendra Womack 
Halton, Tanesha Lewis 
Ham, Rachel Ann 
Hamdan, Ramsey Ghassan 
Hamersky, Nicole Renae 
Hamil, Natalie 
Hamilton, Adriane Devone 
Hamilton, Allexia Ashley 
Hamilton, Anthony D. 
Hamilton, Briona Jene 
Hamilton, Charles Mac 
Hamilton, Chassity 
Hamilton, Chelsea Rae 
Hamilton, Chelsey R 
Hamilton, Demarquis Reshard 
Hamilton, Francheska Denise 
Hamilton, Jacqueline McCoy 
Hamilton, Joe L. 
Hamilton, Kartavius Juwon 
Hamilton, Markita 
Hamilton, Pamela R 
Hamilton, Robert, Jr. 
Hamilton, Tanesha M 
Hamilton-Williams, LaToria D. 
Hamm, Katherine Victoria 
Hamm, Shonna Rheana 
Hammersla, Jessica 
Hammond, Anita Armstead 
Hammond, Brittany E 
Hammond, Heather Renee 
Hammond, Jennifer 
Hammond, Jonathan lermaine 
Hammons, Gayle Lillian 
Hammons, lodi Lynn 
Hammons, Shanda D. 
Hamms, Gardner Tomell 
Hampton, Arkeia A. 
Hampton, Johnnie S 
Hampton, Latoya Nechele 
Hampton, Raven Nikole 
Hams, Kayla E 
Hanberry, Rebecca Lynn 
Hanchey, Dawn Michelle 
Hanchey, Michael Cory 
Hancock, Erin Kristine 
Handy, Lesia O. 
Hanemann, Lacey 
Hanewich, Crystal Ann 
Hanish, Melissa I. 
Hanks, Katherine Virginia 
Hanna, Annie Elizabeth 
Hanna, Jeanette Catherine 
Hanna, Tamara Gabrielle 
Hannon, Brenda 
Hannon, Dori Mechelle 
Hannon, Kenneth Hamilton 
Hannon, Michelle L 
Hansen, Brandy R. 
Hansen, Vincent Allen 
Hanson, Jill Chansse 
Hanson, Meagan Lorayne 
Hanson, Ragen Brooke 
Hanson, Zachary Ryan 
Happel, Lauren Michelle 
Hardaway, Jasmine Cheyenne 
Hardee, Brendan Sawyer 
Hardee, Jase Dakota 
Hardee, Madison Nicole 
Flardeman, Kimberly Lynn 
Hardin, Barbara Ann 
Hardin, Emily L. 
Hardin, Rachel L. 
Harding, Danielle E. 
Hardy, Amber Crystal 
Hardy, Barbara 
Hardy, lanis Marie 
Hardy, Kayla Marie 
Hardy, Kayla Mone't 
Hardy. Reginald Keith 
Hardy, Spencer G. 
Hardy. Timmakah Shanay 
Harger, Shannon Alane 
Hargett, [osh 
Hargis, Jacob Wayne 
Hargis, Laura Davis 
Hargrove, Arcelia 
Hargrove, Paul 
Hargrove, Sabrina Elisabeth 
Harkins, Caleb B 
Harlan, Marlee Leanne 
Harmeyer, lackson Samuel 
Harmon, Cynthia A. 
Harmon, Haley Nicole 
Harmon, Heather Brooke 
Harmon, Whitney D. 
Harmson, Kayla V 
I lamage, I h/abeth Maree 
Harp, Mekayla M. 
Harper, Brett Edward 
Harper, lackie DeWayne 
Harper, Joe E. 

Harper, Joseph Randall 
Harper, Katherine Rene 
Harper, Michael Lee 
Harper, Michael R 
Harper, Rachel Nicole 
Harper, Rachel Elaine 
Harper, Tasha Marie 
Harrel, Christine Elizabeth 
Harrel, Heather Leigh 
Harrel, Nicholas Tracy 
Harrell, Alicia Polk 
Harrell, Deborah 
Harrell, Kyla 
Harrell, Lena Kristine 
Harrell, Megan Colleen 
Harrell, Spencer 
Harrelson, David Duncan 
Harrelson, Marsha Lea 
Harrington, Candace Claire 
Harrington, Emily Bayne 
Harrington, Mandi L 
Harrington, Paula Shipman 
Harrington, Rebecca Anne 
Harris, Aftan Leigh 
Harris, Alexander David 
Harris, Brent Allen 
Harris, Brianna Martha 
Harris, Chadwick LaMarr 
Harris, Courtney Michelle 
Harris, Courtney Elizabeth 
Harris, Dana Patricia 
Harris, Formesica 
Harris, James 
Harris, Jasmine S. 
Harris, Jessica N. 
Harris, Joy Lynn 
Harris, Kara Lynn 
Harris, Kemika LaShea 
Harris, Kimberly Nicole 
Harris, LaRaye Elkins 
Harris, LaShonda 
Harris, Leonard Arnell, |r. 
Harris, Lillie C. 
Harris, Melissa Anne 
Harris, Paul Henry 
Harris, Randashalia T 
Harris, Samuel Stephen 
Harris, ShaDonna DaNette 
Harris, Shanequia Lawanne 
Harris, Stonie Gilbert 
Harris, Tammy Guy 
Harris, Tevin Trayvon 
Harris, Tiffany Nicole 
Harris, Timothy 
Harris, Tyrik O'Shea 
Harris, Verna Marie 
Harris, Zabnna Dishelle 
Harris- Johnson, Jasmine S 
Harrison, Carolina W. 
Harrison, Ella Louise 
Harrison, Emma V. 
Harrison, Ferron Rene 
Harrison, Rodney 
Hart, Ashlea Sloane 
Hart, Brett Taylor 
Hart, Dana Jolie 
Hart, Lajarion Ebony 
Hartley, Lesli 
Harvey, Angela Denise 
Harvey, Chase 
Harvey, Jennifer L 
Harvey, Jessica Spurlock 
Harvey, John Thomas 
Harvey, Phillip Henry, III 
Harvey, Tiffany Anne 
Harvey, William G 
Harwell, Emily Ann 
Harwell, Linda 
Hashimoto, Erik 
Haskins, Matthew Edwin 
Hasty, Aundrea R. 
Hathorn, Justin Michael 
Hattcn, Desiree A. 
Hatten, Patricia Ann 
Hatton, Raymond Leon, III 
Haude, Chris 
Hauer, Shaylene Nicole 
Hawkins, Courtney Karin 
Hawkins, Dakota Shane 
Hawkins, Daniel Ryan 
Hawkins, Denzell Jerroeld 
Hawkins, Lashawntra Tenee 
Hawkins, Lea Ann 
Hawkins, Mary Ann 
Hawkins, Phylashia Lynn 
Hawkins, Tameka B. 
Hawkins, Victoria Ashley 
Haxhiu, Bledar 
Hay, Ethan I 
Hay, Karie Rene' 
Hay, Toni Leigh 

Haydel, Robin M 
Hayden, Kelsey E. 
Hayes, Adelia P 
Hayes, Aimee Kathryn 
Hayes, Ashley Laine 
Hayes, Ashley R. 
Hayes, Cameron Wade 
Hayes, Courtney Danielle 
Hayes, Ehren Scott 
Hayes, Ethan Blake 
Hayes, Kandy Arlene 
Hayes, Kierra Yvonne 
Hayes, Lakisha Meshell 
Hayes, Latoya Ellise 
Hayes, Lisa Annette Mahfouz 
Hayes, Samuel Anthony 
Hayes, Sandra lo 
Hayes, Shannon Janel 
Hayes, Stephanie Denise 
Hayes, Tracy Lynn 
Hayes, Vincent, Jr. 
Haymon, lessica Rene 
Haymon, Katarina Rae 
Haymon, Katlynn Irene 
Haynes, Ashley Shunte' 
Haynes, Rodney 
Haynie, Juan C. 
Hays, Amanda Jeanne 
Hays, Wynesha Yvette 
Hayward, Denise Rochelle 
Haywood, Dona Reed 
Heable, Tara Destiny 
Heard, Clemonce Raymond 
Heard, Cynthia F 
Heard, VonDarius O'Bryan 
Hearne, Timothela Wakkuna 
Hearns, Malvin I. 
Heary, Kartemus O'Neal 
Heath, Kari Leigh 
Heathfield, Jen Lynn 
Heaton, Lauren Elizabeth 
Hebert, Alex Thomas 
Hebert, Ashley Faye 
Hebert, Casey L 
Hebert, Chris M. 
Hebert, layme Joy 
Hebert, loshua J. 
Hebert, Katie Marie 
Hebert. Lawrence Joseph, III 
Hebert, Linda Dawn Henry 
Hebert, Mary P 
Hebert, Melinda 
Hebert, Nicole Michele Jenkins 
Hebert, Shelly Elish 
Heckel, Anslee Nicole 
Hector, Rory Alan 
Hector, Shane Matthew 
Heflm, Courtney Nicole 
Heger, Pier Dominque 
Heinl, Joshua T 
Heldt, Whittney Danielle 
Helenihi, Drew William 
Helire, Mary Ann 
Helhnghausen, Kali Nicole 
Helton, Taylor Delaine 
Hemphill, Breana Elaine 
Hemphill, Brittany Gardner 
Hemphill, Hannah Elaine 
Henderson, Amanda Fay 
Henderson, Brad 
Henderson, Jarred Trent 
Henderson, Jeffery L 
Henderson, Jeremy T. 
Henderson, Kendrick C 
Henderson, Kourtney Celeste 
Henderson, Quovadis Lamar 
Henderson, Shandnca Sherell 
Henderson, Shamce Veeuntay 
Henderson, Sharice C. 
Henderson, Tiffany Patton 
Henderson Lee, lennifer Mari 
Hendl, Christopher G. 
Hendon, Victoria Elizabeth 
Hendricks, Monica L. 
Hendrix, Chelsea 
Henkhaus, Daryl Boutte 
Henley, Debra Kay 
Hennessey, lohn Ashley 
Hennigan, Abigail M. 
Hennigan, Melinda K. 
Hennigan, Patrick C. 
Hennigan, Rudolph B. 
Hennigan, Sarah Jo 
Hennigan, Zechariah L. 
Henny. Theresa A 
Henry, Amanda Lynnette 
Henry, James Roland 
Henry, Jocelena Monique 
Henry, Lakesha Eyvette 
Henry, Michaela Martin 
Henry, Paula Dryden 

k'nn Samuel l arl 

[i in | Si '' ' i Monique 

[enry, rameka Dasha 

[enry, Oei rem e l 

tensel, lohnathan Andrew 

tensity, Nathan Ryan 

lenslej Shawn M 

[enson, Elizabeth \ li loi 

tenson, Kimbert) \ 

[enson, Shuwanna Nicole 

[erald, Faye I ouise 

lerbert, W isdom Shedria 

[ernandez, I lara Milena 

[ernandez, Grace ( eleste 

[ernandez, lesus B 

[ernandez, [ose \<< 

[ernandez, Kristin I ee 

[ernandez, Maria Del( larmen 

[ernandez, Raymundo, III 

lernandez, lanner Dwayne 

lernandez, raylor Elizabeth 

[ernandez, Zacher) Ty 

[errell, Kayla Nicole 

lerren, Michael Leon 

[errera, Donielle Marie 

lerrin, Daniel Franklin 

[errin, Michael I 

[errington, [yier I 

fershey, Staci 

tervey, I Un 

less l Min Marie 

[esser, Benjamin Seth 

[esskew, Destr) 

tester, Kelh. I 

tester, Renee N 

tester, [yiei W 

Dckman, llalh Cherc' 
Hickman, Shaquinta R. 
Hickman, Tarketrick Shanteedra I 
Hicks, Vbigail Blythe 
Hicks, \lma 
Hicks, Hannah Marie 
picks, lila 
Hicks, Micah loshua 
Hicks, Robert, |i 
Huks. Sharon Denise Christian 
Hicks, shauna Pleasant 
Hicks, Stephanie Sue 
Hicks, I Aeron Dewayne 

Hidalgo, Rat' Ann 

Higginbotham, lohn 
Higginbotham, lordan S 
Higginbotham, Nona Elizabeth 

Higginbotham, William [yiei 

Higgins, lames Daniel, |r. 

Higgs, laron D 

Hight, lacob Daniel 

Hightowcr. knstina Walker 

Hilbun, Christophei S 

Efllgei Michael I 

HUgerson, Elizabeth Claire 

Hill, \ngela 

Hill, Austin Alexander 

Hill, Brian CKeith 

Hill. Calvin 

Hill, Claudine M 

Hill. Crystal Lynn 

Hill. Donavon Caleb, II 

Hill. I arline West 

Hill. George R. 

Hill, lacy lernigan 

Hill, lessica Alexzander Steshia 

Hill, lessica Brooke 

Hill. Kina Phillips 

Hill. I aDettra P. 

Hill. Patricia I 

Hill. Roman D. 

Mill slundriqua D 

Hill. rarkedriaS 

Hill. Taylor D 

Hillard, Brandon Scott 

Hillard. Veranda Imari 

Hillebrand. lohn Dietrich 

Hillhouse, Leasha Marie 

Hillin. Taylor Kay 

Hillman. Anita Campbell 

Hillman. Chen Nicole 

Hillman. Christopher R 

Himel. Alison 
Hines. Barbara \1 
Hines, Brandy Marquetta 
Hines, loyce I 
Hines Walker, Dylan 
Hinman, Ryan A 
Hinojos, Nicholas 
Hinshaw. Elizabeth K 
Hinson. Blake Tyler 
Hinton. lalanda R. 
Hinzc. Desirae M 
Hipp, lamie Allison 

Hippli i tdam ( oiiu 

I Upplei \shl,\ M 

l lipplei \ Ictorla I lena 
Ho, lung Vee [heresa 
i 1., mi' Krlstlne 1 1 
i [oard Kendarriua I 
l [obdy, lazmyn Symone 
l lobson, i.iinni.ii.i Sue 
Hockaday, ( helsea Beth 

i lodgi 1 11 ■■ 
Hodges, Slmone S 
Hodnett, Matthew Dale 
Hoelscher, Vleece 
Hot, Michelle Rodrigue 
liott Gilmer, Shanna Nicole 
Hoffmai Cynthia Nedra 
Hog. in Britne) M 

Hogan, I )a\ Id I 

Hogan, lonathan t aleb Rash. id 
Hoganson, Danielle Ellen 
Hoggatt, Matthew Serlo 
Hogsett, Baillie Mane 
Holden, < hrisrj 
Holden, Linus I 
Holden. I acquita l ' 
Holden. Scott i ee 
I [olden, [errence D. 
Holden, l ia Marie 
Holdsworth, rylei R 
Holiway, Burnidean 
Holland, Daniel Reagan 
Holland, leremy Caleb 
Holland, lohn M 

Holland. I auren 
i loll.uul. Va( i ista i.i 
Hollenshead, Hollev Briann 
Holley,< rvstalR. 
Holliday. Amanda Lynn 
Hollier, Louis Anthony 
Hollingsworth. Christopher Clay 
Hollingsworth. Montoya D 
Hollins, Britney R. 
Hollins, Brittany Dyshaj 
Hollins, Keva Shanta 
Hollis, * hnstine Brooks 
Holhs, Christopher Tyron 
Holhs, Geoffrey Wayne 

Holhs, kahla Uise 

I lollis Mi rtle Angelajanette 

Hollis, Pamela Lanelle 

Hollomon. Sasha Bonet 

Holloway, Ariel lane 

Holloway, Kaitlin Nichole 

Holloway, Munion Kyle 

Holloway, Stelanie Harris 

Holman, Ashley 

Holman, Kasey Lynn 

Holman, Lauren S 

Holmes. Allen Andrew. |r. 

Holmes, Allison Christine 

Holmes, Anjelica M 

Holmes, Cassandra Denise 

Holmes, Christine Grace 

Holmes. Courtney LeAnn 

Holmes, Courtney Michelle 

Holmes, Darneisha Danchelle 

Holmes, Franchesca Danyell 

Holmes, Kristen Amanda 

Holmes, Michael, Ir. 

Holmes, Misty Lynn 

Holmes, Tracy L. 

Holmes, Tyra Annice 

Holt, Debra lean 

Holt, Kimberly Suzanne 

Holt. Lindsay Michelle 

Holt. Lindsey Denise 

Holt, ReBecca Diane 

Holtby. Samantha Ralee 

Honeycutt, Dakota lames 

Hood. Angela Diane 

Hood, Clarissa Laquanda 

Hood, Katie A. 

Hood, Tara L 

Hooker, leffrey L 

Hooper, lenniler \ 

Hooter, Kassandra Lyn 

Hooter, Wend] 

Hoover, Aimee Suzette Chandler 

Hoover, Austin Paul 

Hoover, Kayla Lynn 

Hoover, LeBronte D 

Hoover, Shaun Phillip 

Hoover. Thomas Scott 

Hope. Hannah Ashley 

Hopkins. Ashley Carolyn 

Hopkins, Cadie 1 vnn 

Hopkins, Donna 

Hopkins, Heather Renea 

Hopkins, larrad I evi 

Hopper, Cody L 

Hoque, lacklyn A 
Horlacher, Benjamin M 
Horn, Brandon David 
Horn, I acl Denae 
Home, ' 

Home, loshu.i ■ 

Hornsby, Sherri Susan 

ill, i Indsey i hoate 
Horton, Demarcus R 
i lorton Laked 
Horton, Madeline I llzabeth 
Horton, Melanle Nicole 
Horton, Reshad i' 

HoskinS, < helsea I inn 
lloskins, Danna I vnn 
Hotard, Shawn S 


House, Brian 1 I 

l louse, Paul i d 
l ions,- Heard, I rica Patrice 
Housel, Alexandei l 

Houston, Andrea Nicole 
Houston, Brittani Nicole 
Houston, Brittney Ann 

I louston, Derrick I ' 
Houston. Eccho Disavoy 
Houston, I [eatl 
Houston, Kandace Alicia 
Houston, kiz/v kintc 
Houston, Paulette ( assandra 
Houston, ShaDontre Chree 
Houston, Tiffani 
Houston, Tyreeka 1 aShaj 
Houy. Milton Ryan 
Howard, \lc\is Sharmane 
Howard, Allison ReEtta 
Howard, Aquilla 
Howard. Cary Ann 
Howard, Iodic I 
Howard, Knstie Donella 
Howard, Kyle Thomas 
Howard, LeAsia Kierra 
Howard, Marlon L. 
Howard. Marquita Laluan 
Howard, Natalie km 
1 toward, Samantha 
Howard, Shanell B 
Howard, Shel'Bi Sha'Kees 
Howard. Victoria Noel 
Howard-Ingle, Tobi M 
Howe Lauren 
I lowe, Nikki Anne 
Howell, Alexis Morgan 
Howell, Carrie Anne 
Howell. DenaH 
Howell, lessica 
Howell, ]oel Lathan, )r. 
Howell, Laci Jay 
Howell, Lloyd Charles 
Howell. Matthew Wayne 
Howell, Sally E. 
I low ill Price, Daphne Fay 
Howes, Tina I ynette 
Howitz, Kaylene C. 
Howze, Kavolshaia Olatta 
Hoyt, Zachary Martin 
Hubbard, lames Cody 
Hubbard, lames M 
Hubbard. Melinda L 
Hubbard. Shelby Monique 
Hubbs, Bradley Shawn 
Hubbs, Martha Elizabeth Johnson 
Huber. Keith Andrew 
Hubley, Daniel Henry 
Huck, Michael Kevin 
Huckabay, Kaytlin S 
Huckabay, Mitchell lame 
Huckaby, Cody Nicholas 
Huckaby, Patricia Diane 
Huckaby, Sunny Joy Ford 
Hucks, Betty A. Ross 
Hudnell, Kathenne Elizabeth 
Hudson, Adam \\ He) 
Hudson, Allen 
Hudson, Crystal Gail 
Hudson, Ernest Brent 
Hudson, Gregory Darnell 
Hudson, lennifer Monique 
Hudson, Kristen Lee 
Hudson. Kyle Nicholas 
Hudson. Steph inie D 
Hudson, Ten Noel 
Hudson, Tiffany Elizabeth 
Hudson, Valencia Crane 
Hudspeth. Jessica Erin 

ley M 
Hull, Matthew Kyle 
Huffman, Chassie M. 
Hugebeck. Laura Ann 
Hugee, Paula Renee 

Huggins, Hallii 

Hugglns, [ataric lynese 

Huggins, Shadarnesha S 
Hughes. Alexis Cahnelle 
Hughes. Amanda Sexson 
Hughes. ( athenne Anslev 
Hughes, Christopher M 
Hughes. Denial in ( 
Hughes, lohn Matthew 

I lughes. i acie Nicole 
Hughes. Marcelle Marie 

Hughes. Mary Suzanne 
Hughes, Michael B 
Hughes, Shatemncsha Ki'Antae 
Hughes. Shelby Shane 

Hughes. Tylei Dakota 

Hughes Spurlock, < lanesha 

Hughley, Amanda Sue 
Huhn, Amber Nichole 
Hulbin. James 
Hull. I e.iAnn 
Hummel. Lawrence Ray 
Humph] .icole 

Humphries, Brooke K 
Humphries, ( helsea R 
Humphries, Morgan Allese 

Hunsaker, Maxie Maret 

Hunt, lason Zantel 

Hunt. Lundyn Victoria 

Hum, Melainea S 

Hunt, Rebecca K 

Hunt, Susanna I , 

Hunt, Ton 1' 

Hunter, Alison Elizabeth 

Hunter, CarrNeisha S. 

Hunter, Damarion Jamayel 

Hunter, Derricks 

Hunter, M'Andreia K. 

Hunter, Meghan E. 

Hunter. Tyrone 

Hurley, Stephen M 

Hurst, Jeremiah 1 

Huson, Roland Ted, TV 

Hustmyre, Katherine Victoria 

Huston. Melissa Fern 

Hutchins, Haley Lynn 

Hutchinson, Jennifer LaPlante 

Hutchison, Amanda |oy 

Hutchison, Melody Elizabeth 

Hutson, lohn H. 

Hutson, Krystal Renee 

Hutto. Lindsay A 

Hyatt. Michael Lynn 

Hyatt, Shelby N 

Hyde. Dennis Paul 

Hyde, Trevor Dallas 

Hymel, lennitei M 

I hines, Jasmine B. 

Idong. Melissa Plenos 

Idumwonyi, Osaze 

Ikani, Sanaz S. 

lies, Clayton Foster 

lies, Shelby L 

lies, Stephanie Andrea 

Ingalls, Lainah Marie 

Ingalls, Samuel Curtis 

Ingebrigtsen, Leah Kara 

Ingram, Catherine Frances 

Inman, James Anthony 

Irby, HaleighB 

Irey, Destiny M 

Irey, Johnathan Eric 

Irvin, Whitney Shay 

Irwin Rogers sarah A 

Islam, Roshdieh 

Isom, Brittaney Alanna 

Isom, lazzelyn Jenea 

Issac, Katrena Leshea 

Us.,. Ricky Ray 

Istre, Caret! 

Ivey, Elizabeth Michelle 
Ivey, Jason S. 

Mikhail Cole 
Jack. Donna 
Jack, Megan Rashun 
lackrel, Brett David 
Jackson, Adrielle T. 
Jackson, Aeja Denae 
Jackson, Aisha Danielle 
Jackson, Alexandria Marie 
Jackson. Amber M 
Jackson. Anthony Gerald 
Jackson, Ashley Lauren 
Jackson. Austin Heath 
Jackson. Brandon A. 
Jackson. Brittany Kellv Battiste 

( assandra L. 
Jackson, Chellcy Denise 
lackson, Christina Elizabeth 

Jackson, i hrislina 

lackson, Deaqualllta S 
laikson, Debbie S 

lackson, Deaton M 
lackson, Dominique I aquita 
lackson, Edward M 
lackson, Falon Melan Rose 
lackson, Felicia Annette 
lackson, Frances Alyse 
lackson, Genica Nicole 

1 .lad\s 

lackson, lacqueline R 
lackson, lerica A 

lonathan I 
lackson, loseph I) 
lackson, Kaitlyn M 

on, Kathryn Olivia 
lackson, Keenan Rayburn 

Keona Nicole 
lackson, Latasha Denise 
Jackson. Lawrence lacole 
lackson. Leah Pilcher 
lackson. Lisa N 
lackson, l ynsey Renee 
Jackson, Marilyn Johnson 
lackson, Mary Catherine 
Jackson, Megan Leigh 
Jackson, Melissa k.n 
Jackson, Melissa 
Jackson. Melissa S. 
Jackson, Miranda Charlene 
Jackson, Patrice Nicole 
Jackson, Raven S 
Jackson, Rochel M 
lackson, Roydrek Shawn, Jr. 
Jackson, Russell T 
Jackson, Samantha Briann 
Jackson, ShaDiamond shaDell 
Jackson, Shawn 
Jackson, Talia Mane 
lackson, Tyshia C. 
Jackson, Victoria AnnMarie 

Whitney Charmaine 
Jacob, Ann Mane 
Jacob, Ashleigh Marie 
Jacob, Ashley Nicole 
Jacob, Kayla Monique 
Jacobs, Becky Sue 
Jacobs, Demetrice 
Jacobs, Earline Nichole 
[acobs, leremy 1 e Mar 
Jacobs, Kristiin Alexandrya 
Jacobs, Melanie Dale 
Jacobs, Mykell S. 
Jacobs, Nikita J. 
Jacobs. Syble Rena 
Jacobs, Tiffany Tawanaka 
Jacobson, Heather E 
Jambon, Taylor 
lames, Ashley M 
James, Bridgette 
lames, Christine Elaine 
lames, Daniel David 
James. Donald Gillis, III 
James, Jessica Renee 
James, Jordan F. 
James. Joseph A 
James, Kevin Wayne 
James, Mary D. 
lames. Millennia L. 
lames, Morgan Ashhn 
James, Nikkia Markelle 
lames, Pamela Y. 
James. Sascie A 
James, Shannon M. 
James. Tajah Ty'nae 
James, Tammy Lafaye 
lames, raylor Elizabeth 
lames. William Chase 
Jameson, Christina April Wilson 
Jameson, Cynthia Annette 
Jamison. Brandi Nicole 
Jamison, Bruce Michael. Sr 
Jan, Ana 
[anice, Geralyn 
Janiszewiski. Brittany N. 
Jankowski, Douglas Kenneth 
lansen, Monalaine 
Jarboe, Cecelia Jane 
Jarboe, Joseph Henry, I\' 
lardine. Sarah Mane 
Jarmon, Megan Doyce 
Jarnagin, Ashlev I ee 
Jarreau. Nicole Marie 
Jarreau, Valerie Denise 
Jarrell. Melissa kav Guadagnoli 
Jarrell. Samuel Cade 
Jarrels. Robert R. 
lams. Virginia T 
Jason, Sundra R. 
Jaudon. Chelsea Elizabeth Ruth 

lean. I ' 

leanii i 

In I 

ne. lonathan ( 

,. lared A 

letlerson, Denae 

Jefferson, Edwin I h 

letlerson, Hani, i 
letlerson. leremy 
letlerson, Josai M 

Jefferson, Keyonna Ircchcl 
letlerson, I awanda 1 
letlerson, Sloane R 
letlerson, Xavicr 
Jeffords, lames Ryan 
Jenkins, Alexis Dominique 
Jenkins, Angel 
lenkins. Chanel I 
lenkins, Dreyone Marquise 
Jenkins, Emily Dunn 
lenkins, Gregory 
lenkins. lack Brian 
lenkins. lessica I 
lenkins, Kayla Shalyian 
lenkins, Kirstie Apryl 
lenkins, knsta kav 
lenkins, Latisha Maria 
Jenkins, Lindsey B 
lenkins, I on A 
lenkins. Victoria knsta 
Jennings, lenniler Lynn 
Jensen, Sarah Elizabeth 
lergins. Daniel C. 
Jernigan, Tanya C 
[esclard, Mia Marks 
Jessup, Sarah Beth 
[ester, Matthew William 
Jester, Ryan Paul 
Jeter, Dallas Michael 
Jeter, Garth R. 
Jeter, Kristi Lynn 
leter, Millicinl Kae 
Jeter, Sheryl Sherrette 
Jewell, LaTasha Vushika Brooks 
lewitt. Audrey Reginia 
Jewitt, Brittany Nicole 
lewitt, Donella Rachelle 
Jilbert, Jovhan Edward 
Iiles, Kayla Leigh 
Jiles, Rebecca 
Jimenez, Kelly 
limenez, Steven Troy 
Jimerson, Jordan Williams 
Jinks. Jessica W 
Jinks, Taylor Marie 
Joachim, Corwin William 
Joffrion, Jacqueline Borders 
Johns, Casey Daniel 
Johns, Christopher Matthew 
Johns, Kay 

lohns, Kimberly Nicole 
Johns. Lindsey Nicole 
Johnson, Alexis L. 
Johnson, Amanda K 
Johnson, Andrea W 
Johnson. Andrea Linda 
Johnson, Andrew Ryan 
Johnson. Angel Annette 
Johnson. Anne Elizabeth 
lohnson, Anthony Wayne 
Johnson, April R 
Johnson, Ashley 
lohnson. Ashley 
Johnson. Aziza 
Johnson. Barbara Michele 
lohnson, Barbara Davonn 
lohnson, Bianka NiKendra 

Johnson, Blake Andrew- 
Johnson. Bradley loseph 
Johnson, Brandice Nicole 
lohnson. Brandy Michelle 
lohnson, Bnana Nicole 
lohnson. Brianna Sharmaine 
Johnson, Brooke Danielle 
Johnson, Carderius Quintel 
Johnson, Carla M 
Johnson. Carole A 
lohnson, Carolyn 
Johnson, Celesta Bertrand 
lohnson. Chelsea Clara 
lohnson. Christian S. 
Johnson. Christina Antoinette 
Johnson, Christopher Lamonis 

f— K 











lohnson, Christopher Allen 

Johnson, Tracy Lynn 

Johnson, Clinton 

Johnson, Travis Tyler 

lohnson, Cory lake 

lohnson, Trina Marie 

lohnson, l 01 v 

lohnson, Tyechia Nicole 

lohnson, Cotrina Lynette 

lohnson, Tver K. 

lohnson, 1 ot) 1 

Johnson, Vernon Lee, III 

lohnson, Courtney I' 

lohnson, Whitney Nicole 

lohnson, 1 

lohnson, Yanci Kathryn 

lohnson. Daphne Colette 

lohnson, Zachary James 

lohnson, David P 

Johnston, Amber M. 

lohnson. DeEisha 1 

Johnston, Amber Jeannelle 

lohnson, Debrisha Tywuna 

Johnston, Crystal Marie 

lohnson, Dia McDaniel 

Johnston, Jodi Audia 

lohnson. Diamond Ariana 

Joines, Jamie Elizabeth 

lohnson, Diorre 

Jolla, DeRius La'Shaun 

lohnson. Dominique Monica 

lolly, Sarah Beth 

lohnson, Edward Karl 

lones, Adam David 

lohnson, Eliza White 

Jones, Adrienne Lanay 

lohnson, Emily Mi< In IK' 

Jones, Akiko Miynon 

lohnson. Eric Dewayne 

lones. Alan Michael 

lohnson, Everette Lenard 

Jones, Alexa Rachelle 

Johnson, Eredia Marie 

Jones, Alexis D 

lohnson, Fulton Roy 

Jones, Alissa Michele 

lohnson, Gregory Demond 

Jones, Alysia L 

lohnson, Ida Lynette 

Jones, Amanda Kaye-Grifhn 

lohnson, Jackie Moore 

Jones, Amanda 

lohnson, Jacoh Tyler 

Jones, Annabel Fiske 

lohnson, Jalisa Kyres 

Jones, Annie R. 

Johnson, James David 

Jones, Ashanti K 

Johnson, Jasmine R 

Jones, Ashley Megan 

lohnson, (ason S 

Jones, Ashley V 

lohnson, Jeremiah 

Jones, Baylea Cree 

Johnson, Jeremy Rashad 

Jones, Brady Kyle 

lohnson, lerry Wayne 

Jones, Brandon Chase 

lohnson, Jesse E 

Jones, Brandy S. Huery 

Johnson, Jessica Jaleesa 

Jones, Breanna N 

Johnson, Jessica Elizabeth 

Jones, Breyona 

Johnson, John Calvin 

Jones, Britney Nichole 

Johnson, lohnanna 

Jones, Caitlin V. 

Johnson, lordan Allen 

Jones, Carey E. 

Johnson, Joseph Lonzo 

Jones, Casey Bryant 

lohnson, lulie Grace 

Jones, Chanterrica Charday 

Johnson, Juliet Michelle 

lones, Charlene Denise 

Johnson, Kaitlin S 

Jones, Chasity Kiara 

Johnson, Kaitlyn R 

Jones, Chelsea Elise 

Johnson, Katelyn Rose 

Jones, Chelsea W 

Johnson, Kathryn Anna 

Jones, Chenita Yvette 

lohnson, Kathryne 

Jones, Christa Dnae 

lohnson, Katie Elizabeth 

Jones, Christian Tmitriun 

Johnson, Katoya D. 

Jones, Cindy D. 

lohnson, Keland Edward 

Jones, Cornelius Delwin 

lohnson, Kelly Anne 

Jones, Daniel Cody 

Johnson, Kenderick L 

Jones, Danielle M 

lohnson, Kenneth W, lr. 

[ones, Danielle Nicole 

lohnson, Kimberly Nicole 

Jones, Daveon Isaiah 

lohnson, Kristen Lee 

Jones, Deanna Denise 

lohnson, Kyeshika Kenyada 

Jones, Elmer T., Jr. 

lohnson, LaTronda 

Jones, Elva 

lohnson, Landa M 

Jones, Emily Jett 

lohnson, Laura Elise 

Jones, Ernest Edward, III 

fohnson, Lauren Elizabeth 

Jones, Ethan E 

lohnson, Leslie Ann 

lones, Ethel Michelle 

lohnson, Letrell Marquis 

lones, Frank R 

lohnson, Linda C. 

Jones, Georgia Mae 

lohnson, Mark Davin 

Jones, Hasim Akeem 

lohnson. Marquise |erel 

Jones, Haylee M 

Johnson, Martisha Shantell 

Jones, Jasmine Shernell 

lohnson, Mary Paige 

lones, JefFery Jerome, Jr. 

lohnson, Melissa Denise 

Jones, Jeffrey A. 

lohnson, Melodie Karlene 

Jones, Jennifer Lauren White 

lohnson, Michael Alan 

Jones, Jeremy Horton 

lohnson, Michael 

Jones, Jeremy Michael 

lohnson, Michael Ryan 

Jones, lessica Noir 

lohnson, Nicolys Andrew 

lones, Kade Michael 

lohnson, Pammie Lee Wilson 

Jones, Kallie Francis, Jones 

lohnson, Patrick C, |r. 

Jones, Karisma Tishay 

lohnson, Quenton LaRay 

Jones, Karlee lane 

lohnson, Quine 

Jones, Katie Dunagan 

lohnson. Raven Rainelle 

Jones, Kayla 

lohnson, Reneka Rochell 

Jones, Khorey S. 

lohnson, Rosalynn Rena 

Jones, Kirstie Alexandra 

lohnson, Samantha Lynn 

Jones, Koral Callie 

Johnson, Seth 

lones, Krista Marie 

Johnson. Shakan Nicole 

Jones, Lacey Ada- Beth 

lohnson, Shakemia Shanee 

Jones, Mallory K. 

Johnson, Shalem U. 

Jones, Margie Jackson 

Johnson, Shanda S. 

Jones, Marie Renee 

Johnson, Shane < 'hristopher 

Jones, Meghan Rachelle 

Johnson, Shondrika Sharelle 

Jones, Patrice L 

lohnson, Siressa L 

lones, Poll UN 0, [r 

lohnson, Stephanie 

lones, Princess Mashay 

lohnson, Tamik.i ( lubre 

lones, Quiana Kristina 

Johnson, Tarneetra 1 ataye 

Jones, Renae Denise 

lohnson rheresa M 

Jones, Ricshon Mane 

Johnson, Tiffany R 

lones, Robin A IK son 

Johnson, Timothy A. 

[ones, Romone G. 

lohnson, I ina Diane 

lones, Ronda K, 

Johnson, Ioiquisha Antionette 

lones, Rosalvn N 

Johnson, Tommie 1 

lones, Samantha Maxie 

Johnson, Tommy Dwayne, |r 

lones. Sarah Nicole 

lohnson, Tonika Nicole 

lones, S. u, ill 1 ) Agnes 

Jones, Savannah Gabrielle 

lones, Shameka LaShay 

Jones, Shelby Keirston 

Jones, Shelita Q 

Jones, Takenya A. 

Jones, Taneka 

lones, lasha Shawn 

lones, Traci Lenice 

Jones, Tykee Acoria 

Jones, Veneshia Idell 

lones, Vincent Edward, Jr. 

Jones, Whitney J 

lones, Whitney Gail 

Jones, Zechariah T. 

Jones-Scurfield, Derrish M 

Jonker, Annelies R 

Jordan, Brooklyn Noel 

lord. in, ( helsev Sheron 

Jordan, Christopher Daniel 

Jordan, Domonique Dionne 

Jordan, Jackie F. 

lordan, John David 

lordan, loseph M 

lordan, Katy Elise 

lordan, Kristy Danielle 

lordan, Laken C. 

Jordan, Melissa Dawn 

Jordan, Mollie M 

lordan, Robin D. 

lordan, Sandra Lynn 

lordan. Summer lanette 

Jordan, Tonya Denise 

Jordan, Valerie Porter 

lordan, Virginia Ann Roberson 

lordan, William Henry, Jr. 

Jorgensen, Joshua 

loseph, Brian Anthony, Jr. 

Joseph, Denny 

Joseph, Jasmine Anelle 

loseph, Jason Earl 

Joseph, Maple Shonta 

Joseph, Meagan R 

Joseph, Onica Cantrell 

Joseph, Terrell Don, Jr. 

Joyce, Jasmine R. 

Joyner, Haley Nicole 

loyner, Lauren Elyce 

loyner, Robin Renee 

Juarez, Anthony R. 

Juarez, Yesenia 

Judge, Zachanah Francis 

Judice, Suzette B 

Juhnke, Megan 

Juneau, Allison Lemoine 

Juneau, Gwyndolyn Marie 

Juneau, Tyler lames 

Jupiter, Jona S 

Jurek, Jourdan A 

Kaiser, Jennifer Anne 

Kakatolis, Elaina Christine 

Kalmykova, Anastasiya Olegovna 

Kananack, Travis Andre 

Kanardy, Victor M., II 

Kang, Kyungran 

Karasch, Sheila Ann 

Karisny, Matthew 

Kary, Domenica R. 

Kasprzak, Lori Michelle 

Kautman, loshua Regan 

Kay, Anita Lynn 

Kays, Christopher K 

Kazusky, Stephen Riley 

Kearney, Elizabeth Barbier 

Keele, Ryan Paul 

Keeler, Victoria Laine 

Keen, Mary Elizabeth 

Keenan, Emily Anastasia 

Kees, Jennifer Mane 

Keeton, Ryan 

Keifer, Jennifer Ann 

Keith, Joseph Neal 

Keith, Whitney Lynn 

Keller, Logan James 

Keller, Sydney A 

Kelley, Amanda Gremillion 

Kelley, Austin Michael 

Kelley, Michael Shane 

Kelley, Timothy I 

Kellogg, Erin Nicole 

Kellough, Whitney S 

Kellum, Shatori |, 

Kelly, Andrew S 

Kelly, Anne Elizabeth 

Kelly, Annette LaShawn 

Kelly, Courtney Latrice 

Kelly, Erin Elizabeth 

Kelly, Herman E 

Kelly, Jacob 

Kelly, Jasmine I 

Kelly, Kimberly Anne 

Kelly. Lacy V 

Kelly, Levert 

Kelly, Marisa 

Kelly, Matthew Charles 

Kelly, Micah M. 

Kelly, Nakila Genell 

Kelly, Pamela Delores 

Kelly, Valeri Jo 

Kelly, Williem Deion 

Kelone, Ashley 

Kelsh, Stephanie Brooke 

Kemmerly, Kim D 

Kemp, Barbara loy 

Kempff Lacie G. 

Kendrew, Melissa Marie 

Kendrick, Erin Lynn 

Kendrick, LaTesha DiAnquonette 

Kendrick, Lori 

Kendrick, Rachel Elizabeth 

Kenmuir, Demetry Laurance 

Kennedy, Esther Atkins 

Kennedy, Julia B. 

Kennedy, Katlynd Leann 

Kennedy, Leslie Lynn 

Kennedy, Melissa Jo 

Kennedy, Paige Aleah 

Kennedy, Richard William, II 

Kennedy, Shelby Danielle 

Kennedy, Thomas B. 

Kennedy, Timmaney Alexis 

Kern-Dollar, Justin Cade 

Kernaghan, Julia Anne 

Kerns, Jennifer Lynn 

Kerr, Robert Joseph 

Kerry, Courtney Alexis 

Kerry, Hope D. 

Kerry, Rachel M. 

Kerry, Sarah Michelle 

Kersey, 1 1 II 

Kessler, Charlene Blalock 

Kessler, Kelley loaquin 

Key, leffery Barnes, II 

Key, Patrick Emanuel 

Kezerle, Jana Nicole 

Kezerle, Joshua Hayden 

Kiely, Charles Timothy 

Kikeh, Destiny F 

Kile, Andrea E. 

Kile, Jennifer Martin 

Kile, Tiffany Louise 

Kilgo, Lydia Esther Gomez 

Kilgore, Miranda Kaye 

Kilgore, Nicole Renee 

Kilgore, TaSheika I 

Killen, Sean Timothy, Jr. 

Kilhan, Matthew Kevin 

Kim, Chuhyun 

Kim, Kyung 

Kim, Min lung 

Kimball, Jennifer M. 

Kimble, lanet Lee luneau 

Kimble, Rhonda Judith 

Kimbrough, Angela Gaye Watkins 

Kimich. Ashley Nicole 

Kimmell, Millie Kay 

Kimmell, Toni 

Kimsey, Rebecca Lynn 

Kincade, Kourtney L 

King, Alicia Marie 

King, Andrew Mackenzie 

King, Charity Lynn 

King, Chelsea A. 

King, Corey Lee 

King, Elizabeth Shantell 

King, Erin Nicole 

King, George Keith 

King, lana Michelle 

King, lason Demond 

King, lennifer Renee' Wilson 

King, Jennifer Lou 

King, Kayla A 

King, Kevin M 

King, Lauren Barton 

King, Lenna L. 

King, Mahgann Richelle 

King, Mica Michelle McCann 

King, Shantel Monique 

King, Shraman Lashan 

King, Tau'Mee lanel 

King, Valisa Patrice 

Kingdom, Candace M 

Kingsby, I'amika L. 

Kinnison. Kelsey I 

Kiper, Cory Mark 

Kirby, Kimberly Erin 

Kirk, Christine L 

Kirk. Jenny Paige 

Kirk, Kaylin Leejean Celeste 

Kirkendoll, Brittan) 

Kirkendoll, Malcolm G. 

Kirkikis, Helen Alexandra 

Kirkland, Carol Louise Stock 

Kirklin, Gina Angella 
Kirkwood, Janet M. 
Kirts, Andreia Vontrice 
Kirts, Changela Deniece 
Kirts, Tavius R. 
Kirts, Tierra S. 
Kissee, Autumn Yvonne 
Kitterhn, Melanie S. Sharp 
KJare, Erica Danielle 
Klein, Lauren Nicole 
Klein, Marie Alford 
Kleinmuntz, Robert Scott 
Kleven, Andrea Nicole 
Khng, Rachel 
Klock, John Thomas 
Klopping, Katie Kimberly 
Klotz, David Connor 
Knarr, Emily D. 
Knatt, Mary J 

Kneebush, Nehana Nichelle 
Knifhn, Leighton 
Knight, Barbara Michelle 
Knight, Dominic Davon 
Knight, Elizabeth Angelina 
Knight, Kimberly Renee 
Knight, Stephanie Catrina 
Knight, Tiffany Elaine 
Knighten, Deana Leigh 
Knighten, Latrenda Duretta 
Knighten, Tia D 
Knippers, Cory Jackson 
Knoblauch, Timothy A. 
Knotek, Christine D 
Knotts, Scottie 
Knox, Erin Monique 
Knueppel, Eliya S. 
Knutsen, Lindsey Anne 
Koenck, Aaron Emil 
Kokemor, Megan Lore' 
Kolafa, Kayla Michelle 
Koleas, lonathan Morgan 
Koleas, Mary 
Konop, Polina 
Koob, Mary leannette 
Korn, Evan Frederick 
Korn, Patrick Ryan 
Korn, Stephanie Marie 
Koslosky, Hannah Rose 
Koss, Justin M. 
Kostelak, Jessica Elizabeth 
Koster, Danielle Lara 
Koster, Nicole Joanna 
Koster, Zachary Gerard 
Kotun, Angelica Maelina 
Koveleskie, Shannon K. 
Kozhevnikova, Olga 
Kramer, Jacob John. Ill 
Kranz, Megan Mallory 
Kreller, Nekki Lee 
Krenek, Autumn Breeanna 
Krenek, Rachel Elizabeth 
Kropog, Amber 
Krouse, Justin Cole 
Kuhl, Amber Nicole 
Kuhn, Michael 
Kuhn, Monique Ariel 
Kulka, Angela Teresa 
Kuntzman, Tyler Dean 
Kunz, Natalie Ruth 
Kurkiewicz, Samuel Van 
Kussmann, Wendy Leigh 
Kwentua, Victoria Jewel 
Kwiecinski, Cherish Ariana 
Kwon, Annprin S. 
Kyle, Cameron D 
Kyle, Jeremy Lee 
Kyle, Richard M. 
Kyzar, Logan Patrick 
LaBarge, Brandon Christopher 
LaBarge, Mark James 
LaBella, Denise Marie 
LaBiche, Jason Michael 
LaBranch, Taleah Rechelle 
LaCabe, Gabrielle Aubrey 
LaCaze, Joshua Wayne 
LaCaze, Lorrie Ann 
LaCaze, Raina Maranne 
LaCaze, Rhonda Michele 
LaCour, Brittany N. 
LaCour, Caitlin Melody 
LaCour, Donavan M. 
LaCour, Felisha D 
I a( our, Kandi L. 
LaCour, Lessie 
LaCour, Melanie Ann 
LaCour, Nini Nalo 
I .it oiii, sin ee I ea I'rice 
LaCroix, Rachel Michelle 
LaFleur, Chelsea 
LaFleur, Melody Nicole 
LaFleur, Nicolle Marie 

LaFleur Green, Tiffany A 
LaFosse, Clara Lenore 
LaGrone, Kaycie Morgan 
LaRoux, Darla Sepulvado 
LaRoux-Gordy, lessie Lynn 
LaRue, Destiny Renae 
LaVergne, Pearl Elizabeth 
Labit, Billi Jo 
Labom, Amanda Shree 
Laborde, Dylan Hayes 
Laborde, Jack Lewis 
Laborde, Matthew P 
Laborde, Michael 
Laborde, Nicholas Francis 
Laborde, Scott P 
Laborde, Victoria Denise 
Labro, Tabitha 1 
Labutka, Jacob A 
Lacek, Cory Edward 
Lacey, Brandon Gerard 
Lacheney, Tyrel 
Lachney, Kimberly Danielle 
Laci, Philip L. 
Lackie, Maggie Nicole 
Lackie, Matthew Michael 
Lacombe, Joey 
Lacombe, Shelby A 
Lacore, Kyle J. 
Lacore, Steven J 
Lacoste, Brooke M. 
Lacoste, Nicole Marie 
Lacour, Devyne Lyndell 
Lacour, lames Aubrey 
Lacour, Juliena F 
Lacour, Kaci Lyn 
Lacour, Lacey Kristine 
Lacour, Michael S. 
Lacour, Michael A 
Lacour, Petra Dejon 
Lacour, Samantha Rachal 
Lacy, Brittany 
Ladd, Jennifer Marie 
Ladmirault, Cherrick J. 
Ladner, Sarah L 
Lafitte, Umeka P. Allen 
Latleur, Alie Michelle 
Latleur, Earl S. 
Lagarde, Ethan A 
Lagarde, Kimberly K 
Lagesse-Nugent, Ishonda Lynne 
Lagrange, Justin Michael 
Laiche, Jeanne-Marie F. 
Laiche, Kristie S 
Laing, Carrie D 
Lair, Kaderia G 
Lair, Michelle Jackson 
Laird, Margaret A. 
Lake, Julia Christina 
Lala, Penny Marie 
Lambert, Dalice Lacon 
Lambert, Imani Ife 
Lambert. Kayla Dauzat 
Lambert, Mike Lee, I 
Lambert, Sarah Lyn 
Lambnght, Megan Roberts 
Lamette, Bridget L 
Lamitina, Annemarie 
Lamkin, Lacey L. 
Lampkin, Tesslyn Rae 
Lancaster, Nanette Maria 
Lancaster, Russell D 
Lancelin, Donna Ledet 
Lanclos, Patrick Michael 
Landis, Tiffany Nicole 
Landoll, Christopher Lee 
Landreneau, Kathryn Anne 
Landry, Al M. 
Landry, Britani Lorio 
Landry, Calli Ann 
Landry, Christine 
Landry, Danielle Renee 
Landry, Erica Renea 
Landry. Falon Lorriane 
Landry, Jaimee Lynn 
Landry, James Christopher 
Landry, Jana King 
Landry, Kiara Me'Chel 
Landry, Kruz Alejandro 
Landry, Sarah Elizabeth 
Landry, Suzanne Guidry 
Landry, Trevor James 
Lane, Gregory Scott 
Lane, Holly D 
Lane, Irene B 
Lane, Jonathan Rogers 
Lane, Melanie B 
Lane, Sussette Thomas 
Lang, Demond M. 
Lange, loshua Michael 
Langford. Holly Blake 
Langley, Alexis Elizabeth 





I angley, l arrah I 

I angley, Kristina 

I angli | 

I angton, Robi > 

i. mi, i UiciaMeshell 

I anter, < hristophei Daws 

1 anier, Hannah Camille 

Lantrip I ai tit Morgan 

I .1111/ \|>lll 1 

I apeyrouse, I" S 

l apt i rouse, lustin l dward 

l apey rouse, I vie Scon 

Lapoint, I eah M 

I apoole, Monica lames 

I aprarie, Amanda I 

I ara, I illia Andrea 

l ,ii, in, [bbbie M 

I ard, l mma 
1 ,u in. i laliana 
I .iikins, lattice Marie 
I aro, M.i i 

I arrimer, Marnetta M 
I .irrv |ei Mario I leshun 
I any, Robbie Utjanette 
l arsen, ( ord K 
l arsen, David Wayne 
1 assien, I ' 
1 assitei ronya 
I aster, Danielle Mai ie 
1 astrapes, Darsheena S 
1 atchie, Ashley Nicole 
I atchie, [uxrie Ann 
[ atham, * ally Hum 
l athan, rreasure i tominique 
Lathers, 1 illie Mae 
1 jinn. David Deon 
Laughlin, Beverly layleen 
Laughlin, ( hristophei Ionian 
I aughlin, Pawn Michelle 
I aunius, Kayse Irena 
Launza, Brianna Antoinette 

, Brittany M 
I aurent, < aroline Nichole 
Laurent, Claire Kelley 
Laurent, Laurie Anne 
Laux, Abby losephine 
I avallais, Aleshia Chavon 
1 avan, 1 ety ra Delaphous 
I avergne, Bethany shea 
I avergne, Sylvie Ann 
Lavergne, I imothy I 
Lavespere, Amos Ionian 
Lavespere, tammy 
1 aw, Vswanya 1 atrice 
Lawhorn, Antonia 
Lawler, Caroline Rose 
I awler, [homas H. 
Lawrence, Allison N. 
Lawrence, Anitria 
I awrence, Br >o 
Lawrence, Carolyn I Use 
Lawrence, Kristen Danae 
Lawrence, Sherri Annelle 
1 awson, \nibrosia 
I awson, Brianna C. 
Lawson, Crystal Dawn 
Lawson, lames Tyler 
lawson. Km oka I akeva 
I awson, Michael Bryant 
Michael Wade 
Lawson. Stephen Perry, II 
I awson, I.irvn Nicole 
I ay, tiffany Michelle 
I aya Villalonga, lavier Andres 
Layma ibeth 

Layton, Maria 
Lazard, Alexander Corey 
l azare Christie 
Lazarus. Cynthia A 

Lazenby, 1 ricaSue 
I.e. Kieu Oanh Nguyen 
Le. Kimberly Ihi 
I e I cb\ re. Iva 
I eBlanc, Adam Clement 
LeBlanc. Amber Williams 
LeBlanc, Dylan Ross 
LeHlane. 1 auren Lane 
LeBlanc. Mary Ricaud 
LeBlane, Matthew 
LeBlanc, Phillip 1 
LeBlaiK, Roxanne Faye 
LeBleu, Katelin Paige 
I eBoeuf, lami Lee 
LeBoeuf, Tricia 

ix, LaTinna lasmin 
LeGrand, raylor Kristen 
Leleune. Brand) 
Leleune. Hannah Rose 
Leleune. lustina L. 

I el euv Kimberl) Renee' 

i, Michelle Kristyn 
hi Nil ole 
Leach leremy n 

l eak, Brittney Shanice 
ii Nan 
I eaver, Angela K 
i , n Itt i bus |ohn 
I ebel, Blair I auren 
I eblanc, I eslie Darlene 
I ebrija, ( harles lose 
I eday, Viverca I ynn 

, Pedro Felipe 
i edet, Vlexis Marie 
Ledet, lustin I 
l edoux, i auren I lame 
i edoux, Marian Nicole 
i Stacey H 

igela K 
ela M 

ie \ 

i ee, Vpril I ynn 
Lee, Briana Marie 
Lee, Brianna Shalane 
Lee, Bridget Odom 
non Michael 
. ody \ 

I ordaro laMaal 
I ee, Donyelle C 
Lee, Dons Chandler 
Lee, Eric Wilktrd 
Lee, Eulonda Denise 

Lee, Hwa Ryoung 
1 ee, lanea 1 
I ee. loev Lamar 
1 ee. Ion K 

Lee. lulia Leona Armstead 
1 ee, I akeisha Mane 
Lee, Lindsay Allele 
I ee. Marcus Adrian 
I ee, Mar) l ( lorley 
1 ee Mason 

tidawn Marie 
Mist] Pawn 
Lee. Rhonda Dionne 
Lee, Rodger Parrvl 
Lee. Roxanna K 
1 ee. Shan i \ 
Lee, Taylor A 
Leeper. lessica 

', u issa Mai 
Lefante, Rebecca Elise 
I etevre. Camille M. 
Lege, Jerica Lee 
I.egendre, Brant Clark 
Leger. Alexandria Clarise 
Leger, Alleigh Renee 
Leger, Kellie Renee 
Leger, Lirtzay Rebekah 
Legnion, Sarah 
Lehmann, Lisa Ann Tyson 
Lehto, Erik M 
Lehto, Paula 
Lelcux. Alex Paul 
Leleux, Matthew Dorres 
1 emay, Tiffany Renae 
Lemoine, Adriane Nicole 
Lemoine, Brad Cole 
Lemoine, Crystal 
Lemoine. lessica M 
Lemoine, Leann Sheree 
1 emoine, Meghan Nicole 
Lemoine, Natasha Nicole 
Lemoine, Sandra Lee 
Lemos, Melissa Renee 
Lena, Nicholas V 
Lenard, Carla Andreali 
Leon, Chernika 
Leon, David Randall, |r. 
Leonard, Bernadette Mane 
Leonard. Michel] Yvonne 
Leonard, Taylor Aynslee 
Leonard, Trinicia Shalise 
Leone, Caitlin A. 
Leone, Lauren Ashley 
Leone, Steven Paul 
Lesko, Down M 
Leslie. Wanda Renee 
Lessig, Andrew Kyle 
Lester, Cynthia Ann 
Lester, Misty Renee 
I esure, Lamond O. 
I curs, Ashley B. 
Levasseur, Elizabeth A 

I evi, Ryan I) 

I evine. y 

I evine, Nicholas 

I evings, I exsus Shavon 

i evy, i onrad rramane 

i evy, Danielle I eQuion 

Lewing, Bobbie Deanne 

Lewing, Kaitlin Rebekah 
I ewing, Melissa Hope 

I ewis, Aaron Hugh 

l ewis, Alicia Marie 

I ewis, Arthur Gene, It 
I ewis, \shle\ Beth 
l ewis, Ashley Marie 
1 ewis. Brittany Nicole 
l ewis, Dana Elise 

I ewis. Danielle I villi 

Lewis, Deandree |amar 

I ewis, Pemetnous I atrell. |r 

I ewis, Devin S. 

I ewis. Dwanna Rochelle 

I ewis, i redrecka I 

l ewis, i labrielle Kurston 

1 ewis, Glenda Annette 

I ewis, Heathet 1 ynn 

I ewis. lacinta Esguerra 

I ewis. lada Lasha 

1 ewis, lenelle |o 

I ewis, lesse K 

1 ewis. |ohn W 

I ewis, |onathan Paul 

Lewis, Keenan Pura.i 
Lewis, Kelhe lerese 
Lewis, Kimberly Plane 
Lewis, Kourtney Mechelle 
Lewis, 1 a'Mecsha M. 
I ewis. Laken M 
I ewis. 1 atasha Marie 
l ewis i auren 1 ranees 
Lewis, Lauren Nichole 
Lewis, Lindsaj A 
Lewis, Major A. 
1 ewis, Megan I 
I ewis, Michelle Denise 
Lewis. Rachael I awrence 
1 ewis, Rosalind Fields 
I ewis. Samantha Alexandrea 
Lewis, Schbretl v 
Lewis, Sharanda Nicole 
I ewis, Sharmyka R. 
I ewis. Shelena Yevette 
I ewis. Shelly M. 
I ew is. shera R Patterson 
1 ew is. Tiffany 1 
Lewis, Lracie Amber 
I ewis, Victoria Nicole 
Lex I ristan Abraham 
Lib, Kathleen S. 
Lias, Ryrecous K 
Licciardi, Ashley Ann 
Lidik, Mitar Singh 
Liggio, Amanda Christine 
Lightfoot, Allison L. 
Lightfoot, lacy Flournoy 
I ightfoot, Maurice Lamar 
Liles, Michael D. 
I illey, Hannah LeeAnne 
Lilly, Kwame David 
Limon, Nemecio 
Lin, Katie 

Lincecum, Katrina Robbin 
Linder, Richard Allen 
Lindsay, Consuela RaQuel 
Lindsay, Curtiss Wayne 
Lindsay. Erika Ann 
Lindsay, Theresa Renee 
Lindsey; Grant Caston 
Lindsey, lennifer R 
Lindsey, Lindy Michelle 
Lindsey, Megan Elise 
Lindsey, Michelle 
Lindsey, Nirhondi S 
Lindsey, Pendra Ladel 
Lindsey, Tyler Montgomery 
Liner. Matthew David 
Lingle, Matthew D 
Linn, lohanna Campbell 
l.mnear, Anthony Dalwin 
I intott, Victoria Michelle 

lason E 
Liotta, Brandon lared 
Lipps, lennifer Marie 
Lipsey, Drew Douglas 
Lircttc. Tammy 
Lister, Crystal Nicole 
Lister, Shonda Shannel 
1 ister. Vandalyn I eenez 
Lites, Crystal Diann 
I ittle. Derek Glenn 
Little, lames E 
Little. Mari Giovanna 

I Ittle, Sherrl Virginia 

I Ittlejohn, Brittany < herrell 

Littleton. ( hnslm.i A 
Littleton leane. I \ssa Anais 
Luton. Daniel Raimoiul 
l luzza, Stephen Anthony 
Livings, Shalyn R 
1 1/.HI.I. I ■ 

I i/jiu. I inda lay Martin 
I l/lll, Stephen '.'■. 
I l.llllto I 

1 lanlto, lose I duardo 

I lamto, \ IctOI Abovtes 
I lorens, Rechard 

I loyd, I isa ( hnsline 

l loyd, Natasha Dionne 
I loyd, Rayla Samon 
I oanzon, I eslie M 
Loche, Rogers Williams. Ill 
I ocke, I iffanie Mane 
Lockett, loshua Charles 
Lockett, I eTerrica Danelle 
Lockhart, Cameron lames 
Locks, Danitra 
Lodnge. Randy l> 
Loe, Jeff Ronald 
I oe. Sarah 
I newer, Olivia Nicole 

1 oftm. I raws (, 

I otton, Amanda Mane 

1 otton, Monica M 

Lofton, Winnifer Washington 

I ogan, Del 

Logan, Marcus Allen 

Logan, Tywhanika La'Shawn 

Logan-lackson, l.akita Shaunta 

Logue, Vallery 

Lombardino. I isa 

lier, I aura Rebecca 
London, Felicia Darnell 
Long, Candice 
Long, Dillon Franklin 

Long, lasmane Penise 
Long. Kristi Nicole 
Long, Krysten Cheyenne 
Long, Liza Dean 
Long, Mary Catherine 
Long, Sheralyn Smith 
Long, Shirley F 
Long, Stephen Luke 
Longino, Daniel Ethan 
Longman. Julie R. 
Longmire, Kimberly Kav 
l.ongmore, Heather Melissa 
Lonidier. Justin L 
Looper. Ryan Keith 
Loos, Megan M 

Mexander Francisco 
Lopez, Dennis Lee, )r. 
Lopez, lessica Amaya 
Lopez, Randa Nicole 
Lopez, Timmy lames 
Lorenz, Stephanie Fern 
Lormand, Willis P 
Lossin, Hanna I.arae 
Lott, Bailee Marie 
I ott, Kathryn Camille 
Lott, Katland B 
Lott. Kycisha Michelle 
Lott, Michael Mourad 
Lottihall, Shaniqua Charisse 
LouQue, Megan Elizabeth 
Loughborough, Christina Ann 
Loughmiller. loshua Glenn 
Louis, Kenya Markisha Rene 
Louis, Marcia Maria 
Loupe, Amy Elizabeth 
Louviere, Kelly lohn 
Louviere. Kiley Joseph 
Louviere. Lacy I 
Love, Devin lamel 
1 ove, Gigi 

I ove, Kristian Chanelle 
Love, Quinton C 
1 ovelace, Charlotte Evette 
Lovelace, leremy 
Loveless. William 
I.ovell, l.atoya Lagarde 
1 ovely, shannon Ionise 
1 overt, Mindy Poux 
Lovett, Tris 

Lowder, Charles Preston 
Lowder, Delia 
[owe \ngela I 
Lowe, Brooke A 
Lowe, LaToya Michelle 

shontorian D 
I owerv. Shannon D 
Lowrey, Hannah Kaitlyn 
Lowry, Stephanie Ann 

l oyd. Diamond Monlque 
I oyd M 

I, ( and i 

' lame 

I ucis, I etithi.i Shuriel 

I utk. Lira Michelle 

Luckey, lavonna s 

I ueder, Aahlynn Michelle 

1 likens. Iheressa I aVonnc 
Ulll, Marshall 

1 um/v. Kimberly I anette 

I una lorres. I ink 

I und. Wayne I 

I une, ni. Courtney I eann 

Lupo, Lauren 

Luquette, Desiree Blaire 

I usby. Glen 

I mi. < orey 

I uwiseh. lame I 

I uxemburg, Sarah Avery 

I v. Mary Veronica 

I vies, I aine Alexandra 

I vneh. Ann In 

Lynch. Bridget S 

Lynch, Christopher D 

Lynch, Clonic 

I ynch, Jennifer Amanda 

Lynchard. Ashley Diane 

Lyon, lustin 1 

Lyons, Alyssa Lynn 

Lyons, Kristi-Anne Mane 

Lyons, Regine I 

Lyons, Shanetrious Lattice 

Lyrse, I akenya 

Lyrse, Tanyala | 

Lytle, ( Catherine Elizabeth 

1 > tie, Cynthia Lee 

Mabile, Denise Michelle 

Mabou, Melissa Ann 

Mabrey, Nicholas V. 

MacCarthy, Jacqueline Bnee 

Machen, Cecil Alan 

Maciel, Christopher R. 

Mackey, Rolanda Renee 

Mackey, Sheila 

Madden. Jacqueline Yvette 

Madden, Rochelle 

Madden, Turner Lane 

Madden. Wesley Andrew 

Maddox, Christopher L. 

Maddox, Emily Rene 

Maddox, Heather R. 

Maddox, Wesley I. 

Maddry, Samantha Ann 

Madison, I. ic quell. i S. 

Madrid. lennifer Lynn Barothy 

Maere, Kayla Emily 

Ashley Leeanna 
Magers, Krista M. 
Maggio, Derek C 
Maggio, Katie I 
Maggio. Melanie Marie 
Magnano, Nicole 
Magnuson, Morgan 
Magnusson, Jason Glenn 
Mahaffey, lustin Andrew 
Mahalfey. Laura Michelle 
Mahaffey, Lynnsey L 
Mahan, Catherine Elaine 
Mahan, lessica H 
Mahfouz, Sarah Elizabeth 
Mahoney, Patrick M 
Mahoney, Shawntell R 
Mai. Brandy S. 
Maines, Ronny Lynn 
Maines, lraws Tyrone 
Major, lames Wesley 

Shanice Renee 
Majors, Raine Elizabeth 
Majors, Yelma M. 
Malbroue, Terryl 
Malbrue, Lexy Antonio 
Malcomb, Adam Guy 
Maldonado, Megan 
Mallery, Aurielle | 
Mallet, Brielle Alise 
Mallett. Adam )ohn, |r 
Malmay. Ashley I anae 
Malmay, Brianna Cellete 
Malmay, Corey P 
Malmav-lames, Perrilyn 
Malnar, Micah Gregory 
Malone, Donnita Leah 
Malone. laYonna S. 
Malone. Latosha Detreece 
Maloy, Hanna Elizabeth 
Maloy, laron Brock 
Maine, Heather Delois 
Malveaux, Shirley Ann 

Manah, |i 

inah D 
Mancilla, < ami Ariana 
Mandich, Matt 
Mandigo, Reneisha s 


August ( llivei 

Mangum, Meshelle Lavonnia 

Mangum. Limine I 
Manlgo, I mbi 
Manint. Edwin Manuel, II 
Mann, Haulston Tyler 
Mann. Sarah Harris 

Manning, Kelsev Ann 
Manning. Megan Allyce 
Manning. Pashonda Katron 
Manning. Shakeah Iman 
Manning. I inisha Mashy 
Mannng. lames 1) 
Manry, Tina M 
Mansell. Ramona Leigh 
Manshack, Hannah Marie 
Mantiply, Melissa Sue 
Manton, Elizabeth Anne 
Manuel. Brandon A 
Manuel. Bridget Ann 
Manuel, lames Rossie 
Manuel, lanelle T 
Manuel. Lindsay 
Mara, Patricia 
Maramraj, Pranathi 
Maranto. lennifer Diane 
Maranto, Lee Ann 
Marcel. Tyler Hayes 
Marchand, Andrea Lynn 
Marchand, Aubrey Anthony. |r. 
Marcotte. Zacharv I 
Margetto. Matthew Gregory 
Mariano, James 
Mariano, Sarah Mane 
Maricle, Bridgette 
Mancle. lustin Jerome 
Marten. Fill Katherine 
Marion Doyle. Danielle Beth 
Marieen, Sandra Louise 
Markowski, Nancy Louise Sweet 
Markrav. Tanquenika Annetoine 
Marks. Christian R. 
Marks, Damon Jerome 
Marks. Michael P. 
Marley. Johnny Walter 
Marlow. Brittney 
Marmilhon-Egby. Selecia J 
Maronge, Brandon 
Marquez. Kenneth Roger 
Marroquin, Lisa M 
Marrs. Taylor Wade 
Mars. Reynard Lamont 
Marsahs, Antoinette Marie 
Marsh, Christina Ann 
Marsh, Loren A 
Marshall. Brendan Zacharv 
Marshall, Courtney Nicole 
Marshall, leremy Robert 
Marshall, MaKayla B 
Marshall, Marnita Sherika 
Marshall. Misti Smith 
Marshall. Whitney Dominique 
Marshall, Yuconstance D 
Martanovic, Eric Michael 
Martens, loev 
Martin. Aaron Caleb 
Martin. Ahmad lamal 
Martin. Alona Yashon 
Martin. Amber Nicole 
Martin. Bradford Lee 
Martin. Brittney Shanae 
Martin. Chelsi Seandrika 
Martin. Dana Mane 
Martin. Emily Marie 
Martin. Fradon Truvelle 
Martin. Hannah R 
Martin. Hope E. 
Martin, laime Lynn 
Martin. Jamie 
Martin, loseph Zed 
Martin. Katelynn Shawnee 
Martin. Katherine Arlene Ruth 
Martin. Krista L. 
Martin, LaTonya Denee 
Martin, Lakeisha Evon 












Martin, Lana Alise 
Martin, Lashanya D. 
Martin, Mason Douglas 
Martin, Meagan E 
Martin, Mitchell Ray 
Martin, Natalie Brooke 
Martin, Paige Elaine 
Martin, Samanthia 
Martin, Scharla Henley 
Martin, Septembria Shaveria 
Martin, Seth Emory 
Martin. Shelby Lynne 
Martin, Sherri Lynn 
Martin, Traci R. 
Martin, Victoria 
Martin, William Claiborne 
Martin, Zachary Chase 
Martinez, Agatha Eileen 
Martinez, Amber D 
Martinez, Cindy Cristina 
Martinez, Elizabeth Delene 
Martinez, lason Cody 
Martinez, Michelle Marie 
Martinez, Monica Melissa 
Martinez, Nelda 
Martinez, Patsy 
Martinez, Rachael Christine 
Martinez, Victor 
Martino, Kristen Marie 
Martzell, Olivia 
Marze, Hannah Ann 
Marze, Magan R. 
Marzett, Brianna Grace 
Marzett, Bryan Grant 
Mason, Camerron lanee 
Mason, lenna Lynnette 
Mason, Jeremy Douglas 
Mason, Katrice Deon 
Mason, Linda M 
Mason, Seth Anthony 
Massey, Candace S. 
Massia, Jenny K, 
Masters, Matt Charles 
Mastrosimone, Carmelo 
Mastrosimone, JoAnn 
Mata, Erika C. 
Matheny, Hannah Victoria 
Matherne, lake 
Mathes, Victoria 
Mathew, Amy Marie 
Mathews, Alisha A, 
Mathews, Ann Marie 
Mathews, Carmela Ann 
Mathews, Danielle Danen 
Mathews, leremy Tyler 
Mathews, Kelly Marie 
Mathews, Lizel Pimentel 
Mathews, Margaret Shann 
Mathieu, Angela Marie 
Mathieu, Jessica K. 
Matkin, Roger G. 
Matlock, Jacob Taylor 
Matlock, Kelsey Victoria 
Matlock, Marianna Michelle 
Matt, Adnenne Angele 
Matte, Joseph Alexander 
Matte, Sarah Ann 
Mattes, Patience M. 
Matthai, Kristina Marie 
Matthews, Bryia Antavia 
Matthews, Chrystal Gwen 
Matthews, D'Lynn Thias 
Matthews, Grace Ellen 
Matthews, Shakira Johnson 
Matthews, Shecola Dion 
Matthews, Solomon Cory 
Matthews, Teliesha Leigh 
Matthias, Matthew Allen 
Matute Flores Gomez, Max 

Maurin, Carly M. 
Maxey, Angel Denise 
Maxey, Logan K 
Maxie, Deandrea Corteze 
Maxie, Jamila S. 
Maxie, Joshua Leroy 
Maxie, Shavon Glenette 
Maxile, Brenten Lee-Jarmal 
Maxile, Raven L 
Maxile, Robin Lenisa 
Maxwell, Cammie Lynn 
Maxwell, Lauren Beth 
Maxwell, Stuart lavier 
Maxwell, Tangela Smith 
Maxwell, Tara Elise 
May, Alaina M. 
May, Brenda Lou 
May, Deana Louise 
May, Imani S. 
May, lames K 
May, Kelsey Ann 

May, Kyle R 
May, Stephanie Taylor 
May, Virginia G. 
Mayberry, Jamie Lynn 
Mayeaux, Adrienne Louise 
Mayeaux, Angela P. 
Mayeaux, Mark Scott, II 
Mayeaux, Megan Genevieve 
Mayeaux, Paige Elizabeth 
Mayes, Ida W. 
Mayeux. Amanda N 
Mayeux, Charlie Marcus 
Mayeux, Craig 
Mayeux, Gwendolyn D. 
Mayeux, leremy Paul 
Mayeux, Stacey Lynn 
Mayeux, Veronica Jane 
Mayfield, Andrew C 
Mayfield, Chester, Jr. 
Mayfield, Demond Anthony 
Mayfield, Erin D 
Mayfield, Marty McGoogan 
Mayfield, Sibyl Michele 
Mayfield, Valerie Jean 
Maynard, Jody Dale 
Mayo, Christa 
Mayo, Eric C. 
Mayor, Rayce Alan 
Mays, Brittany A. 
Mayweather, Teresa V. 
Mazone, Karenisha 
McAllister, Mackenzie Ann 
McAllister, Patricia Kime 
McAlpin, lessica E 
McArthur, Robert I. 
McAuIitfe, Geneva Helen 
McBride, Bertha Ann 
McCabe, Amanda Nicole 
McCain, Brandy Faith 
McCain, Mallory Beth 
McCain, Ronnie P 
McCain, Shelby Lynn 
McCain, Taylor Shelbi 
McCain, Tina Longmo 
McCalister, Riley Joseph 
McCall. Krystal 
McCanliss, Tiffany A 
McCann, Christa Joy 
McCann, Christopher Michael- 

McCann, Holly R 
McCann, Jerran Austin 
McCart, Nicholas Jacob 
McCarter, Jessica L. 
McCarthy, Carlis Kwesidoe 
McCarthy, Kasey T. 
McCarty, Caleb A 
McCarty, Christina 
McCarty, Gary L 
McCarty, Heather Ann 
McCarty, Lauren Alys 
McCarty, Mackenzie Allyn 
McCauley, LaChandra An- 

McCauley, Michael Desmond 
McCauley, Theresa D. 
McCauley, Wendell 
McClain, Destiny Chantrell 
McClelland, William Archie, III 
McClendon, Chasity Mone' 
McClinton, Arnaye N. 
McClinton, Choicelaun Senae 
McClinton, LShylrria Tanee 
McClinton, Nekela D. 
McClung, Jennifer 
McClung, Lindsay Renee' 
McClure, Brandall Keith 
McClure, Brandy Lynn 
McClure, Meagan Lynzy 
McClure, Morgan M 
McClurg, Ranada 
McCollough, Kaitlin Brittany 
McCollough, Nancy L. 
McConathy, Brittany Danielle 
McConnell, Aaron S 
McConnell, Dustin Robert 
McConnell, Zachary Marshall 
McCorkel, Tracey Susanne 
McCormic, Carissa Kimberly 
McCormic, Tabitha Nicole 
McCormic, Taylor Christian 
McCormick, Adesola G. 
McCormick, Chelsa Meshay 
McCoullough, Haley Brianne 
McCoy, Alexis Semone 
McCoy, Antigone Jacquelyn 
McCoy, Audry Ann 
McCoy, Berlena Licole 
McCoy, Kara L. 
McCoy, Lucretia Davonne 
McCoy, Maurgretta Ann 

McCoy, Michael Sean 
McCoy, Tara C. 
McCoy, Triand Cedric, II 
McCrary, Mallory Paige 
McCray, Kesha Nicole 
McCray, Kristina Elizabeth 
McCray, Niesha L. 
McCrory, John B 
McCrory, Kevin 
McCullen, Kayla Rachelle 
McCullin, Callie Elizabeth 
McCullin, Kelli Wright 
McCullough, Arneisha Yvette 
McCullough, Lauren Nicole 
McCullough, Rachael Renee' 
McCullough, Tara Renee 
McCully, Ryan Michael 
McCune, Paul Samuel 
McDade, Jessamy Caitlin 
McDaniel, Alicia Diane 
McDaniel, Brenda Sue 
McDaniel, Jessica Lynn 
McDaniel, Kenyah Kenshaye 
McDaniel, Lauren B 
McDaniel, Megan Elizabeth 
McDaniel, Roymeshia Danyail 
McDaniel, Stacey Renee 
McDaniel, Thomas H. 
McDaniel, Zachary Scott 
McDaniel Dupre, Alyssa Brooke 
McDonald, Adam L. 
McDonald, Amanda Lea 
McDonald, Betty M 
McDonald, Brett Landon 
McDonald, lacob Austin 
McDonald, Joseph G. 
McDonald, Miranda Ann 
McDonald, Ryan N 
McDonald, Tacquin J. 
McDonald, Will Bennie, II 
McDonnell, Daniel Allen 
McDonnell, Justin Owen 
McDow, Jonathan Randall 
McDowell, Alfredia Mane 
McDowell, Calvin Kenneth 
McDowell, Mallory Shaye 
McDuffy, Cheryl R 
McDuffy, Diamond Jonay 
McDuffy, Michael Anthony 
McElfresh, Tyler C 
McElroy, Randall Lee 
McElroy, Shelby Dlan 
McElwee, Jenny Lynn 
McElwee, Taylor Kindred 
McEwan, Gordon 
McEwen, Nicole Lynn 
McFann, Misae Chantay 
McFarlain, Tyler John 
McFarland, Adnane Brooke 
McFarland, Amiee M. 
McFarland, Danesha Deshay 
McFarland, Hope E 
McFarland, Katrina Jo 
McFarland, Krista Nicole 
McFarland, Nicole Elizabeth 
McFerrin, Karen Lynn 
McGalhard, Eleshia A 
McGarner, Myesha Tiara 
McGaskey, Dorothea H 
McGaskey, Kakisha Kawana 
McGaunn, Misty M. 
McGee, Alton John 
McGee, Amy Jeanie 
McGee, Caroline Hershey 
McGee, Cheryl Janine 
McGee, Emily A. 
McGee, Jay Owen 
McGee, Rachael E 
McGehee, Rowena Christine 
McGill, Cortney Kerry 
McGill, Shannon 
McGilton, Robyn M 
McGinity, Lindsey Paige 
McGinnis, lesha Nicole 
McGinnis, Jerry, Jr. 
McGlory, Dreneitra Deranique 
McGlothlin, Blake Boyd 
McGlynn, Vicki S 
McGraw, Matthew Luke 
McGregor, Kara Ann 
McGuill, Sean T 

McGuire, Elizabeth Dawn LaCroix 
McGuire, Jason Craig 
McGuire, Kyesha 
McGuire, Willie Anne 
Mclnnis, April Danielle 
Mclnnis, Matthew Lamar 
Mclnturf, Lindsay Laine 
Mclntyre, Angela N 
Mclntyre, Cherie Leger 
Mchmsey, Eric P 

McKay, Molly Jane 
McKee, Courtney Lynn 
McKee, Deanna Lea Roark 
McKee, Jessica Lee 
McKee, Megan C. 
McKee, Melita Lynn 
McKenney, Tara Chandler 
McKenzie, Caitlin Blaire 
McKenzie, LaBanda Gail 
McKern, Kayla Lynn 
McKinley, Lauren Elizabeth 
McKinney, Debra A. 
McKinney. Katelynn Blaine 
McKinney. Keirsten Bailey 
McKnight, Jharrayne Ivana 
McLain, Ashley E. 
McLain, Bailey Rheanna 
McLain, Sydney Elise 
McLaren, Sally 
McLarty, Jamie Carol Mercer 
McLaughlin, Alicia Kowitz 
McLean, Kereese A. 
McLean, Samantha Kay 
McLemore, Dominique Gabrail 
McLendon, John Tyler 
McLendon, Rylie Sekaly 
McLendon, Zachary K. 
McLeod, Fabrae Shanell 
McLin, Christopher Donavan 
McLoughlin, Taylor Rae 
McMahon, Brittany Morgan 
McMahon, Corrissa Beatrice 
McMahon, Rochelle Annette 
McMahon, Taylor Edith 
McManus, Ethan Ross 
McManus, Jordan Olivia 
McManus, Morgan LeaAnn 
McMaster, Dillon Reade 
McMellon, Taylor Raye 
McMichael, Austin 
McMicken, Sawyer Mane 
McMickin, Danielle Clark 
McMillan, Alexis Deniece 
McMillan, Chelsey Danielle 
McMillan, Jennifer Michele 
McMillan, Melinda 
McMillan, Olivia R 
McMillian, Adyson Breanne 
McMillian, Micala Patterson 
McMorris, Courtney Lorraine 
McMullan, Haley Marissa 
McMullen, Tia Michele 
McNair, Sarah Elise 
McNaughton, Lindsey Rachella 
McNaughton, Matthew Kyle 
McNeal, Carla Michelle 
McNeal, Jackson Lee 
McNeal, Rebecca Allison 
McNear, Jeffrey James 
McNear, Justin Kevin-Devon 
McNeely, Casey Lynn 
McNeely, Charles L. 
McNeely, Jacquelyn Rae 
McNeely, Lenzi Rose 
McNeely, Mackenzi Hope 
McNeely, Tana Ashlyn 
McNeer, Kelly Elizabeth 
McNeill, Larry G 
McNulty, lulie Bourque 
McNurlen, Justin |. 
McPhate, Dustin Cade 
McPherson, Jessica Lynn 
McPherson, Sandra Joanne 
McPherson, Sara 
McPherson, Stacey Lynn 
McQuillin, Kaitlyn B. 
McRae, Christina Renee 
McRae, Joshua Allen 
McRae. Mary Hanna 
McReynolds, Daisy Lynne 
MJh'i nolds, Nathanial I 
McShan, Clarence, Jr. 
McSwain, Autumn M. 
McTire, Ashleigh Lauren 
McVay, Alisha Nelson 
McVay, Tonya Nycole 
McWilliams, Mayte 
McZeal, Myra E 
Mcconnack, Emma I 
Mccormick, Rhonda Leigh 
Mchalffey, Taylor C 
Mckee, Christopher D 
Meador, Marie Alexandra 
Meadors, James Gerald 
Meadows, Graham Joseph 
Meadows, Jerry Louis, Jr. 
Meaux, Diane 
Meaux, Emily Nicolle 
Meaux, Megan Thibodeaux 
Medcafe, Damon B 
Medina, Amy S. 

Medina, Danielle 
Medine, Kaylee Anne 
Meehan, Rebecca Rose 
Meek, Samantha Collette 
Meekins, Lloyd Lennon, IV 
Meeks, Allisa C. 
Meeks, Taronika L 
Melancon, Katy Marie 
Melder, Christopher Joseph 
Melder, Jared Cody 
Melder, Mary Lee 
Melder, Matthew Eugene 
Melder, Philip R 
Mellin, Ines Marie Sophie 
Mello, Melinda 
Melotakis, Mason E 
Melton, Hayden Ray 
Menard, Danielle Leigh 
Menard, Rachelle Amelia 
Menard, Skylar Michele 
Mendoza, Brittni Shea 
Menier, Aaron Jake 
Menou, Cheryl L. 
Merchant, Alison Paige 
Merchant, Brittany Elise 
Merchant, Kristen Amanda 
Mercuro, Mallory Noel 
Merendino, Amber Nicole 
Merideth, Patrick Andrew 
Merilos, Sydney Elizabeth 
Merkel, Kevin Robert 
Merrell, Brittany Lenora 
Merrill, Joseph Reed 
Merriman, Jacob Zachary 
Mernman, Kaci D 
Merritt, Steele Hunter 
Merritte, Roquel M. 
Merritte, Tonika R. 
Merriweather. Cherry E 
Merryfield, Lawrence J 
Merrytield, Rena J 
Merryman, Kathryn R 
Meshell, Elizabeth Dawn 
Meshell, Sadie Nicole 
Meshell, Seseley Paige 
Messina, Ericka 
Messinger, Jared Thomas 
Methvin, John William 
Metlin, Kristy 
Metoyer, Amy C 
Metoyer, Breanna Janee 
Metoyer, Dameon A 
Metoyer, Devin A. 
Metoyer, Hannah 
Metoyer, Janis Lois 
Metoyer, Justin P. 
Metoyer, Kelsey Marie 
Metoyer, Kimberly Monique 
Metoyer, LaShonda D 
Metoyer, Mariah Lynne 
Metoyer, Shannon D. 
Metoyer, Valeria Maria 
Metrejean, Cameron J 
Mettenbrink, Christine A 
Meurer, Christian Mitchell Scott 
Meyer, Jeanne Michelle 
Meyer, Matthew J 
Meylain, Megan Danielle 
Meylian, James D 
Michael, Larry P. 
Michael, Marche R. 
Michel, Ariana Marie 
Michiels, Lindsey 
Middlebrook, Jason J 
Middleton, Howard-Joseph 
Middleton, Jennifer M. 
Middleton, Lanay Patton 
Midkiff, Destiny N. 
Midkiff, Joshua T 
Midkiff, Sadia Ann 
Mikesh, Mariah Anne 
Mikesh, Meghan Marie 
Milam, Sheila K 
Milburn, Jasmine Chefon 
Miles, Brittney L. 
Miles, Camric Trebor Letodd 
Miles, Ironda Alexis 
Miles, Stacy Collin 
Miley, Haley Renee 
Milieu, lustin Dodd 
Millender, Tara Lynn 
Miller, Allison Jill 
Miller, Andrea E. 
Miller, Ardean 
Miller, Asif 
Miller, Autumn R. 
Miller, Beth E 
Miller, Bethany Leana 
Miller, Blake A. 
Miller. Brandy 
Miller, Chase Aaron 

Miller, Christen L. 
Miller, Cortisa Contrell 
Miller, Daron LaSonte 
Miller, Destiny Nicole 
Miller, Edna Leanne 
Miller, Emilie Catherine 
Miller, Ernest Hubbard 
Miller, Holly Barberousse 
Miller, Jacqueline D. Leland 
Miller, Jeremy 
Miller, Jessica N. Green 
Miller, Jodi Cheree 
Miller, John B 
Miller, KameshaL 
Miller, Kanesha L 
Miller, Karen Moore 
Miller, Kayla Deanna 
Miller, Laquesha C. 
Miller, Laura W 
Miller, Lizabeth Ann 
Miller, Mary Louisa 
Miller, Mary A. 
Miller, Michael Dewayne 
Miller, Peyton Alexius 
Miller, Rachel Stuart 
Miller, Samantha Faye 
Miller, Samantha Alyse 
Miller, Shawna Marie 
Miller, Sherry Denise 
Miller, Teresa Lynn 
Miller, Wesley David 
Millien, Terry P., Jr. 
Milligan, Beau Joseph 
Milligan, Felise AnChel 
Milliken, Randle Keith 
Mills, Charles Joyner 
Mills, Micaela Kathenne 
Mills, Sharla Joanne 
Milner, Brenda Fowler 
Milner, Chasity 
Milner, Sloan Elizabeth 
Milton, Kaylie Karma 
Milton, Markeisha A. 
Mimes, Mychael L. 
Mims, Ja'Lesia Duchelle 
Mims, Laresha Jaquae 
Mingo, Tyronnica LeAnn 
Mmish, Cheyenne Marie 
Minnieweather, Roderick Annias 
Mira, Teresita 
Mirabelli, Michelle F 
Mirchandani, Anita R. 
Mire, Alex Renee Fuselier 
Mire, Jeff Michael 
Mire, Paul David 
Misenheimer, Dillon Michael 
Misher, April Michelle 
Mitchell, Ashley Doylette 
Mitchell, Ashley Elaine 
Mitchell, Brandy Renee 
Mitchell, Brittany Lynn 
Mitchell, Carla Antoinette 
Mitchell, Carol D 
Mitchell, Cash Terrell 
Mitchell, Charles 
Mitchell, ChesireN 
Mitchell, Colt A. 
Mitchell. Conswayla 
Mitchell, Crystal 
Mitchell. Dennis James, Jr. 
Mitchell, Devin Dionne 
Mitchell, Garrett Dixon 
Mitchell. Gladys Ileana Mata 
Mitchell, Hope Sharae 
Mitchell, Jackie E 
Mitchell, Jasmine 
Mitchell, Jeremy Tremayne 
Mitchell, Jessica N 
Mitchell, Joshua Taylor 
Mitchell, Katie Marie 
Mitchell, Kira Antoinette 
Mitchell, Lakeidra K. 
Mitchell, Marquita Lee 
Mitchell, Mary J. 
Mitchell, Matthew Melton 
Mitchell, Morgan Elizabeth 
Mitchell, NaTaysha O.N. 
Mitchell, Quintavius M 
Mitchell, Rahkeem Rashul 
Mitchell, Raven Shamone 
Mitchell, Sherry Lynn 
Mitchell, Taeja Monique 
Mitchell, Timothy Bernard 
Mitchell, Timothy Tyler 
Mitchell, Vickie M. 
Mitzelfelt, Tara Linn 
Mixon, Christopher L. 
Mixon, Morgan Michelle 
Mixon, Whitney Lynn 
Mladenka, Emily C 
Moak, Jennifer 


Moak, [on lerem) 
Mobbs, Sabrina 1 laShawn 
Modlin, l Indse) I lizabeth 
Mogridge, l ri< [homas 
Mogi Idge [eanetfc Shaw 
Moi, UlyseG 

Moises, < ameron \shinrth 
Mokry, [ason 1 1 
Moldenhauer, I akm whlcigh 
Molette, Unbei Renea 
Molette, Dmarcus Diauintae 
Molina, Rebecca I /nil 
Mollette, 1 a [bsha lackson 
Momenpour, Shahla 
Moncrief, [oseph Wayne 
Monds 1 od) V\ 
Money, Shanna 1 lizabeth 
Monk, i hristophei |ohn 

1 larretl Allen 
Monroe, Kendrick I 
Monroe, Megan 
Monrose, Brandon H 
Monsour, Michael John \ 
Montes, lose Rafael 
Montgomery, Elmer 1 Ihark s, III 
Montgomery, I rancisca 
Montgomery, Katie Craft 
Montgomery, Mikula Michelle 
Montgomery, William Andrew 
Monts de I >ca, |od) Ann 
Monty, lordan Alexandra 
Moody, I .u.i B 
Moody, Sarah (Catherine 
Moon, Devota lean 
Moon, Olivia Grace 
Moore, Uyssa N'icole 
Moore, Vndre I 
Moore, Ishlen Rebecca 
Moore. Benjamin Franklin 
Moore, Brandon I. 
Moore, Brian Lee 
Moore. Cavante I 
Moore, Christopher )on 
Moore. 1 ourtne) 

Moore, l.eoige Ryan 
Moore, ( Soldmon Princeton 
Moore. Gwendolyn Holmes 
Moore. Hannah Catherine 
Moore, lamt - * 
Moore, [elfery lamal 
Moore, Joseph 
Moore, Kara Denae 
Moore. Kelli Kris 
Moore. Kczia 
Moore. Kimherlv 
Moon Kimherlv Moiik 
Moore, 1 aBrittany BM 
Moore, l.aneshia Francina 
Moore. Lauren 
Moore, Lisa Slaughter 
Moore. Logan Rav 
Moore. Martina Thomas 
Moore \letria R. 
Moore. Miranda P. 
Moore. Rebecca 
Moore. Ryan loshua 
Moore, Sandra Renee 
Moore. Shylar Normonica 
Moore, Spencer Harrison 
Moore, Stacey Olivion 
Moore, Staci |o 
Moore, Stacy S. 
Moore, Stormie Raynee 
Moore, Symphony Shonatrese 
Moore, Trac v 
Moore, William Lawrence 
Mora, Elisabeth Michele Piente 
Morace, Anna Louise 
Morace, Curtis Austin 
Morace. Maegan S 

Mist] Renee 
Morace, Richard Scott 
Morales, Amanda 
Morales, Blake Matthew 
Morales, Michael John 
Moran, Angela Denise 
Moran, Craig S. 
Moras. Anna Leigh 
Moreau, David Paul 
Moreau, Holli N'icole 
Moreau. lessica 
Moreau, Kan Leanne 
Moreau, Kyle I 
Moreau, Sommer Knstine 
Moreau, Vanessa Lynn 
Morehead, Stephen Andrew 
Moreland, Alexandra Diane 
Moreland. Kevin Tyler 
Morell, Carol Alderman 
Moreno, Holly Elyse 
Morgado, lose, Ir. 

Morgan, Aaron Nathaniel 
Mori;. in. Alexandra Mom I 
Morgan Uit la \ Led 
Morgan \i lane M 

■ lis. 

Morgan, Bronson less 
Morgan, Charles 

Morgan, I busline Nicole 

Morgan, ( larissa A 
Morgan. David Scotl 
Morgan, Dustln Cham 

in, Heather Melissa 

Morgan ! 

I I ane 
Morgan Kasej \ 
Morgan, Kyle ( ! 
Morgan, 1 auren Michael 
Morgan, 1 q lot 1 laini 
Morgan. 1 Michelle 
un Wesle) I 

Morgan W ilh.nn \ 
Moi i. u n. Megan Ann 
Morin, Kristi I eann Christina Rene 
Morra Brenda 
i helsea 
Morns. Brittany R. 
Morns. Brittany Nicole 
Morns. Damian I echarles 
\iorns. Daniel 
Morris, Deeleer 
Morris, Denishal LVinyell 
Moms Erica Nicole 
Morns, Katherme Llise 
Morris, MarissaS 
Morris, iVa I 

Mollis I KlK, Kill 

Morns, Rondarious L 
Morris, Rumeall I 
Morris, Sarah E. 
Morris, Tabitha Jean 
Morrison. Benjamin S 
Morrison, 11 Suzanne 1 iataway 
Morrison, MaKetia R 
Morrison, Mathew L 
Morrison, Montress larrell 
Morrison, Morgan Suzanne 
Morrison. Rico R 
Morrison. Suzanna Rose 

Morrow Ran Marie 
Morrow. Melissa 
Morrow, Sylvia M. 
Morse Ifeni V 

Heliena 1' 
Morse, Lindsey Danielle 
Morse, Sharon M 
Morton, Angela Haltom 
Morton, Calvin Anthony 
Morvant, Susan 
Moseley, Mac) 
Moses. Belinda I.. 
Moses, Claude Alexander 
Moses, Matreka 
Moses, Nicese Nicole 
Moses, Tern M . Ir 
Moses, Tristen E. 
Moses lro\ W 
Moses, Tyler Gage 
Mosley, Morgan Lynn 
Mosley, Susan Croom 
Mosley, William Ralph 
Moss, Callie Marie 
Moss, Dawn M 
Moss. Jayna Alisha 
Moss [ennifer Flora 
Moton, Ivesha L. 
Mott, Rachel Elizabeth 
Moulden, lessica Grace 
Moullette. Britne) Rae 
MouUiet, Meagan Laura 
Mouton, Daren I 
Mouton, Jacob Joseph 
Mouton, Myeshia L 
Moyson, Ann 
Mrak, Elizabeth Anne 
Mudd, Angela R 

Muellenschlader, Meagan Camille 
Mueller, Gregory )ohn 
Muhammad, Ahmad 
Muhammad, Hakim Shareef 
Mule, Lesley Ross 
Mulkey, Robert Miles 
Mullee. [ennifer A 
Mullen. Catherine 
Mullins, Martin 1 
Mulmx, Taylor Drew 
Mulvihill, Connie Mcke) 
Mulvihill, Robert Aaron 
Mumtord, |oy Michelle 
Mumma, Velvet 
Munds. Alisha Marie 

Mungur, Bedanth 
Munoz, t laudla Aracell 

Munsterman, Victoria I eigh 
Murchison, Garretl Wayne 
Murchison, Katherine Victoria 
Murdock, tarred Miles 
Murdock, lerrell William 

Mm II Belinda 

Murph Michael 

Murphy, Andrea Nicole 
Murphy, Bailey Alyssa 

Murphy, Breanna B 

Murphy, Britney K 

Murphy, Brittan) Allyse 

i ii 1 1 1 ii 
Murphy, Charles Ham. Ir 
Mm phj i elida Shanta 
Murphy, Kaylee lordan 

Murphy, Krishna 1 ,un«,i 

Murray, Amber 
Murray, Anela 
Murray, ( eleste D 

Murray, loshua Daniel 
Murray, Kyle Vincent 

Murray. I on B 
Murray. Sandra R. 
Murray, lameka S 
Murrell, Cassonya Yevette 
Murry, Renee 
Mury, Ellen Rae Maria 
Muse, leremy Samuel 
Musgrove, Myra 
Muslim, Saadiq A. 
Muslim, Zalika Aminah 
Myer, Philip Gralend, Ir. 
Myers, Aline Zupizilda 
Mveis. ( ansa ( „i\ Cole 
\l\eis. Emily Ann 
Myers, I, nine I vim 
Myers, lana 

Myers, Nicholas Hunter 
Myers, Ryan Michael 
Myers, Steven Wade 

Mvcrs. Wendy 

Myers, Wilbur I ee, Ir 
M] I, Rebecca Rhone 

Myrick, krvstal 

Nahar, Asaad lose! 

Nalezinek, Jessica D 

Nail. David Alexander 

Nail, Gregory Alan 

Nail, Tonya Amanda Main I [ayes 

Nance, Marcus tanner 

Nappier. Katherine K 

Nappier, Michael S 

Naquin, Erin Ashleigh 

Naquin, [oseph Paul 

Narcisse, Naomi 

Narcisse, Sandrika Monique 

Nardini, Alana Michelle 

Nash, t orv Christopher 

Nash, Jacqueline Tyler 

Nash, Kaila Nicole 

Nash, La'Keitha 

Nash, Rachel M 

Nash, Stacey D 

Nash, Tisha LaDonna Lee 

Nash, Victoria Jansene 

Nassif, Rebecca Marie 

Nath, Dia Neela 

Nation, Emily Moore 

Nation, Michael Wayne 

Nation, Tammy Lynn Soileau 

Nations, Joshua Logan 

Nauta. lenka C 

Nauta, Jerry Cruz 

Nauta. lordyn Elizabeth 

Navarre, Lauren Elizabeth 

Naylor, Ashley 

Nazario, Gabriel. i 1 

Neal, Emil) ( 

Neal, 1 loyd J 

Neal, Patricia Ann Ledbetter 

Neal. Taylor Kyre 

Nealy. Tyler Dalton 

Neatherland, Sunie N 

Neathery, Daniel Brent 

Neathery, Lauren Ashley 

Nedd, Michael Harold, jr. 

Nedorostova, Andrea 

Neely, Amelia April 

Neely, Mackenzie Mane 

Neely, Morgan Nicole 

Neighbors, Kelsie LcAnn 

Neikirk, Amber Lynn 

Neikirk, I eah S 

Neil), Savannah loy 

Nelms, Aaron L 

Nelms. I isa Marie 

Nelson, Byron Wayne, |r. 

Nelson. Derek K.i\ 
Nelson, I lizabeth Ann 

Nelson. Heather Ka\ 

! H1K > I 

Nelson, Katonya I av 

Nelson, KelK Ann 

Nelson, Kh.irhv/m.i K.inlrease 

Nelson. Kishe M 

Nelson. I arry Darnell. )r. 

Nelson, I orna M 

Nelson, Nicole Ann 

Nelson, lavlor I hse 

Nelson, teri I 

Nesbitt Scott, langeler I yncllc 

NetherLuul. ( arol Ann 

Neumiller, Brittan) Ann 
Nevels, raniqua Mane 

Neville, Amy lean 

New, i ourtney I 

Newberry, Ashley Leigh 

Newell, Alexis I aine 

Newell, Samantha Ashley 

Newhouse, s.uah Lynn 

Newman, Danielle Nichole 

Newman, Diani 

Newman, 1 vnsi L. 

Newman, Marqarvious D 

Newman, Melinda 

Newman, lovk.i S 

Newsome, Brandy loyce 

Newsome, Nekkolla 

Newsome, Skylar Payton 

Newton, Gabrielle Latari 

Nguyen, Dung 

Nguyen, Kaylii 

Nguyen, Kim Hoang 

Nguyen, Nhut Q. 

Nguyen, Phuong Kim 

Ni<, Erin Patrice 

Nk hols, Benjamin Joseph 

Nichols, Bnltani Anne 

Nichols, Dana D 

Nichols, Johnathan Charles 

Nichols, Kayce Alexandra 

Nichols, Krvstal DeMeeshe'un 

Nichols, LaChasity Alois 

Nichols, Latosha D'Ann 

Nichols, Rachel 

Nichols, Taylor Douglas 

Nichols, Lavlor Nichole 

Nickel, lohndavid McAlpine 

Nicolini, Michael Anthony, Jr. 

Nicosia, Morgan Lea 

Nielsen, Ashley R. 

Nielsen, Brooke K 

Nielsen, Dale Alan 

Nims, Tucker Wagner 

Ninh, [ennifer 

Ninh, lessica 

Nixon, Ashley M 

Nizhnik-Galloway, Olesya S. 

Nock, Delanie T. 

Noel, Janice Anita 

Noel. Kristin Renee 

Nogic, Kelsey Primeaux 

Nolan, Amanda Youngblood 

Nolan, Ebony [oanna 

Nolan, Joy I vnn 

Noles, Adam David 

Noles, John Alexander 

Nolley, Kenneth Dwayne, Ir 

Nolte, Samantha Abigale 

Norman, Brad 

Ni irman, Brandon lerrod 

Norman, Delana Harley Elizabeth 

Norman. Micheal 

Norman, Samuel Vincent 

Normand, Dawn launch 

Normand, Lynn Marie 

Norred, Michael Kane 

Norris, Connie M 

Norris, [aclyn Allison 

Norris, Kara Briene 

Norris, Tamara C 

Norsworth) '•'. 

Northcott, Chad 

Northover, Kendra E 

Norton, [azmine Daneece 

Norton, Taylor E 

Norwood, Edward Ro) 

Norwood, Gilen R. 

id, Lauren Elizabeth 
Norwood, Myzhaneek Aykira 
Norwood, Nicshell Renee 
Nosser, Morgan A 
Notice, Derrick Andrew 

Nowlin, Brandon Adam 
Nowlin, Roberta Katherine 
Nugent. Caitlin Cierra 
Nugent. Joshua R 

Nugent. Otis Raymond, III 

Nugent Sarah Ian, 
Nugent, loin., 
Nunley, labitha Paige 

Nuss. lessica I 

I aura Olivia 
O'Brien. Megan I lane 
lina Brooke 

O'Connell, Caitlin Ri 

(K oniior, Kevin Ryan 

( I'Gorman, lonathan 

O'l ear X. Witnc, Rivers 

< i Seal Alyson 
O'Neal, 1 bonl I 

■ '■ 1 ainertis 

O'Neal, I indse) Rae 
i i'Neill, Corinne Emily 

1 1 Nesky. Amanda lave 
O'Pry, Sean Matthew 
O'Quain, |o Lynn 
O'Quinn, Brad Walton 
O'Reilly, Diana De'Shae 
O'Steen. llattie Marie 

O'Steen, Michele Avi 
O'Steen, Rachel Leigh 
Oberlander, Bridget Wallace 
Oberste. Andrew 
Odell, Shannon J 
Oden, Ngozi I 
Odom, Elhse Danielle 
Odom, Emil) ( I 
Odom. Ivan I 
Odom, [anelle K 
Odom, Joseph lackson 
Odom, Megan Ashley 
Odom, Nakeria R. 

larah M 
Odudu, Benjamin Aruoturevich 
Odums, Ronita 
Ogbanga, Idaibi Royal 
Oge, Hannah Royal 
Ogg, Thomas Paul, |r 
Oglesby, Anna Kathleen 
Oglesby. Leslie Wade 
Ogorek, Ten M 
Oke, Fatisha Shuntea 
Ohnde. Madeline Louise 
Oliver. Adam Lee 
Oliver, Amanda Ray 
Oliver, Billie lean 
Oliver, Mallory Caitlin 
Oliver, Miles lay 
Oliver. Tina D 
Olivier, Elizabeth Fergeson 
Olivier. Tabbi 
Olivier, Victoria A 
Olmos, Samantha Ann 
Olmsted, Sharon Frances 
Olsen, < 

Olson, Corey Blake 
Omotunwashe, Sherif Busayo 
Onellion, Kelli Beth 
Oney, Paul Mark 
Onuter, Elizabeth Ann 
Onyema, Dennis W'hiltz. |r. 
Ordoyne, Karen 
Orgeron, Amber 
Orgeron, Taylor Danielle 
Orman, Regan Denae 
Ormsby, Susan 
Orosco, Stephanie M 
Orsborn, Kathryn I ise 
Orsborn, Kimherlv M 
Ortego, Amber Chantel 
Ortego, Crystal Elizabeth 
Ortego, Darren Lawrence 

ill Elizabeth 
Ortego, NikJsi Aleese 
Ortego, Rhonda Renee 
Ortiz, Angela Renee 
Ortiz. Chrysalis Angeles 
Osbon. Bethany Anne 
Osbon. Haley Kathleen 
Osborn Hartley. Daelyn 
Osborne, William Douglas 
Osby, Nathaha |. 
Osgood. I.ynne Marqulies 
Ostanina, Svitlana Grygorivna 
Osteen. Mary Elizabeth 
Otis. Robert L 
Otis Lavlor, Cheryl B 
Ott. Jared Todd 
Otwell, Rebecca lane 
Oufnac, |oy Louise 
Outlaw, Brandon Ray 
Ouzts. Ruth F 
Overby-Allen, Kylee Tyne 
Overstreet. Jon Christopher 
Owecki, Molh lav Danley 


Owens, Russell I ll I , 

dith Helen 

Owuiu Duku 

Owusu Duku I 

Ozburn, Lilian I 

Pate. Melanie |o 

Pacheco, Emily Micaiah 
o Kayla Rcnn 

Pas hoi i ', 

Pacillo, H.nlee Nicole 
Packer, Alicia Schae 

Padgett, Knstina I 
Padgett, littam I 

Page. Kerrah A 

Page, 1 mdsev Michelle 
Page, Patricia Pat in 
Page. Rachel I error. i 

Page, Shaundrika Denise 
Paige, Cortez D 
Pair, Rachel Lauren 
Palacios. Paul Michael 
Palermo. Morgan II 
Palm, LaKeisha 
Palma. Irica Camille 
Palmer, Caitlin Nicole 
Palmer, Devante lamaal 
Palmer, Jordan Leigh 
Palmer. Kaitlyn Mckenzie 
Palmer, Kianna Nicole 
Palmer, Marcel Xavier 
Palmer, Randall 
Palmer. Wendy S 
Palombo. Casey P 
Palomo, Christina Mane 
Pang, Brandon G 
Pang, Ryan A 
Pannell, Kylie 1. 

Pape, Stetaney Dene Alexandria 
Papia, Louis I 
Papillion, F.rika Monique 
Papiska, Lora I 
Pardo, Alino A 
Pardo, Morgan [anelle 
Paredes, lose I 
Parfait, Janell Christen 
Parham, Abigail L 
Parham, Zane Edward 
Paris, Titfanv 
Parish, lonathan K 
Parker, Angela Felicia 
Parker. Ashley Nichole 
Parker, Chad Anthony 
Parker, Dana Michelle 
Parker, Donetra RaShun 
Parker. Emily Elizabeth 
Parker. Iceyuniek K 
Parker. Jason 
Parker. Jonathan I 
Parker. Kaiuanna Tishai 
Parker. Kans l.arae 
Parker. Keely Gaynell 
Parker, Kim Marie 
Parker, Knsten Paige 
Parker, LaShaye 
Parker, Laci lolyn 
Parker. Laura Elizabeth 
Parker. Mary- Kate- 
Parker. Megan 
Parker, Megan Elana 
Parker. Melanie Ambera 
Parker, Monique Shantav 
Parker, Morgan Elizabeth 
Parker. Myles Anderson 
Parker, N'icole Ann 
Parker. Priscilla E. 
Parker. Rachael F 
Parker. Ramon Daniel 
Parker. Rvlee N 
Parker. Sandra Kay 
Parker. Stacy Lynn Drew 
Parker, Travis 
Parker. Trent .Alton 
Parker. Trent Douglas 
Parker. Whitney I 
Parks. Amanda Kav 
Parks, Christopher 
Parks, Kelsi Paige 
Parks, Quentin Harold 
Parks. Yoeisha E 
Parnell. Melinda H. 
Paro. Brittany 


r- h 













Parra, Breanna Lynn 
Parrie, Allison Michelle 
Parrie, Brandon Anthony 
Parrie, Hallie Lynette 
Parrie, Hilary S 
Parrie, Steven Lynn, Jr. 
Parrino, Karen Kelley 
Parrott, Brandon J. 
Parrott, Lois A 
Parsley, Katherine F. 
Parsons, Miles s 
Parsons, Nina Maria 
I' irsnn l.i .ii.i \I,n r 
Pasel. Angela l.ynn 
Pate, Malena K 
Patel, Kavita Shirley 
Patel, Priash I 'mesh 
Patel. Priya Kuan 
Patin. Andrew Charles 
Patin, Leslie K 
Patin, Trey Michael 
Patrick, Brandy 
Patrick, James Russell 
Patriquin, Amy R. 
Patten, Meagan Alexis 
Patterson, Cherri K. 
Patterson, Dana Michel 
Patterson, Daniel Alan 
Patterson, Deonika 
Patterson, Dequanzia R 
Patterson, Gabriele V. 
Patterson, ( lloria I lizabeth 
Patterson. Grady Lee 
Patterson, Kaitlyn A 
Patterson, Kristin Leigh 
Patterson, Melisa Michae 
Patterson, Nicole Catherine 
Patterson, Tabitha Michelle 
Patton, Joshua lames 
Paul, Curtis Chance 
Paul, Cynthia Lynn 
Paul, Garrett Ashton 
Paul, Jessica Brooke 
Paul. Kimberly Michelle 
Paul, Michele R. Shattuck 
Paul, Monica R 
Paul, Rebecca C 
Paul, Ruby L 
Payne, Adrian I) 
Payne, Andrea Lea 
Payne, Bridget L. 
Payne, Dezmun Deman 
Payne, Ethel Marie Moss 
Payne, Lakeisha Roshay 
Payne, Natasha Lanette 
Paysinger, Garvier 
Payton, Alicia Lauren 
Payton, Deanza D 
Payton, Keeri Robicheaux 
Payton, La'Tasha 
Payton, Milbert Dwayne 
Payton, Venecia S 
Paz, Milovan Alexander 
PeBenito, Katherine 
Pea, Latoyia 
Peace, Matthew Mark 
Peace. Russell L. 
Peair, Quanesha 
Peair, Regina Ann 
Pearce, Ashley G 
Pearce, Caitlin E. 
Pearce, Lincoln Elizabeth 
Pearce, Shannon L 
Pearson, Angela Kathleen 
Pearson. Chanacey Petrell 
Pearson, Nathan Edward 
Peart, Kaitlin Elyse 
Pease, Kathryn Amy 
Peavy, Katlyn I. 
Pecot, Rebecca B 
Pedescleaux, Jeire S. 
Peebles, Jordan Renee 
Peek, Tommy 
Peel, LaQuitta Shanette 
Peeples, luhe Christine 
Petferkorn, Brett A, 
Peguero, Adrianna 
Pelezo, Michelle Lynette 
Pellerin, Diamond Zacora 
Pelliccio, Sarah |o 
Pelt, Brandon Wade 
Pelt, Trenda Leigh 
Peltier, Lauren Marie 
Pena, Amber Nicole 
Pena, I Ie< tor, h 
Pena, Raymond R 
Pena, Stephanie Danielle 
Pence, Barbara I ouisa 

Pendarvis, Kelsie M. 

Pcndergast, Elizabeth Ann 
Penfield, Kvlc Wayne 

Penn, Heather R 
Pennell, Shelby L 
Pennington, Allyson Brooke 
Pennington, Charles Melvin 
Pennington, Emily Deane' 
Pennington, Marteece Deone 
Pennington, Sierra Dawn 
Pennix, Ihelma Louise 
Pennywell, Cheron Shevette 
Pennywell, Linda D. 
Penton, Lindsay Paige 
Penton, Tiffany Polozola 
Peoples, John Walter, Jr. 
Peoples, Tonya Latrese 
Pepper, Olivia Lea 
Perez, Jena 1 

Perkins, Ashley Elizabeth 
Perkins, Brandon W. 
Perkins, Crystal Latrice 
Perkins. Ethan Samuel 
Perkins, Grant Coleman 
Perkins, Ivanyka Irieal 
Perkins, Jenny 
Perkins, Katie M 
Perkins, Khnstm 
Perkins, Lawana 
Perkins, I orianna L. 
Perkins. Nathaniel Curtiss 
Perkins, Torris LaNorns 
Perot, Sandra A. 
Perrero, Christopher Paul 
Perret. Joelle C 
Perret, Lauren Marie 
Perritt, Trent Boyd 
Perron, Paul D 
Perron, Tina A. 
Perry, Adriene La'Na 
Perry, Angle Hanna 
Perry, Autyrus Darnel 
Perry, Jared N 
Perry, Jessica Jonnell 
Perry, Karllis Sterling 
Perry, Kevin Michael 
Perry, Ohtha L. 
Persley, Aundrea 
Person, John David 
Person, Mandy 
Pesich, John Allen 
Pete, Kayla Nicole 
Peter, Ariel-Marie Estelle 
Petermann, Alexandra Mileana 
Peters, Hannah Aleece Michele 
Peters, Jessica L. 
Peters, LaTravia Janee' 
Peters, Lauren Page 
Peters, Meagan N 
Peterson, Angellica C. 
Peterson, Eileen F 
Peterson, loshua Glen 
Peterson, loshua Ryan 
Peterson, Kerry L 
Petite, Jane Abigal Tendai 
Petrunin, Konstantin A. 
Pettit, Jordan M. 
Petty, Lavader Ray 
Petty, Matthew J 
Peyton, Krista H 
Pfeifer, Lillian K 
Pfeiffer, Bryce Dylan 
Phan, Lien Thuy 
Phanor, LaSonia Trishelle 
Pharis, Carrie Elizabeth 
Pharis, Paige Allison 
Phasavath, Bangone 
Phathong, Zachary Von 
Phelps. Heather 
Phelps. Latonia Evette 
Phelps, Tonya Jane 
Phillips, Angel 
Phillips. Brittany Nicole 
Phillips, Cherrie Takeia 
Phillips, Constance Nicole 
Phillips, Donovan Yvonne 
Phillips, Jacqueline 
Phillips, lasmine Nicole 
Phillips. Jennifer Diane 
Phillips, Matthew Paul 
Phillips. Norinthian Vernell 
Phillips, Shandra D. 
Phillips, Shanika N. 
Phillips, Shelia L. 
Phipps, Dillon Cole 
Phoenix, I.eroy J., Jr. 
Piazza, Nicola Silvana 
Piazza, Nicolette Elaine 
Pichon, Scott lames 
I'k hon, I \ ion ] ucas 
Pickens. sh.i\ l.i Shaneen 
Pickering, Hayley Denise 
Pickering, Micah Elton 
Pickett. Andrew S 

Pickett, Blair 
Pickett, Candice Nicole 
Pickett, Jenny Lynn 
Pickett, Jeremy Dywane 
Pickett, lessica K 
Pickett, Kelli Denise 
Pickett, Micah Leighton 
Pickett, Rachel Nicole 
Pickney, Andreas C. 
Pickney, Chaz 
Pickney, Perez Ray 
Picou, Renee' Colise 
Piechaczek, Joann 
Pier, Victoria M. 
Pierce, Blair Elizabeth 
Pierce, Cady Suzanne 
Pierce, Garrett 
Pierce, Hollie Denise 
Pierce, Jon R. 
Pierce, Justin Tyler 
Pierce, Nicole Ann 
Pierce, Randy Antonio 
Pierce, Samantha Lively 
Pierce, Sara W. 
Pierite. Mattie S. 
Pierite, Tashina A 
Pierite, Teyanna Aleesha 
Pierre, Ericka Barker 
Pierre, Kimberly 
Pierre, Teriana Teshawn 
Pierson, Megan Elise 
Pietz, Victoria Diane 
Pigott, Philip Joel 
Piland, Brooke Alexis 
Pilcher, Colton D'Nai 
Pilcher, Micah Boyett 
Pilk, Misty Ann Stalnaker 
Pilkington, Alana R. 
Pilkington, Joshua Trey 
Pillard, Joshua Tre'velle 
Pilley, Tina Racheal 
Pinckard, Christina Noel 
Pinell, Tiffani 

Pinkerton, Michael Thomas 
PinJcham, Ian David 
Pinney, Taylor Anne 
Pintado, Mary M 
Pinter, Emily G. 
Pipak, Daniel Pierce, |r 
Piper, Chanelle April 
Piper, Jasmine Renea 
Pipkin, MaQueta S. 
Pipkins, Victoria Simone 
Pippin, Brittany LeAnn 
Pisonero, Jeffrey Eric 
Pitcox, Katherine L 
Pitre, April H 
Pitre, Desmond Markel 
Pitre, Holden A. 
Pitre, Kevin 
Pittman, Brandon 
Pittman, Shelby L. 
Pitts, Brandy Whitten 
Pitts, Brittany S. 
Pitts, Laura Elizabeth 
Pitts. Shannon Marie 
Pitts, William L. 
Pivonka, Katie Arlene 
Piwko, Kimberly A 
Piwonka, Steven Christian 
Pizzitolo, Angela M 
Pizzolato, Lindsi Rae 
Plaisance, Peyton James 
Plater, Kamesha Shuntae 
Plater, Lawanda E 
Player, Evelyn A. 
Player, Lisa Ann 
Player, Tchissakid Dre 
Pleasants, Megan Kimball 
Plonski, Melinda Joyce 
Plumb, Travis Ryan 
Plumbtree, Andrew L 
Plummer, Kaitlyn Elizabeth 
Poe, Rodney D. 
Pogue, Amy Leigh 
Poiencot, Elizabeth Marie 
Poirrier, Alyssa L 
Poirrier, Mark Allan, II 
Polk, Bria Leann 
Pollard, Alyea Marnia Minter 
Pollard, Cashas Cornelius 
Pollock, Stormie Lea 
Polynice, Lauretne 
Pomeroy, ludith Hhza 
Ponder, Ceson V 
Ponder, lames W. 
Ponomarev, Stanislav 
Ponthieux, loshua Paul 
Ponton, LaTrice Moesha 
Pool, Haley Baker 
Pool, Kimberly 

Pool, Lindsay N 

Pool, Suni Renee 

Poole, Francine Kaye 

Poole, Joanna Jennings 

Poole, Jonathan D 

Poole, Kennedy Bryce 

Poole, La'Brittani Simone 

Poole, LeeAnn Nichelle 

Poole, Misty 

Poole, William D. 

Popa, Mariana 

Pope, Karlye Nicole 

Porche, Adam P. 

Porche, Chenyce Antoinette 

Porche, Crystal 

Port, Katie 

Porter, Colby Gene 

Porter, Jessica Christina 

Porter, Jonathan Kyle 

Porter, Kirstin Monique 

Porter, Rachel Lauren 

Porter, Roosevelt D. 

Porter, Trace Barrett 

Porterpan, Ian Reid 

Portier, Aaron Elizabeth 

Portier, Johnathan Mitchel 

Portillo, Alfredo 

Portillo, Moani M. K. 

Posey, Jonathan Darryl 

Posey, Skylar Elizabeth 

Posey, Vanessa M 

Possoit, Kayla Elizabeth 

Post, Lindsey Leigh 

Poston, Taylor 

Potier, Kelly Lynn 

Potter, Anita Collins 

Potter, Ernest M 

Porter, Joycelyn 

Potter, Russell Kent 

Potts, Ashley 

Potts, Dustin Dyran 

Potts, Jennifer Lindsey 

Potts, Joseph Jacob 

Potts, Lester Charles 

Poullard, Bernita Leshea 

Pouncey, Victoria J 

Pouncy, Claudell, Jr. 

Powell, Chase L. 

Powell. Chemere Brandiosha 

Powell, Christina D. 

Powell, Haley Brooke 

Powell, Harold E, III 

Powell, Jenny L. 

Powell, lessica Renee 

Powell, Julie Ann 

Powell, Mark Thomas 

Powell, Monica Latricia 

Powell, Myrtle Laur Blanchard 

Powell, Neasha B. 

Powell, Risa Dyrietta 

Powell, Shanna Masters 

Powell, Sylvia Denise 

Powell, Trysha C 

Powell, Veltria Smith Shawnee 

Powell, William E. 

Powers, Allen Andrew 

Powers, Marley Elizabeth 

Prater, Leeann 

Pratt, William L 

Prealow, Quinton Clarence 

Prelow, Ashli Xa'faye 

Prelow, Sefty 

Prentice, lohn Zachariah 

Prescott, Barbara Thompson 

Prescott, Stephen Arthur 

Preston, Renex Rothera 

Preuett, Zachary Taylor, Sr. 

Prevot, Judith Louise 

Prewitt, Brittany Nichole 

Prewitt, Delain Perkins 

Prewitt, Kimberly W 

Prewitt, Leigh Anne 

Prewitt, William 

Price, Aaryn C 

Price, Andrew Michael 

Price, Ava Marie 

Price, Breanne Elizabeth 

Price, Brynna Elise 

Price, Christie D. 

Price, David Allen, Jr. 

Price, Donald Dewayne 

Price, Gretchen H 

Price, Jennifer Lee 

Price, Jennifer Noell 

Price, Jeremy John 

Price, Jon-Erik Stevenson 

Price, Joseph Franklin 

Price, Justin Levi 

Price, Kelbry Rossay 

Price, Lindsay A 

Price, Loren Christopher 

Price, Matthew Ryan 
Price, Matthew Taylor 
Price, Ronneta Latrice 
Price, Shonda Jeanne 
Price, Stephen Thomas 
Price, Tammy Michelle 
Prichard, Benjamin I 
Priddy, Tammi Kay 
Prier, Chloe Louise 
Prier, Gloria A. 
Prier, Kevin Tyron 
Priest, Jacob M. 
Primos, Amanda Brock 
Prince, John Curtis 
Prince, Shana Marie 
Pringle, Lindsey E 
Priser, Desiree Caroline 
Pritchett, James Earl, Jr 
Procell, Adreanne Eileen 
Procell, Clint Houston 
Procell, Jeremy Wayne 
Procell, Kendl Martinez 
Profit, Demetrice L 
Prothro, Ashley Karen 
Prothro, Sheri Lynn 
Protti, Ronald T, Jr. 
Pruden, Amy Lynn 
Pruden, Christopher Martin 
Prudhomme, Katie Lynn 
Prudhomme, Leslie Rachelle 
Prudhomme, Sarah Elizabeth 
Pruitt, Hunter Neil 
Pruitt, Tiffany Lee 
Pryor, Jeremy Edwin 
Przybylski, Carolyn Ann 
Puapuaga, Isaac Fiafia 
Puente, Allison Paige 
Pugh, Andrea M 
Pugh, Trenton D 
Pulley, Maria J. Esqueda 
Pulliam, Rachel Cathleen 
Pullig, Kimberly 
Pulsifer, Jennifer Cheri 
Purcell, Michelle Deroche 
Purdy, Luke D. 
Purdy, Nicholas Gene 
Purdy, Shelley Anne 
Purvis, Cardemeshia Lyntrece 
Purvis, ludith Chelette 
Pusateri, lennifer Lell 
Putnam, Shaun 
Pyeatt, Chelsea 
Pyles, Tyler Andrew 
Quave, Kaitlin Renee 
Quebedeaux, Cy Louis 
Quebedeaux, Jessica Marie 
Queen, Leondre 
Quint, Angela Nichole 
Quintamlla, Victoria Marie 
Quirk, Jeremy 
Rabalais, Elizabeth M Bladel 
Rabalais, James Anthony 
Rabalais. John D. 
Rabalais. Lauren Brooke 
Raborn, Claudia L. 
Raborn, Stephanie Rosalee 
Racasi, Jarai Caress 
Rachal, Aaliyah Marie 
Rachal, Brandye 
Rachal, Caroline V 
Rachal. Kari 
Rachal. Katie Ann 
Rachal, Latori Emmitt 
Rachal, Leslie Nacole 
Rachal, Louis A., Jr. 
Rachal, Patti Joan Coleman 
Rachal. Robin D 
Rachal-Claspill, Daniel Cody 
Racine, Kimberly LeAnn 
Racine, Randall R 
Rack, Willdric Montgomery 
Rackley, Steve M. 
Radford, Jasmine L 
Ragan, Chelsi L 
Ragas, Corey J 
Raggio, Amber Charisse 
Raggio, BriAnna Renee 
Raggio, Bridgette D. 
Raggio, Orville John 
Rahni, Danell M 
Raines, Kylie Allyssa 
Rainwater, Brian K. 
Raley, Brittany Michelle 
Raley, Catherine G 
Ralston, Tyler Russell 
Rambin, Dustie Jo 
Rambo, Randall Todd 
Ramie, Crystal Sherree 
Ramirez, Roxanne Noel 
Ramos, Christian K 
Ramos, Coley Matthew 

Ramos, Jenny 
Ramos, Joel 
Ramsaur, Melissa Lee 
Ramsey, Dax 
Ramsey, Jodi D'laine 
Ramshur, Ryan Lane 
Ranalli, Julia Anna 
Randall, Candida 
Randall, Hannah Elaine 
Randall, Kendra D 
Randall. Sonya Janai 
Randell, Sherice Denine 
Randle, Christine M. 
Randle, Mary Ann lies 
Randolph, Emerald E 
Randolph, Hilda Darlene-Rose 
Rankin, Kelsey Suzanne 
Ransome, Emma Dene' 
Rasberry, Tamela Murphy 
Rasco, Brulicia Tikia 
Ratelle, Jessica lewel 
Ratliff, Acqualine Michelle 
Ratliff, Ashley S. 
Ratliff, Ella W. 
Ray, Courtney N 
Ray, Dustin Allen 
Ray, Elizabeth Anne 
Ray, Heather Ann 
Ray, JaLynn C 
Ray, Jondalyn Marian 
Ray, Lauren Dawn 
Ray, Tanya T. 
Rayburn, Lorin Allison 
Rayfield, Catrina S 
Rayford, Laricka Anel 
Raymo, Joshlan Sheantrell 
Raymond, Brandon Latroy 
Raymond, Kathryn Lynn 
Reado, Jacqueline A. 
Reado, Jessica Leigh 
Reagan, Bonita Gayle James 
Ream, Tara Lane 
Reaux, La'Shae D 
Reaves, Gabrielle A 
Reaves, Rachel Winson 
Recard, Darious S. 
Recer, Cammie N. 
Redmon, Morgan S 
Redmon, Sara Elizabeth 
Reece, Kourtney R. 
Reed, Albert Lee, III 
Reed, Allison L 
Reed, Gregory W. 
Reed, Kimberly Dionne 
Reed, Kulashia Le'zon 
Reed, Leah Ann 
Reed, Patrick Ian 
Reed, Racheal C. 
Reed, Steven 
Reed, Tara E. 
Reed, Trisha Lynn 
Reed, Whitney Nicole 
Reeder, Zachary F 
Reese, April Renee 
Reese, John Riley 
Reeves, Casey Bnonne 
Reeves, Cathleen 
Reeves, Dean Michael, Jr. 
Reeves, Ignatius 
Reeves, Jimmy Wayne 
Reeves, Kristopher Deontaye 
Reeves, Stormie 
Reggie, Julie Claire 
Register, Mary F. Lloyd 
Rehage, Cynthia Jean 
Reich, Rob Elgee 
Reid, Jelisa L. 
Reid, M Stacy 
Reid, Philip David 
Reilly, Jamie Leah Mawanay 
Reilly, Matthew William 
Reimer, Virginia E. 
Reinhardt, Amanda Nicole 
Reinking, Ambra Guinn 
Reitzell, Cynthia Renee 
Relaford, Pamela M. 
Rehford, Alexis Nicole-Kalani 
Reliford, Shadana S. 
Reliford, Shaneque Shavonne 
Remedies, Angel Ann 
Remedies, Danielle Nichole 
Remedies, Markus Zackaria 
Remedies, Toby M 
Remedies, Valerie Ann 
Remo, Jarrina Dominique 
Renard. Brady P 
Renard. DeAngelo Mykel 
Renard, Luke James 
Rener, Amy Nicole 
Reppond, Barbara Jeanette 
Rester, Jaryd Daniel 

Rester, [eralyn 
Revel, Cody Tyler 

i lannafi |ewel 
Revoir, ludnh Carol Verchei 
Rcw. Ii.'.n i bene 
Rewis, < ind) 1 
Reyes, Vriella Ramos 
Reyes, Rosanna Michelle 

Remolds. \l.irk A 

Re) nolds, Megan I 
Reynolds, Roger I 
Reynolds, fiara Danique 
Rhine, Danielle I lizabeth 
Rhoades Morgan I lanielle 
Rhodes, \ngcha 
Rhodes, Brittan) Lynn 
Rhodes, ( hris Michael 
Rhodes, Destinee' I. 
Rhodes, I ee Anthony 

Rhodes, I lll.lin \nn 

Rhodes, Zynthia i 
Rhoe, Ian V 
Rhymes, Gai ) M 

Rhymes, Holly Nicole 
Rials, Donald Clay 
Rice, Stephanie Dawn 
Rice, l imothy I 
Rich, I hristophei W i] 
Rich, [ennifer Erin 
Rich, Stacie lean 
Richard, Amanda Danaye 
Richard, Ashley 
Richard, Brent Paul 
Richard, Christine Leigh 
Richard, Evan [oseph 
Richard, Heather Faye 
Richard, lanul 
Richard, Jennie 1 ynn 
Richard, lodi Andrea 
Richard, Leah I 
Richard, Mandy Nicole 
Richard, Meredith 
Richard. Nyceia 
Richard, Reginald loseph 
Richard, Sara reresa 
Richard. Shavna Lane 
Richard, Shelby Faye 
Richard, Tyla 
Richards, \m\ Britton 
Richards, Heather 
Richards, Lauren 1 
Richards, I. ore C. 
Richardson, Alyssa 
Richardson, Armad Rasean 
Richardson, Heidi Ann 
Richardson, lanesa Camille 
Richardson, lared 
Richardson, lasmine De'Von 
Richardson, Kira-lanna R. 
Richardson, Kristen )oy 
Richardson, Kyrielle Charlotte 
Richardson, Matthew Kenneth 
Richardson, Michael Glenn 
Richardson, Monicalee Sliva 
Richardson, Taylor Ashley 
Richardson, Tiffany Nicole 
Richardson, Travis 
Riche, |osh A 
Riche', Chase David 
Richer. Luke 
Richey, Destiny Brooke 
Richie, Sarah M 
Richman, Kerry Lee 
Ricks. Keena K. 
Ricks. Lauren Renee 
Riddle, Ashley Colette 
Rideau, I aquella Shanae 
Ridgdell, Lori fherese 
Riffey, lordan Cole 
Riggleman, Angel Nicole 
Riggs. Daniel Asa 
Riggs, lohn T. 
Rigney, [ennifer 
Riley, Courtney S 
Riley, I eeAnn Michelle 
Riley, Monica Lynn 
Riley, Sidney I annard l.ouis 
Riley, Tarressa Shannon 
Rimmer, Dayana Sanchez 
Rimmer, lea [ones 
Rimmer, Patrick Aaron. Sr. 
Rino, Jacob lude 
Riojas, lacob Richard 
Riolo, Nicholas Anthony 
Rios. Alexandria Christine 
Rios. Chloe Valeen 
Riser. Stephanie K 
Rister, Leah Nicole 
Ritchie, I'aylor [eanne 
Ritchie. Victoria Nicole 
Ritter. Sarah Michelle Lockhart 

Rivera, Dana I eigh 
Rivera i dgardo Rafael 
Rivera, l ucinda Mai la 
Rivera, Michai l P 
Rivera, Norma Merar^ 
Rivera. I m.i 
Rivers, tshle) ra'nette 
Rivers. Braden D 
Rivers, Gar) Mark ll 
Rivers, Hollj 
Rivers, loseph S 
Rivers. Kimberl) 
Rivers, I iidlle Mary Ott 
Rivers, Preston Quincy 
Rivers, Ricki I \ nette 
Rivers, LYimeka Michelle 
Rfvette, Waltei lohn, |r. 
Roai h ( luistopher 
Roach, I larence I ee 
Roark, [acob Bartmess 
Robb, [ennifei \ Scotl 
Robblns, I ashay Renee 
Robbins, Shadrielle 
Robeaux, Ionian P 

ion, Nicollette 
Roberson. Anesha D 
Roberson, Bryan K 

Roberson, Donna Verdel 
Roberson. I honi Mikell 

, , • ■, \ 
Roberson. lames R 
Roberson, Katrina Y, 
Roberson, Larry D. 
Roberson. Megan Grace 
son, Rhiannon M 
Roberson. Schrita I atees 
Roberts. Alison I 
Roberts. BriAnne I ciAloha 
Roberts, Brittany I 
Roberts, Bryan Corey 
Roberts. Chris Starke) 
Roberts, Cole A 
Roberts. Crystal Melee 

Roberts, David Scott 
Roberts. Elizabeth 
Roberts, larred Mark 
Roberts, lessica Dawn 
Roberts. Kristin 
Roberts. Lorraine Karena 
Roberts. Lucas F 
Roberts, Marlee Rene' 
Roberts, Myesha 
Roberts, Ola Mae Ezell 
Roberts, Samantha D 
Roberts, Sarah Michai 
Roberts, Susan Allayne 
Robertshaw. Britt A 
Robertson, Adria Marie 
Robertson, Allison J. 
Robertson. Anna Renee 
Robertson, Benjamin Daniel 
Robertson, Deborah Gale 
Robertson, Douglas Bryan 
Robertson, lasmine Rayne 
Robertson, Kiersten Alise 
Robertson, Lauren A 
Robertson. Markela K 
Robertson, Ryan Landry- 
Robertson, Tyler 
Robichau, Logun P 
Robichaux. Ragan James 
Robichaux, Stephanie 1 
Robin, Brad Anthony 
Robins, Curtis Dewayne 
Robinson, Alexander Bartlett 
Robinson, Alexander A 
Robinson, Alissa D 
Robinson, Ashleigh Brooke 
Robinson, Bianca 
Robinson, Bobby Joe 
Robinson, Brittney Denise 
Robinson, Carson Klint 
Robinson, Chelsea Paige 
Robinson, Courtney Michelle 
Robinson, Courtney Shanise 
Robinson, Dana Michelle 
Robinson, Deandra Deshun 
Robinson, Elizabeth Grace 
Robinson, Ginia Chantelle 
Robinson, Herbert Allen 
Robinson, lean Michelle 
Robinson, lermame Henderson 
Robinson, [osh 
Robinson, Keyniah li'el 
Robinson, Larry Wayne 
Robinson, Launa Victoria 
Robinson, Mane Elizabeth Welch 
Robinson, Patrick Nugent. Ir 
Robinson, Ryan J. 
Robinson, Shaneka Marie 
Robinson, Sharnese T. 

Robinson. Slierouda M 
Robinson, Sheryl I aye 
Robinson, lavloi Anne 
Robinson, Liitum Denise 

Robinson, hi, I 

Robison, Desiree 
Robison, K.nv Morgan 
Robison, Michael 
Robson, Austin B 

lessica I tin 
Roche, lohn 
Rockett, Steven Michael 

II, Patricia M 
Roddy, li.ivis Benjamen 
Rodell, Matt] 

■ -, [Catherine [oyer Bueche 
Rodgers, s v oit 
Rodrigue, Cayley ( Ihristine 

lott Dickson 
Rodngue/. Angelina 
Rodriguez, Brianna Michelle 

■ ind) 
Rodriguez lorge Vlberto 
Rodriguez, luan M. 
Rodngue/. Kayla Honey 
Rodriguez. Margaret I 
Rodriguez, Rosemary 
Rodriquez, Cynthia Yvonne 
Rodsuwan, Ashley Marie 
Roge. Kayla 1 lizabeth 
Rogers, UeciaS. 
Rogers, Amanda 
Rogers. Amber S 
Rogers, Ashley R 
Rogers, Ashley 
Rogers, Brittany 
Rogers, Brittney Shamae' 

I arrie 
Rogers, I atherine Murphy 
Rogers, Christopher Paul 
Rogers, Dara Brooke 
Rogers, Erika Paige 
Rogers, [aikeva 
Rogers, Kacee D 
Rogers, Katherine Elizabeth 
Rogers, Kathryn B 
Rogers. Lauren 
Rogers, Margaret N 
Rogers, Melissa I vnav 
Rogers, Randeshia Quinshae' 
Rogers, Tamisha Kaye Jones 
Rogers, Zachary Michael 
Rogerson, Nichole E 
Rogillio, Elizabeth 
Rohner, Kayla Marie 
Rojo, Rosa Elia 
Roland, Meghan Bryant 
Roland, Tyrah DiSha) 
Rolen, Kelly Partain 
Rolling, Lindsey L 
Rollins, Carmen Nicole 
Rollins, Kimberly Joann 
Rollins, Kimberl) Nicole 
Rollis, Aidalynn 
Rollis. Daniella C. 
Rolon, Lee 
Rolon, Stanley James 
Roman, Fabian L 
Romar, Fisher I 
Rome. Joseph 
Romero, Brandon Allen 
Ronci, Phillip Joseph 
Rond, April I. 
Rooker, Katerina 
Rooney, Dennis H 
Roos, Kylie Nicole 
Root, Brittany Nichole 
Roppolo, Lauren Hailey 
Roque, Jessica Nicole 
Roque. Pamela Dene' 
Roque, Sandra Lvnette 
Roque, Tiffany Elise 
Roquemore, Courtney 
Rosalies, Shelby R 
Rose, Cindy Blount 
Rose, Derek J. 
Rose, Jarvis D 
Rose, Michael Eugene 
Rose, Vanessa Jones 
Ross, Breanna J'Trece 
Ross, Brian K 
Ross, Bryan 1 
Ross, Chiffon M 
Ross, Corrie Q. 
Ross, Elizabeth Ann 
Ross, Eric Wa\ ne 
Ross, John Douglas 
Ross, Katie D. 
Ross, Kelde Renee 
Ross, Larry Eugene, 1 1 
Ross, Lauren 

koss, Sarah I 

Ross, s.ish.i i lizabeth 

Ross, Shereece Ynell 

Ross, N 

Ross, inna I ashellc 
Ross. Whitney N 

RoSSlim, Xaviel Demon, I 

Rothenberger, Alexander Sean 
Rothenberger, Maxwell Evan 
Rothermel, I ogan Scorl 
Roton, lamim Marie 
Roton i 

Rouchon, Alyssa M 
Rougeau, Laurie Michole 
Rougeou, lonathan W 
Rountree, Katie I ouise 
Rousseau, Amanda l aine 

Rousseau, Sandra Mieh.lllc Waller 

Roussel, Brooke I lizabeth 
Roussel, IvU 
Roussell, < ha/ A 

Ronton. Sarah Rehekah 
Rowbatham, [abatha Rachelle 
Rowe, Ashley 
Rowe, I dna Suzanne 
Rowe, Kimberly A 
Rowe, I es Icryuan 
Rowell, Melissa Marie 
Rowles, Rick) I ee 
Roxbury, Sara Elizabeth 
Roy. Breshad loseph 
Roy. Brittany D 

i lias 
Roy, Erin 
Roy, lared S. 
Roy, hll Ayo 
Roy lonathan Thomas 
Roy, Michael Dillon 
Royal, Judy 
Rozelle, Richard Allen 
Rubar, [acqueline Gale 
Rubar. Michelle Glenda 
Rubin, Milhcent I. 
Rubin, Tyler James 
Rucks, Belind 
Rudd, Madeleine 
Ruddell, Hannah 
Rudell. DenaCampisi 
Rudy, Lauren Ashleigh 
Rufo, Robin R 
Ruiz, Anthony Joseph 
Ruiz, lama 
Rule, Lisa Lynn 
Rundell, David 
Runnels, Shelb) Faye 
Runyan. Madeline K. 
Runyan, Rebecca Lynn Wallace 
Rush, Kayla Rene 
Rush, Keith Wayne 
Rush, Trey 
Rushing, Alii Laren 
Rushing, Jordan Ashanti 
Rushing, Megan Elizabeth 
Rusk, Gregory Jason 
Rusk, lordan MarQuev 
Russell. Beau 
Russell, Clayton Martin 
Russell, Corie Denise 
Russell, Eric A ., II 
Russell, Kendra Katrice 
Russell, Kristin Elizabeth 
Russell, Kristina G 
Russell, Lacey Michelle 
Russell, Lena 
Russell, Pamela Jean 
Russell, Shandi Sharnelle 
Russell. William Scott 
Russell, William Alexander 
Russo, Bradley John 
Russo, Nicolas ( , 
Rust, Nathaniel ) 
Rutland, Walter C 
Rutledge, Shaun E 
Ruwe. Lana Michelle 
Ryan, Chelsea Marie 
Ryan, Elizabeth Nicole 
Ryan, leremie Jacob 
Ryan, Torrey Ann 
Ryan, Victoria Corine 
Ryder, Crystal A 
Ryder, Hayley Nicole 
Ryder, Kate 1 lizabeth 
Ryder, I.oren Noel 
Ryder, Preston Blake 
Ryerson, David N 
Ryland, Jennifer Leigh 
Ryland, Rowdy B 
Saavedra Coles, Alonso 
Sabala, Amanda Michelle 
Saberre, Dawn 
Sablay, Sarahjane Pautin 

Sadka, I auren Elizab 
s.iini ( [aire, < hloe Sh 
Salard, Hale) D 
Salard, I iffanlambei < [ail 

S.ila/.u, Me. I 
Salmon. I a I welka All 
Sailer. Charles Waylon 

Salter, Wade D 

Sam. Amanda Denise 

Sam, I sthei Marie 

Sam Ml 

Sampey, loshua Michael 
s.mipson. Candice 
Sampson, |anna Elizabeth 

Sampson, kiar.i s 
Sampson Lewis, loycelynn M 
Samuel. Harr 
Samuel, lerrica 11 Ashley 
Samuels, ( ore) Nicolas, I ill.un I .line 
ii, Lisa Ann Slavtei 

Sanchez, Angelica Maria 
Sanchez, Danielle Nicole 

Sanchez, David Randall 

Sanchez, [ason Stuart 
Sanchez, [ennifer Renee 

Sanchez, Maxwell Antonio 


Sandefur, Holly 

Sanders, Amanda Ann 
Sanders, Amber M 
Sanders, Ashle) 
Sanders, Brooklynn Paige 
Sanders. Chandra Danielle 
Sanders, Daniel Wayne 
Sanders, Davis Dakota 
s.inders, I >c Andrea Fayon 
Sanders, Deeanndra Lynn 
Sanders, Devon Nichole 
Sanders, Elias Daniel 
Sanders, lasmyne |. 
Sanders, [eanie M 
Sanders, Jeanne Mitchell 
Sanders, JoVetta Marie 
Sanders, [ovonna Antoinette 
Sanders. Kathryn Diane- 
Sanders, Kayla Rene' 
Sanders, LaTonya Teshay 
Sanders. Linda (jail 
Sanders, McKenna Bryanne 
Sanders. Mmdv D. 
Sanders, Monica Darlene 
Sanders. Nicole Marie 
Sanders. Octavia S. 
S.inders, Patrinia Cooke 
S.inders, Vallon I Gardner 
Sandifer, Amanda Renee 
Sandifer, Timothy Paul 
Sandjo, Roland Yopa 
Sandoval. Derek L 
Sandoval, Marcus K 
Sanford, Kevin 
Sanford, Peyton E 
Sanford, Victoria Alysse 
Sangid, Emily Renee 
Santangelo, Andrea Claire 
Santiago, Lauren N. 
Santini. Eric Michael 
Santoro, Christopher 
Santos. Blair E 
Santos, Charlotte Constance 
Santos, Jeffrey 1 
Sapp, Janae 

Saravia, Gilford Michael 
Sardak, Bohdana 
Sargent, Tammy Terrill 
Sarpy. Christi I vnne 
Sarpy, Shaunteria Darve' 
Sartin. Trevor W 
Sasser, Angela C. 
Sasser, Brittany Nicole 
Sasser, Eric B 
Sasser. Micah L 
Sasser, Rachel B 
Sasser, Sage 
Satcher, Taneisha 
Saucier. Corte Aston 
Saucier, Shaina Renee' 
Saucier, Whitney Leigh 
Saul, Karen 
Saunders, Nicola lane 
Saunier, Regina 
Savage, Daviyah Leigh 
Savage, [oshu.i 
Savage. Shirley R 
Savant, Charlotte R 
Savat. Kavla Suzanne 
Savell. Amber Manasco 
Savoie, Chanel Monique 
Savoie. Megan Lea 

William / 



Scarber, Esthci I lisabcth 


Seelto, lohn I 
Si lit, I- ■ ■ 

hia I 
Schauweker, si 

■ ra. Brian D 
Scheuneman, Paula S 

.ler. 1 arallda 

Schiele, lonn, 
Schlndehette, Aaron P 

ins Allen 
Schlag. John 

Schleismann, Natalie Aline 
Schlesinger, [eai 
Schloer, I iffany Diane 
Schluter. Kasey Lynne 
Schmidt, Candace Nicole 
Schneider, Callev Ann Parker 
Schnell. Damn 1 ee 
Schornick, Stephanie Nicole 
Schrader, Shane A 
Schreckengost. |on Russell 
Schner, Stacie Renee 
Schufft, Tyler Alexis 
Schuldt. Karen L. 
Schulte. lessica Elaine 
Schult/. Amanda Mane 
Schulz, Bianca Isabel] 
Nicholas Ian 
Schuster. Jason 
Schwenke. Cynthia M 
Sciabarassi, Andrew Lee 
Scimemi, Dina M 
Scofield, Wesley lordan 
Scoggins, Dakota Allen 
Scott. Aaron Montel 
Scott, Angela Renee 
Scott. Anne M 
Scott, Artena V 
Scott. Asia A 
Scott, Bridget D 
Scott, Brittany Dawnnelle 
Scott, Bryan D 
Scott, Chelci Pare' 
Scott, Cheneka 
Scott, Ellen J. 
Scott, Emmett Allison, Jr. 
Scott, Eva Mane 
Scott, Gwendolyn M 
Scott, Jasmine P 
Scott, Jennifer Lynn 
Scott, Jerelle 
Scott. |e* 

Scott, Joseph Anthony 
Scott, Kenneka Kiara 
Scott, Matthew Tyrell 
Scott, Morgan N 
Scott, Patrica Davis 
Scott, Sarah Ann 
Scott, Satara R. 
Scott, Sheryl Ann 
Scott, Staci P. 
Scott. Stephen Charles 
Scott. Summer Leigh 
Scott. Tavarsha Zenota 
Scott. I'edra Watkins 
Scouten, Karalee L 
Scriba. Mane 

Scroggins, Barbara Warner 
Scroggins. Dah Mairi D 
Scroggins. Kyle K 
Scroggs, Jamie Lynn 
Scroggs. Nicole Mane 
Scudder. Robert J. 
Scull. Andrew Blake 
Scully. Aaron loesph 
Seabourn, Monica Anrwanette 
Seal, Lindsay D 

Seaman. Brandon W 
Seamon. Christa Michelle 
Searcy lenniler Nicolle 
Seaton, Bradford Miles 
Seav. Nicole Marie 
Sebren. lacob A 
Sedille. lames Keith 
Seeberger. [ill J. 





<— h 



r- h 









Sehon, Sydney Blair 
Seibles, Constance Paige 
Seilhan, Alyssa Lee 
Selby, Ambrosia Monique 
Sell, Ashlyn Marie 
Self, Emilee Marie 
Self, Jessica 
self, Kellj ! Lilian 
Self, Linda Mae 
Self, Lynn S. 
Sell, Stephanie E 
Sell, Steven 
Sellers, Robert Lee 
Sellers, Wa'Derrious O'Shea 
Selvig, Monni Bond 
Semanco, Erin E 
Semien, Brittany Lakia Marie 
Semien. Tommeka LaShan 
Senegal, Kena Mane 
Senegal, Lencia S 
Senegal, Sarena Lynn 
Sengphongphanh, Vanida 
Sennett, Conner 
Sennett, Deanna Ruth 
Sennett, lordan Oliver 
Seo, Kazue 
Sepulvado, Alanna C 
Sepulvado, Andrea Jade 
Sepulvado, Brianna M 
Sepulvado, Brittany L 
Sepulvado, ( hnstian I 
Sepulvado, Daulton Henry 
Sepulvado, David Lewayne 
Sepulvado, Edward D 
Sepulvado, larred Dewayne 
Sepulvado, Joshua Robert 
Sepulvado, Kolton C 
Sepulvado, Lon Letitia 
Sepulvado, Matthew Logan 
Sepulvado, Samantha Lynne 
Sepulvado, Shelly Alyse 
Sepulvado, Spencer Lee 
Sepulvado, Valerie Charlene 
Serrano, Alicia Maria 
Serrano, Raquel 
Session, Megan Louise 
Session, Tereneshia 
Sesvold, Krista Lynn 
Sesvold, Marcus Shane 
Sesvold, Therisa Lynn Mc- 

Setliff, Courtney B 
Setliff, Nicholas Danny 
Settles, Erin Nicole 
Severin, Hillary Renee 
Severin, Nigel A. 
Sevin, Sandy 
Sewell, lohn Reynolds 
Sewell, LaSheena Antionette 
Sewell, Prentice D. 
Sewell, Sara L 
Sewell, Vontrecia M 
Sexton, Nathan R 
Sexton-Davis, Lauren 
Seymour, Audra Lee 
Seymour, Karen K. White 
Shader, Laurel Ann Martin 
Shah, Shelvi S. 
Shanks, Audra Kate 
Sharbono, Daniel C 
Sharma, Puneet 
Sharp, Amanda Catherine 
Sharp, BreAnna Lea 
Sharp, Jessica Lynn 
Sharp, Patrick A. 
Sharp, Richard L., II 
Sharpe, Sherri M 
Shaughnessy, John Earl 
Shaver, stormie R 
Shaw, Allyssa Marie 
Shaw, Andrea Renee 
Shaw, Callie Ann 
Shaw, Grace Eleanor 
Shaw, Jacob Wayne 
Shaw, Sherrie Ann 
Shaw, Waldean Evelyn Kessel 
Sheats, Michael Harold 
Sheehan, Nathaniel Ross 
Sheffield, Cathy E 
Shelby, Ernest Ryan 
Shelfo, Ashley L 
Shelley, Brian C. 
Shellon, Alvin C. 
Shelton, Ashley Angelle 
Shelton, Brittany Renee 
Shelton, Kimberly Marie 
Shelton, Nicholas B 
Shelton. Sarah Nicole 
Shelton. Whitney Donise 
Shepherd, Angela Marie 
Shepherd, ( iatherline I Eadrick 

Shepherd, Elizabeth Rhodes 
Shepherd, Shauntoria [man 
Shepherd, Terraniecya Necole 
Shepherd, Whitney 
Sheppard. Chyna L. 
Sheppard, Gabriel R 
Sheppard. Samantha Latisa 
Sheridan, Wanda 
Sherman, luanita Maria 
Sherman, Matthew Alan 
Shidiskis, Lorinda Lynn 
Shief, Kevin Jerome, Jr. 
Shields, Christina Louise 
Shier, Sara Renee 
Shinall, Monica Rachele Romain 
Shirey, Laura E 
Shirley, Chad Jamison 
Shirley, Karen B 
Shirley, Lillian 
Shoemake, Andria N 
Shoemaker, Jessica Lauren 
Short, Carolyn Sue Allen 
Shortridge, Jacqueline S 
Shotlow, Sharika Yvonne 
Shoyebi, Temitope A 
Shreve, Kyle Anthony 
Shreve, Taylor Ryan 
Shrum, Cheyenne L 
Shults, Barbara Thomas 
Shumate, Kristen Joy 
Shumpert, Eric Tyrone 
Sias, Dorothy Ann 
Siau, Maria Morgan 
Sibille, Natalie Catherine 
Sibley, Devin Lynnette 
Sibley, Elisha 
Sibley, Jodi Danielle 
Sibley, Samantha 
Sickel, Ryan G. 
Sides, James A 
Sierra, Steven 
Signaigo, Nocholas David 
Signorelli. Wendy Ravey 
Silas, Anita Louise 
Silas, Deuwan Lashawn 
Sills, Kimberly Jordan 
Silva, lngrid R 
Silver, Emily 
Simar, John Lawrence 
Simien, Justine Monique 
Simien, Nicole 
Simmons, Alana lanine 
Simmons, Amanda Lee 
Simmons, Ashante' Rene' 
Simmons, Ashley P 
Simmons, Brenda S 
Simmons, Brooke Darlene 
Simmons, Camille V 
Simmons, Cindy 
Simmons, Crystal Gail 
Simmons, Deirdre Kivett 
Simmons, Derineshia Chantrell 
Simmons, Frazier Cornet 
Simmons, Kara Leanne 
Simmons, Kyle Larkin 
Simmons, Lamont I 
Simmons, Laurie Ann 
Simmons, Pamela Y. Beavers 
Simmons, Shabray Lanice 
Simmons, Sheromca 
Simmons, Tamy L. 
Simmons, Twila Boyd 
Simmons, Valeece Linyae 
Simmons Ducas, Tressa Suzanne 
Simms, Ariane 
Simon, Cherelle Ariana 
Simon, Daylanna Doris 
Simon, Deon L. 
Simon, Donald Vincent, Jr. 
Simon, Earl Rashad 
Simon, Elizabeth Tyson 
Simon, Erin L 
Simon, Michelle Marie 
Simoneaux, l.yla Claire 
Simonelli, K.itelyn Mae 
Simons, Heather Annette 
Simons, Maria Anne 
Simons, Nicholas Tyler 
Simonsen, Monica L. 
Simpher, Melissa Jean 
Simpson, Adrienne 
Simpson, Breanna Kay 
Simpson, Carla Re'Chaundra 
Simpson, Cody Michael 
Simpson, Herbert C. 
Simpson, Molly Frances 
Simpson, Stacey Evette 
Simpson. Terri Ann 
Simpson, Umika 
Sims. Dareesha A 
Sims, Jennifer Leigh 

Sims, Kimberlyann Nicole 
Sims, Que'Aundra 
Sims, ShaDonna Rae'sheika 
Sinclair. Joel Lightfoot 
Sinclair, Logan Presley Seab 
Singletary, Dustin R 
Singletary, Elizabeth Michelle 
Singleton, Julien Phillips 
Singleton, Kenyatta S. 
Singleton, Nita M. 
Sirmons, Alyssa Sue 
Sisco, Kayce Renee 
Sisk, Kaitlyn Renee 
Sisson, James R 
Sistrunk, Bryan Cody 
Sistrunk, Christopher G. 
Sistrunk, Russell Allen 
Sittig, Joseph Thomas 
Sjoberg, Carly Marie 
Skaggs, Mark Christopher 
Skelton, Matthew John 
Skidmore, Courtney Danielle 
Skinner, Lisa A 
Skipper, Cedrick M 
Skipper, Kimelar S. 
Sklar, Emee E. 
Slate, Kierra LaShon 
Slater, Evan Christopher 
Slater, |ena 
Slaton, limmie Boyd 
Slaughter, Anita M. 
Slaughter, Casala 
Slaughter, Dawn A. 
Slaughter, Katherine Jane 
Slaughter, Kierra Monique 
Slaughter, Senchal Antionette 
Slayter, Derek | 
Slayter, Tracy B. 
Sloan, Max 1 
Sloan, Shawna R 
Sloan, Sheterkia Shuntae 
Sluss, Logan Conner-|ade 
Small, Kelvin Trumaine 
Small, Tyrell O. 
Smead, Dave 
Smetzer, Brian 
Smiley, Edwin Ray 
Smith, Aaron Andrew 
Smith, Adrianna Nicole 
Smith, Alexis Adele 
Smith, Alexis Nicole 
Smith, Allison R 
Smith, Ally Marie 
Smith, Amanda Claire 
Smith, Amber Marie 
Smith, Amber Marie 
Smith, Ashlee Ann 
Smith, Audra Nicole 
Smith, Bethany Shalane 
Smith, Betty J. 
Smith, Billy 
Smith, Bradley K 
Smith, Brittany Ann 
Smith, Brittney Elizabeth 
Smith, Caleb Pierce 
Smith, Caleb Scott 
Smith, Candace ShaLane 
Smith, Cara H 
Smith, Carmen [eannine 
Smith, Carrie Faye 
Smith, Carrie C. 
Smith, Chandra 
Smith, Charles Forrest 
Smith, Chelsea E 
Smith, Christine Lyn 
Smith, i hi istophci B 
Smith, Corey Anne 
Smith, Courtney Lynn 
Smith, Courtney Denice 
Smith, Dalton Kip 
Smith, Daniel B 
Smith, DarrellW 
Smith, David Douglas 
Smith, Dawana D. 
Smith, DeBrandeon Un'Torae 
Smith, Debra Kay Bynog 
Smith, Dedric 
Smith, Demetra L. 
Smith, Demetria Faye 
Smith, Deondre C. 
Smith, Diontrell Mario 
Smith, Domonique Patrice 
Smith, Donna May 
Smith, Doretta lean 
Smith, Dustin Blake 
Smith, Dymaria Elaine 
Smith, Edward Thomas 
Smith, Emily Renee 
Smith, Emily Lauren 
Smith, Emily 1. 
Smith, Eredericca S. 

Smith, Geoffrey Scott 

Smothers, DeVry Leviathan 

Smith, Hannah 

Smothers, Jennipher Lyn 

Smith, Heath Michael 

Smyth, Kolby Lee 

Smith, Heather Cecilia 

Sneed, Sametria LaChelle 

Smith, Heather Delaney 

Snell, Michael G. 

Smith, HerbertaM. 

Snelling, Emily A 

Smith, lack Stewart 

Snipes, Joanna R. 

Smith, Jacquelyn Christina 

Snow, LaRonda Ebonette 

Smith, Jacquelyn Nicole 

Snyder, Adam James 

Smith, James Maxwell 

Snyder, Elizabeth Anne 

Smith, James Brian 

Sobto, Natasha Rose 

Smith, Jamie Lynn 

Socia, Peter B. 

Smith, Jean Nicole 

Soileau, Cody Christopher 

Smith, ledidiah Ross 

Soileau, Eleanor Lynn 

Smith, lennifer 

Soileau, Jessica Marie 

Smith, Jessica Renee 

Soileau, Lia Darbonne 

Smith, Jessica Laine 

Soileau, Michael 

Smith, Jessica Lynn 

Soileau, Tayla 

Smith, Jessica M. 

Soileaux, Shani Hataway 

Smith, Joel Rayburn 

Solano, Jimmy 

Smith, Jonathan E. 

Soldani, Daniel Jon 

Smith, Jordan Elizabeth 

Soley, Joe Thomas, Jr. 

Smith, Jordyn P 

Solice, Brandy Michelle 

Smith, Joseph Murry 

Solis, Sarah Ivon 

Smith, Kanelia 

Solitaire, Ashley Nicole 

Smith, Kayla Michelle 

Solomon, Anissa Shields 

Smith, Kenya Nicole 

Solomon, Khadidra Jene' 

Smith, Kimberley W 

Solomon, Latrese 

Smith, Kirby V 

Sonnier, Desiree DeNay 

Smith, Krystle Chantray 

Sonnier, Kristen Rhea 

Smith, LaTonya Renee 

Sonnier, Marissa Faith 

Smith, Lacie L 

Sonnier, Nicole DesHotels 

Smith, Lakin Nicole 

Sonnier, Wendy Marie 

Smith, Lakyn 

Sonnier, Zachary Nathaniel 

Smith, Lauren Taylor 

Sons, Jessica Brooke 

Smith, Lawanda Lashun 

Sons, Krrsten Blake 

Smith, Leah Elizabeth 

Sorapuru, Brittney M. 

Smith, Leeanna Michelle 

Sorrell, Ryan 

Smith, Londie Gooden 

Sorrells, Sherard 

Smith, Lucy Anne 

Soule, Tanya Lester 

Smith, Marcus Anthony 

Sowell, Ayanah Jael 

Smith, Marcus James 

Sowell, Esther 

Smith, Marques Quentm 

Sowell, Kortni Monique 

Smith, Mary Pat Lynn 

Sowells, Krystle Michelle 

Smith, Mary Daniel 

Spahn, Melanie L. 

Smith, Matthew Daniel 

Spaide, Windy K 

Smith, Maya Brittney 

Spain, Sarah E 

Smith, Megan Michelle 

Spann, James N 

Smith, Megan A. 

Sparish, Bradley L 

Smith, Melissa Dianne 

Sparks, Sydney Anne 

Smith, Melvie T. 

Speaks, William Stanley, Jr. 

Smith, Michele McCarver 

Spears, Amber L 

Smith, Michelle S. 

Spears, Kelly Jean 

Smith, Micole Carol 

Spears, Kenon Andre' 

Smith, Mosherri C. 

Spedale, Maximilian 

Smith, Muriel Louise 

Speed. Jennifer Mane Barton 

Smith, Mynsha J. 

Speicher, April Danielle 

Smith, Nicholaus Jartarviez 

Speight, Misty D 

Smith, Nicole Staneart 

Spells, Bryant J 

Smith, Pamela D 

Spence, Matthew Charles 

Smith, PriscillaMay 

Spence, Samuel Taylor 

Smith, Quaaronee Meyoung 

Spencer, Brittany R. 

Smith, Rachel Ellen 

Spencer, Ebonee N. 

Smith, Rahman Karief 

Spencer, Gregory, Jr. 

Smith, Randa Jean 

Spencer, Kasey C 

Smith, Rashad Raynard 

Spencer, Olivia Charmaine 

Smith, Reginald Cornell 

Spencer, Preston Andrew 

Smith, Reneisha Chianti 

Spencer, Vanessa Nichelle 

Smith, Samuel H, III 

Spielbauer, lacob Francis 

Smith, Sara Lynn 

Spiers, Tori Delaney 

Smith, Sara Anne 

Spiese, Christine Tregle 

Smith, Sarah Lynette 

Spigener, Wesley Cole 

Smith, Saxon S 

Spikes, Hilary Leanne 

Smith, Scott A. 

Spikes, Michelle Wainwright 

Smith, Sean Patrick 

Spikes, Zondra E 

Smith, Sedelia Danielle 

Spillers, Kathryn Chloe 

Smith, Shaletha Renee 

Spillers, Rachel King 

Smith, Sharika Deonte 

Spillman, Misty Dalme 

Smith, Shavonte S 

Spillman, Yancy R 

Smith. Shelby Elizabeth 

Spoor, Destiny McKenzie 

Smith, Stefanie Hill 

Spotsville, April 

Smith, Stephen Kole 

Spotsville, Shamque Danelle 

Smith, Tammy L. 

Sprawls, Hannah Clothilde 

Smith, Tecousha S. 

Springer, Joseph Paul 

Smith, Tieshlia Shuree 

Springer, Mark F. 

Smith, Tiffany Garrett 

Springfield, Natalie B 

Smith, Tina Denise 

Sproles, Sarah E 

Smith, Tina Marie Waldon 

Spruill, Kelsey Ann 

Smith, Tonette L. 

Spruille, Maya D'andrea 

Smith, Turquoise 

Spuhler. Tosha Le Laura 

Smith, Tyler Ray 

Spurgeon, Carrie Dayton 

Smith, Victoria lordan 

Spurlock, Shontel LeShea 

Smith, Vivian 

Squires, John Ethan 

Smith, Wanda Gail 

Squyres, Anastasi.i 

Smith, Wanda R 

Squyres, Emily Robin 

Smith, Wayne W 

Squyres, Susanna Christine 

Smith, Yolanda Darshell 

Squyres, Toni D. 

Smith, Yolanda Yvette 

Squyres, Zackary Clayton 

Smith, Zandra H. 

St Romain, Penelope Ducote 

Smoot Malcolm lamar 

St. Clair, Haley Marie 

Smotherman, Shelby I. 

St. John, Jennifer Paige 

St. Pierre, Jeanne Claire 
St. Romain, Alex Paul 
Stackel, Catherine Thorning 
Stafford, Amanda Louise 
Stafford, Courtney Nycole 
Stafford, Donna Marie 
Stafford, Joseph L. 
Stafford, Shalena Kameashae 
Staggs, Rachel Christine 
Staggs, Ryan Hunter 
Staggs, Suzanna P. 
Stahl, Michael Speed 
Stahl, Tyler James 
Stallion, Kevin Ross 
Stallion, Teressa Schreve 
Stamey, Bryan Robert 
Stamey, Stephen Arthur 
Stamper, Hart L 
Stampley, Patricia Richel 
Standifer, Joseph Neil 
Stanfield, Alan Duane 
Stanfield, Caleb Benjamin 
Stanfield, Cara Alayna 
Stanfield, Christy Lannette 
Stanfield, Faith Calee 
Stanfield. lennifer L. Elkins 
Stanfield, Kimberly Rae 
Stanford, Amy Claire 
Stanford, Thomas Q 
Stanford, Timothy S 
Stanley, Amber Alanna 
Stanley, Anita 
Stanley, D'nea Lynn 
Stanley, Danielle Nicole 
Stanley, Deborah 
Stanley, lenna Brianne 
Stanley, Megan Ashley 
Stanley, Ronnie Lynn 
Stanley, Samantha Morgan 
Stanley, Taylor Nicole 
Stansell, Kimberly Michelle 
Stanton, Sheila A Smith 
Staples, Evan Nathaniel 
Stapleton, Courtney Cheyenne 
Stark, Hannah B 
Starkey, Brittany Caroline 
Starks, Amie Leger 
Starks, Jacob T 
Starks, Ruth A 
Starnes, Jason Scott 
Starnes, Justin S 
Starns, Kristen Marie 
Starr, Davina Antrionette 
Staton, Caitlin Brooke 
Staton, Johnathan Edward 
Steadman, Victoria Lynn 
Stec, Shanel AUyce 
Stedman, Michael Aaron 
Steele, Constance Antria 
Steele, Kenneth Andrew 
Steele, Marissa Kaitlyn 
Steelman, Krystin Brooke 
Steen, Cynthia Renee' 
Stefaniak, Jennifer Joyce 
Steig, Julie Anne 
Steig, Kathleen Steig 
Steingold, Hana Ann 
Steinke, loshua David 
Stelly, Charissa N 
Stelly, Meagan Olivia 
Stelly, Sarah Louise 
Stennis, Alexis Briana 
Stephens, Angela Joy 
Stephens, Brandi 
Stephens, Brittnee L. 
Stephens, Carla Jan 
Stephens, Chantelle M 
Stephens, Cory David 
Stephens, Donna R. 
Stephens, Emily Paige 
Stephens, Esther 
Stephens, Gena Michele 
Stephens, Gerald Wayne 
Stephens, Kayli Rene 
Stephens. Lauren Brooke 
Stephens, Mounira Aimee 
Stephenson, Kalhe A 
Stephenson, Michael Ryan 
Stephenson, Michael Louis 
Stepp, Chase Warren 
Stepp, Joseph C 
Sterling, Nycole Nadarria 
Sterling, Sydney Rebekah 
Sterns, Brianna R 
Steven. LaTasha Woodworth 
Stevens, Courtenay Alessandra 
Stevens, Jennifer Kay 
Stevens, Kara Gradi 
Stevens, Kristy 
Stevens, Nicholas Daniel 
Stevens, Rosalee 

Stevenson, Davanla Demarquez 
Stevenson) fohn I louglas 
Stevenson, Kaitlyn Renae 

Stevenson, l'K\ ra Rechclle 
Stevenson, 1 auren I ontaine 
Stevenson, Poi sha l 
Steward, limm) I ee 
Steward, Nlesha 
Stewart, Amanda 1 
Stewai i Vmeli K.islui 
Stewart, Andrea l 
Stewart, Asia C 
Stewart, Berlyn Yvonne 
Stewart, Brandon I uvel) 
Stewart. Britne) S 
Stewart, ( hesne) 
Stewart, Gary, It 
Stewart, lam 
Stewart, [ennlfer 
Stewart, [essica ( ourson 
Stewart, Karen Manning 
Stewart, Kathy Inez 
Stewart, 1 a roria ' 
Stewart, Natalie 
Stewart, Raphael A 
Stewart, Rashad A 
Stewart, Samanntha Irene 
Stewart. Sarah Ann 
Stewai t. Savanna Gayle 
Stew.irt. Tirtam \ 
stile-.. Katie N 
still, ( hristophei Donald 
snll Sheila Rashell 
still, rasha Ann 
Stillwell, Ryan lohn 
Stinson, Lauren LaVonne 
Slockdalc, Robert Icremiah 
Stockton, Robert Seth 
Stoes.ser, loseph Wade 

Stoesser, Peter 1. IV 

Stoker, Brandon M. 
stoker. Diana I Stiefvater 
Stokes, Alexandria Renee 
stokes, Arielle Marcius 
Stokes, Ashley Claire 
Stokes, lohannah Crystal 
Mokes. Karon D. 
stokes, Mariana M 
Stone, Katie Taylor 
Stone, Sara Vandine 
Stormer, Latreshia Cierre 
smi ins, \nne M 
Storrs, lulia Marie 
Storrs, Madison 
Story, lhada Alexandria 
Story, Iravis Wayne 
Stoute, Terry P. 
Stowers, Devin l.n lot 
Stracener, Brenda |oanna 
Strahan, Emily Katherine 
Strange, Caleb Hunter 
Strange, Kymherh Marie 
Straub, loseph Adam 
Strawn, Charles Daniel 
Street. Amanda Marie 
Street, Hannah 
Street, loshua Browning 
Stressman, Stephen B. 
Strickland, Codv \\ \ an 
Strickland, Colton Lawrence 
Strickland, Elizabeth Lea 
Strickland, Joshua Glynn 
Strickland, Richard LeWavnc 
Strickland. Sydney R 
Stridiron, Sierra R. 
Stringer. Cristina Angela 
Stringer. Deonga Sheri Gore 
Stringer. Fonisha Michelle 
Stringer. James Allen 
Btringfellow, Victoria Loren 
Stripling, Nicole C 
Stroman Stanley, ( tvstal 
Strong, Adriene Man 
Strong. Cheryl Rene' 
Strong. Tina M 
Strother. Cind) Maria 
Strother, lulie Ann 
Strother. Kati Virginia 
Strother. Robert S 
Stroud. Aaron loel 
Stroud, t lor) Wa) ne 
Stroud, lenniter Miranda 
Stroud, Nicole Rae 
Stroud -Lachney, lessica M 
Stroughter, Shannon Eskameal 
Stubblefield, Ashley lanell 
Stuhbs. Claire Breland 
Stubbs, Derek 
Stuckey, I van M) les 
Stuckey, Shannon Margaret 
Stuhlman. Anneris V. 

smii . 1 atherine |ane 
stump. Stace) 1 
Sturdivant, Mar) Katherine 
Sturm 1 ,nt 1 1 1 hristlna 
Stutson, lonathon 
Suarez, 1 [alley Nicole 
Suchanek, I eanne Marie 
Sudderth, Stephanie 1 j nn 
Suedkamp, Bethairj Breanne 
Sugg, rhomas 1 ee 
Suggs, lulie Ann 
Sulloan \ \l 
Sullivan, Anita M 
Sullivan, Carol 
Sullivan, lohn 1 rii 

Sullivan, I allien I 

Sullivan, Randall C 
Sullivan, Samantha |o 
Sumbler, Ashley Nicole 
Sumbler, Charmetta 1 ralai 
Sumbler, Deidra Michelle 
Summage, Noami Marcella 
Sumniei.Hii \llr>,<n May 
Summerville, Darren Demone 
Sutton, ' ourtne) N 
Sutton 1 leathei Mi( lulie 
Sutton, Marshall Cannon 
Sutton. William t 

Swafford, Phyllis Marie 
Swan, Denae' Ruth 

Swan, M\ shnae I ee 
Swaiin. Brandon Joseph 
Swanncr, ( liasiu \i, ..I, 
Swart/. Audi Icanncttc 

Swa) ■ Sherry I ee 
Sweat, Ion D. 
Sweeney, Shana DeLaine 

sweet. Emily Ellen 
Sweetman, 1 lien 
Sweetser, Drury Ruth 
Sv, ii 1 Bradley 
Swindle, Gretchen R 
Swindle, lacob Paul 
Swinney, LaShaveia S. 
Switzer, Donna Mai ie 
Switzer, Stephanie Brooke 
Swor. Brandy Kay 
Sykes, Amanda I. 
s\ kes, lamacia Santrell 
Sylvain, Amine 1 lye 
Sylve, Varon Michael 
Sylve. Ashley Necole 
Sylvest. Allison Claire 
Sylvest, Garrett I His 
Sylvester, David Louis 
Sylvester, Kathleen Marie 
Sylvia, lustin R. 
Sylvie. Christopher M 
Symonette. lebel Shammar 
Tabb, Kevin Patrick 
labor. Blake Anthony 
Tabor. Krystyna Anne 
Tackett, Lisa B. 
Tackett, Mary LaNelle 
Tademy, Ja'Lisa Denise 
Tai, Elizabeth Brogan 
Talamayan, Mary |oy Anne 
Talbert, John Willard 
Talbot, Karen Michelle 
[alley, Crystal Gale 
[alley, lessica Whole 
Talley. lohn 
[alio, Vshleigh Nicole 
Talmadge, Nicholas Grimm 
lam, Dustin Lee 
languihg, Clarice Decerae 
Tanielu, Daniel Kosema 
Tankersley, Kortney Lane 
Tanksley. Hannah S 
Tanksley, Shada Michelle 
Tannehill, Andrew Bryan 
Fanner, Brent Spencer 
Fanner, Erich John 
Tanner, Katie Lynnette 
Fanner, Keri Denise 
Tanner, LaTonya Shannee' 
Tanzini, Katelyn Rose 
Taras, Alexander Michael 
laravella, Stephanie Rochelle 
Tarkington, Row IV 
Tarpley, Jennifer 
Tarpley, loseph Robert 
Tarpley, Micha Sierra 
Tarpley, Phillip B 
rarver, I tike Alexander 

lashv Paris I 

Tassin, Paige E 

Tate, Ada Marinda sparkle 

Tate, Fredrick I 

rate, lessica DeLane 
Tate, Shaunteana Charyise 

late, Virginia 

I, in/in I1111I Paul 

01 Alyssa B 

raylor, Hi Ittan] B 
Fayloi 1 u 
rayloi 1 ; 

la\ lor, 1 lielsea I) 

raylor, < hristlna Monique 
rayloi 1 iwighl 

Hiylor, < ore) lermal 
raylor, Courtney 
raylor, Dana Mane Dykes 

11 Danzell Dem 11 1 
than A. 
rayloi 1 

1 leathei 1 ynn 
raylor, 1 [eathei * loulart 
Taylor, lenna I lanne 

11 lessica 1 
r. I,.) Karen I Iriffui 
raylor, Katherine Howell 
raj lor, Kayla Marie 

Taylor, Kendal 1 

raylor, Kimberl) toine 
i,i\ lor, Kymberl) Nil 
Taylor, I a'Chanski K 

Taylor, 1 1 

] tylor, I eanne Rose 

1 eshena D. 
Taylor, I indsay 1 larol 

ynnette D 
Taylor, Mia Michelle 

l.u lor, Misty Carol 

In Im \iki 
Taylor, Nykeyia 
Taylor, Cine 1 
Taylor, Paula DeShawn 
Taylor, Quatania L. 

raylor, Rebecca Michelle 

raylor, ShanToria Dashay 
Taylor, Sheila L 
Taylor, Shellie lo 

raylor, Shenika Rena 

l.nlnr, Sheir\ 

l.u lot, Steveie M 
Taylor, TJ 
Taylor, Tamerin 
Taylor, William Dale 
league, lacqueline 
Teasley, Glenda P. 
Teasley, lamie Randall 
Teasley, Tyra N. 
Teddlie. Kadec Brooke 
Tedesco. I aura S 
Teer. Rachel Pauline 
Telfor, Natalie A 
leliu, Cameron V 
lellis, Bobbie lean 
Tellis, |ohn E 
lelsee, 1 airy D 
Telsee, Quintessica B 
Temple, Austin L. 
Temple. Hayley Nicole 
Temple. Kandis Bryan 
Temple, Kellie I 
Temple, Natalie Anne 
Templet, Jason Albert, II 
Templet, Tricia A. 
Terra, Tiffany Green 
Terral. April Amanda 
Terrell, Blakelon Deion 
Terrell, Domonique Nicole 
Terrell, Jordan Tyler 
Terrell, 'Tiara M 
Terrell, Trinit) I 
Teutsch, Luke I 
Thames, Dalton 
Iharp, Loretta Marie 
Thaxton, Clarissa Ann 
Thaxton, Eylda G. 
Theaux, Gretchen 
Thebault, lessica Elizabeth 
Theriot, Genevieve Kaitlyn 
Theriot, Jade Elizabeth 
Theriot, Shannen 
Theriot, Stacy Lynne 
Theriot, Tommy J 
Thessen, Ambrosia 
Theus, Annessa Monquie 
lluus lessica E 
Theus, Ursula Gisele 
Hums. Kade W 
Thibodeaux, Alex Lamar 
Thibodeaux. Brittany P. 
Thibodeaux, Jeanne Christine V 
Thibodeaux, Margie Ann 
Thibodeaux, IVnm 
Thibodeaux, Tuesdi Lynn 
Ihiels, Daniel Martin 
Ihiels, Meagan 

lllicrrv. Meagan II 
Ihlgpen, I Imothy John. |r 
[homai, Amanda Bi 
rhomas, Ann Belli 

l Junius, Anaslacla Marie 
[homai, Andrew Ml 
Thomas, Becky It 
[nomas, Bemadette W 
rhomas, Bl)u 

rhomas, Bobbie Adams 

[homas, Brandon 

[homas, Brian Keith 
I homas, < hanse Rene 

rhomas, ( harnita I 
[homas, < hassity Monai 
rhomas, DeaShandn 
Thomas, Deslree H 
[homas, I rica R 
[homas, Freddie Lee 

Thomas .uglas 

I, risk I rev 
[homas, Gremishia S 
Ihomas, Hannah \ 
[horn i tthew 

Thomas, Jason P 
Ihomas, leu i; 
Ihomas. Katelyn Adele 
I In mias, Keyera Domonique 
Thomas, Lamarious D 
'Ihomas, Latoria Renae 
Ihomas. Lionel 
Ihomas Mar) I Brooks 
Thomas, Mary O. 
Ihomas. Michael G 
Ihomas, Oliver 
Ihomas, Patrick J. 
Ihomas, Paillette Chanta 
Thomas. Peggv W 
Ihomas, Robert Clayton, |r. 
Ihomas. Sarah Grace 
Ihomas, Shaletra Shana 
Ihomas, Shawanna Renee 
Thomas. Sierra M 
Ihomas. Talitha Ja'net 
Thomas, Tamika Anita 
Ihomas. Tanisha Nicole 
Ihomas, Tiffany Lashay 
Thomas, Tomnn I 
Ihomas. IrcMcsha LaShae 
Ihomas, Veronica Cheree 
Ihomas, Yasmine Shanae 
Ihomas Payne, Idell 
Thomasee. Sherrie L. 
lhomason, Deanna Wi.n 
Thompson, Alicia 
Thompson, Andrew G 
Thompson, Anthony 
Thompson, Brandon 
Ihompson, Brennen I ee 
Ihompson, Catherine M 
Ihompson. Christina Marie 
Ihompson, Christopher Clyde 
Ihompson, l hrvsiell 1 'eanne 
Ihompson, Dana Victoria 
Thompson, Dennis Kirk 
Thompson, Dominique Renee' 
Ihompson, Dustin Lane 
Thompson, George Charles 
'Ihompson, Gina Marie 
Thompson, Jennifer 
Thompson, Kelsey Grace 
Ihompson, Kimberly 
Ihompson. Kimberly Ann 
Ihompson, Lakin Nicole 
Thompson, Leigh Ann 
Thompson, Lesley LcAnne 
Thompson. Mark Anthony 
Ihompson, Mary B. 
Thompson, Megan DeAnn 
Ihompson, Melissa Catherine 
Thompson, Melissa Michelle 
Ihompson. Michael Casey 
'Ihompson, Michael Chadwick 
Thompson, Paula A. 
Thompson, Renaldo DeShon 
Thompson, Stephen Brent 
Thompson. Timothy Charles 
Thompson, Tyler Garrett 
Ihompson, Usa N. 
Ihornhill, Brittam I ayne 
Thornton, lenniter Rebecca 
Thornton. Jessica C 
Thornton. Ryan lames 
Thornton, Sydneye Pauline 
Thrash, Monte William 
Threat. Devin Lee 
Threlkeld. Khaliq A. 

Ihurnian. Kvle M 
Thurston, < heryl < , 
I Ibbett, Morgan I elgh 
ribbs, i 

I', lei 

hile. i mdra 

I lller, Debra Patterson 

llllerv. lerris.i 
Tillcry. I on I 

Heather I 
I illev. Kelsey 

in, Ashley Roxanne 

1 1 ( .micron laniar 
Melissa Ann 
I imms, Abigail Marie 
I minis, Ariel I oiraine Elizabeth 
Timms, lane P. 
Tims, < aiuh 
Imdall. I rev Nolan 
Tindcll. lodi I. 
I ingle. Britney Nicole 
Tingle. Jenniler Mane 
I ippctt, Meredith Nichole 

Tippit, Antonio Marqueze 
Tirado, Olga M 
Fishy, Kanisha Sherrell 

I ism,). I isa Rochelle 

1 istui, Allison Nlsole 

Todd, Ashleigh lordan 
Todd, Ian lames 
Todd, loshua Edward 
Todd, Pamela Ann 
Todd, Shalonda Yvcttc 
Todd, Stephen L. 
Todd, Tyler 
Tolbert, Kenshel Tandrea 

Tolliver, Ashley N 
Tolliver, Kawana Shana 
Tolson, Madeline Claire 
Tbmlin, Amanda Leigh 
Foney, Amanda Danielle 
Toney, Christina N. 
lone), Wanda A. 
Toomer, Reginald ). 
Toomer, Willie J 
Toralba. Samantha Elissa 
Torregano. Jasmine D. 

lien L. 
Torres, Mario Alejandro 
Torricelli, Amanda Renee 
Totman, Victoria Khang 
Touchet, Donna M 
Toups, Ashley Dawn 
lousant, Pontrese 
Toussaint, Annissa T. 
Toussaint, Kenneth Ray 
Toussaint, Marcus Dewavne 
Toussaint, Nikki LaTonya 
Ioussani, ( asey Denzel 
Townley, Nita Kathleen Reed 
Townsend, Brandon P. 
Townsend, Colleen Aleta 
Townsend, Marissa 
Townson, Courtney D'lea 
Trabeaux, Calli C. 

Ishlee Katrina 
Tracy, Jessica L 
Tracy. Kristy R 
Tracy. Shanna Craig 
Trahan. Alex lude 
Trahan. Dylan Blade 
Trahan. Kacey Elyse 
Trahan, Mitchell | 
Traigle, Joshua Joseph 
Tran, John V 
Iran, Kaleen Elizabeth 
Tran, Lisa Kim 
Travis, Ryan Evan 
Iraweck, lenniter Gallant 
Traylor. Fredrick Dwayne 
Traylor, Tiffany M 
Treaster, Courtney 
Trent, Rick) Neil 
Treptow, Payton Alyse 
Irevmo, Megan Kimberly 
Triboski, David Ryan 
Triche, Crystal Marie 
Trichel, Jamie E 

I riefenbach, Cynthia Ann Breaux 
Trieu, Nhu 

Triggs, Kettevon Suezet 
Triggs, Kristen Shea 
Trimble. Melissa Kaye 
Triplet File. Hope E 
Tnplett, Tashana N 
Triplett, Tolbert. IV 
Tripp, lames Robin, |r. 
Trisler, Ahsha Ivans 
Troquille. Cynthia Rosemary 
Trosper, Glen R 

Tronic, lenna B 

llouillc r 

Irintt. R 
I rull. I.,.: 

Irussell. Samantha Rae 
Irussell. Warren Hulane 
rubbs, Marshal 

liuker I 

linker. Kelli Marie 

linker, Michelli 
lucker Meshell. Gwendolyn 
ludor, Virginia Ann 
Tullis. Lauren Elizabeth 
lullos, Ashley Virginia 
lasi.n Blake 

II v lean 

luma, Brittany limes 
hiniinello. lenmler LcAnne 
lummiins, Robert 
luminous. Stephanie R 
I upper. Melissa lune 
Turlington, Analeah 
Turnage, lamee Marie 
Turnbow, Tina Dunne 
Turner, Alexis Nicol 
Turner, Allison Landry 
Turner, Arielle lanell 
Turner, Austin Lee 
Turner, Caitlin D'Laney 
'Turner, (^assaundra Regina 
Turner, Christopher I rvin 
Turner, Ella Louise 
Turner. Erica Lanell 
Turner. Gerald D'Wayne. II 
Turner, Gwenetta Faye 
Turner, J Allen 
Turner, Kan l.yn 
lumer. I erenzo Keonlae 
Turner, Linetra D. 
Turner, Maggie ( Lure 
Turner. N'etoyer Diane 
Turner. Reginald Deon 
Turner, Shameka Tre'nae 
Turner. FaQuana Monique 
Turner, Tamara 
Turner. Whittnev Kendra 
Turner. Yolanda 
Turpin. lessica Laura 
lutile, Emily R 
Tweh. Alice 
Twiner, Amy E. 
Twiner. Hillary Ann 
Tyler, Eugene Marcus David 
Tyler, Kimbna 
Tyler. Ne-keia N 
Tyler. Randy D. 
Tyler III, Calvin Leonard 
Ivnes, Mantza Crystal 
Lyra. Brittney Annette 
Tvrna. Dana Celeste 
Tyrna, Todd Nathan 
Tyson, loseph Blake 
Tyson, Tiffani Fechele 
Ulak, David I 
Ulmer. Nicholas Knstoff 
Umayra, Fladi Nayyel 
Underwood, Jessica Marie 
Underwood, Robert. Ill 
Untied. David A. 
Upadhyay, Kripa 
Upchurch, lasmine Nicole 
Updike, lames Elliott 
Upshaw, Hayley N 
Upton, Sean A 

Michel Mytea 
Ursin, Shamica Lathee 
Usie, loshua Kenneth 
L'sner. Ivan Nicholas 
T src\. lonathan Ray 
Usrey, Knslan Noelle 
Utsey, raylor Simone 
Vagnn, Taylor Mane 
V'ailes, Claudia Karma 
Valdez L'rela, Aida 
Valencia, Doris Ann 
Valentine, Penny 
Vallee. Beauregard James 
Vallee. Conan Elaine 
Vallot. Michelle Meziere 
\'an, limmv 
Van Deusen. Kathleen 
Van Horn, lenniter 
VanHoof, Katryn T Satcher 
Vanantwcrpen. Amy M 
Vanderborght. Florence Valerie 




i— h 








Vanderlu k, Ce 
Vandersypen, Dustin G 
Vandivei i 
Vann, Valarie 
Vansickle, Madalynn 
Varice, Sheterica Tenay 
Varnadore, Jeanell Elizabeth 
Vartenian, Aram Nobar 

ocu, Scarlett L. 
Vasiliou, Athena Reannon 
Vasquez, Janitza M 
Vasseur, Meagen E 
Vaughan, Joseph Michael 
Vaughn, A. Kathryn 
Vaughn, Christopher Wayne 
Vaughn, Ebony Shayta 
Vaughn, (aclyn Tenille 
Vaughn, Marquetta Noel 
Vaughn, Tshaka S 
Vaurigaud, Michael H. P., |r. 
Vavra, lustin Scott 
Vaz, Suezella Rana 
Vazquez, Luis Antonio 
Veal, Chardia Sherell 
Veal, Markeyla 

Veal Barbarin, Trischell LaRice 
Vegaroman, Giovanni 
Veillon, Tara 

Vellananirappil-lohn, fohnson 
Venable, Christopher B. 
Vercher, Aaron N 
Vercher, Joseph C. 
Vercher, Laren Paige 
Verdin, Coty C. 
Verdin, Logan Havvke 
Verdun, Haley Daniell 
Vereen, Beatrice Marie 
Verret, Heather Dejesus 
Verret, Lisa Dai 
Verrett, Charlie Ashley 
Veuleman, Bridget Lovelady 
Veuleman, Daniel Joseph 
Veuleman, Payton Arron 
Veuleman, Sarah 
Veuleman, Valerie Page 
Viator, Jessica Rose 
Vick, Cara L. 
Vickers, Ashlee Renee 
Vickers, Roger Wayne 
Vickers, Tifany Hailey 
Vicknair, Jessica Denise 
Victorian, Malik Akil-kimani 
Victorian, Marshae Danna 
Videau, Brian Keith, Jr. 
Vidrine, Austin 
Vidrine, Beth 
Vidrine, Bret J. 
Vidrine, John 
Vidrine, John Alex 
Vidrine, Kendna Renee 
Vidrine, Lindsie Ann 
Vidrine, Mason 
Vidrine, Matthew Webb 
Vidrine, Misty E. 
Vienne, Elizabeth Cleo 
Vienne, Lezette Guidry 
Vierra, Lindsey K 
Vige, Lindsey Rae 
Villali, Tonia Davis 
Villasana, Anthony Ruben 
Villegas-Santiago, Gladys Areli 
Vincent, Brandi Elise 
Vincent, Erica R 
Vincent, Isiah A. 
Vincent, lared Scott 
Vincent, Tricia 
Vincent, Tyler McKinley 
Vines, Brittainey Celeste 
Vines, Doyle Dewayne 
Vines, Jennifer Jeanene 
Vines, Kenneth Blake 
Vines, Lauren E, 
Vines, Lauren Ashley 
Vines, Matthew H. 
Vines, Rachel Danielle 
Vines, Rebecca L 
Vines, Victor Harold 
Vining, Aaron Joseph 
Vinson, Brittany Lake 
Vinson, Jennifer Wilds 
Vinson, Tangela Hall 
Vinson, Veronica K 
Viola, Kristin M 
Viree, Kayla Rena' 
Virgoe, Brittanj \ 
Vishram, Sohail Sadruddin 
Viste, lustin Michael 
Vizena, lessn,i Lynn 
Voinche, Beau M 
Voinche, Chris Gaillord, |r 
Voinche, Samantha Kate 

Voisin, Alex J. 
Vonsenden, Kristi Lois 
Voorhie, [effery I ha < 
Voss, lohn-Henry Richard 
Waagner, Cody John 
Waagner, Colt Mitchell 
Waddle, Marci 
Waddle, Wesley A 
Waddles, Kimberly M 
Wade, Leeshey Pauline 
Wade, Tamera Nckaye 
Wade, Tonya 

Wadsworth, Cindy Denise 
Wadsworth, Robert Joseph 
Wafer, Colby Titus 
Wafer, Thomas Gabriel 
Wages, Theresa M, Sammons 
Wagley, Chase Benteen 
Wagner, Jeremy W 
Wagner, Kaylee Lorraine 
Wagner, Ronald Deason 
Wagnon, John R 
Wagoner, Catherine Leanne 
Wagoner, Yevette 
Waguespack, Lauren M 
Waguespack, Lauren T. 
Waguespack, Samantha Justine 
Wahl, Jordon J 

Wainright, Dawson Allen, IV 
Waldon, Ashton Marie 
Waldon, Yarkeshala D'Antoinette 
Waldrop, Michelle B. Rabalais 
Waldrup, Landyn lames 
Walen, Daniel Raymond 
Walker, Alicia K. 
Walker, Amanda Danielle 
Walker, Brittnee Nicole 
Walker, Carla Elizabeth 
Walker, Chelsea Lashun 
Walker, Cheryl Denise 
Walker, Christian Prestion 
Walker, Daniel Cole 
Walker, Denise Michelle 
Walker, Donna Dianne 
Walker, Heidi Danielle 
Walker, lessica Layne 
Walker, Jimmie 
Walker, Justin Kyle 
Walker, Kathleen Dawn Willis 
Walker, Kenneth Lawson 
Walker, Kiley Laine 
Walker, Kourtnei M. 
Walker, Kristen Elizabeth 
Walker, Lashyia S 
Walker, Lauren Ann 
Walker, Mark Raymond 
Walker, Matthew Lyle 
Walker, Pamela Nalley 
Walker, Sasha Brittany 
Walker, Tameka T 
Walker, Toney Orlando, Jr. 
Walker, Willie M. 
Walker-Gibson, Cynthia Renee 
Wall, Katherine Grace 
Wallace, Brooke Shannon 
Wallace, Daisy Nicole 
Wallace, Jake Daniel 
Wallace, Journee Kae 
Wallace, Logan Danielle 
Wallace, Mathew Allen 
Wallace, Samuel Eugene 
Wallace, Sara Guillory 
Wallace, Todd Allen 
Waller, Joe Edward 
Waller, Rebbie Marie 
Walleser, Joan Catherine 
Walleser, Karli Paige 
Walleser, Zachary S 
Wallett, Katlyn B 
Walley, Terri Lynnette Turner 
Wallis, Zelkeisha R 
Walls, Ashanti Nicole 
Walsworth, Paula Laine Hunter 
Walter, Emily Lynn 
Walter, Michael W. 
Walters, Byron Steve, III 
Walters, ChelCee 
Walters, Christy SharelJ 
Walters, Cydney Elyse 
Walters, Leslie Roark 
Walthall, Emily Megan 
Waltner, < ieorge Christy, II 
Walton, Kristen Welch 
Ward, Amanda Elizabeth 
Ward, Anal Joycelyn 
Ward, Dale Lee, h 
Ward, Hannah Lee 
Ward, Jessica N. 
Ward, Lakyn Ashlee 
Ward, l.ynnshya M. 
Ward. Makeba Alic 

Ward, Mitchell Henry 
Ward, Monica 
Ward, Stasha L. 
Ward, Tiffany Nicole 
Wardell, Claire Chester 
Ware, Christopher David 
Ware, Jeffrey S. 
Ware, Ryan Scott 
Waring, Kelly Marie 
Warlick, Charity Lou 
Warmsley, Tenesha T. 
Warner, Andrew James 
Warner, Atari 
Warner, Charles Walter, 111 
Warner, Hailey Elizabeth 
Warner, Justin C 
Warner, Shuntel 
Warren, Aaron-Michael 
Warren, Amanda Lea 
Warren, Andrea Lynn 
Warren, Andrea D 
Warren, Casey E. 
Warren, Evan Randall 
Warren, Garrett C 
Warren, lason P 
Warren, Johnathon Edward 
Warren, Kelley L. 
Warren, Kelly D. Higginbotham 
Warren, Lindsey Desadier 
Warren, Sharon 
Warren, Travis Broox 
Warsley, Samuel Edward 
Warsley-Williams, Danielle 
Washington, Alex James, III 
Washington, Amy Elizabeth 
Washington, Ariel Colette 
Washington, Cassandra De'Anna 
Washington, Cedric Dwayne 
Washington, Charles H. D. 
Washington, Dominique D 
Washington, lareyna F. 
Washington, lennika Cherrea 
Washington, lenny N. 
Washington, Joshua C. 
Washington, Kenneth Lloyd 
Washington, Lakeshia Monique 
Washington, Lanee' Dionne 
Washington, Laterina Latrunda 
Washington, Randi Sade' 
Washington, Rhoda Gaston 
Washington, Roosevelt, III 
Washington, Rosemary 
Washington, Sabrina Desha 
Washington, Sharon 
Washington, Talisha M 
Washington, Tyler Deion 
Washington, Wanda Marie 
Waskom, Lacy Morgan 
Watkins, Claire Michelle 
Watkins, Dwayne A 
Watkins, Stephanie Marie 
Watley, Alicia Collette 
Watley, Hannah Collette 
Watson, Adam 
Watson, Angela Celeste 
Watson, Garrett Wayne 
Watson, Jimmie 
Watson, John Tyquan 
Watson, Julia Beatrice 
Watson, Katherine N. 
Watson, Marshall Charles, |r. 
Watson, Micheal Dean, Jr. 
Watson, Molly Wise 
Watson, Racquel 
Watson, Shannon Nicole 
Watson, Toyua R. 
Watson, William Ryan 
Watts, Abigail Elaine 
Waun, Amanda Marie 
Weams, Jason N 
Weatherford, Danielle Renee' 
Weatherford, Kally Ann 
Weatherford, Kari Breann 
Weatherford, Shelbie 
Weatherford, Terry Lynn 
Weatherford, William Earl 
Weathers, Brittany Nicole 
Weaver, Casey Culpepper 
Weaver, Domonique Mikala 
Weaver, laquaveous DaVaughn 
Weaver, Kerri Ann 
Weaver, Kerri Alyn 
Webb, Alayna Michelle 
Webb, Angela Dean 
Webb, Eugene Alexander 
Webb, Garrett R. 
Webb, Nakita Shavonne 
Webb, Samantha Lynn 
Webb, Susan Michelle 
Webb, lene' Marie Quinones 
Weber, Ereylon Royale 

Webster, Ashley M 
Webster, Lauren Denise 
Webster, Maria A 
Webster, Tameka Rachel 
Webster, Taylor Renee 
Weekley, Peyton Marissa 
Weeks, Jessica Elizabeth Marie 
Weeks, Rhonda S. 
Weeks, Shannon Michael 
Wehrmeyer, Brian Keith 
Weideman, Glen 
Weileder, Michael A. 
Weindel, Tina Alice Marie 
Weismann, Aaron M. 
Weiss, David Simson 
Weittenhiller, Jennifer G 
Welborn, Dana L. 
Welch, Brittney R. 
Welch, Carol J. Little 
Welch, Emily Leanne 
Welch, Kevin 
Welch, Leslie Peyton 
Welch, Miranda Michelle 
Welch, Morgan Brianne 
Welch, Samantha Nicole 
Weldon, Ashlie Nicole 
Weldon, Donald Lee 
Weldon, Louis L 
Well, Ryan Keith 
Wells, Amy 
Wells, Brenda 
Wells, Heather Nicole 
Wells, Jacqueline 
Wells, lason Gregory 
Wells, Jennifer Laine 
Wells, Jessica N. 
Wells, John Michael 
Wells, Lensey 
Wells, Maranda Evette 
Wells, Marilyn Blakely 
Wells, October Nicole 
Wells. Renee 
Wells, Ruben Michelle 
Wells, Temperist Simoine 
Wendel, Lissa 
Wendell, Bobbie Jo 
Wesley, Donovan Lamar 
Wesley, Korisma Sharnell 
Wesse, David Joseph 
Wesse, Deborah 
West, Damon Laron 
West, Darby A 
West, Heather S. 
West, Jalan D 
West, Keiaira Shuntelle 
West, Kyle M 
West, Lauren Denee 
West, Melissa A 
West, Naomi Faye 
West, Nicholas Alexander 
West, Patience Dane 
West, Roxana 
West, Scarlet 
West, Shelbee Lynn 
West, Stephanie Jade 
West, Vanessa Ann 
Westbrook, Mary C. 
Westbrook, Ryan T. 
Wester, Selena Jasmyn 
Westergard, Destiny N 
Westfall, Laura Louise 
Westmoreland, John David 
Weston, Rebecca Nelle 
Weston, William Michael 
Westt, Whitley HilShawn 
Wetmore, Steven Man 
Wetta, Megan 
Whatley, Austin L 
Whatley, Marsha Gale 
Whatley, Trevor Blake 
Wheat, Joshua Taylor 
Wheatley, Jamol Tairelle 
Wheatley, Michael Sean 
Wheaton, Desiree Lucille 
Wheeler, Casey Layne 
Wheeler, lasmine D 
Wheeler, Nyketa Y. Lee 
Wheelis, Alley Claire 
Whelton, Shannon Lynn 
Whetstone, Meagan Whitney 
Whidden, Ashtyn Callie 
Whiddin, Annslea Taylor 
Whiddon, Dessia Corrine 
Whiddon, Susan 
Whistine, Timothy C. 
Whitaker, Adrion Ronnie, Jr 
Whitaker, Alishia Antronete 
Whitaker. Brianne ReJean 
Whitaker, Cody Dean 
Whitaker, Crystalyn Michelle 
Whitaker, Jeremy Christopher 

Whitaker, Matthew Dane 
Whitaker, Taylor 
Whitcher, Mary Eden 
White, Brandon Phillip 
White, Brandon Alexander 
White, Brannon Miles 
White, Brooke Hubbard 
White, Cady Danielle 
White, Chase C. 
White, Cheryl D. 
White, Christina R. 
White, Da'Lisa 
White, David Clint 
White, Dillon Scott 
White, Jamaal Najee 
White, Jeffrey O'Neal 
White, lordan Garrett 
White, Justin 
White, Karen L. 
White, Kirstie A. 
White, Krystal Shanay 
White, Kurstene Danielle 
White, Magalindia 
White, Michael 
White, Nina Lynette 
White, Oscar W 
White, Sharnell 
White, Sounia 
White, Stephanie Lashay 
White, Steven R. 
White, Tanisha 
White, Thomas Cory 
White, Tomorrow S. 
White, Tyronica B. 
White, Willis Deshawn 
Whitehead, Clinton C. 
Whitehead, Colleen Suzanne 
Whitehead, Johnny Elmer, III 
Whitehead, Laura Beth 
Whitehead, Tara 
Whitehead, Taylor Lavon 
Whitehead, Tiffany Lenee 
Whitehurst, fennifer M. 
Whitehurst, VelverlyC. 
Whiteside, Melissa Jean 
Whiting, Heather Lynn 
Whitley, Alyssa Jordan 
Whitlock, Breanna Lyn 
Whitlock, Megan Caitlyn 
Whitlock, Tashia Rachele 
Whitmer, Wendy L. Jergins 
Whitmore, Rusty lames 
Whitstine, Amanda Eve 
Whitstine, Jonathan Tanner 
Whitten, Amanda 
Whitten, Debbie Anne 
Whitten, Derrell Keith 
Whittington, Brittany Ellerbe 
Whittington, Emily B. 
Whittington, George Paul 
Whittington, Kristin Paige 
Whittington, Sarah 
Whittle, Britaney Nichole 
Whittle, Michael Emil 
Whorton, Whitney Dawn 
Wickman, Andrew Bradford 
Wiesen, Danielle 
Wiggins, Amber Danielle 
Wiggins, Chelsea Kay 
Wiggins, loedy W 
Wiggins, Mallory 
Wiggins, Stephanie Moran 
Wilber, Brittany Nicole 
Wilber, Tammy Young 
Wilberg, Amanda Ann 
Wilburn, John Jeremy 
Wilburn, Willis Glen 
Wilcher, Magen Guinell 
Wilcott, Brittany Chanel 
Wilcox, Beth A. 
Wilder, Rachal Michelle 
Wilder, Robin Elena 
Wiley, Chelcie C 
Wiley, Cheryl Lynn 
Wiley, Clara E. White 
Wiley, Gregory L 
Wiley, lason Glenn 
Wiley, Jeremy Matthew 
Wiley, lustin Lane 
Wiley, Morgan Jane 
Wilhelmi, Kaila 
Wilhite, Lisa R. 
Wilhite, Scott A 
Wilkerson, Christina A. 
Wilkerson, Hubert A 
Wilkerson, JaMarcus A 
Wilkerson, Marie Nancy 
Wilkerson, Tammy Sabrina 
Wilkey, Samantha Christine 
Wilkinson, Chantz Gene 
Wilkinson, Mary Leggett 

Wilkinson, Wendy Johns 
Willard, Kimberly Ann 
Willery, Clara Marie 
Willey, Katlin Gail 
Willhoite, Deanna Lorraine 
Williams, Alexandra L. 
Williams, Alicia A. 
Williams, Amber S 
Williams, Amber Hughes 
Williams, Amy Alisha 
Williams, Amy C 
Williams, Angela Odom 
Williams, Anita Lashai 
Williams, Arin A 
Williams, Ashley Dejurnay 
Williams, Ashley F 
Williams, Bobbie Ann 
Williams, Bonnie Marie 
Williams, Bradley Eli 
Williams, Brittany Nicole 
Williams, Brittany Renee 
Williams, Brittany L. 
Williams, Brittney Shynece 
Williams, Bryan Deon 
Williams, Byron Keith 
Williams, Caitlin J. 
Williams, Carla Chantel 
Williams, Cheyenne Remedies 
Williams, Christopher Dreau 
Williams, Chrystal 
Williams, Ciarra A 
Williams, Courtney 
Williams, Courtney Michele 
Williams, Courtney Kendra 
Williams, Dalyce Elizabeth 
Williams, Danea Elise 
Williams, Dariane Noelle 
Williams, Dawn Fitzgerald 
Williams, Deangela P 
Williams, Debra Denise 
Williams, Deidra Denae 
Williams, Dezrick Tirrel 
Williams, Donald Lynn 
Williams, Elizabeth Noel 
Williams, Emmanuel J 
Williams, Erin Roy 
Williams, Ernest Llouwellyn 
Williams, Ethan Lane 
Williams, Ethel Lee 
Williams, Freeman 
Williams, Hannah 
Williams, Heather Nicole 
Williams, Holly N. 
Williams, Ja'Mecya Dedranel 
Williams, JaDerian Breshan 
Williams, Jamarcus Dante 
Williams, Jamie Monique 
Williams, Jamie D 
Williams, Jamie Ann Babineaux 
Williams, Janiesia S 
Williams, lared Wade 
Williams, Jarrett Kyle 
Williams, lasmin I. 
Williams, Jazymn N. 
Williams, Jeanene lackson 
Williams, Jenifer Ann 
Williams, Jennifer Sue 
Williams, Jessica R. 
Williams, Johanna 
Williams, John Caleb 
Williams, Josefina I. 
Williams, Joseph Daniel 
Williams, KaDarius DeMarshay 
Williams, Kaily Jene' 
Williams, Kamesha 
Williams, Kassie Lyn 
Williams, Keandra Alanee 
Williams, Keianna C 
Williams, Kelsey D. 
Williams, Kenneth Arnold 
Williams, Kenyotta Patrice 
Williams, Keyamber M. 
Williams, Kimberline Evette 
Williams, Kimberly D. 
Williams, Konswella Shevette 
Williams, Kourtney Renee 
Williams, Kourtney Valjun 
Williams, Kristin 
Williams, Kristin Lanai 
Williams, Kylee Aleece 
Williams, LaKetra Lynette 
Williams, LaMoyne DeWitt 
Williams, LaQueisha Naquae 
Williams, Lacy Lynn 
Williams, Lakeitha Monique 
Williams, Lakendra S. 
Williams, Lamario 
Williams, Lanae Deshawn 
Williams, LataraR 
Williams, Laura E. 
Williams, Leah G. 

Williams, I ee 

Williams, I ola < . 

Williams, I eslle Marie 
Williams, I indsej Marilyn 

Williams, I Indse) Paige 
Williams, I isa Ami 
Williams, I isa Suzanne 

Williams, I like [oseph 
Williams, Mall,. n 
Williams. Malvanese B, 
Williams, MarShette Pitress 
\\ illiams Marlon lamin 
Williams, Man Ruth 
Williams, Matthew R 

Williams. Meja /a\ kl 

Wilhams, Michael B 
Williams. Michelle ■> 
Williams, Misha l iaYanne 
Williams, Monica I avern 
Williams, Myah 1 e Kan 
Williams, Mycah I ee 
Williams, Natasha Micoll 
Williams, Nichola lohnlouis 
Williams, Pearlean 
w illiams, Precious 1 
Williams, Precious I 
Williams, Reginald Q, 
\\ illiams, Reginald famar 
Wilhams, Rochelle I ashun 

Williams. Rodcrickus Kantrell 
\\ illiams, Rodney Ray 
Williams, Ronnie lames 
Williams, ShaRhonda DeAngela 
w illiams, Shambrii ka I a Von 
Williams, Sliamka I echelle 
Williams, Shannon 1 

Wilhams, Sharita I 

Williams. Sharon R 
Wilhams. sin lion, \l 
Wilhams, Sirdaria 
Williams, Sophia I ii.niL 
Williams, Stephanie I avej 
Wilhams, Stephanie Richelle 
Wilhams, TaShika 
WiUiams, racortia [Vara 
Wilhams. I.ihsia R 
Wilhams, Tamara 

Wilhams, laniika Maude 
Wilhams, Taimko A 
Wilhams, Tangela Dionne 
Wilhams, Taylor Andrew 
Wilhams, lenell R 
Williams, Iheresa 
w illiams, 1 iandra Yvette 
Williams, lierra I ash.n 
Wilhams, I iti.un Michelle 
W illiams, 1 itiany Teal 
Williams. I itiam Oyelowo 
Williams. Tiffany Nicole 
Wilhams, Tomika 
\\ illiams. Irekesha S 
Wilhams, I r\ on Stephen 
Wilhams, Tyler D. 
wilhams, Vadeisha Rechelle 
Wilhams, Veronica Lakay 
Wilhams, Victoria 
Williams, Wade Garrett 
Williams, WTntncx \ 
Wilhams, Ventl Monique 
Williams-Fogg, Allison Elaine 
Williamson, Augustus C, Jr. 
Williamson, Carolyn 
Williamson, Chloe Blair 
Williamson, Colton L 
Williamson, Dorcas Joy 

son. Hayley Marie 
Williamson. I.aura Elizabeth H. 
Williamson, Nicholas w 
Wilhamson, Phylicia E. 
Williamson, Sherwon lane 
Wilhc. Dana Charlene 
Williford, [acob K 
Wilhs. Amanda 
Wilhs. Angela Denise 
Willis, caiihnN. 
Wilhs, Carl Anthom 
Willis, Charles Mathew 
Wilhs, Kalcisha Tavosh 
Wilhs, Laura M 
Wilhs, 1 ovell I 
Wilhs. Meaghan Abrianne 
Wilhs. Regina R. Shepherd 
Wilhs. Robert Allen 
Wilhs, Sylvester (. 
Wilhs, limekia l.e'Ontronnae 
Willison, Melissa 

«WUmore, Emily Anne 
Wilmore, Jessica N 
Wilson, Addie M 
Wilson, Amber Lynn 
Wilson, Anitra 1 alrice 

W il on Anna 
\\ iU, m Beau Mil hai 
\\ lUton, Brand 
Wilson, Charles I 
Wilson, ( ourtne) Yvonne 

Wilson, Danielle Shaia 

Wilson, Dominique |i 

Wilson, I \.i 1 

W lis, ,il I eleisha I Ionise 

Wilson, Hale) i lizabeth 
w ils, ,n, Jerenrr) Shea 
Wilson, lerl l lizabeth 
Wilson, lerrica I 
Wilson Katj 
Wilson, Krlsten Deanne 
\\ llson i a Poya Monique 
Wilson, Madeline Susanne 
Wilson Marquez l rvin 
Wilson. Melissa Nicole 
Wilson. Michelle D 
w ilson Rebel . -i I inner 
Wilson, Sara K 
Wilson, Teresa D 
w Uson, tylor Brit 
Wilson, Van 
Wilson, Zachai ) S 
w imberly, l aura < atherine 

Britne) Nicole 
Winchester, Zachary T 

Windham, lames Drew 

Windham, Katie I eAnn 
Windom, [asmine 
Winegeart, Weston 
Wmey, Kyla 

Winliec, l .nihil Siena 

w ingate, Jennifer Raine 
Wingate, Megan Nichole 
Wingate, Sean Robert 
W'iniarski. Denise Michelle 
Winkler, loseph J 
Winn, William S 
W inmngham, Bobbie R 
Winnon, Wesley P 
Winslow, Dasha Makquel 
Winslow, Dontay Sharrod 
Winslow, Melanie Nicole 
w instead. Krister Griedei 
Winston, Bria Angelique 
Winston, Conswala Rochelle 
Winston. Michael Dcmonza 
Winters, Angela B 
Wtnzer, Anjill 
Wirt/, Taylor 1 lizabeth 

\\ is, holt ( hei ic I \ nil 
W isdom, Ivler Lafayette 
Wisdom, Virginia Lee 
Wise, lnessa M. 
W isc I anren B 
Wise. Natalie Saunders 
W isher, Ruth Abigail 
Withers, lessica L 
Withers. Misty Renee' 
Witman, Leah Rochelle Dunn 
Wittenhagen, Mark Owen 
Wohletz, Adriana M 
Wohietz, Juliana M. 
Wolczek-Kvans, Diana Susan 
Wolf, Courtney Renee 
Wolf, Katie Suzanne 
Wolfe, Danielle 
Wolfe, Rosalie Pearl 
Womack, Brian Jerome 
Womack, Jennifer Megan 
Womack, Katie Durbin 
Womack, Krystal Erin 
Womack, Mishael Rena 
Wondwossen, Yonatan 
Wong, Whitney 
Wonner, 1 on Lynette 
Wood, Aaron James 
Wood. Autumn Leigh 
Wood, Benjamin Josef 
Wood, Deborah Parker 
\Wiod. Erin E 
Wood, Payton Kane 
I .In D 

Woodard, Astin Cheyenne 
Woodard, Caitlin Nicole 
Woodard, Courtney Danielle 
Woodard, Justin Michael 
Woodell, Douglas R. 
Woodtork, Ciara 
Woodgate, Donna Elizabeth 
Woodham, Aryel I 
Woodham, Carrie E 
Woodhams, Alexandra Leigh 
Woodhead, Tracey Jean 
Woodley, Diana Joseph 
Woods, Angelica M. 
Woods, lamesha l.asha 
Woods, lessica Gabrielle 

Woods Kathleen Malic 

Woods Kiero R 
Woods. Kimberl) 
w,,ods. Octavia H 

Woods, liil.ii 

Jrinirj Rose 
Woods, Whitle) shout. i 

on, lames l 

Woodward, Isaac I 

nurd, Rachel I dna 

Wooley, i ai. u' Vnne 

Woolsey, Amand 

Woosley, Stephanie l ynn 

Woolen i helsej ( hristine 

Woolen. Jessica Danielle 

Wool Bianca Jade 

Wool, Kelly R 

Worley, BlaneD 

Worsham, John M 

Worsham, Melia Belez 

Won. Stephen Hiyant 
Wu mi. Danielle ( ottiell 

Ji i Ml had 

Wright, \ndic Nikka n 
Wright, Aiidn.inna T 
Wright, Chad D. 
Wright, ( i ai. i I 
v. i i-iii i ourtney Brianca 
Wright, l 'uu l oyd 
Wi Ighl Kade Martinez 
Wright, Kamn Joii 

Wright, l indsey 
Wright, Marissa Leigh 
Wright, Megan Nicole 

Wright, Stacey 1 aurine 

Wright, Stephanie 1 1 

Wright, layloi Deann 
Wright, 1'vler Ryan 
Wrubel, Shana Martin 
Wyatt, < lieihndria D. 
Wyatt, Cody shea 
Wyatt, Michael lender 
Wyatt, Monica Ann 
Wyatt, Patrick R 
W\att. Tanner lack 
Wyche, Vanessa Ines 
Wylcs. Alexis 
Wylie, Samuel McCoy 
Wynes, Ericka Ann 
Wynn, John W 
Yacavino, Elyse Saunders 
Yager, Amanda Joycelyn 
Yancey, Lisa Diann 
Yancy, Timothy R. 
Yandell, Katherine Lynn 
Yarberry, Allison Lea 
Yarbrough, Lauren Alexis 
Yarbrough. William M 
Yates, Zahyra [velisse 
Yeager. Eric 
Yeager, William M 
Yeates, Turner L 
Yee, lin-Seon 
Yeglii .Erica Nicole 
Yclverton, Courtney Nicole 
Yelverton, Haley D 
Yelverton, Kalea Jeannette 
Yerby, Matthew Austin 
Yerby, Nancy Elizabeth 
Yielding, Rebecca I.yn 
Yopp, Regina Cindy- 
York, Brittani Elizabeth 
York, Kayla Annette 
York, Robert A 
York, Stacy I 
Yost. Chad Dustm 
Yost, Jennifer Lynn Allen 
Young, Alissa M. 
Young, Annette M 
Young. April Michelle 
Young. Ashley 1 
Young, Brian Dew 
Young, Brittany fyrea 
Young. Christina Marie 
Young. Christopher Wilhs 
Young, Colt O'Heath 
Young, Corey Jude 
Young, Daphne N. 
Young, Derek 
Young, Jennifer Donn 
Young K.iKn Marie 
Young. Maegan Nicole 
Young. Maggi Marie 
Young. Raymond A 
Young. Shamara V 
Young, Shiana LaTolI 
Young. Stephen G. 
Young, Tiara Lennique 
Young, Tyler 
Young. Tyler C. 

Young, Warren M 
Ybungblood, Destiny sham i 
Youngblood, I veretl Devaughn 
Youngblood, Jacob ' 
Youngblood, Klerra 

I ilheron It 

Youngblood, Shuntlkla DeShamon 

Youngblood, raylot DeAnne 

Youngblood, Zachai 

Yount, Ahi < , 

Youni, Ins Yvonne Portei 

Yount. lohn lodd 

Yun, Heoncheol 

Zacarias, Duma Alexandra 

Zachmeyer, Ann EUzabeth 

Zahn, l.iiniie 

Zapczynski, Anne 

Zaunbrecher, Austin Dominic 

Zavala, Gabriella D 

Zeagler, Brayden I ane 

Zeidan, Lamia 

Zeigler, I ind.i I > 

/ell, I auren Olivia 

/.I'll". Chelsea M 

Zeno, Samantha R. 

Zepp, Meridith I lizabeth 
Zeringue, Brittney Lynn 
Zeringue, Christine N 
Zeringue, Rachel D 
Zielger, Justin Allan 
Zieske, Tyler 
Zimmer, 1 indzy Marie 
Zimmerman. Amanda I 
Zimmerman, Charles Colby 
Zimmerman. Heath S 
Zimmermann, Davina Singleton 
/ink. Melissa |o 
Zito, Sara Bonnette 
Zwetow, Christian Joy 
Zytkoskee, Rachel Erin 





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